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Sunday, 15 April 2007

Operation Midnight Climax and MKULTRA

Operation Midnight Climax

Beginning in the mid 1950s, the house at 225 Chestnut Street on Telegraph Hill was used by the United States government to test the effects of LSD and sex. With complete cooperation from the SFPD, unwitting johns were dosed with the powerful drug before consummating business with hookers here, where they were monitored by an agent from behind two-way glass.

The research known as Operation Midnight Climax was a spin-off of the CIA program MKULTRA, in which acid experiments were conducted at top universities including the Stanford Research Institute. Ken Kesey, one of the icons of psychedelic culture, took his first acid trip during a Stanford experiment.

Agents also dosed themselves and others with LSD, attempting to determine the drug's feasibility as a

weapon in the spy game. The Telegraph HIll experiments were conducted on unsuspecting men from diverse ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds.

After a full decade of acid sex tests, the CIA pulled the plug on Operation Midnight Climax in 1965 and admitted the project was unethical. LSD was criminalized the following year.


Mark Phillips and Cathy O'Brien expose the Federal Government's involvement in Mind Control projects, research, and abuse of its' own people. This is the National Shame of the United States Federal Goverment. Mark and Cathy tell all and underscore the insensitivity and involvement of our national leaders, judges, doctors, and many others to this nightmarish horror it has inflicted upon millions of people in the United States.

Mark touches on the sources and history of mind control while Cathy unveils publicly the horrors she and her family have been subjected to, horrors which continue to this day. Her story will not only infuriate you, but will educate you to the reality of US mind control.


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