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Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Hollywood's Latest Movie Portrays Diana As A Clown

Zionists Say She Was A Gold Digger

A Wicked Woman

Hollywood's Latest Take On Diana

In the movie 'Diana, the last days of a Princess' we find out she was a shallow gold-digger with a potty mouth.

Young Diana

She was portrayed as a airhead, who enticed Charles.

Prince Charles

He is painted as naive, trying to do what's good for Britain, and sacrificing himself to the scamp Diana.

Her First Years With Charles

Her interests lay in clothes, parties, prestige, and her social standing.

The Queen

Queen Elizabeth found Diana a boring, disrespectful lout.

James Hewitt

Diana is painted as a lust filled woman. Polo players, the social set, even her doctors were rumored to have bedded her. Hewitt is said to be Prince Harry's father.

Mohammed Al Fayed

Zionists show him as bumbling, sweaty, and greedy social climber, one step away from the Bazaar. Diana was his ticket to legitimacy.

Dodi Al Fayed

Dodi was painted as an oily Arab, who failed at everything, was kept on an allowance. His father made it plain that if he failed with Diana, he would be disowned.

Diana Was A Voyageur

There were scenes where she would kiss, and expose herself for the press.

Her Lust

She was so reckless that she became pregnant.

A Princess With No Class

She swore quite a bit, and loved the lavatory talk. Some scenes had her discussing her sex life with her girlfriends. Her comments about 'peeing', and the luv were distasteful.

Her Crash

It was Dodi's fault. He made the poor driver speed to impress her. She didn't deserve to die, but according to Hollywood, there is no great loss there.

Zionists Have A Real Distaste For Her

Anyone that watch the movie would have seen Diana as a spoiled, greedy, and pompous tramp. In reality she was a sweet young girl who married into royal misfits. She was a female John Kennedy Jr., and she was assassinated.

No doubt her humanitarian views on Palestine, Lebanon's land mines, and Zionist rape of Africa, didn't sit well with the Chosen ones. It seems that Diana was a tramp, Lindbergh was a Nazi, and JFK Jr was a reckless clown.

Turn up the volume

Did The Mossad Kill Princess Diana?

What Would She Allow?

Under no circumstances would the Queen allow some 'Oily' Arab to be father to Prince Harry, and Prince William. It's believed that Diana was pregnant, and the future kings would have a Muslim brother

'I WILL see Charles and Philip in court' - al Fayed

The 'Oily Arab'

A billionaire's son, schooled at Le Rosey school in Switzerland, and Sandhurst. He had homes in New York, London, Paris, Los Angeles and Switzerland. He came to Hollywood and produced Chariots Of Fire, Garp, Hook and other films.

He was a London nightclub playboy, a lover of fast cars and beautiful women.

Arranged The Diana-Dodi Affair.

Mohammed Al-Fayed, the son of a schoolteacher, who struck it rich in the oil business before moving to Britain, in the early 1970s. He bought Harrods, and pushed his way into England's social set.

He wasn't even granted citizenship.

Al Fayed in astonishing bid to force Queen to give evidence at Diana inquest

The Accident

An off duty Harrah employee, Henri Paul, slams into a tunnel abutment doing 110 MPH.

The Driver

Connections were found between Henri Paul and the Mossad. The cover story is: 'We used him to spy on Diana and Dodi'

The story told is:~ That night, Dodi told his personal chauffeur, Philippe Dourneau, to go to his apartment, and he would use Henri Paul.

Many speculated that Paul had a terminal disease, and received an enormous sum for the accident.

Parents of Diana driver 'were told he wasn't drunk'

Dodi Fayed's Bodyguard

A total incompetent, who let the 'Mystery Man' Henri Paul race through Paris at speeds up to 110 mph.. Dodi's father, Al Fayed, accused him of disloyalty, and knowledge of events.

His silence was rewarded with a million dollar book deal from a Jewish publisher.

The Mysterious Witnesses

A Jewish American couple, and a mystery doctor are immediately on the scene. As usual.

So What Happened?

The Mossad used Henri Paul to drive the car into the pillar. Diana, Dodi, and Rees Jones had probably been drugged with valium at the hotel, by a sayanim, or that car wouldn't have been doing 110 mph. Diana conveniently died of a heart attack, which was blamed on internal bleeding.

