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Monday, 9 April 2007

Mysterious Ambush Kills Five Marines, And Wounds Nine More

Booby-trapped farmhouse

Ambush Was At A Farmhouse, Outside Ubaydi

Ubaydi Is Part Of Bush's Battle For Syria

A Whole Squad Entered A Farmhouse

An entire squad went into this farmhouse, and the bomb was set off by a remote detonation. Two days before, three other soldiers were killed in a roadside bombing in the same area. Five days later there was an identical ambush.

It is suspicious because this always happens right before a planned offensive.

Marine Ambush

An entire squad went into a farm house, and the bomb went off.

The Battle For Syria Is Raging

There have been a chain of Marine assaults, from Baghdad, all the way up the Euphrates river. The assault on Ubaydi - involved about 1,500 American troops and 500 Iraqi Army soldiers. Bush tells us, it's purpose supposedly is to disrupt the flow of foreign fighters and munitions from Syria.

The battle sequence is: ~ We bombard a town, we mass the troops, there is a horrendous ambush, the high command goes ballistic, and the town gets slaughtered.

Each Town Conquered Becomes Established Garrison

The northern part of Iraq is where the Haifa-Mosul pipeline is starting at, and that's why we are there.

Bush Wants Israeli Pipeline

These current operations are a staging ground for a full assault on Syria.

Israeli Advisors

The United States has turned to Israel for technology and expertise to protect American troops in Iraq from improvised explosive devices. But the Bush administration was said to have limited this cooperation with Israel to avoid an Arab backlash.

After the USS Liberty, the Lavon Affair, the 242 dead marines in Beirut, etc., we should have our heads examined letting Israel any where near our troops.

What Do you Have?

We are fighting Israel's war, for their pipeline, and they want us to attack Syria. In order to move things along, the IDF will stage a horrific ambush before each Marine offensive.

In the end, we will have troops stationed from Mosul, through Syria, and up to the Israeli border.

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