"The Jewish people as a whole will be its own Messiah. It will attain world domination by the dissolution of other races...and by the establishment of a world republic in which everywhere the Jews will exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this New World Order the Children of Israel...will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition..." (Karl Marx in a letter to Baruch Levy, quoted in Review de Paris, June 1, 1928, p. 574)

Monday, 9 April 2007

All under Nicholas Rockefeller, a 9-11 Insider

9-11 Insider Nicholas Rockefeller's Proprietary Cashless Society Technology and Databases

author: J'accuse
[This is original reporting, and very timely, please post.] The Very Visible Nicholas Rockefeller's Invisible Panopticon: His United Nations Aired Ideas for a Private Proprietary Database and Technology for a Global Wireless Cashless Consumer Panopticon, all under Nicholas Rockefeller, a 9-11 Insider.

9-11 "security" issues only set up wider "state driven appeal" for the his proprietary technology platform for a cashless society. 9-11 Insider Nicholas Rockefeller, predicts 9-11 justified Middle East invasions a year in advance--and only months before 9-11 sees fit as well to start up a pilot project for a cashless society. He has additionally been involved in THREE separate global people monitoring database corporations detailed below.

"The cashless society will be controlled by the Rockefellers, and it will be microwave based, wireless, and controlled off the phone tower network"--if he has his way. China is his model. See what he is doing in China below, and see how there is huge synergy between his fingers and his minions' fingers in the corporations US Search, Zebasearch, and GlobalAgora--all linked to him.
911 Insider Nicholas Rockefeller opens GlobalAgora cashless society tech 7-2001
911 Insider Nicholas Rockefeller opens GlobalAgora cashless society tech 7-2001
9-11 Insider Nicholas Rockefeller
9-11 Insider Nicholas Rockefeller
...Chinese media on the story...
...Chinese media on the story...
Talk about concentrating power in corruptible human hands.

Meet your so called "invisible hand" of the markets, and shake his digital grip over your life--that he wants.

9-11 Insider Nicholas Rockefeller's visible hands are seen three times over as the single controller of US Search, Zebasearch, and GlobalAgora. And that single controller of Nicholas Rockefeller is a 9-11 Insider--who Aaron Russo says is "obsessed" with global monitoring, and with creating a "papers please" fascist police state.

Find out about these three corporations below:

The Re-Visible Rockefeller Hand: the Private Global Panopticon as a Rockefeller family Enterprise, under Nicholas Rockefeller, 9-11 Insider

The Very Visible Nelson Rockefeller's Invisible Panopticon: His United Nations Aired Ideas for a Private Proprietary Database and Technology for a Global Wireless Cashless Consumer Panopticon, all under Nicholas Rockefeller, a 9-11 Insider

The cashless society will be controlled by the Rockefellers, and it will be microwave based, wireless, and controlled off the phone tower network--if he has his way. China is his model. See what he is doing in China below, and see how there is huge synergy between his fingers and his minions' fingers in the corporations US Search, Zebasearch, and GlobalAgora--all linked to him.


Nicholas Rockefeller predicted in early 2000 to a friend he found "un-recruitable to the CFR", Aaron Russo (which probably led in the past several years for Russo to rush through making America: Freedom to Fascism), that an event would soon happen to allow for a Caspian pipeline, an Afghanistan invasion, and an Iraq invasion.

Eleven months later, Russo said, Nicholas Rockefeller got his wish: the 9-11 events happened and sure enough, soon there was a Caspian pipeline, an Afghanistan invasion, and an Iraq invasion.

Nicholas Rockefeller Predicted "Event" To Trigger War Eleven Months Before 9/11
Hollywood director Russo recalls remarkable "forecast" of coming attack

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet.com | October 28 2006

Hollywood director and documentary film maker Aaron Russo, currently receiving a wave of plaudits for his latest release, America: From Freedom to Fascism told The Alex Jones Show that Nicholas Rockefeller had personally assured him there was going to be an "event" that would trigger the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq eleven months before 9/11 took place.

Saying he had been approached many times by the Rockefellers and other members of the CFR elite in an attempt to recruit him, Russo recalled a conversation that would come home to roost on September 11, 2001.

"Here's what I do know first hand - I know that about eleven months to a year before 9/11 ever happened I was talking to my Rockefeller friend (Nicholas Rockefeller) and he said to me 'Aaron there's gonna be an event' and he never told me what the event was going to be - I'm not sure he knew what the event was going to be I don't know that he knew that," said Russo.

Russo related how Rockefeller knew precisely what the event would lead to and which countries would be militarily targeted by the elite.

"He just said there's gonna be an event and out of that event we're gonna invade Afghanistan so we can run pipelines through the Caspian sea, we can go into Iraq to take the oil and establish bases in the middle east and to make the middle east part of the new world order and we're going to go after Venezuela - that's what's going to come out of this event."

"Eleven months to a year later that's what happened....he certainly knew that something was going to happen."

