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Thursday, 16 August 2007

Made by the United States of Atrocities:USA

Warning!!! Do not Scroll down if you are weak. Horrifically graphic pictures of infants who have been exposed to depleted uranium (with your tax dollars and in your name).c....

AFGHANISTAN: Finland, NATO, U.S. and Depleted Uranium


August 14, 2007

(Picture: the Finnish War Flag)


On DU and Finnish troops abroad

Last month we reported that Finland has suffered its first UN casualty caused by depleted uranium (DU).

After some extra investigations we were able to deliver the "good news" (if you can use such an expression in this context), namely that the Finnish officer in question has received and is getting "best possible treatment".

In the last-mentioned wire we suggested that any Finnish UN soldier, and – somewhat generalizing – any Finn altogether suspecting of being possibly contaminated by the U.S.-Israeli use of depleted uranium should contact the the Finnish UN troops magazine "Sinibaretti" so to ask their advice how to find their way to the medical treatment facility pathfinded by the Finnish UN officer mentioned above (he having been intelligent enough to locate the treatment in the first place).

So, if you are a Finn having had a contact with U.S.-Israeli DU bombardment zone (such as Iraq, Afghanistan, and – possibly – Lebanon), do not hesitate to contact Sinibaretti (follow the link in the article above): should they hear you’re in a sort of trouble described here, we’re quite convinced that after checking your story (and its trustworthiness) the guys there will fetch their good old jungle drums ASAP and pass out the message quite confidentally and with no names mentioned.

After that we expect somebody – hearing of the familiar jungle mail of the Finnish UN reporters will in his turn air out a reply revealing the location of the first aid tent to them to the effect that you’ll reach it too (all this with absolutely no names mentioned, especially those yours and the UN officer in question, of course).

On NDHF position: reply to Gary's comments

Some time later a reader (calling himself Gary) commented our article asking "Is this a big secret? Why all the veiled hush hush?" to which we'd like to answer here:

While we apologize this 'stealth mode’ approach to the issue, we trust you understand our position after these explanations:

1. We’re adamant in never ever in this world (or any other) letting the name (or any details) of the Finnish UN soldier in question to anybody, not in our reporting, not in phone, not in conversation, nor email. There is a thing called "kunniasana" (in English "the word of honour") which is one of the most sacred things to the Finnish and we’ll jolly well stick to that till we kick the bucket.

2. Our reporters and editors are well aware that there is all sorts of stuff posted in the internet (some of it spread by loonies, liars or those only capable of taking care of their own ass) so we had to report the issue in such a manner that
(a) no Finnish wounded is left ("haavoittuneita ei jätetä")
(b) the readers will be able to determine whether the medical treatment we suggest is credible or not
(c) our crew – nor any other involved – doesn’t need to pass any names (this is not some fucking "human interest" story)
(d) the Finns anywhere in the world will get the info and thus will be able to reach the medical treatment currently available.

3. To reach these goals we muscled the gray stuff until we reached the results you’re now aware of: by googling the supposed key words of the DU problem (such as Finland, depleted uranium, UN etc.) you’ll easily confirm that – thank you Uruknet ;) – you’ll find our wires topping the search (though someone has installed a filter to our uruknet version so that it won't appear in Google, we got some help e.g. here so that the Finns will get the news of the treatment despite the hostile implanteurs of the filter.

4. Applying this method we haven’t mentioned any names – and neither will Sinibaretti – (point c), the reality of the treatment channel is secured by Sinibaretti (point b) and – what the most important – due to Uruknet’s google coverage any Finn in anywhere in the world (point d) will reach the medical treatment following the instructions we just gave (point a).

5. In short, we’re just errand boys with no authorization whatsoever to provide any more information on the issue, and absolutely intending to stay so.

Now that the most basic requirement of any military enterprise (such as that of Finnish NATO - read: U.S. terror war - membership plotted by the Finnish MoFA here), a medical treatment facility for the casualties has been secured (however preliminary, unofficial and unspecified that might be), let us go down to the business.

DU and Babies, Children

The unfortunate truth is that the first Finnish DU casualty is just a part of the problem, which is best illuminated by the following photos taken of Iraqi children (mostly from the southern part of Iraq, hit by U.S. DU at the same time our Finnish UN casualty).

Though we’ve noticed that most people simply refuse to have a close (or any) look of the pictures, often suggesting something like "couldn’t we discuss on something else", we strongly urge the Finns - and all the others as well - not to do that, but take your time with each picture for the reasons to be explained right after the photos of Iraqi and Afghan babies:

Basically, now you know the same as we do so that we can have a little chat: What comes to the effects of the DU there are many sorts of opinions ranging all the way from Pentagon’s complete denial to those with the opinion that the U.S. has already released enough DU to wipe off the entire mankind and the most of other organic stuff besides).

