"The Jewish people as a whole will be its own Messiah. It will attain world domination by the dissolution of other races...and by the establishment of a world republic in which everywhere the Jews will exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this New World Order the Children of Israel...will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition..." (Karl Marx in a letter to Baruch Levy, quoted in Review de Paris, June 1, 1928, p. 574)

Thursday, 19 April 2007

The 'Holocaust' Put in Perspective

By Austin J. App

I am highly gratified -- and I am sure all the other speakers are too -- that the Institute for Historical Review had the inspiration and the courage to organize this 1979 Revisionist Convention. It is badly needed and long overdue.

Every major war is conducted on tidal waves of propaganda, fair and foul. World War II, because it involved almost the whole world, and because the victors insisted on Unconditional Surrender, and because their side included the two most vengeful and vindictive ideologies in the world, Bolshevism and Zionism, also was guilty of the most shameless and unscrupulous propaganda so far on record. In part because of the never-forget -- never-forgive mentality, World War II Allied atrocity propaganda has not ebbed down but kept in high tide, as with the recent phony documentary the NBC-TV Holocaust.

Therefore Historical Revisionism is more important than after any other war: the more atrocity -- and hate-mongering vitiate the terms of peace, as at Yalta and Potsdam, the more Revisionism is needed to heal the wounds. The Institute for Historical Review does a vital service both to historical scholarship and also to basic values.

Since 1946, when mostly from small back-page items in brave little publications, I soon was sickened by mountains of evidence of the bestialities of the victors, especially the Soviet-Russians. In anger I published Ravishing the Women of Conquered Europe. The subtitle was: "The Big Three Liberators at Work Having a Wonderful Time Raping and Debauching the Women of Germany, Austria and Hungary; Re-Educating Them to Become Good Christians." I followed this with History's Most Terrifying Peace. I got thousands and thousands of grateful letters. But I also discovered what hatred and recriminations historical truth provokes among the vindictive vipers in public affairs and in the press!

For me it feels good after thirteen years to see California again. In June 1966 I spoke at the San Diego Mann Jr. High School on "Police Brutality a Phony Cry." But even farther back, in 1923-24 I spent a year in San Francisco, which climaxed with my taking a national scholarship examination (at St. Mary's College). What I won was a Knights of Columbus four-year full Fellowship to the Catholic University of America, in D.C., a milestone in my career. Being here today unrolls the kaleidoscope of a lifetime before me.

It was a lifetime during which I was ever painfully conscious of the ugly lies about the world wars, which sabotaged the ideals expressed in the Fourteen Points and the Atlantic Charter. I am sorry to conclude that American foreign policy has never been consistently wise or fair; and, if anything, it is even now getting worse rather than better. General Douglas MacArthur in 1952 (U.S. News, 18 July1952) said:

"Foreign policy has been as tragically in error as has domestic policy. We practically invited Soviet dominion over the free peoples of Eastern Europe ... permitting the advance of the Soviet forces to the West to plant the red flag of Communism on the ramparts of Berlin, Vienna and Prague, capitals of Western civilization."

In a similar vein former President Herbert Hoover said,

"The souls of one quarter of mankind have been seared by the violation of that American promise [namely, Wilson's Fourteen Points and Roosevelt's Atlantic Charter]. The ghosts of the Four Freedoms and the Atlantic Charter now wander amid the clanking chains of a thousand slave camps." (U.S. News, 18 July 1952)

The tragic fact is that America, far from having made the world safe for democracy and self-determination, got into and won the war by spreading so much hatred and atrocity propaganda about the Germans that at the end the leaders and the people wanted, not justice, but vengeance and reparations. They wanted kangaroo war crimes trials for the losers. In place of self-determination, the victors dismembered Germany and Austria, tore provinces away and totally robbed and expelled the inhabitants -- twelve million of them -- shipped her factories to Soviet Russia, instituted ex post facto laws and trials to hang Germans. While having from the beginning declared Allied war criminals, including Jews, untouchable, the Israelis and Bolsheviks have bludgeoned West Germany to keep persecuting so-called Nazis even to the present day. This June for the third time, under the leadership of Simon Wiesenthal, and in disregard of the democratic rights of the German people, the Bonn Parliament revoked for another spell of years the Statute of Limitations.