"In my relationships with some of these people I can tell you that it's as evil as it really gets - this is it - this is the game," stated Russo - also relating how members of the elite were routinely obsessed by creating a world identification society where people had to carry ID cards and prove who they were at all times.

link to prisonplanet.com

watch America: From Freedom to Fascism for free. This film Russo rushed through production likely right after he realized his close "Rockefeller friend" was a clear accessory to mass murder in the 9-11 events, as fascist plots were being hatched from the U.S. military and the Bush/Cheney clique around 9-11. However, Russo's film starts this slow fascist coup back in 1913, toward how the Federal Reserve began to create the perfect totalitarian monitored society--of which Nicholas Rockefeller's additions to this totalitarian society are detailed and coming out into the open only from Summer 2001 to the present (in the article below).

Google once censored Russo's film and deleted it--until Aaron Russo himself authorized its uploading for people to watch for free. Google hacks remain silent--for now. The film has moved steadily up after Google stopped censoring it:

Today Yesterday
49 39
Aaron Russo's _America Freedom to Fascism_ Authorized version
18,091 yesterday

Read that quote once more:

"...obsessed by creating a world identification society where people had to carry ID cards and prove who they were at all times..."--say, through a cashless purchase network that is "no opt out, sorry"?

How could anyone ever get such a totalitarian system off the ground, you ask. People would oppose it.

However, it's been in operation live as a test model in China since July 2001. And this is linked to Nicholas Rockefeller as well, through GlobalAgora "proprietary" wireless phone network purchasing, in league with only Chinese state owned shopping department stores.

Who is Nicholas Rockefeller? A closet member of the Pakistani ISI, its chief known to have paid off Mohammad Atta soon before a meeting with U.S. Congressmen for a "working breakfast" in the U.S. Capitol during the events of 9-11? A member of the Chinese Communist Party? A global corporate revolutionary for a police state consumer infrastructure run by his family?

Can he be all three?

And more to the point, if he got 9-11 right, what else is Nicholas Rockefeller "planning?"


Some official biographies--not generally given to the masses--about Nicholas Rockefeller note:

Nicholas Rockefeller is or was a partner in the law firm of Perkins Cole LLP. First surname Perkins is Skull and Bones Perkins of the 1830s-1840s--thus, drug lords. Later, Mr. Perkins of the same family is Morgan bank's right hand man, who lived in the Teddy Roosevelt White House just so Teddy could get the word from Morgan every morning what to do with himself.

Nelson Rockefeller's law practice has been marked by the filing of a brief on behalf of respondent in the Supreme Court case of United States v. O'Hagan and by the featuring of a number of his transactions in leading periodicals.

He is a member of the world totalitarian revolutionary body, the Council on Foreign Relations, which is a branch of the British Royal Institute of International Affairs.

Additionally, he is a member of: the International Institute of Strategic Studies, the Advisory Board of RAND, the Corporate Advisory Board of the Pacific Council on International Relations, the Board of the Western Justice Center Foundation, the Central China Development Council, and has served as a participant in the World Economic Forum and the Aspen Institute.

Nicholas Rockefeller recently chaired a panel at the United Nations on e-Commerce and is a co-author of Economic Strategy and National Security.

However, for the public, it is strange when in his official biographies it says he's a co-author of this book in his official blurb--though actually he doesn't want people to know he did co-author this book in public venues, with his Rockefeller name on the cover as a co-editor. For public consumption instead says it is merely "edited" by Patrick DeSouza, a close sponsored minion of Nicholas Rockefeller.
link to www.amazon.com

"Patrick DeSouza is a banker with Violy, Byorum & Partners Holdings LLC-an investment bank focused on Latin America. During 1997-98, he served in the White House as a Director for Inter-American Affairs on President Clinton's National Security Council. He is a graduate of Columbia College, Yale Law School, and Stanford Graduate School. Dr. DeSouza has been a term member, international affairs fellow, and the inaugural "Next Generation" fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. He is the author of several articles on foreign economic policy and law.

The DeSouza/Nicholas Rockefeller book was published in 2000, a year before 9-11, right as Nicholas Rockefeller was additionally toying with telling Aaron Russo he knew the 'when and why' of a future 9-11 event--so he assuredly knew the 'what where and who' as well.

The 'cloaked authorship/editorial' hand of Nicholas Rockefeller can be seen in the blurb of the book Economic Strategy and National Security, where it reads:

"The years 1998 and 1999 were filled with economic events that illustrated the changing and complex agenda for American foreign policy in entering the new millennium. In this volume, former senior members of the Clinton and Bush Administrations and a "next generation" of private sector voices set forth and analyze the new intersections between economic strategy and national security. Emerging markets are considered, as well as new threats and new opportunities that are changing our conception of American security.

"This book arises from a three-year project by the Council on Foreign Relations, one of the world's premier foreign policy think tanks [founded by the Cecil Rhodes Anglo-American revolutionary internationalists], to articulate a "Next Generation" approach to American foreign policy.

