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Sunday, 8 April 2007

Mossad kills 250 at two sacred Mosques on Ashoura

Kazimiya Mosque in Baghdad

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Mosque in Karbala where Muhammad’s grandson is buried

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Scene from the Baghdad Mosque Mosque

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Scene from the Karbala Mosque

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Muslims celebrate Ashoura

Imma Hussien

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Ashoura marks the martyrdom of Imam Hussein – great grandson o the Prophet Muhammad. He was killed in a battle for Islamic leadership in the 7th century at a plain outside Karbala and is buried in a gold-domed shrine in Karbala. Pilgrims reenact the battle and grieve at Hussein's death. One of Muslims holiest days.

Muslims celebrate this on 10th day of the Muslim month of Muharram, when the Ummayads attacked the Imam Hussein’s soldiers and devastated them

The tomb of Imma Hussien

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On 3/2/2004 the Mossad set off a series of massive bombs

wpe815.jpg (2249 bytes) Over 250 Shiite Muslims were killed and 500 wounded when a series of deadly blasts Tuesday struck important shrines on the holiest day of the Shiite Muslim calendar, Ashoura. The blasts occurred in Baghdad and Karbala. Karbala is the Mosque where Mohammed’s grandson Hussein is buried. There were 50,000 Pilgrims from Iraq , Iran and other countries at the shrine when the bombs went off.

Jewish tactic of civil war

wpe941.jpg (3405 bytes) Sunnis make up 60% of Iraq and Shias are 40%. The attack was on the Shias population and Americans are promoting the idea that Al Queda was behind it. There has never been a civil war in Iraq or any animosity between Sunni and Shiate.

Fierce firefight and US conveniently kills bomber

wpe243.jpg (8726 bytes) U.S. officials say they have evidence Zarqawi was behind attacks including the August bombing of the United Nations headquarters in Baghdad, a blast at a mosque in Najaf that killed more than 80 people, and an explosion at an Italian military camp in the southern city of Nassiriya.