Recently President Carter said that American "causes were always just." William F. Buckley (Star, 19 July 1979) commented that,

"There was very little justice in the Mexican war, in the Spanish-American war, or in the seizure of Vera Cruz. ... our intervention in Vietnam, rather than our failure to consummate our mission there, was the unjust thing."

The unhappy mission of Revisionists will have to be to show that we got unjustly into both world wars against Germany, and, to our everlasting shame and sorrow, did probably more harm than any nation ever did before -- in that the U.S., and only the U.S., had the means to lend-lease Soviet-Russia into Berlin -- into the heart of Western Europe.

Anglo-American propaganda has managed to represent the Entente or the Allies as the "good guys" and the Germans and the Axis as the "bad guys." This is to fool the people and foul up the peace. The intrinsic reason America intervened in European wars to destroy Germany was not ethics but power politics. When America saw that Germany was clearly the strongest nation in Europe, the U.S. began to side with the second -- strongest there, Britain.

But the American people preferred neutrality. Therefore they had to be exposed to horrendous atrocity propaganda, such as that the Kaiser wanted to rule the world, that Germans cut the hands off Belgian babies, that submarine warfare made all Germans criminals. Even so, a third factor had to be mobilized to grease America's entry into World War I. That factor was the Balfour Declaration.

Jews had for centuries been best treated by Germany and Austria and felt most congenial there, even to adopting Yiddish as their language. Consequently for the first two years of World War I American Jews were sympathetic to the Central Powers, and certainly against Czarist Russia. The British War Cabinet, in the face of German victories, decided to change the "very pro -- German tendency among the wealthy American Jewish bankers and bond issuing houses" (See Conrad Grieb, The Balfour Declaration, N.Y., 1972, p. 3). The Zionist quid pro quo was for Britain to establish "a national home for the Jewish people in Palestine" and the Zionists to get America into the war on the side of Britain. The Balfour Declaration followed, dated 2 November 1917.

Perverting the American Jews from neutrality to intervention against the Central Powers had been pushed for a year or more -- with success. What helped to make moralistic Wilson a rabid interventionist was the illicit affair he had had with a colleague's wife, Mrs. Peck (remarried, Mrs. Hulburt). Her stepson needed $40,000 to keep him out of jail. The stepmother asked President Wilson for the money, in exchange for which she would return to him the packet of love letters he had written her. When Wilson could not pay this amount, Samuel Untermeyer rushed to the rescue: If President Wilson would appoint a Jew to the next vacancy on the Supreme Court, Untermeyer would settle Mrs. Peck's claim. Thus it happened that America was "blessed" with its first Jew on the Supreme Bench, and the interventionists on 18 January 1916 got a radical Zionist in a prestige position to help get America into World War 1.

On 2 April 1917, using as a pretext the sinking of the Sussex (which in fact had not been sunk), Wilson asked Congress on 2 April 1917, for a declaration of war against Germany. Dr. E.J. Dillon, in his The Inside Story of the Peace Conference, wrote, "Henceforth the world will be governed by the Anglo-Saxon peoples, who in turn are swayed by their Jewish elements" (See Grieb. op. cit., p.7).

The Balfour Declaration sowed discord between the Germanic and the Jewish people, which in very fact led to World War II; to a Morgenthauistic and Bolshevik conclusion; to the expulsion by the Zionists of the Palestinians; and the sort of continuing friction which could bring about the Third World War. In this, all symptoms point to American's being again involved, not on the side of justice and the Palestinians, but as in World War II on the side of the Jews. If Soviet Russia were then to help the Arabs, the lines for it would be drawn -- with America once again, as in World War II, crusading on the wrong side.

During the Weimar Republic German Jews did not talk or act like patriotic Germans. They were nihilisic, they denigrated the Wehrmacht; Walter Mehring called the Stahlhelm dirt (Dreck), Kurt Tucholsky called German volunteers of 1914 victims of mass drunkenness, Arnold Zweig called the German people a nation of murderers and vote cattle. On my first visit to Germany in 1931 I was shocked by this Jewish pejorativeness. When during the Vietnam war I read the American press, the Washington Post and New York Times and most of the rest, I recalled the similarity.