"The volume is intended for those interested in foreign policy and as a supplement to university level courses on international relations and business.The financial, trade, technology, and regional and sectoral topics covered by this book are especially timely. World financial markets have showed themselves to be increasingly integrated and volatile with the introduction of new information technologies.

"Global markets for goods have showed themselves to be more fragmented and more difficult to free [i.e., enslave to the corporate internationalists] because of populist concerns over labor and environmental protections. [Those crazy super-majorities of the public of the world supporting "concerns over labor and environmental protections." (sarcasm)] Meanwhile, electronic commerce will change international economic relations.

[It will? How, says author Nicholas Rockefeller? Because he owns the technology, keep reading.]

"Regionally, Asia and Russia-our post-Cold War focus-are economically in turmoil. Latin America, our fastest growing market and prospective twenty-first century focus, is teetering due to the lack of foreign reserves. In addition to these changing dynamics, new economic threats such as corruption and information terrorism counter balance new opportunities to influence the world through American know-how in technology and venture capital.

[Nicholas Rockefeller talking about his autobiography once more thinking it is the same as talking world history: he's a Rockefeller proprietary technology owner and a venture capitalist.]

"As evidenced most clearly by the October 1998 vote on [unConstitutionally authorized] Fast Track trade authority for the president, domestic audiences seem to be fueled more by negative messages brought by "economic nationalists" than by those who seek a more "internationalist" approach...

[that "positively" supports destruction of labor rights worldwide and destruction of the enviroment (sarcasm)].

"This communications reality is dangerous and requires attention [and police state apparatus to be in place and used] by the new generation of American leaders who have begun their run for the presidency by the time this book reaches the shelves. This book begins to outline new concepts-political, economic, and philosophical-for American foreign policy in the twenty-first century. In addition, it seeks to drive home the need for the American people to better understand our likely engagement in the new world upon which we are embarking."

Which "we" is that?

Is that the "royal we" once more, with Nicholas Rockefeller referring only to his own embarking on technology and e-commerce?

Are we really embarking with him? Or pushed, onto a sealed train car? Onto a a wireless e-commerce grid that he owns?

Those "dangerous economic nationalists" he talks about? Are they a security threat, in their eyes? What's the danger? Voting? (oh...well--they just took care of that in 2001-3 in the U.S., security mission accomplished for a one party state run "of the global pedophiles, by the global pedophiles, and for the global pedophiles, shall not perish from this earth".)

Nicholas Rockefeller has the same background institutionally as his covername DeSouza: Nicholas is a member of the Board of Visitors at the Law Schools of the University of Oregon and Pepperdine University and is active in the affairs of Yale University and Yale Law School, from which he graduated as well.

Another official biography, left with the SEC for Nicholas Rockefeller, reads:

"He is a partner with the international law firm of Perkins Coie, LLP where he represents a number of U.S. and foreign companies engaged in financial transactions based here and abroad. He brings to the Company his extensive experience in finance, international transactions, and government relations. Recently Mr. Rockefeller has been principal attorney in matters involving resort financing, U.S. government guarantee of a foreign investment, several venture capital capitalizations and middle market recapitalizations. Mr. Rockefeller also serves as a Managing Partner of the Rockvest Development Group and its affiliate, the Rockefeller International Fund. In recent years, the Fund has made substantial direct and portfolio investments in Emerging Market Economies. Domestically, the Group supervises investments in publicly traded securities and in private enterprises and maintains an active venture capital portfolio.

"He is Chairman of the Board of Rockefeller Asia, a financial services company with emphasis on infrastructure projects in telecommunications, transportation, and energy.

[Keep that in mind.]

"He is a Managing Director of Trenwith Holdings, a merchant bank specializing in middle market transactions. Mr. Rockefeller is a director of Las Aquilas Doradas, the Campaign for Minority Engineers and the Western Justice Center Foundation. He is a member of the Board of Visitors of the University of Oregon Law School and The Pepperdine University School of Law. Also, Mr. Rockefeller is a permanent member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

link to www.zoominfo.com

"a permanent member of the Council on Foreign Relations."

What's so intersting about the CFR issue is that another NWOderite, ex Vice Presidential Candidate and CFR member Gary Hart, was surprisingly working on yet another "prep for the police state dream organization" in his Hart-Rudman Commission, which he had ready by May 2001, ready to introduce after 9-11.

CFR's Gary Hart (another 9-11 Insider) is actually in the DeSouza/Rockefeller book as well.

It is reported that, in addition to Nicholas Rockefeller being in the know of 9-11 future events, Gary Hart was a 9-11 events insider on some level as well--since Hart took it upon himself to warn Condi Rice about not flying that day.

So! Who is Gary Hart to warn then National Security Adviser Condi Rice? Though perhaps that IS indeed the proper question to ask.