World Jewry wasn't about to let a Muslim into Buckingham Palace. They had a whole scheme of events planned from 9/11, the Iraq war, the coming Syria and Iran invasions. Diana would have been too strong a voice.

The Latest 'How Diana Was Assassinated' Theory

Diana Death: Another Cover-up

The Fact These Theories Get Pushed Is Telling You Something

When you assassinate the most adored women in the world, you had better cover your tracks. Planting a thousand leads, that go nowhere, and take you in circles, is an old Zionist trick. The latest theory below is an example.

Where There Is Smoke There Is Fire

The simple fact is that when there an organized drive to make an event look like a conspiracy, there is usually something there.

  • JFK ... The Magic bullet, Castro's assassins, the CIA, Lyndon Johnson, etc
  • 9/11 .... Explosives, Fl 93 shot down, passengers held at Area 53, etc
  • Diana...The Queen did it, Charles planned it, MI-5 killed her, etc

Diana's White Fiat Uno

The mysterious car the couple from New York saw. The theory was the assassin hit her right rear bumper, that caused her Mercedes to hit the pillar.


The Latest Theory Du Jour

It is now claimed the white Fiat belonged to James Andanson, and the fiat was found a burning hulk, with the executed Anedanson inside.

A Logical Explanation

She was The Princess of Wales, and no professional bodyguard was going to let some clown driver do 110 mph with her in the car. There was no mystery Uno Fiat, or any outside event.

Start with motive. .....The international Zionists didn't want her marrying some Muslim, especially as they launched wars in Iraq, and Lebanon, Iran, and onto World Domination.

On to the means..... Zionists have been assassinating their enemies for thousands of years. They have a black bag of poisons, car bombs, blackmail, pre-planned psychos, etc.

Finally the opportunity.... Andre Paul, the limo driver, was the only one that could have done it. The Mossad paid him to drive into that tunnel embankment.

There Is A Simple Theory Behind Potraying Events As Conspiracies

It is pretty evident that some wacko didn't get off three head shots at 1000 yds, so there had to be multiple shooters, professional assassins.

Throwing a five hundred pounds of gibberish conspiracy theories is a distraction, and usually means it was a conspiracy.

Diana Was Assassinated

It's not that complicated. Anna Lindh got a Mossad psycho, Jorge Moeelmann had a parachute switch, Rafik Hariri got a car bomb. Start by assuming Diana was assassinated, and figuring how the car hit the pole. There are two options, one being the car was rigged, or two, the driver was the assassin.

When you kill the People's Princess, or America's Prince(JFK), you better not get caught.

Princess Diana and Dodi al-Fayed - Will Mossad finally hand over its secret files on Diana's death?

Dame Elizabeth Butler-Sloss, the retired High Court judge appointed to preside over the inquest in the New Year of Princess Diana and Dodi al-Fayed, faces a vital question. How can she persuade Mossad to hand over its own files on the deaths?

The 200-pages of reports could cast a new light on the 1,500 witness statements and 10,000 pages of documents the Stevens inquiry has gathered in the most expensive investigation conducted by Scotland Yard into any death.

Princess Diana Death: Ex-spy Is Gagged

Investigator Approaches Mossad

Lord Stevens has sent his ten experienced detectives on a worldwide investigation to collect evidence. But Mossad has firmly refused to give them access to their files.

Ari Ben-Menashe, a former Israeli government national security adviser, who claims he has seen the files said: "They explain many things about the intelligence presence around Diana. They reinforce her own claims she was the subject of intense scrutiny by Britain's security services, the CIA and French intelligence. The American National Security Agency, NSA, was also involved with satellite surveillance on her".

Lord Stevens has interviewed John Scarlett, head of MI6, and Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller, director of MI5, and obtained their files which go some way to confirm Ben-Menashe's claim. NSA has also admitted it possesses some 1,050 satellite transcripts of Diana and Dodi made in the weeks before their deaths. The agency has reportedly refused to make the documents available on the grounds that "national security is involved".

Mossad was not interested in the relationship between Diana and Dodi. Their sole concern was to recruit Henri Paul, the assistant head of security at the Ritz Hotel in Paris from where he drove the couple to their deaths nine years ago last month.

The story of how Mossad set about recruiting Henri Paul began on June 29, 1997, exactly two months before Diana and Dodi died.

That afternoon a middle-aged man arrived in a Paris apartment near the Pompidou Centre in the lively 4th Arrondissement in Paris. The apartment was a Mossad safe house in the city.