When Hitler became Chancellor his Third Reich government was the victim of every possible worldwide resistance and smear. It was an indiscriminate opposition on the part of world Jewry, not only where Hitler was or might have been wrong, but also where he was obviously right, as when he demanded the self -- determination for Austria, the Sudetenland, and Danzig which the victors in 1919 had denied. As early as 1933, before Hitler had harmed a single Jew, an International Jewish Boycott Conference, presided over by Samuel Untermeyer, the same who had paid Wilson $40,000 to appoint Brandeis Supreme Court justice in 1916, declared a crippling boycott on the Third Reich, while it was still in the throes of the inhuman reparations imposed at Versailles.

The boycott included not only the United States but some eight or more other countries. Simultaneously the anti -- German propaganda of World War I was revived. And be it noted the International Jewish Boycott did not exempt the Jews of Germany from this hostile action. Nor did it keep it merely a Jewish action, but succeeded in pressuring the United States to cooperate with it: it imposed a general tariff against German goods as against the "most favored" status for all other nations, while International Financial interests tried to "call" sufficient German treasury notes to "break" Germany (see John Beaty, The Iron Curtain Over America, 1951, p. 63). The fact is that U.S. foreign policy from 1933 on was directed more to further Zionist interests rather than those of the U.S. or of the American people.

At Versailles the peace dictators had violated the right of self -- determination of Austria, of the Sudeten Germans, and of the Corridor and Danzig. Germany had the right and the duty to champion this right for these people. Hitler did this, and was on the point of settling for a road through the Corridor and the return of Danzig, an ancient German city of 400,000.

What honest historians call the Unnecessary War broke out over this last injustice of Versailles, the worst and most costly war in history. Why did Poland refuse to negotiate? Because Britain guaranteed to go to war for Poland. Why did Britain give this foolish and tragic promise? Ambassador Joseph Kennedy, as related in the Forrestal Diaries, 27 Dec. 1945, reveals that the war broke out over Roosevelt's catering to Zionist interests, not to America's, nor even Britain's. We read:

"Neither the French nor the British would have made Poland a cause of war if it had not been for the constant needling from Washington ... Chamberlain, he says, stated that America and the world Jews had forced England into war."

Even worse, though the American people overwhelmingly wanted us to avoid the stupidity of intervention against Germany as in World War I, the same forces, Roosevelt and the Zionists, used every strategy to involve us. The insults and calumnies Zionist publicists hurled at Hitler, while the U.S. was still neutral, and before anyone had invented the atrocity story of the six million Jews "gassed", might have provoked any sovereign nation to hit back. Dr. Harry Elmer Barnes wrote that there is

"No greater paradox in history than a war in behalf of Poland on the basis of the Jewish issue. There were in Poland, in 1933, six times as many Jews as in Germany, and they were surely treated as badly as were German Jews under Hitler." (See Blasting the Historical Blackout, p.35)

Nevertheless, before there was any mention of a so -- called "Holocaust," and while America was still neutral, American Zionists, with the approval of the media, produced the most mass genocidic book in history: Theodore N. Kaufman in Germany Must Perish (Argyle Press, Newark, 1941) literally urged the sterilization of 48,000,000 German men and women of childbearing age, so that, he explained, Germanism will be extirpated in two generations.

Once, as Clare Booth Luce said, Roosevelt had lied America into the war by the back door -- by provoking the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor -- the same Rooseveltians and Zionists immediately started not only to propagandize for Unconditional Victory but for destroying Germany forever. The propaganda thrust was not for achieving a durable peace soon, but for permanent Unconditional Hatred. Among the most bestial peace plans in history ranks that of the Secretary of the Treasury, Henry Morgenthau Jr., assisted by a parcel of Zionists, chief of whom was Harry Dexter White, later exposed as a Communist spy. Morgenthau without a blush of shame for his monumental atrocity wrote Germany Is Our Problem (Harper, NY, 1945). It describes the Morgenthau Plan for the pastoralization of Germany which Morgenthau presented to Roosevelt and Churchill at the Quebec Conference in 1944. Germany was to lose most of its territory, all of its manufacturing facilities, and live by farming but without machinery. The mines of the Ruhr were to be destroyed, its five million Germans deported -- Morgenthau said he did not care how they would be taken care of. Even harsh peace advocates like Cordell Hull and H.L. Stimson had enough humanity left in them to be appalled. They protested that the plan would starve thirty million Germans to death. Yet Roosevelt and Churchill, who had so piously proclaimed the Atlantic Charter, approved this most murderous peace plan in history. During the last year of the war, with victory visible, Jewish publicists demanded a Morgenthau peace, did not urge what was 'good for Europe and America', but what ministered to the vindictiveness and eye -- for -- an -- eyism of Zionists. Richard M. Bruckner wrote Is Germany Incurable? (Philadelphia, 1943); Dr. L.M. Birk, head, Director of Friends of Democracy, demanded that "Germany should be removed from the map;" and Louis Nizer in What to Do with Germany, published in 1944, urged that "150,000 German leaders should be tried and sentenced up to life." In the meanwhile Stalin's Jewish propaganda minister, Ilya Ehrenburg, inflamed the Bolshevik invaders of Germany to