Yet another Nicholas Rockefeller bio mentions that he is an attorney with the law firm of Troop Meisinger Steuber Pasich Reddick & Tobey, LLP, and has been with the firm since June 1997, prior to which he was engaged in the private practice of law for ten years. Mr. Rockefeller also serves as a Managing Principal of the Rockvest Development Group and its affiliate, the Rockefeller International Fund, which supervises investments in publicly traded securities and private enterprises and maintains an active venture capital portfolio. Mr. Rockefeller is also Chairman of Rockefeller Asia, a financial services company. Mr. Rockefeller is a member of the California and Washington, D.C. bars, and holds a J.D. from Yale Law School. Mr. Rockefeller is the trustee of The SHMNM Investment Trust, which is currently a stockholder of the Company and which was established pursuant to a stockholders' agreement between Mr. Nicholas
Matzorkis and The Kushner-Locke Company.

[The "SHMNM"? What?]

"Mr. Rockefeller was elected a director of the Company as the director designated by the trust pursuant to the stockholders' agreement."

link to sec.edgar-online.com


US Search

What is this "SHMNM" group, involving Nicholas Rockefeller, Nicholas "Nick" Matzorkis, and The Kushner-Locke Company? Both of them have huge blocks of stock 'hidden' away in them from US Search, giving particluarly Nicholas Rockefeller a huge 'cloaked' control of US Search.

According to the SEC, the "US SEARCH CORP COM" Proxy Statement (definitive) (DEF 14A) PROPOSAL 3, says it represents 10000 shares held by Mr. Matzorkis and ****1751064 shares held by The SHMNM Investment Trust, an irrevocable trust managed by Nicholas Rockefeller..."***

The full stock ownership of this global database corporation US Search:

Shares Beneficially
Owned (Including
Shares Issuable
pursuant to Options
Exercisable within
60 days of
April 14, 2000)
Name of Beneficial Owner** Number Percent
-------------------------- ------------ ----------
The Kushner-Locke Company...........................9,608,080.....53.56%
11601 Wilshire Boulevard, 21st Floor
Los Angeles, California 90025
The SHMNM Investment Trust..........................1,751,064.....9.76
2029 Century Park East, 24th Floor
Los Angeles, California 90067
Brent N. Cohen(1)...................................170,000......*
William G. Langley(2)...............................43,978.......*
Nicholas Matzorkis(3)...............................1,761,064....9.82
Meg Shea-Chiles(4)..................................43,978.......*
Peter Locke(5)......................................9,619,868....53.59
Donald Kushner(6)...................................9,619,868....53.59
Nicholas Rockefeller(7).............................1,762,852....9.82
Harry B. Chandler(8)................................11,788.......*
Alan C. Mendelson(9)................................14,288.......*
All executive officers and directors as a group (11

[64.07%! Pretty tightly held corporation to dominate the world's database information, eh? Add in the other 10 percent or so from Nicholas Rockefeller controlled SHMNM block of shares and 75% of US Search's global private personnel database is controlled by the voices of about 11 people.]

* Represents beneficial ownership of less than one percent of the common

** Does not include information as to C. Nicholas Keating, Jr. and Robert J.
Richards, who were no longer officers or directors of the Company as of April 14, 2000.

(1) Represents 10,000 shares held by Mr. Cohen and 160,000 shares subject to options held by Mr. Cohen that are exercisable within 60 days. Mr. Cohen's option is subject to the approval of the stockholders of Proposal 2 to amend the Amended and Restated 1998 Stock Incentive Plan to increase the total number of shares reserved for issuance.

(2) Represents 43,978 shares subject to options held by Mr. Langley that are exercisable within 60 days.

(3) Represents 10,000 shares held by Mr. Matzorkis and 1,751,064 shares held by The SHMNM Investment Trust, an irrevocable trust managed by Nicholas Rockefeller, a director of the Company, as trustee for the sole benefit of Susan Hanle, Mr. Matzorkis' spouse. Mr. Matzorkis, an executive officer of the Company, may be deemed to share voting and investment power as to all of the shares held by The SHMNM Investment Trust because his spouse, Susan Hanle, is its sole beneficiary, and therefore may be deemed to be a beneficial owner of such shares. Mr. Matzorkis disclaims beneficial ownership as to all of such 1,751,064 shares held by The SHMNM Investment Trust.

(4) Represents 43,978 shares subject to options held by Ms. Shea-Chiles that are exercisable within 60 days.

(5) Represents 9,608,080 shares held by The Kushner-Locke Company ("Kushner- Locke") and 11,788 shares subject to options held by Mr. Locke that are exercisable within 60 days. Mr. Locke served as the Company's President from September 1998 through February 1999, and currently serves as a director of the Company. Mr. Locke may be deemed to share voting and investment power as to all of the shares held by Kushner-Locke because of his position as Co-Chairman, Co-Chief Executive Officer and a director of Kushner-Locke, and therefore may be deemed to be a beneficial owner of such shares. Mr. Locke disclaims beneficial ownership as to all of the 9,608,080 shares held by Kushner-Locke.

