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Thursday, 19 April 2007

Rabbi Molested Boys for 30 Years

... and the rabbis knew and did not stop him.
Rabbi Yehuda Kolko
molesting boys since 1967, not arrested until Dec. 2006,

thanks to rabbinic law on covering-up crimes by rabbis,

as stipulated in Talmud tractate Mo'ed Katan 17a

Case of Rabbi Yehuda Kolko - Yeshiva Torah Temimah

(AKA: Joel Kolko, Yehudah Kolko, Yudi Kolko)

Flatbush (Brooklyn), NY

Rabbi Yehuda Kolko was arrested in New York City on December 7, 2006 following a long-term investigation, police said. He was charged with four counts of sexual abuse, including two felony counts, and endangering the welfare of a child, police said.

Rabbi Yudi Kolko and Yeshiva Torah Temimah were hit with a $20 million civil lawsuit on May 5, 2006, accusing him of molesting two students more than 25 years ago.

One of the alleged victims said Rabbi Yehuda Kolko, 60, sexually assaulted him when he was a seventh-grade student.

Rabbi Joel Kolko was arrested in New York City on December 7, 2006 following a long-term police investigation. He was charged with four counts of sexual abuse, including two felony counts, and endangering the welfare of a child. The most recent sexual abuse was allegedly against an 8-year-old boy, who says he was abused while he was in the first grade during the 2002-03 school year.

Godol Rabbi Pinchas Scheinberg: If He Did Not Penetrate The Boy, There Is NO Sex Abuse According To The Torah

 News Features Rabbi060515 1 560
Rabbi Yehuda Kolko, outside his Brooklyn home. (Photo: Christopher Anderson)

The Rabbi Yehuda Kolko child sexual abuse lawsuit has hit the big time, and so has the man most responsible for bringing this creep to justice: Unorthodox Jew. The New York Magazine has a long feature on man-on-boy sex abuse in the haredi community.


1. Rabbi Pinchas Scheinberg, a now senile 'gadol' living in Jerusalem, was brought in during an earlier crisis in the 1980s by Kolko's backers to scare off the accusers and their families. Scheinberg allegedly told the families that, if Rabbi Kolko did not penetrate your son, it is not abuse according to the Torah, and pulicly exposing Rabbi Kolko violates the laws of lashon hara, and you must not do it.

2. Abuse is so widespread that Hella Winston, author of the Unchosen, met dozens of haredi men who were abused or who knew someone who was.

3. Gedolim, including Rabbi Scheinberg, have allegedly been covering up this abuse for years.

4. Both Agudath Yisroel and Torah U'Mesora are alleged to be part of the coverup.

5. The Brooklyn Attorney General defers to local beit dins, and fails to prosecute haredi abusers.

6.The beit dins themselves are corrupt.

7. Chabad advocates for sexual abuse victims have been prevented from making presentations in Chabad yeshivot.

8. A Chabad man-on-boy abuse victim is quoted in the article.

9. The laws of mesira (informing), lashon hara (talebearing) and hillul Hashem (desecration of God's name) are frequently cited by rabbis, including gedolim, to silence accusers and victims.

10. The community does not protect its children from predatory rabbis.

I ask readers in Jerusalem to do the right thing. Go to Rabbi Scheinberg's yeshiva in Mattersdorf and demand an answer. Anything less than a complete apology, spit in the senile bastard's face.

Kol HaKavod to UnOrthodoxJew for risking everything to bring down these creeps. You have saved lives.



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