"Kill. In Germany, nothing is guiltless. Neither the living nor the yet unborn ... Ravish them (the German women) as booty. Kill, you gallant Red soldiers."

When Jewish publicists urged vengeance on the Germans, they served the vindictiveness of the Zionists and the barbarous expansionism of Soviet Russia, not the good of the West Europeans and Americans. Even Stalin, when peace was in sight, restrained Ehrenburg's hate propaganda as a hindrance to making peace.

In past wars, when the enemy surrendered, the atrocity propaganda ebbed off. But after World War II this propaganda intensified after Unconditional Surrender. We ask why. For whose benefit? A few days after Surrender, Prof. Friedrich Grimm was interviewed by (who unknown to him) was Sefton Delmer, the British War Propaganda Chief, who boasted, "I am of the Central Office you talked about: Atrocity propaganda -- and with it we won the total victory." When Dr. Grimm said, "I know, and now you must stop it!" Sefton Delmer retorted:

"No, now we shall start all the more! We shall continue this atrocity propaganda, we shall intensify it, until nobody shall accept a good word from Germans anymore, until all the sympathy you had in other countries shall be destroyed, and until the Germans themselves shall be so confused that they do not know anymore what they are doing!" (Quoted from Udo Walendy's The Methods of Reeducation, p. 8)

Here is revealed the strategy of infamy of the selfproclaimed crusaders for world peace and brotherhood. The deluge of atrocity propaganda against Germany during and after the war triggered history's most terrifying peace, and left a legacy of injustices which the U.S. is morally bound to try to correct. The worst of these is the monumental expulsion of fourteen million Oder -- Neisse and Sudeten Germans, killing nearly three million of them, raping many of their women, and now letting Soviet Russia, and Poland, and Czechoslovakia claim those ancient German lands.

Worse psychologically, and unique in history, is the reeducation and the monstrously clever creation of a German government that toadies to intemational, Zionistic interests. Harry Elmer Barnes, commenting on Prof. Hoggan's visit to West Germany in April -- May, 1964, and his hasty reception by Bonn and the media, wrote,

"The German situation in 1964 is a case of fantastic political masochism without parallel in human history. I know of no other instance in history where a people have almost frantically sought to cast the dark shadow of guilt upon themselves for a public crime they did not commit -- exclusive responsibility for the second world war. ... in 1964, those who sought the truth about 1939 were being vilified and even exposed to prosecution as public criminals by the Bonn Government."

(Unpublished manuscript, Malibu, Calif. 1 July 1964)

What has limited true German autonomy; what has kept Washington and London from agitating to get the Wall out of Berlin and the Iron Curtain out of Central Europe; what has kept Washington from ever alluding to the human rights of the seventeen million Germans of the German Democratic Republic; what has, if you will, kept Washington from insisting that Rudolf Hess be freed from Spandau before another bushel of wheat be sold to Soviet Russia, is in the final analysis the Zionist and Communist agitation about the Third Reich's alleged extermination of Jews.

The simple truth is that U.S. Foreign Policy has since Roosevelt's Lend -- Lease been essentially more in the interests of Israel than of America, or the good of mankind. Now and then someone lets the cat out of the bag. J. Bernard Hutton, in Hess: the Last of the Third Reich's Imprisoned Leaders (MacMillan, NY, 1970, p. 180), commented:

"At Nuernberg, all the crimes of the Nazi leaders, and of the Allies, faded into insignificance beside this one shocking crime of racial persecution and annihilation. And this was what the Nuernberg Trial was about -- it was for the crime against the Jews that the Nazi leaders were punished."

