"The Jewish people as a whole will be its own Messiah. It will attain world domination by the dissolution of other races...and by the establishment of a world republic in which everywhere the Jews will exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this New World Order the Children of Israel...will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition..." (Karl Marx in a letter to Baruch Levy, quoted in Review de Paris, June 1, 1928, p. 574)

Thursday, 31 December 2009

Terrorists Create Terrorists

By Karl Schwarz, via rense

If you are paying attention to this Christmas Day wannabee bomber on the Northwest Airlines flight from Amsterdam to Detroit, make sure you really pay close attention. There is a lesson to be learned in this unraveling story.

The alleged ringleaders behind this person were formerly prisoners at GITMO! Damn, why am I not surprised?

Now, how does a PEACEFUL, CHRISTIAN NATION like the US make so many enemies?

By lying, by illegally detaining people for no just cause or reason, robbing them of years of their lives, torturing them, demeaning and defiling them, and then arrogantly pretend 'no harm, no foul' because of the wanton arrogance of the United States of America under current management. That is how.

I have stated it very clearly many times in the past five years, there is NO Global War on Terror. The Department of Homeland Security is protecting American thugs from the wrath of the American people. That GWOT fable is a DC lie to cover up their true agenda. The RNC was planning this crap back in 1994-1996 after they took the House and Senate from Clinton and I walked out on them. They were insane then and they are insane now with this constant pretense of bantering between the DNC and RNC as to 'who is best at defending America'.

Come to grips with it: The leadership of our nation is creating the terrorists. These are not just wars; they are wars of imperialism and wanton greed and initiated on lies.

By preaching human rights, while being the biggest violator nation of human rights on the face of this planet. That is how.

DC words make a mockery of verbal veracity.

By painting them as enemies when they are not and having brain-damaged mercenary cretins like Blackwater USA wrongfully kill them. That is how.

By fabricating wars with lies to attack other nations, just so some rich bastards could line their pockets with billions, hundreds of billions or trillions in ill-gotten oil gain. That is how.

It is completely fitting that they cannot and will not have what they coveted and lied about for the past 30 years. They have completely and totally perverted and prostituted US policy to line their pathetic sorry-assed pockets. Just about every nation on Earth has trumped these foaming at the mouth greedy bastards and they will continue to trump them at every turn.

By massacring hundreds of thousands, millions of innocents in Afghanistan and Iraq. That is how.

By being WAR CRIMINALS and lying every time they open their despicable mouths, just so they do not have to stand in front of a camera, jury or firing squad and ADMIT THE TRUTH of their evil deeds and how sleazy they are as a human being. That is how.

By aiding and abetting the slaughter of the Palestinians by the Zionist Jew thugs in Tel Aviv. That is how.

Are you aware that the Pentagon has a group of officers designated as "Off World Officers", as in, NOT PLANET EARTH military? As if these 3-brain cell idiot military planners think they have the right to project such hatred, hostility, aggression and arrogance beyond this planet?

Did you ever see the original version of 'The Day the Earth Stood Still'?

Klaatu when speaking just before he departed Earth and had just been revived from being shot dead by friendly Earthlings in America:

"I came here to give you the facts. It is no concern of ours how you run your own planet -- but if you threaten to extend your violence, this Earth of yours will be reduced to a burned-out cinder."

That is what is coming at Earth and there is not a damned thing we can do to stop it.

History is very clear on this subject: Cross God and you die.

If you do nothing else this holiday season, go watch the movie 'Avatar'. There is a very powerful message in that movie, so see it and pay very close attention. In these current times, this might be one of the most remarkable movies that Hollywood has ever dared to produce.

When you get that foul taste in your mouth that tastes like pig crap, remember well that what you are watching is the US military-industrial complex in action, waging a resource war against another world and beings, and its total wanton disregard for the lives and rights of others. Just as on Earth, they think they have the preemptive and absolute right to do anything to anyone and not be held accountable.

Just think of the inhabitants of Pandora as being Iraqi, or Afghani, or others that these idiots are already planning to attack, or assassinate.

Then, prepare yourself mentally and physically to go to the polls November 2010 and send all of these lying bunch of despicable, worthless lumps of pig shit out of office.

Then in 2012, get rid of this big talking, do nothing sack of pig shit named Barack Obama. He is an aberration in American history.

Wow, Barky wants a full report on his desk as to what went wrong and they failed to detect the wannabee bomber. Idiot, anyone can figure out what went wrong. The problem is AMERICA and these worthless things in Washington DC and what they have done to other humans.

There is no mystery, the sins of our lies and the sins of Gitmo will hit us back. It is called blowback, action, reaction.

Simple picture folks - the terrorists in DC are who has to fear the terrorists they created.

Predictions For 2010
By Karl Schwarz

In keeping with what is now a five-year tradition, I provide the following predictions for 2010.

Only those in hibernation, or oblivious to reality due to drugs, alcohol or SSRI drugs, or have fewer than 3 simultaneously functioning brain cells think that 2010 is going to be any better than 2009. There are multiple warning signs that 2010 will be far worse.

