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Monday, 16 April 2007

Zionist Hate Hoaxes

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FBI statistics on

" Hate Hoaxes "

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2003 FBI statistics

wpe14E.jpg (3826 bytes)

Jews make up 62% of Hate crimes reported

3% get solved

Bias Incidents Victim Offenses 100%


931 1,039 1,084 62%


53 58 71 4%


55 57 58 4%


155 170 174 20%


100 95 87 10%

It never ends

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Jews have been pulling Hoaxes since the beginning of time.

This site will discuss a few recent ones

The Clarmount college escapade

The rarified world of academia is shocked as a Jewess professor is the target of Hate

Professor Kerri Dunn

wpe260.jpg (5878 bytes)

A campus goes berserk
Students are horrified 10,000 students rally A brave Jewess fights for peace
wpeA6.jpg (11969 bytes) wpe127.jpg (10327 bytes) wpe128.jpg (15219 bytes)

Whoops - Another Hoax

wpe2E.jpg (4125 bytes)

Chief Hanson will slap the cuffs on the professor

This Rabbi claims he was stabbed, his car set on fire and his synagogue was torched

tn.2401.5.1.jpeg (5247 bytes)

His car was torched

He was viciously stabbed

His synagogue was torched
wpe12C.jpg (6192 bytes)

wpe12B.jpg (5456 bytes)

wpe12A.jpg (3060 bytes)

" You are under arrest Rabbi "

wpe12D.jpg (4667 bytes)

Inspector Clouseau puts the cuffs on


2001 - Hillel at the University of Pennsylvania

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PHILADELPHIA -- The FBI is investigating an anthrax threat that forced more than 30 students and staff at the University of Pennsylvania Hillel to evacuate the campus building on Monday morning.

A computer-typed letter announcing the threat and containing an unknown substance was postmarked "April 19, Philadelphia" and addressed to "Hillel University of Pennsylvania." It had no return address, said Hillel director Jeremy Brochin, who opened the "lumpy" envelope.

wpe144.jpg (12296 bytes)

FBI classifies it as " Unsolved "

wpeEB.jpg (3230 bytes)

J Edgar has his doubts


2004 Hillel foundation

About 2:30 a.m. Sunday, someone took newspapers out of the sales racks at a 7-Eleven store on Cardiff Place, lighted them and stuffed them through the mail slot next door, at the offices of the Hillel Foundation.

``It's very lucky that the whole damn building didn't go up,'' said Santa Cruz police Sgt. Mike Pruger. ``The flames caught hold of the rug and began burning the couch.''

wpe14A.jpg (4272 bytes) wpeEE.jpg (11237 bytes) wpe14C.jpg (4562 bytes)

" Does it ever end ? "

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J Edgar has his doubts

Burglary and vandalism

November 18, 2003

A string of hate crimes around the Evanston area reached a head last Monday when a three-foot swastika was found on Northwestern's Norris University Center, accompanied by the words "Die Jews."

wpe161.jpg (10931 bytes)

Odd they didn't break the front door ?

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J Edgar has his doubts

Sacred sciptures stole from Synagogue

May 22nd 2004

Rabbi Langer's son was arrested and charged with arson and grand theft.

Langer allegedly stole a Torah from his father's San Francisco synagogue and set two fires that caused about $200,000 in damage, police said.

wpeF2.jpg (6647 bytes)

Lucky to have escaped alive

wpeE9.jpg (4829 bytes)

" Send the paddy wagon "

Rabbi brutally beaten

Monday, 28th June 2004

Five thugs beat a Rabbi Simmonds, an assistant Rabbi at a synagogue in north Manchester, pushed him back and beat him. The Rabbi started running and the thugs gave up after several yards .

wpeE7.jpg (3515 bytes)

Lucky to have escaped alive

wpeE9.jpg (4829 bytes)

" Another phony Hate Hoax "

Women and baby brutally beaten on Paris train

June 10, 2004

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Sarah reported that six Arabs slashed her clothing with knives, lightly wounding her in the process, and marked three swastikas on her stomach with a marker. The assailants overturned the stroller of her 13-month-old child, who fell to the ground.

wpeF7.jpg (5207 bytes)

Jews cry Anti Semitism as Paris cries " Another Hate Hoax "

Surveillance cameras at the station showed no attackers. The young Jewess was arrested last night after admitting she had invented the entire episode.