Here the stark and horrid truth of American Foreign Policy is expressed. Hutton, poor brainwashed fellow (like most other publicists), believed the legend of the six million. He writes, "Millions of Jews were rounded up ... driven to prepared killing centers where they were gassed ..."

Because the atrocity story that the Third Reich exterminated six million Jews has been the root cause of the most monstrous peace treaty in history, because it continues to blackmail billions of unjust reparations to the promoters of the atrocity story, and because it continues to generate hatred and lies and perjuries, it must have the top priority of Revisionism. A few courageous historians like Prof. Paul Rassinier, Dr. Arthur R. Butz, the Jewish Concentration Camp survivor Josef Burg (Munich) and Richard Harwood, Heinrich Haertl, lately Hellmut Diwald, in part David Irving, are beginning to give evidence that the story of the six million exterminated Jews is both the most enormous and the most brazen and unfounded lie in all of recorded history. Dr. Butz called his blockbusting breakthrough The Hoax of the Twentieth Century. After 239 pages of evidence he concluded flatly, "The Jews of Europe were not exterminated and there was no German attempt to exterminate them."

Since Dr. Butz wrote those fateful words, there has been such a frantic resurrection of the Holocaust as to resemble a death rattle. What intensified the frenzy was Dr. Butz's corollary that if the extermination was proven false; if the "unspeakable criminal acts" on which the Luxemburg Treaty justified the reparations to Israel and Jews are faked; then the reparations become invalidated. The Anti -- Defamation League sponsored an issue of eleven million copies of The Record: The Holocaust in History, with the slogan, "The Crime we cannot neglect or forget." A most monumental world -- wide propaganda production was the T.V. Holocaust, a hybrid documentary soap opera, in which all the lies of the "Six Million" are regurgitated. The "saintly" Jewish participants are called Weiss (White), the wicked Germans are Schwarz (Black). Fact, fiction, and falsehood are so cleverly mixed that most viewers will carry away only the customary lies and perjuries about the German treatment of Jews.

In Six Million Did Die (Arthur Suzman and Denis Diamond, Johannesburg, 1978, 137 pages) announces that "the truth shall prevail," and purposes to refute Richard Harwood's Did Six Million Really Die?, which sent and continues to send shockwaves through the circles committed to the lie of the six million. Suzman and Diamond denounce Harwood for writing that Germany is paying reparations "calculated on six million dead;" then insist that the reparations represent valid "material claims ... unaffected by moral -- historical claims" (p.53). They then quote Chancellor Adenauer (27 Sept. 1951) justifying the reparations in the Bundestag with the words, "unmentionable crimes were committed in the name of the German people, which call for moral and material compensation" (p.51). Obviously if the Third Reich treated Jews essentially no different from gypsies, or from Roosevelt's treatment of the Japanese Americans, and much less badly than the Soviet -- Poles -- Czechs treated the Oder -- Neisse and Sudeten Germans, then the reparations are totally uncalled for.

A few facts on the Luxemburg Agreement and how Germany became saddled with reparations to Israel and Jews all over the world of eighty million D -- Marks, justifies Harwood's contention that the Six Million accusation is "undoubtedly the most profitable atrocity allegation of all time." In 1951, twenty -- three Jewish organizations, in the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, demanded (1) funds for relief and rehabilitation of Jewish victims of Nazi persecution, (2) indemnification for injuries inflicted upon individual victims of Nazi persecutions.

On 21 March 1952, Bonn and Israel began to negotiate in the Hotel Oud Wassenen in The Hague. On 7 May 1952, the Israeli Foreign Minister, Moche Scharett, declared in the Knesset that if Bonn did not advance new guarantees and payments, Israel would end negotiations with international consequences that would produce a crisis in Germany. Nahum Goldman, head of World Zionism, warned Adenauer that if Germany did not pay up there would be "violent reaction of the whole world" expressing "deep sympathy with the martyrdom of the Jewish people during the Nazi period." More impudently, the London Jewish Chronicle wrote blackmailingly, "The whole international weight of World Jewry will be mobilized against Germany, if Bonn's offers of reparations remain unsatisfactory." (Echoes of 1933?)

