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Sunday, 8 April 2007

The Israeli Massacre At Luxor

The Israeli Massacre At Luxor

Luxor is Egypt's premier tourist attraction

The Valley of the Kings

Queen Hatshepsut temple

History of Luxor

Luxor (Thebes) is a 4000 yr old city in southern Egypt, where everyone from Ramses I, to Tutankhamen, are buried.

It has often been called the "world's greatest open air museum", with the ruins of the temple complex at Karnak, Luxor Temple, and the monuments, temples and tombs on the West Bank of the Nile, including the Valley of the Kings and Valley of the Queens.

The Massacre

On November 17, 1997 at Luxor's Temple of Hatshepsu, six gunmen disguised as police, emerged from nearby cliffs, and fired randomly at tourists, killing 70 people.

The3,500-year-old Queen Hatshepsut temple became a slaughter house, as 'Mossad directed' Arabs, shot and hacked their victims to death.

Arab Newspapers

The UAE's Arabic-language press were united in their condemnation of the gunning down of 60 tourists at Luxor in Egypt, and said that there were many grounds on which to accuse the Israeli intelligence parties of being behind the incident.

The paper said that the Arab world cannot detach the massacre from Tel Aviv's schemes to destroy Egyptian society, and blot Egypt's international reputation.

The papers said that Egypt's national stand towards the 'Middle East and North Africa Conference', and Egypt's condemnation of the US boycott of Iraq (1.3 million dead), has emboldened Israel , who planned this "heinous and cowardly" massacre.

Sheik Abd El-Allah

Abdl El-Rahman accused the Israeli Mossad of planning the Luxor attack. Abd El-Rahman said that it's possible that the Mossad had used Afghans to do their work.

Abd El-Allah asked: "Why would the group, Al Gamaat Islamya, commit such an attack"?

The Moslem Brotherhood (fake Israeli propaganda group) said the attack was a response to the American arrest of Omar Abdel Rahman.

Egypt is Israel's enemy, so why would other Muslims hurt Egypt ?

Israeli Tourists Cancelled

Groups of Israeli tourists had changed their travel plans to visit the site of the attack at the last moment. That quickly led to the conclusion, that Israel must have planned the attack in advance.

Israel's Relationship To Egypt

Israel's PM Bibi Netanyahu said, "It is well known that Egypt harbors terrorists".

When asked if Israel was behind the massacre, as was the case in the USS Liberty, Netanyahu declined to discuss the matter.

Egypt borders the Gaza strip and has allowed weapons smuggling, and this has a penalty.

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Recent incidences of Israel terrorism

In 1999 they bombed Egyptair 990, and in 2004, the Mossad attacked Taba in the Sinai, killing 20.

Swiss smell Mossad

Most of the tourists killed were Swiss, and Swiss intelligence is suspicious of Mossad.

The newspaper, al-Arab al-Yom, a columnist defended Egypt's decision to boycott the MENA conference while blaming Jews for promoting terrorism. Entitled 'Jewish fingerprints in the Luxor massacre', the column suggested that the attack on tourists served 'only the Americans and the Zionists'.


While there is no concrete proof that Israel did this, all fingers point to the Mossad.

Egyptian intelligence has uncovered the fact that the Mossad was successful in indirectly recruiting some Arab Afghans. Intelligence sources feel that Israel provided the financial and military backing in the Mubarak's assassination attempt, and the Luxor massacre.

Once again, the only beneficiary to these heinous acts is Israel.



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