Not scientifically qualified nuclear+medical physicists ourselves we’re unfortunately unable to provide you an accurate statement on how harmful DU exactly is.

Instead, we can tell you something more: never ever in the history of the mankind (except perhaps after Hiroshima and Nagasaki) there have been documents as horrible and as devastating than the photos reproduced above. There is no 'paradigm’ or model according to which the photos above could have been forged, resulting in the simple understanding that no matter how pro or against (or beyond) the harmfulness of DU we might be, the truth is that the DU is exactly as harmful as directly shown by the harm done by it to the children in the pictures.

DU and women

What all the women in the world should know is that once your husband (or you, should that be the situation in your home) have been contaminated by DU this causes DNA changes which may ultimately result in your offspring being deformed not unlike the babies in the pictures above.

To ensure you that this is actually so, here is a couple of pictures of American DU positive GIs with childreb having inherited the DU-mutated DNA of the father:

With this we do not want to say that having handicapped children would be a 'bad’ thing as such: on the contrary it is well known in all the cultures able to support and raise handicapped children that the parents tell that what happened was actually a gift in the sense that the experience opened a new world of accepting, understanding and learning things that would have never fitted to their view of the world.

However, many DU positive ex-soldiers (and their spouses) do make the decision of not getting children, which – in our opinion – is equally understandable. Should there be a verified DU positivity (which is easy to determine by the presence of the isotope U-236 not appearing naturally) it must be one of the most difficult decisions ever to be faced by parents.

DU in Iraq, Afghanistan

The ultimate concern of our staff is not so much the U.S. (or through UN and NATO and alike) and the western troops, but rather the people in the Middle-East in general: in the following picture is the immediate target area of depleted uranium in the U.S. wars in Afghanistan, Iraq:

For those thinking that DU has used only limitedly, we recommend you to think again: some years ago the U.S. Navy visited Finland and one of our informants had a chat with the U.S. sailors, who boasted that every single gun in the ship was loaded with DU rounds, which actually come in all sizes and calibres as shown by the items in the following picture:

In other words, where's the U.S. there's DU. So should Mr Kanerva (and the Kokoomus party U.S. war industry stockowners) actually succeed in taking Finland to NATO (a.k.a. Afghanistan war) it is the Finnish people, men, women and their children who'll pay the price, the price being as shown by the pictures above.

Post Scriptum

We would like to thank Gary questioning our news delivery.

Reading his points we have tried to explain our position in the DU issue as clearly as we could. To this we’ve nothing more to add except that in order to follow the Finnish line of thought (or "culture") non-Finns may find the following general observations of our people helpful:

1. As stated in our first wire, we’re not only protecting our sources, but also the Finnish military, which is one of the most decent, if not outright the most decent in the world. Based on our experiences on both the Finnish outfit is almost the exact opposite of the U.S. Expeditionary Force in all the respect: what may strike an outsider as a secrecy is nothing else but that in Finland you just do not go around holocausting, murdering, invalidizing, refugeeing, raping, bribing people – and walk out of the phony militaty court with your crimes pooh-poohed away.

2. On the contrary, in the Finnish Army a commander-in-chief in any theatre of operations ultimately has the responsibility of EVERYTHING, even of incidents obviously not his/her fault. One issue belonging to this category happens to be the idiotic strategy of U.S. idiots in Washington to nuke everyone, for which our officers would have to take blame should any details leak. So our crew cannot pass any details in any circumstances whatsoever, and rather do our time in the local cage, slam, big house, if offered an invitation you cannot turn down.

3. Should anybody suspect that the Finnish outfit really is as nice as we claim, we’d like to point out the following story: nowadays "Afghanistan" (with 100 Finnish UN troops there), and especially all the administration is synonymous with corruption. What comes to bribery, it is particularily disliked by the Finns to the effect that our country has been topping the least corrupted country in the world five years straight. The absurd depth of Afghan corruption is neatly illuminated by the fact it is just the non-corrupted Finns that are taking up charges against other Finns involved in corruption on regular basis, just recently here.

4. To our knowledge, nobody’s offered a satisfying explanation to the phenomena, but one of the idiosyncrasies of our people is that Finns does not leave their casualties, not wounded nor dead. The highest manifestation of this primal (or "hypotalamic") instinct is visible in the actions of the Finnish WWII veterans, who to the recent days, well over 60 years after the war still visit the combat zones (now in the Russian soil) in order to recover the bodies of their brothers-in-arms and bury them properly here in Finland.

This is why the Finns have already found preliminary DU medical treatment and this is why our crew has chosen to come out with the information so to secure a channel to medical treatment.

Source: http://theunitedstatesofmonsters.blogspot.com/2007/08/afghanistan-finland-nato-u_15.html



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