You see, the problem with 'accumulative effects' is they do just that, accumulate until the dam breaks, the pipe blows up, the roof caves in, the economy stumbles and falls flat on its face.

The Big Salary, Big Bonus financial fraudsters of Wall Street will have to come back to the public till in 2010 for more Ben Dollars. Our 'Man of the Year' will take on the aura of 'Dumbass of the Decade'. Of course, Prez Barky will be seen correctly for a change as a do-nothing talker with dog crap on his shoes.

Most reputable financial forecasters and economists are clearly signaling that 2010 is going to 'suck' worse than 2009 has already. In fact, the most profitable ways to trade now is in taking contrarian anti-dollar positions and getting away from the risks these morons in the Federal Reserve and DC have exposed all Americans to.

Americans will reject the notion of 'too big to fail' as they clearly watch the US fail.

California will probably have to declare it is bankrupt, but there are about 20 other states in the same condition. DC has bankrupted America chasing their pipeline dreams and oil wars based on their lies and manipulation of facts and truth.

One does not realize how truly weak the dollar is until they are outside of the US and have to bear the brunt of it. I recently converted some dollars to Euros and the USD was 34% less valuable than the Euro, or .66 to the Euro. That is very weak and will not get better any time soon thanks to Helicopter Ben printing trillions of unsecured dollars to bail out the Wall Street thugs, liars, crooks and criminals.

Many Americans will finally 'get it' that there is no such thing as a 'jobless recovery'. Structural unemployment will continue to increase in spite of the lies, manipulation and profiteering on Wall Street that appears to be robust growth. Hog-trough greed mentality and robust growth are not synonymous terms.

China will continue to grow and come to dominate much of the non-US world, especially Central Asia and Africa. Evil Dick Cheney will be talking about wars and more wars in Africa, but the chessboard is already decided on that continent and the US lost again. See Dick run, to Africa!

Both China and Russia are sitting back and letting America and the UK sink into the morass they alone made.

China recently announced a pipeline from Gwadar, Baluchistan Province Pakistan to China. They will get that built long before the US gets their TAP (Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline) from Turkmenistan to Gwadar Pakistan. The American leadership does not want too many Americans waking up and grasping that the coveted TAP pipeline was to have gone to Gwadar Pakistan but China now controls that port. You see, the US does not want to admit that China trumped them again and is about to do so yet again.

China recently announced that it is joining the IPI Pipeline (Iran - Pakistan - India Pipeline) and that negates any ability of the US to change the course of history unless they intend to take on war with China, maybe even Pakistan and India. Yes, they are that punch-drunk and stupid in DC.

The EU gets at least 25% of its energy needs from Russia. Austria gets 25% of its energy needs from Iran. That is why the US program of endless wars and endless lies is not selling well in Europe. Most people in the EU know that Bush and Blair promised much, delivered nothing but lies and mayhem and nation-killing levels of needless debt.

Russia just announced this week and opened an oil port terminal at Kozmino Siberia to direct huge amounts of oil to Asia.

MOSCOW (AFP) - Prime Minister Vladimir Putin launched Russia's long-awaited Siberian oil export route Monday, giving energy-hungry Asia a new supply source from the world's largest crude exporter seeking to diversify its client base away from Europe.

Earlier this year, Russian oil pipeline monopoly Transneft completed the construction of the first 2,694-kilometre (1,600-mile) section of the oil pipeline known by the acronym ESPO (Eastern Siberian Pacific Ocean) linking Taishet in eastern Siberia with Skovorodino in the Amur region.

Pens and contracts have completely defeated US lies and Shock & Awe. The entire US-UK plan of dominating world energy supplies through lies and resource wars has completely failed. Their lust, coveting and greed have also set the stage for the failure of America.

Many Americans will start to wake up to that reality in 2010 as the rest of the world moves on and the US continues to sink.

Many Americans will come to truly appreciate the phrases 'failure of leadership' and 'unfit to lead'. That is what is killing America.

I would be the first to find comfort if we had some chess masters in DC but the truth of the matter is they cannot play a 6-year-old in checkers without screwing it up. They cannot get Iraq or Afghanistan under control and already they are planning more resource wars to line just the right pockets.

Russia will continue to exert its inexorable dominance in oil and natural gas production, while DC continues to rack up debt and continue to sink. China will continue to control its energy destiny, regardless of what the City of London, Wall Street or DC think about that.

There might be another brief war in Georgia as Soros and the US pitch a temper tantrum about losing Ukraine back to Russia. It is assured that the US - Soros puppet Viktor Yuschenko is on his way out very soon as the leader of Ukraine. Last time I checked his approval ratings were below 3%. Their "Orange Revolution" has turned into a sack of pig crap.

The last Russia - Georgia hockey game was Russia 50, Georgia 0. The next one will be worse, on Georgia. This time Russia may slam the door shut on any US-UK pipelines coming across Georgia to the Black Sea.

