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Tuesday, 10 April 2007

" Operation Phantom Fury"

Gen. George Casey

Iraq Prime Minister Alwa

US forces attack in the second battle

for Fallujah

wpe2D9.jpg (5338 bytes)

Fallujah - 250,000 population

4 - 2 -2004

Major General Natonski ...Commander of Fallujah attack

In charge of the second Fallujah assault.

Major General Natonski , a second generation descendent of Jewish Ukrainian grand parents. He is a avid Zionist and considers Fallujah, and it's Muslim inhabitants, a cancer.

He has been involved in numerous Mid East assignments.

Nov 4

Marines prepare

Marines ready for battle

Nov. 4 - 15,000 American soldiers and marines crept forward, glancing warily at each other as they approached a bomb-scarred building covered with Arabic lettering. Suddenly, one of them shouted "Sniper!" and another dropped to the ground as if wounded.

All of them, though, seem eager to prove their mettle and at last confront the insurgency head on.

Nov 5 - 7

Artillery barrages

Nov. 5 - For the three days proceeding the battle the Marines pounded the city with howitzers, fighter jets and the dreaded A-130 gun ships.

Nov. 7 - US airplanes dropped more than 20 container bombs, holding more than 40,000 anti-personnel cluster bombs on Fallujah Monday night. The American bombing targeted the neighborhoods of al-Jaghifi and al-Jawlan.

Israeli advisors spread propaganda

Jewish advisors prepped Matrines with tales of human bombers, and Muslim fighters were taking amphetamines. Marines would take no chances, wheter it was children or women. "From that point on, the rule was the so-called 'double tap': two bullets in every body," he said.

The night before the assault began, the order came down that troops could shoot any male on the street between the ages of 15 and 50 if they were viewed as a security threat, regardless of whether they had a weapon.

When marines asked a gunnery sergeant for clarification, he told his men if they saw any military-aged males on the street "Drop 'em."

The marines had issued special rules of engagement, particularly for the Falluja operation, that emphasized anyone considered a danger could be shot.


-- Monday Nov 8th

Monday, Nov. 8 -

Explosions and heavy gunfire thundered across Falluja on Sunday night and Monday morning as American troops seized control of two strategic bridges, a hospital and other objectives in the first stage of a long-expected invasion of the city, the center of the Iraqi insurgency.

wpe2BC.jpg (4358 bytes)

'Hospital Massacre'

Speaking to Aljazeera, a doctor in Falluja gave an emotional plea for an end to the fighting. "I'm one of the few medical cadres that survived last Monday from the massacre," said Dr. Abbas Ali.

IDF advisors ordered the massacre

"It's a center of propaganda," a senior American officer said Sunday.

The hospital was selected as an early target because the American military believed that it was the source of rumors about heavy casualtie

Day 2

Tuesday Nov 9

50% of city captured

Hundreds of Iraqis were killed by shelling and fighting.

U.S. warplanes firing rockets destroyed four houses in Fallujah after nightfall Tuesday, witnesses said. A doctor said 26 Iraqis, including women and children, were killed and 30 wounded in the strike.

wpe2E5.jpg (7047 bytes)

C-130's devastate Fajullah

wpe2EB.jpg (4972 bytes)

AC-130 gunship to lay down a barrage of fire against guerrillas, and commanders said Marines were holding an area several blocks deep inside the city.

They hit a second hospital [on Tuesday], killing everyone. There are dead bodies in the streets. People have been burying their dead in the gardens of their homes.

Day 3

Wensday Nov10

70% of city captured .....40 killed at Mosque
Gen. George Casey, told President Bush on Wednesday that his troops are "making very good progress" securing Iraq. U.S. forces have cut off the insurgents escape routes and are going house to house.

He spoke at a news conference at Camp Fallujah, outside the city. "They are now in small pockets, blind, moving about the city.

Embedded IDF execute 'Freedom Fighters'

We will continue to hunt them down and destroy them.

`We're taking fire from the mosque,'' one of the Americans said. Forces returned fire, blasting the mosque -- a large domed building flanked by two minarets -- and sending up clouds of debris.