(6) Represents 9,608,080 shares held by Kushner-Locke and 11,788 shares subject to options held by Mr. Kushner that are exercisable within 60 days. Mr. Kushner, a director of the Company, may be deemed to share voting and investment power as to all of the shares held by Kushner-Locke because of his position as Co-Chairman, Co-Chief Executive Officer and a director of Kushner-Locke, and therefore may be deemed to be a beneficial owner of such shares. Mr. Kushner disclaims beneficial ownership as to all of the 9,608,080 shares held by Kushner-Locke.

(7) Represents 1,751,064 shares held by The SHMNM Investment Trust, of which Mr. Rockefeller is trustee, and 11,788 shares subject to options held by Mr. Rockefeller that are exercisable within 60 days.

(8) Represents 11,788 shares subject to options held by Mr. Chandler that are exercisable within 60 days.

(9) Represents 2,500 shares held by [historically Rockefeller family controlled] City National Bank, as Trustee for the Cooley Godward LLP Profit Sharing Plan, F/B/O Alan C. Mendelson and 11,788 shares subject to options held by Mr. Mendelson that are exercisable within 60 days.

(10) Includes shares described in the notes above, as applicable. Includes shares which the following executive officers and directors of the Company have the right to acquire within 60 days after the date of this table pursuant to outstanding options: Brent N. Cohen, 160,000 shares; William G. Langley, 43,978; Nicholas Matzorkis, 0 shares; Karol Pollock, 0 shares; Robert Anderson, 0 shares; Meg Shea-Chiles, 43,978; Peter Locke, 11,788 shares; Donald Kushner, 11,788 shares; Nicholas Rockefeller, 11,788 shares; Harry B. Chandler, 11,788 shares; Alan C. Mendelson, 11,788 shares; and all executive officers and directors as a group, 306,896 shares.

close quote:
link to sec.edgar-online.com

So SHMNM and Kushner-Locke Company make out big time with ownership of US Search, a global database corporation, and Nicholas Rockefeller manages one of these as an "irrevokable trust."

This US Search is something that he and a handful of other globalists seem to highly value. We'll come back to that in a moment.

Is the Kushner-Locke Company somehow in the same global surveillance network? It's run out of Beverly Hills--where Matzorkis hails from as well--and is a corporation with 59 million dollars in stock. However, it owns some rather "slasher" violent low budget films in its collection.

Company Name Location Sales ($mil) Company Type
The Kushner-Locke Company Beverly Hills, CA, United States $59.6 Public (Pink Sheets: KLOC)

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Nicholas Rockefeller, with his one link remove from the Hale Bopp Comet Cult connection, is interested in some kind of deal making with this Kushner-Locke Company, as it owns such "B-classic" death cult/psyop/(MKULTRA programming?) films.

link to www.hoovers.com

Kushner-Locke Company:

Kushner-Locke has been hoping to get a lock on low budget television and film. The company owns 1,000-plus hours of original TV programming, including TV series, mini-series, and made-for-TV movies. Kushner-Locke's feature films are developed for cable, pay-TV, and theatrical markets. Its library includes approximately 250 titles, including Freeway; But I'm A Cheerleader; and The Last Time I Committed Suicide.

Struggling with debt, Kushner-Locke filed for Chapter 11 and has been operating under bankruptcy protection since 2001 [until "The Big (Hale) Bopper" Matzorkis comes along with Nicholas Rockefeller]. Kushner-Locke is in the process of reorganizing its operations and plans to exit bankruptcy in 2006.

--perhaps with a little help from the Rockefellers.

Another corporation besides US Search with Nicholas Rockefeller connections is Zabasearch


One Click Leads to 20 Years of Your Info
[and three companies all linked to "9-11 insider" Nicholas Rockefeller in doing it]

Thursday, July 28, 2005

CHICAGO — Ray Schabell recently logged on to a popular people-search Web site, and was surprised to learn just how much personal information about himself was available with a couple of mouse clicks. [He would additionally be surprised to find that it is linked back to the Rockefeller family.]

Schabell, an Arlington Heights, Ill., resident, discovered that the Web site, Zabasearch (search), had all sorts of personal information — including dates of birth, home addresses and home phone numbers, both listed and unlisted.

"It's incredible," said Schabell. "It's got one ... two ... three ... four ... five ... six different addresses that I've lived at over the last 20 years."


But the easy availability of this kind of information to the general public makes some [majority of the] people nervous.

"Put this information in the wrong [Rockefeller] hands and it could be disastrous," said Schabell. "A lot of us have a reasonable expectation of privacy, and we're not getting it."

Companies like Zabasearch are part of a multibillion-dollar online people-search industry. But the surprising part is that the public helped build these massive Internet databases of names and addresses, often without realizing it.

"You gave [personal information] to somebody," said ***Zabasearch founder Nicholas Matzorkis*** [a founder with Nicholas Rockefeller connections] "You put it out there in the public domain. It could be subscribing to a magazine ... applying or getting a credit card... possibly filling out a sweepstakes."

