"The Jewish people as a whole will be its own Messiah. It will attain world domination by the dissolution of other races...and by the establishment of a world republic in which everywhere the Jews will exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this New World Order the Children of Israel...will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition..." (Karl Marx in a letter to Baruch Levy, quoted in Review de Paris, June 1, 1928, p. 574)

Sunday, 19 August 2007

The words that make you free

The words that make you free

What if I told you that every danger you might worry about - poverty, drugs, crime, war, terror, the Devil himself - is possibly fake?

To clarify this, I need to explain a new concept to you, called protection fraud. Protection fraud happens when a criminal collects a fee for pretending to "protect" the victims from an evil which he in fact secretly creates. It’s the second oldest profession in the world. Running uninterrupted for the last 3400 years, protection fraud is a $16 trillion global industry today. The following chart shows its 12 biggest cycles:

Human history as a protection fraud: Major fraud cycles

"Authorities" claimed to protect from
While they created it by
Approx. Start, Length
Fraud Main Purpose
Fraud Cycle Fantasy Name
"The Evil"
1400 BC, 3300 years
"Organized Religion"
370 BC, 2200 years
"Military Defense"
1450 AD, 300 years
"Witch Hunts"
Replacing 1 kleptocrat with hundreds
1700 AD, 350 years
"Political Representation"
1800 AD, 200 years
"Law and Order"
Economic crash
1870 AD, 150 years
"Central banking"
1870 AD, 100 years
"Welfare state"
Communism & fascism
1916 AD, 75 years
"WW2, Cold War "
1970 AD, 40 years
"War On Drugs"
2001 AD, 5 years
"War On Terror"
Asteroids and Extraterrestrials
Climate disasters
Greenhouse gases and HAARP
"Disaster Response"

The chart, once fully grasped, leads to 4 significant conclusions.

1.) Every major cause the "authorities" tried, over the ages, to justify their rule with - God’s mandate to fight Evil, providing defense, upholding law and order, subsidizing the poor, etc. - is a fraud.

2.) Every fraud cycle is the same old fraud, with a new "evil" tacked on when the old evil doesn’t produce enough revenue anymore. Could such a fraud be just a "honest mistake"? Not 12 times in a row.

3.) The public uncovers each successive fraud cycle faster. From the initial 3300 years the "war on devil" was believed by a majority, to 5 years the majority saw through the "war on terror", a healthy percentage knows already that the authorities’ next claim will be a fraud too. Good going.

4.) An "authority" with a track record of continuous criminal racketeering of 6 billion and the premeditated murder of 200 million victims over a period of 3400 years has no legal, moral, or other standing whatsoever to rule, control or manage society; to determine right and wrong; or to enforce it.

To clear up the last remaining mystery, would you like to know where protection fraud originates from? Plato gives us a good testimony in his Republic. "There are quacks and diviners who peddle their wares to the rich and make them believe that these cheapjacks possess powers, procured from the Gods for healing any sin… They maintain that these rites … liberate us from the torments of the world beyond the grave". Et voila, mankind’s first recorded "protectors" and "liberators" from evil and torment which they themselves made up. The ancestors of every protection scam, of every organized religion, of every government, of every central bank in the world: a bunch of swindlers.

Authorities’ creation: "Evil"

Recent history is an awesome 3400-year true crime story with a cast of 6 billion of whom the "authorities" murdered 200 million in cold blood to uphold - a swindle, their protection fraud. Pass the word on: all the evils the "authorities" imply you would face without their existence tomorrow - poverty, crime, wars, terror, the Devil himself - are fake. The "authorities" create and sustain these, using our money. (Example? Our taxes now fund the Fed’s drug trafficking, which fuels 75% of all robberies, burglaries, etc… our tax dollars at work, literally growing crime). Okay, but how about all their good deeds, those welfare, retirement checks and subsidies paid to millions? - one might ask. The recipients are not paid by the government but by the productive economy whose two thirds of the contributions the government diverted to itself for the last 30 years. Yes, in plain English it stole most of the poor people’s money, not helped them. If there wasn’t a government to plunder them tomorrow, both the recipients could get more money and the economy would have to contribute less.

Now you understand: you owe no thanks, no allegiance, no support to any "authorities" whose every claim of helping you - like those of Plato’s "torment liberators’ - was a swindle. Can you say "No one is protecting me but me right now." and "I need no one to protect me but me" without getting upset? If you can, now you think like a free person. Sooner or later you’ll be able to live like one too. One of the fraud cycles to end soon is fiat money, which causes a collapse of the power structure and its enforcement gang every time. It imploded the Roman Empire (in spite of all their weapons and ruses), it imploded the Soviet Empire (ditto), and it will implode the current empire too (ditto). When this happens and a new productive economy emerges based on interest-free citizen-issued money (if people are smart), all you need to do is to keep anyone from imposing a new fraud cycle on you. You can handle this much. The main revolution took place half an hour ago already. It was in your head.

George Cordell



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