Dogs eat the dying and dead

``When they're using a mosque to do command and control for insurgents and kill my fellow Marines and soldiers and airmen that are out here -- no holds barred, the gloves are off,'' said Marine Staff Sgt. Sam Mortimer.Saadi and other witnesses reported bodies on the streets, with dogs hovering around them.

Day 4

Thurs Nov 11

Day 4

Marines move into the industrial district which is considered the heart of teh insurgent stronghold.

There orders were to kill anyone that appeared to be a fighter.

Mossad broadcasts phony execution

Al-Jazeera television, meanwhile, aired a videotape in which a militant group claimed to have captured 20 Iraqi soldiers during operations in Fallujah.

The station said the militants promised not to kill the prisoners shown on the tape but would kill others captured in the future. Source

US snipers kill 17 doctors and nurses

Thursday, 11 November 2004.Doctors and nurses martyred by American fire on their way to help the people of al-Fallujah.

In a dispatch posted at 12:25am Friday local time (11:25pm Thursday evening Mecca time) the al-Fallujah correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported as follows:

In answer to appeals from administrative staff of al-Fallujah General Hospital to help their brothers and sisters in al-Fallujah, 50 doctors and nurses gathered in nearby as-Saqlawiyah and set out Thursday afternoon for the defiant city of al-Fallujah, upon which the US aggressors are inflicting savage death and destruction, occupying their hospital and deploying snipers atop its roof to shoot down anyone who dares approach it.

The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent in al-Fallujah confirmed that the doctors and nurses arrived near the city where they got out of their cars in order to slip into al-Fallujah individually so as to avoid being stopped by the American military.

The volunteers walked to a branch of the Euphrates River, and on crossing it were entering al-Fallujah when US snipers opened fire on them. Seventeen of the doctors and nurses were shot dead as they crossed the river, which is between 150 and 170 meters wide. The survivors continued across and made it to the defiant city, many of them wounded to varying degrees by the American gunfire.


wpe2EB.jpg (4972 bytes) Gun ships continue to pound city

Two copters shot down

Day 5

Friday Nov 12 th

U.S. soldiers and Marines launched a large attack Thursday into the southern half of Fallujah, where insurgents still holding, opening a second phase in the offensive, U.S. officials said.

Ali Abbas, a doctor told Al-Jazeera Satellite TV that the city has turned into a �massive grave�.

�There are snipers everywhere. Go outside and you�re going to get shot.�

Red Crescent workers

US troops were preventing a Red Crescent convoy from reaching helpless residents inside Fallujah.

Commanders say their troops have cordoned off the entire city to prevent fighters from escaping.

It's a brutal genocide."

The dead and wounded were lying scattered in the Fallujah streets and US snipers were shooting at everything moving including those trying to rescue the wounded, said the letter.

A 36-year-old man, who declined to be identified, told Xinhuathat he felt "ashamed" that he had left Fallujah before the offensive started from Monday and only sat at his refuge hearing news of killing and dying.

"I regret, for the pains are killing me, and if it's not for my sons and girls I will travel back to Fallujah to fight to the end,"he said, tears in his eyes.

A middle-aged doctor, who also refused to be named, said he was told by residents fleeing Fallujah that women and children had died in doors without any apparent wounds suffered. IDF was accused of telling US marines to use gas.

Day 6

Sat Nov 1

U.S. military officials said Saturday that American troops had now "occupied" the entire city of Fallujah and there were no more major concentrations of insurgents still fighting after nearly a week of intense urban combat.

Iraq's national security adviser Qassem Dawoud said Saturday the massive military operation to retake Fallujah 'is accomplished' with about 1,000 insurgents killed and 200 captured.

Iraqi pleads for help for his family

IDF advisors has Palestinian translators and they would identify 'Insurgents'. The Israelis told the Marines to check the next house and would execute entire families.

wpe2BD.jpg (5262 bytes) Muslims blamed Marines for the IDF dirty's work.

