"The Jewish people as a whole will be its own Messiah. It will attain world domination by the dissolution of other races...and by the establishment of a world republic in which everywhere the Jews will exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this New World Order the Children of Israel...will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition..." (Karl Marx in a letter to Baruch Levy, quoted in Review de Paris, June 1, 1928, p. 574)

Sunday, 6 May 2007


For President George W. Bush

Whereas President George W. Bush has lied to the American people and the Members and Senators of the United States Congress, and whereas President Bush has violated the Articles and Amendments of the United States Constitution as set forth below, and whereas he has deliberately failed to observe his Oath of Office relative to said Constitution wherein he promised to Preserve, Protect and Uphold it, it is established that for the successful and continuing exercise of government for the Republic of the United States of America, that President George W. Bush be impeached.
To wit:

I. Violation of Fourth Amendment Prohibition Against Illegal Search and Seizure

a) Letter from legal scholars [2/9/06] written in response to the Justice Department's 12/22/05 letter to House majority and minority leaders and the Senate Intelligence Committee concerning illegal National Security Agency searches and domestic spying offered that: " [no] plausible legal authority for such [NSA] surveillance" [exists].

b) President George W. Bush personally obstructed justice by denying security clearances to Justice Department attorneys after Attorney General Alberto Gonzales learned and advised President Bush that he, Gonzales, was also under investigation in the Justice Department probe involving the legality of administrative and ancillary procedures relative to the illegal NSA spying program crafted by Gonzales while serving as presidential advisor.

c) Both President Bush and Attorney General Gonzales obstructed justice by legally posturing themselves in both creating an illegal law and then reviewing same after the fact, the latter also an aspect of the DOJ probe obstructed by President Bush. The DOJ probe was initiated by a letter from Congressman Maurice Hinchey [D-NY] dated January 9, 2006 and sent to H. Marshall Jarrett, head of the DOJ's Office of Professional Responsibility. When Jarrett was queried by Representative Hinchey as to why security clearances cited in (b) above were denied, government documents and records indicate and prove President Bush was not only directly involved, but directed that his involvement not be communicated to Congress or Representative Hinchey. After the Bush administration attempted cover-up, Attorney General Gonzales has since admitted the President Bush was directly involved in obstruction, this given in testimony as well by Attorney General Gonzales, which is now in the Congressional Record.

d) President Bush and Attorney General Gonzales' NSA spy program violates FISA requirements, which require application to the FISA Court and a 72 hour search warrant follow-up. A written order, authorized and signed by President Bush, is in existence and will serve as evidence. This order, proving FISA violation, is irrevocable evidence proving President Bush is guilty of a felony.

II. Violation of United States Constitution, Article II, Section 3: State of the Union


"All that has to be shown to justify impeaching the president is that he lied." ­ Legal Expert Jonathan Turley on FoxNews commenting on Clinton impeachment

Giving the people and its Congress the true state of the Union is a constitutional requirement, not a press conference. President Bush had been advised by his own CIA that:

1. Saddam Hussein and Iraq had nothing to do with the events of 9/11/01; this face-to-face notification [Presidential Daily Briefing ­ requested by Congress and denied by Bush] took place on Sept. 21, 2001. http://nationaljournal.com/scripts/printpage.cgi?/about/njweekly/stories/2005/1122nj1.htm

2. Saddam Hussein and Iraq did not attempt, nor did they obtain, "yellowcake" uranium, and had no nuclear capability.

These lies were told to the American people and Congress to initiate war powers authority and to initiate an unnecessary, unconstitutional, and therefore illegal invasion and occupation of a sovereign nation that did not attack the United States. 9/11 was neither an invasion nor an insurrection.

III. Violation of ARTICLE II, Section 2, Paragraph 2: Treaties [See Article IV

Below ­ "Treaty Supremacy"]

a) President Bush has entered into a treaty with Mexico and Canada unbeknownst to either the People of the United States or their representatives in Congress. He failed to consult and seek approval by "two thirds of the Senators present" for their concurrence. American tax dollars have already been dispersed to initiate this "treaty."

b) He has unilaterally, and without the "advice and consent" of two thirds of the United States Senate, violated international treaties and agreements duly approved and entered into by the United States with regard to Article II, Section 4, of the U.N. Charter, and also with regard to the Geneva Conventions, which prohibit inhumane torture of prisoners and those captured and held for military reasons. President Bush has approved these violations, conspired to put them in place, and continues to authorize these illegalities on an ongoing basis. He continues to refuse to provide the Congress with requested documents.

IV. Violation of ARTICLE VI, Paragraph 2, "Treaty Supremacy Clause."

President Bush has violated ARTICLE VI, Paragraph 2 of the U.S. Constitution wherein duly ratified treaties with other sovereign nations become part and parcel of the Constitution and therefore the supreme law of the land. These violations are as stated above in III, a&b.