His Swiss passport identified him as "Maurice Rubenstein", born in Geneva. He described himself as a "financial consultant". The details had been created by the Mossad department specialising in devising cover for its agents. Maurice was a specialist in recruiting informers.

He had come to Paris to recruit Henri Paul. To do so he was prepared to use a mixture of financial inducements, threats and blackmail.

Before coming to Paris, Maurice had spent weeks studying Mossad's file on Henri Paul. It had been opened after Jonathan Aitken, a former Conservative government minister in charge of arms sales, had built up a raft of contacts with Middle East arms dealers. Granada Television had published a damaging report on Aitken's activities. He has sued for libel. The case hinged on who had paid Aitken's hotel account when he stayed at the Ritz to meet some of his Arab contacts. In court, Aitken had sworn on oath that his wife had settled the account.

Through a third-party, Mossad had tipped-off investigators acting for the defendants that Mrs Aitken had not been in Paris. The case had collapsed. Mossad, who had long regarded Aitken's activities as a threat to Israel, had effectively destroyed him.

But Mossad needed an informer in the Ritz who would be able to report on the activities of the arms dealers. Henri Paul's responsibility for security made every area of the Ritz open to him. "There would be no questions asked if he wanted a copy of a person's hotel bill, no raised eyebrows if he asked to see the hotel's telephone log to obtain details of calls made by arms dealers and their contacts", said Ari Ben-Menashe.

"As chauffeur to VIPs, Paul would be in a good position to overhear their conversations, witness their behaviour, see where they went, whom they met", he added.

Henri Paul was a bachelor in no permanent relationship, but liked fast cars and had learned to fly. All expensive tastes outside his 31,000 euro salary.

A Mossad psychologist had concluded there was an "inherent vulnerability" about Henri Paul. The psychologist recommended that steadily increasing pressure, linked with the promise of substantial monetary reward to finance Paul's social life, could be the best way to recruit him.

Maurice had observed the relationship Paul had with the paparazzi. In return for cash, he provided details of the movements of celebrity guests.

The exchange of information for cash took place either in one of the bars or in the narrow Rue Cambon, where the Ritz staff entrance was situated. The meetings were secretly photographed by another Mossad agent who had joined Maurice.

By mid-August, 1997, paparazzi interest focused on the expected arrival at the Ritz of Diana and Dodi al-Fayed. They would stay in the hotel's fabled Imperial Suite.

Henri Paul continued to provide details of the forthcoming visit to several paparazzi. He received further sums of money.

Maurice decided the time had come to make his move.

The first contact was in Harry's Bar in the Rue Daunou. The Mossad agent struck up a conversation with Henri Paul. They arranged to meet in a few days over dinner. During the meal Paul spoke of his passion for fast cars and piloting a small aircraft. But it was difficult to enjoy those pleasures on his salary.

What followed then developed a rhythm of its own: Maurice laying down the bait and Henri Paul all too eager to take it. The hook in place, Maurice began to reel in the line.

"Maurice would have planted the idea he might be able to help, perhaps mentioning he worked for a company that was looking for ways to update its database and would pay good money to those who could help do so. This was a favourite opening gambit for Mossad recruiters on a cold-approach operation. From there, it would be a small step to tell Paul that many of the Ritz guests no doubt possessed the kind of information that would interest the company", Ari Ben-Menashe later claimed.

Another Mossad officer told the Sunday Express last week: "Henri Paul would have been on the hook".

He agreed Maurice's "undoubted skills would have the essential undertow of pressure on Paul. At some stage he would have let Paul know that Mossad had evidence of Paul taking money from the paparazzi. What Maurice would have offered was the opportunity to bolster that income".

Meantime Mossad had established the presence of MI6 and CIA agents in Paris waiting for Diana and Dodi to arrive.

"The Mossad files reveal those agents had been tracking Diana for some weeks. Their interest was to see Diana's next moves in her campaign to have landmines banned. There was huge opposition to her campaign in the United States, Britain and elsewhere", said Ari Ben- Menashe.

As the days drew closer to the arrival of Diana and Dodi in Paris, the pressure on Henri Paul increased to bug the Ritz for Mossad and provide details of the guests.