Zabasearch, which gets over two million hits per day, does not list social security numbers on their Web site [publicly, that is], and Matzorkis says that it's impossible to steal somebody's identity from the type of information available on Zabasearch.

[Suddenly once private information is attempting to be turned into "only by request" in the panopticon society. And even then Matzorkis says, with a nyah-nyah: "doesn't eliminate it from the records or the voluminous public record databases". So go ahead. Opt out. Do it. It will just go in your file you WANTED to opt out. Thanks.]

People can "opt out" of websites like Zabasearch, but detailed personal information can still be found on the Internet.

"By removing your name or record from [our private Rockefeller files at] Zabasearch doesn't eliminate it from the records or the voluminous public record databases," said Matzorkis, who [just takes the public records back once more from the databases, and combines them] compares the effort to block the flow of information online to trying to use your fingers to plug a crumbling dam. ["A crumbling dam?" He likes crumbling dams? Or is that a dam with Rockefeller dynamite placed near the base that is "sorry, going to explode anyway, we are going to let it happen."]

"We have run out of appendages," [?] said Matzorkis. "There is no stopping the dam." [or the panopticon blitzkrieg, he is saying, is his Rockefeller ordered policy.]

Click here to learn more about protecting yourself from identify theft. [and likely hear a little digital evil laugh of Matzorkis played over and over]

Some Internet companies do ask for permission before collecting personal information, a process called "opting in." Internet privacy groups have long lobbied congress to make "opting in" the law. [which it should be, the default should be privacy, instead of automatic panopticon.]

But the [corrupt] federal government has instead gone in the opposite direction [of automatic panopticon and the privatization of surveillance databases thus without all those nasty legal issues if "the government" wants to know something illegally, it just hires someone else to find out for them in a private organization that colates the organization outside of it. The U.S. is...]...going for an "opt out" approach that puts the responsibility for online personal information squarely onto the individual.

[even though Zabaseach says "just go ahead and try it?" "Opt out" is sort of like saying "I'm going to steal all the cars in your city at one go, if some of you want your cars back, you have the right to find me and ask me for them." The "opt out, sucker!" fascism ideology is additionally being used on simply starting up forced medical testing of the general public in synthetic blood, a human experiment conducted through hospitals on unsuspecting people without their required knowledge in some cities throughout the U.S. Of course they say "you have the right to opt out", though they don't actually inform anyone they have already claimed jurisdiction over your private blood for an experiment should you be in an accident. Interestingly, the Rockefeller family in the early 1920s, had already bought up the blood bank infrastructure of the United States, as well.]

Beth Givens, director of the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, a consumer advocacy group [so called], says that there isn't much that an individual can do about having their personal information on the Internet.

"It is just plain not possible to wipe your information off of these databases," said Givens. [Thanks--with consumer watchdogs like you being quoted for the 'other side of the story', there is nothing on the other side of the story particularly when it contradicts the fact that a law could be passed to make "opt in" the only policy, period, as said above. Obviously she's not promoting much consumer privacy, despite her title.]

She says that while the type of [Rockefeller] information companies like Zabasearch offer is not in and of itself that useful to an identity thief, what identity thieves often do is put together bits and pieces of information from several different sources.

[..."often do is put together bits and pieces of information from several different sources..."--you mean like Nicholas Rockefeller? Who is connected to several of these database corporations as well as microwave digital e-commerce pilot projects in China, through types of special multi-purpose cell phones? Could that be one of the issues as well in the U.S.'s recent completely illegal (from the anti-monopoly laws on the books) consolidation of the phone companies networks? Or of course their illegal contract breaking use and monitoring of all phone calls, everywhere? The cashless society network will be off illegally consolidated and illegally tapped microwave phone networks and the cell phones.]

Givens says that the final piece of information necessary to steal somebody's identity — a social security number — comes from public records at a local level, often from property tax files. [However, this contradicts that social security numbers are indeed on the web as well, thus available for Zabasearch, unlike what she said, since:]

"A lot of counties are putting their government records on the Internet these days," said Givens. "And many of them if not most them are doing it without thinking [or WITH THINKING AND MALICE] about just what it is they are revealing."

[She just sort of thinks a global fascist surveillance database of phone records, consumer records, and governmental information in private jurisdiction is just sort of being organized, by mistake, I guess?

She thinks that 100 monkeys in an office somewhere are randomly typing out corporate charters, and occasionally just by accident a plan for Zabaseach comes just out of the blue...?]

Ray Schabell says that he knows that his personal data has always been out there in the form of court records and other public records. But what he says disturbs him is that now anyone can collect that private information anonymously by computer.

"It just seems too simple to be able to gather all of that same information by clicking a mouse," said Schabell.



Nicholas Rockefeller Test Marketing China as the Consumer Panopticon


There's a triple global surveillance connection between Matzorkis and Nicholas Rockefeller--through US Search (mentioned in the Hopsicker article), through ("supposedly non-Rockefeller") Zabasearch, and through another pair up of Nicholas Rockefeller and Matzorkis in GlobalAgora.

