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Monday, 9 April 2007

The Fifth Column

Ambush That Killed Marines Smells Of Fifth Column

Marines Held A Small Award's Ceremony In This Building, and A Bomb Kills Ten

Marines Mourn Their Dead

Marines Suspect Israeli Advisors

On 12/01/2005 a marine squad was using an old Iraqi flour mill as a temporary headquarters. During a award ceremony in the building, a remote control bomb went off killing ten.

The question as to timing, and to access to sensitive areas, have marines wondering.

Massive Bomb

Marines from Company F, 2nd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment, were not on a foot patrol, as previously reported, but were inside an abandoned flour mill when they were killed by an explosion. The troops used the mill as a temporary patrol base.

The statement said the Marines had gathered in the mill for a promotion ceremony. The military says a marine hit a trip wire.


Marines Are Sad And Angry

The building, that marines were killed in was used, on and off for weeks, as patrol headquarters. The ability to plant a remote control bomb required access that the Iraqi insurgents wouldn't have, but Israeli advisors would.

Also someone would need to know there was a ceremony, that there were 25 marines there, and have the sophistication for remote detonation.

Embedded Israeli Advisors

Senior US command have inserted Israeli IDF advisors in all lines of command.

The Marines are fed up with these arrogant bloodsucking parasites.

Following their advise has led to three ambushes in the last six months.

Israeli Advisors

The United States has turned to Israel for technology and expertise to protect American troops in Iraq from improvised explosive devices. But the Bush administration was said to have limited this cooperation with Israel to avoid an Arab backlash.

After the USS Liberty, the Lavon Affair, the 242 dead marines in Beirut, etc., we should have our heads examined letting Israel any where near our troops.

Field Commanders Angry

These Israelis gave advise, are privy to our Intel, but refuse to be with marines in hot areas.

General Franks And General Natonski

Both of Jewish lineage. Franks sat back while New York Jews arrange the looting of the Baghdad museum. Natonski was the general in charge of the brutal Fallujah assualt.

Why The Cover-up?

The high command first said the dead marines were hit by an IED as they were on patrol. These marines were killed in a building that was used for weeks, as a field command post.