Most Americans do not know that when Russia and Ukraine split, the latter was so poor that Russia has continued to pay the pensions to retired workers there since 1991. The US and Soros have offered nothing to replace that. It is also a fact that about 34% of those living in the Ukraine are in fact Russian citizens. The people in the Ukraine frankly do not care about the precious Soros "White Stream Pipeline" from Georgia through Ukraine to the EU, and frankly could not care less what Soros or the US want or think.

My 'stuff-detector' is telling me that Hillary Clinton is going to resign and put herself forth as the DNC Messiah for 2012. She is just as big a fraud as Barky, so don't fall for it. Barky has no plan; Hillary has less of a plan.

The Barky Messiah bailouts will start to come unraveled and some Americans will finally figure out that what they saw was a bank robbery, not a bailout in sight.

Helicopter Ben Bernanke's "Man of the Year" award will start to stink like three day old dead fish. Time magazine will probably not have the guts to do it, but MAD magazine will probably run the "Dumbass of the Decade" issue.

Barky's Nobel Peace Prize award will start to stink even more. I used to consider the Nobel prize as being important, but not since they awarded it to two con artists, Al Gore and Barack Obama.

Ah yes, Al Qaeda tried to blow up an Amsterdam to Detroit flight on Christmas Day and now there is all sorts of DC handwringing going on that the entire system has to be upgraded. Don't fall for it! It is yet more attempts by DC to control your life more and more each day.

There will probably be more acts of terrorism but not against Americans. It will be directed towards evil governments, their accomplices in London, and their Zionist thug buddies in Tel Aviv. I would hate to see that happen but terrorism is a strategy to affect change. True change is desperately needed in DC, London and Tel Aviv and people have had enough.

World opinion against the US, UK and Israel will continue to decline in 2010. Most people are watching the examples being set by Russia and China and heading in the same direction.

I predict that by the November elections Barky is going to look like he is wearing his balls as earrings. Come November 2010 he is going to be the same lame-assed lame duck Clinton was after the 1994 elections took the House and Senate away from him. We can all hope that this time Americans do not keep Barky around after 2012 and we get another 6 years of crap like we did from Clinton.

At least one sports reporter came out with the news that Tiger Woods had to have plastic surgery after Elin Nordegren used a 9-iron on his face and head. I predict she will take Tiger to the cleaners in the most expensive divorce in history. Many Americans are starting to figure out that there is something fundamentally wrong with the American idolatry culture we have allowed to happen and grow like cancer in our society.

Al Gore will continue to play the role of Climategate Snake Oil salesman, but more and more people across the globe will see him as the fraud he is as they freeze their butts off this winter. Even as Gordon Brown pontificates about the perils of Global Warming, the UK is bracing for up to a foot of snow and blizzard conditions over the New Year's holiday and the current temperature is -18 Celsius, or 0 F. That is pretty damned cold. The Tony Blair - Gordon Brown Fiasco Show is headed to defeat in the next elections, too.

Barky's Afghanistan Surge will be met with a counter surge and many US citizens will finally figure out that Afghanistan is all about a pipeline, has nothing to do with Al Qaeda or 9-11. That was just the excuse to start a war based on lies. Hell, according the MSM and the Talking Heads of DC, Al CIAduh Central is now in Yemen, not Afghanistan. That false information is yet another failed plan to stem the tide of China taking over Africa by being more diplomatic and businesslike than DC. You know what they say, money talks and DC bullshit walks.

Over 180,000 US troops and mercenary contractors in Afghanistan, while intelligence sources say there are less than 1,000 Al Qaeda at large in that nation. The US should send Elmer 'which way did they go?' Fudd and bring the troops home.

Home mortgages will continue to go into default, foreclosures will continue throughout 2010 and probably into 2011 and 2012. The US fraud that started this mess has yet to be revealed to its full extent. The illusory US stock market is being out performed by Asian markets, Brazil and other places.

Messiah Barky will see numbers as low as Bush, maybe lower, as Americans figure out they elected a big talking con artist that could not lead a Boy Scout troop.

The news on MSM will take on a very strange aura in 2010. Many Americans will not know if they are watching a lousy soap or a horror story unfolding. It will actually be both.

It is a good thing that many are flocking to see the new movie 'Avatar', and coming away with the clear notion that wars of imperialism even off this planet are not a good thing.

Congress may well be facing the biggest purge since 1994 in November, and that would be a good thing. Send most of them home to join the unemployment lines. Americans would be doing America a favor to get rid of pinheads like Nancy Pelosi, Reid, Boxer, Feinstein, et al. This midterm election year of 2010 is a great chance to flush the toilet in DC.

Barky Care, the bogus health care bill, will prove to be so tedious that it cannot be implemented. There will be a rush for breast implants since Barky, Reid and Pelosi really do stand for shallow and the American right to bigger boobs were provided for in this bogus health care overhaul.

I am glad everything I have is now in Euros and other things rather than the US dollar. I think 2010 is going to be a very rough year for the US and we all have one place to point the finger of blame, squarely at Washington DC.

Buckle up and stay alert. Your financial future depends on it.


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