Before we get into GlobalAgora, remember this is the same person Nick Matzorkis:

"After finding the bodies of 39 members of the Heaven's Gate cult on a balmy afternoon in Southern California, arrayed in neat rows and wearing brand new Nikes, Nick Matzorkis became instantly famous.


"In contrast, Beverly Hills computer businessman Nick Matzorkis [who "discovered" the cult's bodies], who employed about a dozen cult members to design World Wide Web sites, had the impression that they were not being coerced. His employee Richard Ford, or "Rio," is the former cultist who discovered the bodies," read a [dissembling] wire service account. "The one thing that's been made very clear to me in conversations with [his employee cult member] Rio is that anyone was free to leave at any time," Matzorkis said. [So Matzorkis is employing these "robotic" Hale Bopp cultists in his web businesses.]


Cultists deaths forgotten, Matzorkis went on to help raise $ 54 million in an Internet initial public stock offering for a heavily-advertised online venture called U.S. Search.com. Two years ago he founded a company in China with a partner with a slightly-more illustrious pedigree, Nicholas Rockefeller.--[the very person who is friends with Aaron Russo, who told Aaron 11 months before 9-11 some "event" would happen that would allow the Caspian oil pipeline and the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.]

The press release announcing their company said the principals were "Nicholas Matzorkis, who in 1994 founded US SEARCH, the number one people locator service in the world, and Nicholas Rockefeller Esq., a leading venture capital counselor.

And the other Matzorkis-Rockefeller global surveillance corporation, GlobalAgora, "is believed to be the first U.S. company to launch first in the People's Republic" Why launch a consumer wireless network in a one party police state? Because a bastion of a police state without any consumer rights or history of seeming rights to privacy (the Chinese supposedly don't even have a word for "personal space") seems to be serving the Rockefellers as culture for an experimental society model without pesky human rights issues, a state supremacy model that the U.S. "opt out only" model he desperately wants to emulate and export elsewhere without all those "pesky rights" people have around the world.

So the totalitarian Chinese help Nicholas Rockefeller perfect the bugs in the consumer panopticon, in a police state environment with Nicholas Rockefeller first.

Then he with his PROPRIETARY technology for it, and setting up right before 9-11 (as a "sales tool event"), exports the model to the world--and the U.S.

Says the Matzorkis-Rockefeller GlobalAgora website, about their proprietary "wireless cashless consumer panopticon" technology and vision of society:

"Global Agora China Inc. ("GAC"), a Hong Kong corporation, has developed and deployed (Opening Ceremonies July 28, 2001--mere months before 9-11 made their technology more "salable" in other countries) a proprietary "wireless retailing" technology platform. ("Platform").

This [private Rockefeller] platform currently enables China for wireless retailing, which allows consumers to use wireless Internet phones (WAP) to browse, pay, and take delivery of virtually everything available to Chinese retail consumers. The company's fulfillment partner, Wuhan Department Store Group, is the most profitable publicly-traded retail chain in China. Wuhan Department Store Group is under the aegis of the National Trade Union of China (the"NTU"), a retail industry group of 20 state-controlled department store chains with revenues in excess of RMB 40 billion ($5 billion US). A select number of VIP shoppers ("VIP") can presently order from over 40,000 items of merchandise using Internet (WAP) enabled phones. GAC wireless retailing is available to Wuhan Plaza's top VIP shoppers whom account for $80 million U.S. annually in retail sales. Next, the service will be made available to the VIP shopper base of the other NTU members' whom account for RMB 37 billion ($3.5 billion U.S.) annually in retail sales throughout all major markets in China. Ultimately, we will pursue deeper market penetration into the burgeoning general populace."

"Ultimately, we will pursue deeper market penetration into the burgeoning general populace."

And with an "opt out only" framework in place similarly, your transaction is public before it will ever be private, if ever.

The "if ever" is soon obviously their global fascist and totalitarian ideal where you can ONLY PURCHASE things on your Rockefeller phones, through such a WAP network.

"Reach out and spy on someone"

Remember that Nicholas Rockefeller "recently chaired a panel at the United Nations on e-Commerce" as well. He's thinking of making his proprietary global cashless society technology and his "Rockefeller phones" a U.N. mandate or something.

Then there is the useful "Igor" to the Dr. Frankenstein (Rockefeller) here, Mr. Matzorkis. Instead of running out in the dark night to get the brain for Dr. Frankenstein's creature, Matzorkis is running out in the daylight and building the global consumer database and cashless consumer panopticon technology simultaneously linked to Nicholas Rockefeller, creaing a self-filing purchasing technology connected to a wireless microwave phone network and your Rockefeller phone.

These are the two main tools for the Rockefeller Creature of the 21st century--the Rockefeller "proprietary" global cashless society technology platform, and the Rockefeller phones (the WAP).

This is a global private network of tyranny of his family in the making--over the world's consumer data and personal monitoring without an "opt out" in sight.

