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Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Yossi Olmert Linked To Internet Drug Company

Israeli Prime minister's Brother Yossi Olmert Linked To Internet Drug Company

Israeli company involved in illegal online pharmacy case

You Can Start These Businesses For $10,000

Eager Entrepreneurs

Online Pill Mills Busted

An Internet pharmacy racketeering case that raked in $126 million in illicit prescription drug sales included three North Texas men who operated Web sites, prosecutors say.

A federal judge in Dallas released the three men on bail Friday following their arrest Wednesday.

All Trails Led To Tel Aviv

AffPower, a Costa Rica-based company, allegedly headquartered in Tel Aviv, took more than 1 million orders for legal pharmaceuticals such as diet and birth-control pills, Prozac and Viagra in 18 months.

A network of affiliated Web sites received a cut of fees in return for each order forwarded to AffPower, prosecutors allege.

Doctor Abraham Feelgood

Doctors, who were paid $3 for each order reviewed, approved hundreds of orders a day, the indictment says. The prescriptions were then filled through licensed online and brick-and-mortar pharmacies, which received between $5 and $13 for each order.

The Brother Of Israel's Prime Minister

Olmert worked with RX Payments Ltd of Tel-Aviv, to process credit card transactions, According to sources close to the family, Yossi Olmert amassed huge debts in unsuccessful business ventures and fled Israel.

Yossi Olmert reportedly left for the United States after creditors, to whom he owed nearly $1 million, threatened his life. It is still unclear how long he intends to stay in the United States and he will reportedly lecture on Middle Eastern studies while he is there in order to recruit funds.

Zionists Love The Internet

Their porn, mail order brides, pill schemes, have made them wealthy. The nice part is they can start a charity "Vietnam Veterans of Agent Orange", or a hundred others, they can run it through VISA or MasterCard, put their companies in Aruba, their servers in Costa Rica, and sit in Tel Aviv.

Some Israeli doctor writes the script, and a Fed-Ex shipment leaves Aruba for Atlanta. Back in the real world 30,000 Americans are maimed, and 3,633 are dead in Iraq for this garbage.



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