Mr. Chirac went on tv and said the government is thinking of prosecuting.. For having fabricated the attack, the Jewess could be placed under investigation and charged for lying to magistrates, an offense which carries up to six months in jail and a 7,500 euro ($9,241) fine.

wpeF8.jpg (4670 bytes)

" Another phony Hate Hoax "

NY women sprays synagogues

Oct 10, 2004

The woman, Olga Abramovich, 49, of Brooklyn, was charged with criminal mischief and related crimes, police said.

Police said Abramovich admitted targeting about 20 sites, including several synagogues, because she was angry at her former husband for marrying a younger woman

New Zealand cemetery attack

June 10, 2004

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In July of 2004 NZ arrested two Mossad suspected of planning a terror attack. Three days later the Jews claimed someone attacked this cemetery

Pig's head left at Hillel Jewish center

June 10, 2002

wpeDE.jpg (3470 bytes)

wpeEC.jpg (4442 bytes)

At Indiana University, a pig's head was left at the door of the campus Hillel center for Jewish students.

Hoax by Jewish students

" Oh God - not another fairy tale

wpeEB.jpg (3230 bytes)

Anti Semitic note left on train

June 18, 2004

wpeDE.jpg (5595 bytes)

A Jewish person finds a note on an Amtrak train that says " I hate all Jews - they killed Christ ". The train was delayed an hour and every passenger was searched.

wpeE0.jpg (4628 bytes)

" Another phony Hate Hoax "

New Zealand cemetery attack

July 5, 2004

wpeED.jpg (2887 bytes)

wpeF0.jpg (5612 bytes)

Vandals kick over some tombstones and burn a tool shed

Jew arrested

August 11, 2004

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French cemetery

Jewish soup kitchen burns in Paris

August 22, 2004

wpeF0.jpg (5920 bytes)

PARIS – French investigators said Monday they were skeptical about claims of responsibility for an arson attack on a Jewish community center by a previously unknown Islamic group.

wpe12D.jpg (4667 bytes)

" A grease fire ? "

Nazis trash Jew's home

Jan 1, 2005

Pennsylvania – The Barber family says "Nazis kicked over chairs and hung his wife's bra on mirror". Bernard Petrovsky, Jewish Lt. in the Pennsylvania State Police said he will investigate.

wpeEB.jpg (3230 bytes)

" More Jew BS "

Eight Jews stabbed with pen knife

Jan 1, 2006

The Rabbi said "A Gentile was wielding a bowie knife when he attacked, and injured, eight Jews". This particular Moscow synagogue has intense security so how does a 20 yr old madman, with a large knife, enter during services. The Rabbis's son was the hero, and the only witnesses were Jews.

" More Jew BS "

Nazis Attack Jewess

Breanne Coventry Snell, 24, of Midlothian, Va., is charged with two counts of giving false information to police and one count of unsworn falsification. Each charge is a class A misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in prison.

wpeEB.jpg (3230 bytes)

" More Jew BS "

Kevin Haas Incident

Haas was a Canadian who handed out leaflets, and CDs, threatening to kill Arabs. He was tried in a Canadian court, and given probation.

Rampano College Incident

Someone drew a swastika on a blackboard, and the police, ADL, and half the Rabbis in New Jersey jumped on the band wagon.

wpeEB.jpg (3230 bytes)

" More Jew BS "



Anonymous fatima said...

I wonder whether that girl in paris who had her boyfriend cut swastikas on her skin , and blamed arabs , was told to do so by the Jewish agency and whether they promised to pay her mortgage .

16 April 2007 at 13:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jews who hate being Jewish. The ultimate hate-crime.

7 November 2009 at 16:43  

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