All the while Bonn had presented to Commissioner John McCloy the draft of what was to become the Grundvertrag -- the Constitution -- of West Germany. But McCloy kept delaying ratification. Adenauer wrote in his Memoirs,

"It was clear to me that, if the negotiations with the Jews failed, the negotiations at the London Debt Conference would also run aground, because Jewish banking circles would exert an influence ... which should not be underestimated."

Thereupon Adenauer, abandoning "democracy" for the time being, went over the heads of his Ministers and of the German people, and committed himself and West Germany to pay Israel 3.45 billion D -- Marks reparations; 80 million the first two years. Thereupon Commissioner McCloy, and France and Britain, on 26 May 1952, ratified the Constitution giving West Germany a limited sovereignty. Adenauer had had to agree "that they would not dispute any of the pronouncements of the Allies during and after World War II." This included the Nuremberg pronouncements, and the "acceptance of the legend of the 'extermination' of six million Jews" (Quoted from The South African Observer, July 1979).

Then after further negotiations about details, the Luxemburg Agreement was signed on 19 September 1952. Its first Whereas accuses Germans of "unspeakable criminal acts ... perpetrated against the Jewish people during the National Socialistic regime of terror" (Six Million Did Die, p. 53). This certainly founds the reparations to Jews and Israel on what came to be called the extermination of six million Jews.

From the beginning, the Federal Republic of Germany was a cleverly disguised and managed satellite "democracy" controlled by Washington (and London) for the prime benefit of Israel. Never were the German people given a chance to vote on these reparations. Nor were they ever asked to vote on whether they approved on continuing war crimes trial or whether they really wanted the Statute of Limitations honored (as in every other democratic country).

Adenauer's first pledge of 3.45 billion D -- Marks to Israel, in order to get McCloy to ratify the Constitution, was the Niagara Falls of reparations to Jews all over the world and to Israel, a state non -- existent when the "Holocaust" was said to have occurred. This Luxemburg Agreement, under the umbrella of Washington, in the first twelve years provided Israel with the following commodities and services:

"West Germany built an entire merchant marine for Israel (including 59 ships and a drydock), repaired and rebuilt Israel's telephone and telegraph network, constructed a copper plant, steel plant and five power plants in Israel, laid 280 kilometers of irrigation pipeline, laid new railroad tracks over most of the depleted railway system, for which it delivered 400 boxcars, passenger coaches and diesel locomotives. One Kibbutz received $200,000."

(Quoted from Instauration, August, 1978.)

This fairy -- godmother bonanza to Israel was kept a deep dark secret from the German people, under the shadow of a peculiar Zionistic -- Washingtonian democracy. It was also kept secret from the Arabs, who lost three wars against an attacking enemy equipped with the world's best German war materiel. When the Arabs found out, it created a convulsion that destroyed Chancellor Erhard and ever since proved a millstone for the Christian Democratic Party -- to the advantage of the socialistic and pro -- Russian Social Democrats of Willy Brandt and Wehner and Bahr.

The enormity of German reparations to Israel has been kept as secret as possible from the German people and the world. One has to assume that the puppet Bonn government is ashamed to reveal that it has been and is distributing possibly a hundred billion D -- marks to Jews all over the world, to Israel, to Jewish institutions, and to sponsor pensions to every Jew -- not who was "gassed" but who was allowed to leave Hitler's Germany safely and with most of his property. All this while neither the victors nor Bonn have made any realistic attempt to help the fourteen million Oder-Neisse and Sudeten Germans get indemnities from the Communists. Bonn may also fear the end someday of German patience and an outburst of wrath.

