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Sunday, 3 January 2010

Al Jazeera English Is Just another Fox Jews Channel

By Sameh Habeeb, The Palestine Telegraph Newspaper

Al Jazeera English broadcasted a news report yesterday, 27th December 2009, on the first anniversary of Gaza War. Ayman Mohye El Din, Al Jazeera reporter in the Gaza Strip who covered the last war and worked there over the past 2 years, prepared a news report from Gaza.

The report done by Mohye El Din focused on the Palestinian military factions and their ability to face the Israeli army a year after the War.

Shockingly, the report seemed to me to be very "FOX NEWS" in its style. Ayman put much emphasis on the Palestinian military group Hamas and its military wing, Ez Eldin Al Qasam brigades in terms of rockets made in Gaza.

The report showed some men manufacturing home-made rockets. It showed a factory-like space with some missile heads lying around the place while some turning machines operate. If one has no idea about what is going on in Palestine, from this report you might think we are a real state that has military bodies and establishments that could prepare an army for a war.

The report was lacking some aspects of professionalism to the point it could be considered misleading. This is due to the deliberate ignoring of facts that could clarify the ramifications and repercussions of these rockets. In addition, El Din didn't even refer to them as home-made but only as rockets. This will of course give people a mistaken impression about the nature and results of these rockets.

The report should have mentioned the outcomes of these rockets over the past 5 years, especially the last war. The reporter should have said that these rockets are ineffective by the military definition as they don't have destructive power. Israeli security services issued a report after the war saying that 4 Israelis killed since 2005 by thousands of these home-made rockets.

Sadly, the reporter failed to mention that from 2001 through to this moment, Qassam rockets have claimed the lives of 13 Israelis. In the past war in Gaza thousands of these "play" fire, so-called Qassam rockets, injured few people in Israel. While in Gaza, more than 1445 mostly civilian Palestinians were killed and 5000 injured by the deadly military attacks launched by Israel.

Meanwhile, only a few Israelis were killed, mostly 15 soldiers while few Israeli civilian, 3, killed by thousands of these s-called rockets.

The Qasam rocket is between 79 cm to 200 cm. long with a diameter between 6 cm to 7 cm. The explosives payload could be 500G to 7 Kilograms. Such small technicality should have been mentioned by the report. Otherwise, the audience will think these rockets are the same as the American weapons used in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Al jazeera should have said clearly that these rockets are useless and virtually meaningless. When Al Jazeera describes such rockets in every report as relentless, that is the kind of reporting that has brought death to thousands of Palestinians while it has achieved nothing on the political arena.

Although we can't be cynical about the professionalism of the reporter, we should be aware of the negative impact of such a one-sided report. It has unthinkingly portrayed the Palestinians as busy people who are well-experienced of manufacturing arms, while flagrantly failing to mention that Gazans are living under harsh siege where basics of life unavailable.

The report indeed gave the impression that Palestinians don't suffer from siege every day and night, while showing the factories of weapons operating 24 hours in every day. Besides, it emphasized and supported the false Israeli narrative published in the media that Palestinians massively smuggle weapons through Rafah tunnels.

Many Palestinians oppose these rockets as they are considered to be a pretext to Israeli army to keep on its attacks against Gaza.

Indeed such reports, can mainly be found on FOX NEWS, which all the time tries to depict Palestinian factions as organized army. It's the same FOX which always portrays Israel as a victim of the massive Palestinian rockets. This kind of reporting helps FOX a lot, and goes right along with serving the Israeli interest on the rocket issue. Israelis repeatedly use this issue in the media saying Palestinians used thousands of rockets against civilians. The Israelis never talk about the real effects and ramifications of these rockets and neither does Fox News and now Al Jazeera English.

Truly, it will not be difficult for expert and journalists to classify Al jazeera along with the rest of controlled Media. Al jazeera performance and staff is a new copy of CNN, FOX, BBC, and Sky News.

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