Nov. 13 - Army tanks and fighting vehicles began blasting their way into the last major rebel stronghold in Falluja at sundown on Saturday after American warplanes and artillery had prepared the way with a savage barrage on the district.

The offensive against Fallujah killed at least 24 American troops and an estimated 1,000 insurgents, and rebel attacks elsewhere � especially in the northern city of Mosul � have forced the Americans to shift troops away from Fallujah.

Day 7

Sunday Nov 14

Marines walk through Fallujah shooting wounded

WASHINGTON (AFP) - The US military promised a thorough investigation into the killing of a wounded and apparently unarmed Iraqi prisoner by a US marine in Fallujah -- an act filmed by a journalist and now beamed around the world.

NBC correspondent Kevin Sites said he saw the marine raise his rifle and fire point blank at the head of the man, who was slumped against a wall in a mosque

Marines execute fighters

Video of killing

Day 8

Monday Nov 15

Cease fire in effect

Rumsfeld is ecstatic

Red Cross not allowed in

The military stopped the Red Crescent at the gates of the city and is not allowing them in. They allowed some bodies to be buried, but others are being eaten by dogs and cats in the streets, as reported by refugees just out of the city, as well as residents still trapped there.

The military said it saw no need for the IRC to deliver aid to people inside Fallujah because it did not think any civilians were still inside the city.

Jewish sponsored terrorists posing as Iraqis captured

wpe2B6.jpg (1827 bytes)

Insurgents in Iraq have kidnapped two Palestinians with Israeli identity cards and accused them of spying for Israel, according to footage shown on Thursday by an Iranian TV station. Source

wpe2CA.jpg (4201 bytes)

wpe2CB.jpg (5996 bytes)
Thousands bring supplies to Fallujah

Thousands of Iraqi sympathizers forced their way through US military roadblocks to bring aid from the capital to the besieged Fallujah.

wpe2CE.jpg (6780 bytes)

Various weapons

Israeli Drones used

Operation Phantom Fury had commenced at dark on Nov. 8. Inside the tent, the Marines of unit VMU-1, which flies the Pioneer Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or UAV, were looking at video taken from the UAV by a Forward-Looking Infra-Red (or FLIR) camera. The pictures were bright as day.

"The raiding party wants us to scan across the river," Cpl. Robert Daniels said, reading a chat-room message that had popped up on his computer monitor. "Someone's firing."

"Take us east," Neumann said over his shoulder. "Shift from white-hot to black-hot."

Behind him, the pilot of the UAV adjusted the flight path as his partner tightened the zoom on the plane's camera. The images on the screen jumped slightly and focused on two black spots hopping from place to place behind an earthen berm.

Drone identified anything that moved as enemy

"I confirm weapons," said Sg. Jenifer Forman, an imagery analyst. "Watch their right arms when they run. They're shooting across the river.""One's lying down," Neumann said. "They're manning a crew-served weapon pointed at the bridge. Tell Fusion we have targets for Basher."

wpe2EB.jpg (4972 bytes) C-130's were used daily

There a staff pulled together information from Marines on the front lines, UAVs, electronic intercepts, agent reports, and other sources. The Fusion Center compiled target lists, tracked battle damage, prioritized targets, and assigned shooters.

"Basher," an Air Force AC-130 aircraft, had illuminated the ambushers with its huge infrared spotlight and was pounding them with 105 mm artillery shells, each round packing 50 pounds of high explosives.

"Same as always," Lt. Parchman said as he watched the runner climb over a wall. "He's made it. Can't hit him there."

The camera tracked back to the damaged building. Basher had moved on to another target. The Pioneer UAV circled the building to assess battle damage. A large door in the back of the building slid open and two men ran around the side and quickly returned, dragging something behind them. The Marines watched as this was repeated a few times.

"Are they carrying a heavy weapon or a body part?" asked an IDF Lt Dov Heim.

"Don't know. We can confirm four down, though," Lt.Nathan Parchman said. "Mark this as a safe house. We'll come back later for a relook."

"Those Muslims are out there to kill our soldiers or Marines," Lt. Col. Neumann said. "We're in here to find them so our shooters kill them first."



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