"Paul knew he could well end up in prison if he was found spying on the hotel's guests. Yet, if he went to the police what could they do? If he turned down the Mossad proposition, what then? If the hotel management learned he had already betrayed that most precious of all assets the Ritz offered - confidentiality - by informing the paparazzi, he could be fired, even prosecuted", suggested an intelligence source.

Henri Paul had been put in charge of Diana and Dodi's security while they were in the hotel, with particular responsibility for keeping away the paparazzi. At the same time photographers were calling him on his cell phone for information about the visit and offering large sums of money to provide details. The temptation to accept was another pressure. Everywhere he turned, there seemed to be pressure.

Though he managed to conceal it, Henri Paul was unravelling mentally. His combination of drugs could only have furthered the strain on his ability to make reasoned judgments.

On the night before Henri Paul drove Diana and Dodi to their deaths, Maurice had what turned out to be his final meeting with Henri Paul.

He threatened to expose the Ritz security man's contacts with Mossad to the service's own informers in the Arab world - a virtual guarantee Henri Paul would be killed.

It was not the first time Mossad had used the ultimate sanction against someone who refused to cooperate.

The two men parted, leaving Henri Paul in no condition to drive his Mini - let alone the Ritz's powerful Mercedes.

"You could say he was a dead man walking", said a Mossad source.

In Maurice's apartment near the Pompidou Centre, the agent was awoken by a telephone call on Sunday, August 31, 1997. The caller worked in the Paris gendarmerie accident unit and had been recruited by Mossad.

He said Henri Paul's Mercedes sedan had struck a reinforced concrete pillar on the westbound roadway of the underpass beneath the place de l'Alma, a notorious accident spot in the city.

The dead were Diana, Dodi al-Fayed and Henri Paul. The couple's bodyguard had been critically injured.

Hours after the accident, Maurice flew back to Tel Aviv, leaving in his wake questions that would remain unanswered.

Had Henri Paul lost control of the Mercedes because he could see no way of extricating himself from the clutches of Mossad? Was that pressure linked to the high level of prescribed drugs found in his bloodstream? When he had left the Ritz with his three passengers, had his mind continued to vacillate over what he should do about the pressure? Was he not only responsible for a terrible road accident, but also the victim of a ruthless intelligence operation?

It is those vital questions that Dame Elizabeth Butler-Sloss will have to address if there is to be a real closure to the story when her inquest finally opens next January.

Gordon Thomas is the author of Gideon's Spies: The Secret History of the Mossad.He specialises in international intelligence matters.

Police 'tried to rig' evidence

The Princess Diane Assassination

A crucial witness in the Princess Diana probe has claimed that investigators pressured him to alter evidence in a bid to rig the inquiry’s findings.

The disturbing allegations were made by Alberto Repossi, a Monte Carlo jeweler.

Jeweler To Europe's Royalty

Mr Repossi, a Monte Carlo jeweler, revealed how he came under pressure to change the story of his part in the tragedy during lengthy interviews with officers from the £4million Operation Paget inquiry.

Diana and Dodi’s engagement in the weeks leading up to their deaths in a car crash in Paris on August 31, 1997, sparked the enduring theory that the Princess was murdered by the Mossad to prevent her marrying a Muslim.

A Muslim Would Never Be Allowed In The Royal Family

The disturbing allegations by Alberto Repossi, a central figure in the final weeks of Diana and her lover Dodi Fayed, strengthen fears of an Establishment cover-up to prevent the truth behind the deaths being made public.

Dodi Bought A Ring

Mr Repossi testified that the couple did buy a ring. He had receipts and CCTV from his upmarket showroom in Monaco, confirms the couple picked out a £230,000 emerald and diamond band engagement ring.

Lord Stevens Investigators Wants Testimony Changed

Mr Repossi detailed underhand attempts by investigators to force him to alter his evidence, claiming officers used thinly-veiled threats that he was risking his reputation and adverse press coverage by continuing to stick to the engagement story.

The Body Guard And His Book Deal

Trevor Rees-Jones, the only survivor of the crash, who cashed in on the controversy by publishing a book in 2000 roundly rejecting the assertion that Dodi had bought an engagement ring in Monte Carlo.

Dame's decision to stand down...

Britain's Police Chief at centre of 'cover-up'

Sources: Judicial and others



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I agree that this was clearly an assasination. However, why would the driver take bribes for his own death? That doesn't make sense. The disorienting light flash in the tunnel theory is alot more compelling in my mind.

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