The foregoing brief summary of proposed Articles of Impeachment has been sent to members of both the United States House of Representatives and the Senate. A Senator has replied to my earlier memo confirming that the process must begin in the House. I thanked him for his guidance, but when he offered that no one in the House had filed articles, I reminded him that former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney of Georgia's Fourth District had already done so. Apparently, the protocol in the House of Representatives allows for the Members to ignore reality and the facts when initiated by a member that no longer belongs to it.

As recently indicated, Bush's poll numbers relative to his job performance has dropped in the last few days to 28 percent. It would then be safe to assume as well that the 50 percent formerly polled favoring impeachment must have increased. Acknowledging that any comparison of this latter number to the former is totally out of line and unscientific, Bush's previous job performance rating stood at 33 percent, and has therefore dropped 5 percent! Isn't it easy, however, to conclude those favoring impeachment has surpassed 50 percent?

If you saw the so-called grilling of Con-da-loser Rice on Bob Schieffer's "Face the Nation" on CBS a week or so ago, it was obvious to even the most casual of observers that Rice was squirming, extremely uncomfortable, and lying profusely as usual. At one point, I thought Schieffer was near losing it when he finally demanded whether or not she would answer questions posed to her. I don't believe she answered any of Schieffer's questions except to deny former CIA Director George Tenet's claims. This was followed by an interview with big-time Bush opponent, Congressman John Murtha. When Murtha brought up the possibility of Bush's impeachment, Schieffer almost fell off his chair. Schieffer's face was contorted with an incredulous smile that made it clear that as far as he and CBS were concerned, impeachment was completely off the table.

Congressman Dennis Kucinich [D ­Ohio] has filed House Resolution 333, which calls for the impeachment of Vice President Dick Cheney. If we keep in mind legal scholar Jonathan Turley's definition of "high crimes and misdemeanors," it isn't hard to translate Cheney's lies and media manipulations as definable regarding such wrongdoing. In fact, PBS ' "Bill Moyer's Journal" clearly proved how Cheney manipulated The New York Times and then used their Sunday morning write-up to justify lies on Tim Russert's "Meet the Press" to scare the nation into war. But the Kucinich effort, although doable as an impeachment platform, will never get off the ground for the simple reason that most of what it purports as impeachable are not specified duties of the Vice President as mandated by the Constitution. Kucinich's effort can easily be laughed off.

And not wasting any time in doing just that, the Cleveland Plain Dealer rips into him: "Here's the latest example of why it's increasingly hard for anyone - his colleagues in the House of Representatives, Democratic presidential primary voters, the residents of Ohio's 10th Congressional District or this editorial page - to take Dennis Kucinich seriously: He's filing articles of impeachment against Vice President Cheney."

The verbal assassination continues: "Calling this effort quixotic defames Cervantes' honorable knight-errant. It's beyond hopeless. Not a single House member has signaled support, and the chamber's Democratic leaders, from Speaker Nancy Pelosi on down, can't run fast enough or far enough from Kucinich's idea." But as far as this observer is concerned, the fastest guy in the race running away from the truth is CBS' Bob Schieffer running from the Bush impeachment. Our Zionist criminal mass media simply won't allow for ANY impeachment talk; as far as they're concerned, it's so un-American! Appropriately enough, the Plain Dealer entitled its April 26th editorial, "Run along now, Dennis."

Impeaching Bush is not a publicity stunt, nor should it be construed in any way as an act of political expediency. Partisan concerns should be left outside the office of all elected government officials after achieving success at the election booths. If that were not so, then why are government rank and file workers banned from engaging in partisan politics under penalty of law? If little guy government workers are saddled with the Hatch Act and can lose their jobs for partisan political considerations, then how do big cheese government officials like Pelosi, Bush and Cheney get away with flipping off America and doing whatever they goddamn please?

Kucinich explains that he wishes to first "get" Cheney, so that if and when Bush is impeached, the presidency won't slide to him. But it is Bush who most flagrantly violates constitutionally mandated provisions. Actually, the Vice President has no constitutional duties that can be violated; his job is president of the Senate and he can only vote to break a tie. His duty is to serve only upon the death or incapacity of the President. Given, that during the Clinton administration, and now the Bush administration, the Vice President can be assigned special duties by the President, but that only puts more onus for his bad behavior upon the President that assigned him to those extra duties. And in this regard, Cheney's lies to the Times and Tim Russert do indeed constitute impeachable offenses.

The criminal mass media and Speaker Nancy Pelosi's contention that impeachment is off the table, is also totally off the wall. We're speaking of crimes against the Constitution, crimes against the American people, and heinous crimes against humanity. Examining the standards of the Nuremberg trails after World War II, war crimes are clearly defined and do indeed include the activities of the Bush regime and that of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert as both indictable and punishable war crimes.

As has been offered many times in this space, the number one job of American government is now to prove its legitimacy and its once admirable capability of self-correction. If impeachment is off the table, then so also is the legitimacy of American government.




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