Matzorkis makes a good Igor: moving quickly from auto thief, to slightly hiding his Igor-hump (as Beverly Hills businessman running Hale Bopp MKULTRA cult programmed members), and then perhaps just another half step up where he has to hide his hump even more, being partnered in an international company with a scion of the Rockefeller clan. Is this just another heady (or humpy) American success story? Hopsicker writes on Matzorkis:

"To paraphrase Latin ballplayer Chico Esquella's famous line on Saturday Night Live:

"Heaven's Gate Been Berry Berry Good to Me."

There's no real way to ask the question politely: Are Matzorkis' connections with Nicholas Rockefeller coincidental to his earlier involvement with the Heaven's Gate Cult?"

GlobalAgora-China Team

Nicholas Matzorkis, Founder and CEO, is the visionary behind GlobalAgora.

Mr. Matzorkis conceptualizes, builds, and makes businesses work.

Mr. Matzorkis' skills encompass President/CEO management experience, world standard hands-on Internet technology expertise, and a notable track record of marketing strategy successes. Previously, Mr. Matzorkis founded US SEARCH which became the number one people locator service in the world, a 100 most-visited web site, and the top distributor of public record information on the Internet.

"...and the top distributor of public record information on the Internet."

US SEARCH had its IPO in 1999 and is traded on the NASDAQ exchange. Nicholas Rockefeller is **Chairman** of the Board of Advisors of Global Agora.

here's an interesting breezy NWO cashless society article for you about the Rockefeller phones:

U.S. Technology Company, GlobalAgora, Launches Wireless Retailing in China; Company Partners with World's Largest Shopping Mall to Launch World's First WAP Shopping Service


LOS ANGELES, Jul 26, 2001 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- GlobalAgora Inc., the California-based technology company, is partnering with the government-owned Wuhan Plaza in Hubei Province, to launch wireless retailing into China.

This is believed to be the first time that WAP retailing has been conducted in this manner anywhere in the world.

The new WAP service will officially launch on Saturday, July 28 at Wuhan Plaza, the world's largest shopping mall, which has an estimated 1 million visitors a day. Customers can buy any of the more than 40,000 items that the plaza offers, simply by punching the order number into the WAP phone keypad.

Whether shopping for a dozen eggs, or the latest in high fashion apparel, the items are delivered to a central location within two hours to be picked up at the customer's convenience. The new WAP service will be introduced to a select group of VIP customers and, soon thereafter, rolled-out to qualified customers who wish to apply for it.

GlobalAgora was founded in 2000 by Nicholas Matzorkis, who in 1994 founded US SEARCH, the number one people locator service in the world, and Nicholas Rockefeller Esq., a leading venture capital counselor. GlobalAgora is believed to be the first U.S. company to launch first in the People's Republic.

Said GlobalAgora CEO Matzorkis, who also developed the patent-pending WAP phone technology: "While its population, and estimated future cell phone penetration were a factor in choosing China as our launch market, big numbers alone are no guarantee of business success.

"What attracted us most was the impressive range of products available in Wuhan Plaza, and other malls across China, and the enthusiasm which the more affluent Chinese are embracing the latest in technology devices and services. While the fashion factor of WAP shopping scores high, so does its convenience appeal -- and we can deliver on both."

Additional functions designed to enhance the efficiency and fun of the WAP shopping experience will be introduced over the next few months, including custom delivery options, instant prizes, invitations to special in-store events, advance notice of featured items and the ability to bookmark products for purchase at a later date.

This opportunity for China-U.S. commercial cooperation in WAP technology was first envisioned by Faye Huang, executive director of the Pacific Rim Cultural Foundation, a non-profit organization which provides scholarships for China-U.S. student exchanges and annually presents an award to a prominent U.S. business, political, or cultural figure of Chinese descent.

"I saw this project as an achievable and rapid means of bringing China to a world leadership role in wireless communication," said Huang.

Wuhan Plaza WAP Shopping will be launched at an official reception hosted by Chairman Mao Sheng Dong, chairman of Wuhan Plaza, on Saturday, July 28. Both Rockefeller and Matzorkis will attend.

GlobalAgora is a privately held corporation with headquarters in Los Angeles. The company specializes in the development of WAP platform technology around the world. GlobalAgora-China is a division of GlobalAgora and is the first functioning WAP transactional platform in China.

Wuhan Plaza is the largest shopping mall in the world. It is part of the government-owned Wuhan Department Store Group, a publicly traded retail operation with headquarters in the city of Wuhan in Hubei Province, China.


And remember, Aaron Russo said from his elite experience:

"In my relationships with some of these people [like Nicholas Rockefeller] I can tell you that it's as evil as it really gets--this is it--this is the game," stated Russo--also relating how members of the elite were routinely obsessed by creating a world identification society where people had to carry ID cards and prove who they were at all times."

Look out for the Rockefeller phones.

They are already live in China from 2001, and 9-11 Insider Nicholas Rockefeller is talking to the U.N. about them.

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