Israel too is very secretive about the payments and pensions the Israelis got or are getting from Germany. Perhaps they too are ashamed. More probably, secretly conscious of the enormous blackmail most of these reparations represent, they fear that if the Western world became fully informed of the swindle, it would stop turning the other cheek and demand first of all the full truth, and secondly, justice for the Arabs. But here and there some Jewish writer boasts of the goldmine the defamed and slandered Germans have been to them. Nahum Goldmann, in his book The Jewish Paradox (London, 1978), boasted that whereas at the Nuremberg Trials one Jewish organization suggested only the ridiculously small sum of twenty million marks of reparations, he managed to induce Germany to pay eighty million D -- Marks (p.166 -- 8). Goldmann boasts that without these German reparations Israel would hardly possess half of its "Infrastruktur": "All trains, all ships, all electrical works, as well as a major portion of industry is of German origin." Then he adds "this passes over entirely the individual pensions which are being paid to the survivors. At the present time Israel still collects annually hundreds of millions of dollars in German currency". And ingeniously and unscrupulously, even now, other wartime disadvantages to Jews are presented for claims. The Washington Observer, for example, on 15 December 1970, carried the following "Observation":

"The Jewish World Federation of Nazi Victims is pressing another claim for payment from Germany. This time they want $20 billion for lost wages for two million Jews who were allegedly forced by the Nazis to work in factories during the war."

And Jewish publicists never bother to try to reconcile the alleged gassing of six million with for example the employment of two million working and surviving in the factories!

Surely, the atrocity story of the extermination of six million Jews has been and still is the most profitable invention and swindle in world history. So organized and so supported by perjury is this "manna" from the German taxpayer that one might suspect virtually every Zionist in the world or someone in his family of being a beneficiary of a pension or an indemnity based on the lie of the six million.

The damage this lie of the six million has done is enormous. It ruined the peace; it inspired the awful injustices of the Yalta and Potsdam peace treaties. But a world that wants to lay claim to justice and decency must correct the wrongs of those treaties. The beginning must be made by establishing the truth about the policy of the Third Reich towards Jews.

In 1973, in my booklet, The Six Million Swindle (40 pages, Boniface Press, 8207 Flower Ave., Takoma Park, Md. 20012, 50 cents), I entitled one short section: "Eight Incontrovertible Assertions on the Six Million Swindle." Since then brave and scholarly studies have destroyed every foundation for the "Holocaust" and exposed the story of the six million "gassed" as an impudent lie. They have not invalidated, they have confirmed, my assertions. I conclude by quoting them:

First, the Third Reich wanted to get Jews to emigrate, not to liquidate them physically. Had they intended extermination, 500,000 concentration camp survivors would not now be in Israel to collect fancy indemnities from West Germany.

Second, absolutely no Jews were "gassed" in any concentration camps. There were crematoria for cremating corpses who had died from whatever cause, including especially also the victims of the genocidic Anglo -- American air raids.

Third, the majority of Jews who died in pogroms and those who disappeared and are still unaccounted for fell afoul in territories controlled by the Soviet Russians, not in territories while under German control.

Fourth, most of the Jews alleged to have met their death at the hands of Germans were subversives, partisans, spies, and criminals, and also often victims of unfortunate but internationally legal reprisals. One reason for my denouncing the Nuremberg prosecutors as lynchers is that they hanged Germans for actions they themselves adopted!

Fifth, if there were the slightest likelihood that the Nazis had in fact executed six million Jews, World Jewry would scream for subsidies with which to do research on the question, and Israel would throw its archives and files open to historians. They have not done so. On the contrary they have persecuted anyone who tries to investigate impartially and even call him an anti -- Semite. This is really devastating evidence that the figure is a swindle.

Sixth, the Jews and the media who exploit this figure have never offered a shred of valid evidence for its truth. At most they misquote Hoettl, Höss, and Eichmann who spoke only casually of what they were in no position to know or to speak on reliably. Nor do the Jews themselves credit these witnesses as reliable even when they comment on what they could know, e.g., that the concentration camps were essentially work camps, not death camps!

Seventh, the burden of proof for the six million figure rests on the accusers, not the accused. This is a principle of all civilized law. Proving true guilt is easier than proving true innocence. It is hardly possible for a man accused of cheating on his wife to prove that he did not cheat on her. Therefore the accuser must prove his charge. This responsibility the Zionists and Bolsheviks have not accepted, and the browbeaten Germans have rather paid billions than to dare to demand proof!

Eighth, obvious evidence that the figure of six million has no scientific foundation is that Jewish scholars themselves present ridiculous discrepancies in their calculations. And honest ones, whom we recognize by the fact that their co-racialists smear -- terrorize them, and even beat them up, invariably lower the six million estimate.

Those who throw around large round numbers, like six million gassed, four million in Auschwitz, two million by mobile units in Russia, let them come up with the proofs -- the graves, the bones, the ashes. Six million corpses do not just disappear. They accuse, so they must prove. But in their default, it seems that it is up to us Revisionists to show that the figure of six million is a totally unsubstantiated, brazen lie. What slender means I have had at my disposal, including some ten trips to Europe, including Dachau, Arolsen, and many interviews, induce me to estimate the number of Jewish casualties under the Third Reich at 300,000 in round numbers. Until Jewish publicists come up with solid evidence to the contrary, which so far they have not even realistically tried to do, I will consider 300,000 casualties -- some from executions, from reprisals, most of them (like Anne Frank) from diseases.

Austin J. App

Austin App, a German-American scholar, was a major revisionist author and publicist.

Austin Joseph App was born on May 24, 1902, in Wisconsin. His father had immigrated to the United States from Wuerttemberg, and his mother had come from Bavaria. Until he began attending first grade at his home town’s bi-lingual Catholic elementary school, he spoke German at home. He spent most of his youth on the family farm near Milwaukee. As a boy he was a voracious reader.

After attending local public and parochial schools, he entered St. Francis seminary near Milwaukee, where he received a liberal classical education. For a time he studied for the priesthood, but decided that he did not have a clerical vocation.

After obtaining a B.A. degree in 1923, he went on to graduate studies at Catholic University in Washington, D.C., where he earned Master’s and Ph.D. degrees in English literature. His 1929 doctoral dissertation, Lancelot in English Literature: His Role and Character, was published to critical acclaim.

From 1933 through 1968 he was an instructor or professor of English at various American institutions of higher education. At the University of Scranton in 1939 he was awarded the school’s Faculty Gold Medal as an “outstanding educator of men.” In 1948 he accepted a professorship at La Salle College in Philadelphia, where he remained until his retirement in 1968.

During World War II he served briefly in the US Army.

He was first politically active in 1917, when, together with school colleagues, he collected signatures on petitions against US entry in World War I. He similarly opposed US entry in World War II.

In the aftermath of World War II, he began a “second career” as a prolific publicist, bringing to public attention suppressed facts about the brutal oppression, dispossession and expulsion of millions of ethnic Germans from their ancient homelands in central and eastern Europe. His first writing in this spirit, a ten-page pamphlet entitled Ravishing the Woman of Conquered Europe, which was quickly followed by The Big Three Deportation Crime, and Slave-Laboring German Prisoners of War. These tracts proved immediately popular. Before long, tens of tens of thousands of copies were in print in English, with editions in four other languages.

Predictably App was viciously smeared by the Zionist Anti-Defamation League and media figures such as Walter Winchell and Drew Pearson.

Throughout his life, he was a devout Roman Catholic and fervently anti-Communist.

He served as national chairman of the Federation of Americans of German Descent, 1960-1966, and thereafter was its permanent national honorary chairman.

App was the author of more than a thousand articles, columns and book reviews, which appeared in a wide range of American and European periodicals, as well as of eight books, including History’s most Terrifying Peace; Courtesy, Courtship and Marriage; The True Concept of Literature; Making Good Talk: How to Improve Your Conversation; Ways to Creative Writing; The Sudeten-German Tragedy; and an autobiography, subtitled German-American Voice for Truth and Justice.

A collection of his essays and pamphlets from 1946 to 1978 was published in 1987 by the Institute for Historical Review under the title No Time for Silence.

In Germany he addressed large rallies of German expellees, and meetings of the German Peoples Union (DVU). In 1975 he was honored with the European Freedom Prize of the DVU and its weekly paper, the National-Zeitung.

He addressed the first IHR Conference in 1979, and the text of his presentation was published in the first issue of the Institute’s Journal of Historical Review.

Austin App was a man of rare courage, principle and decency.

He never married. “The worst thing about trying to be a writer,” he once wrote, “is that one is always harried for time. It presses one to sacrifice everything, however pleasurable, which can no longer enrich one’s knowledge or experience… Though I could well wish to be married, I have never been able to adjust myself gracefully to the time-killing exigencies of courtship long enough to make it adequately reciprocal!”

He died on May 4, 1984. After his death, 73 boxes of his personal papers, business records and library items were archived with the American Heritage Institute at the University of Wyoming (Laramie).

Austin App, 1902-1984


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