"The Jewish people as a whole will be its own Messiah. It will attain world domination by the dissolution of other races...and by the establishment of a world republic in which everywhere the Jews will exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this New World Order the Children of Israel...will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition..." (Karl Marx in a letter to Baruch Levy, quoted in Review de Paris, June 1, 1928, p. 574)

Monday, 17 December 2012

Western fascists and regional Islamic resistance


By S. S. Salim

If Syria falls, then the final bastion of Islamic honour, Islamic defiance, Islamic hopes of future freedom from the old western masters will at last crumble away and on it's place there will be left only a small final step to total re-colonization and re-subjugation of the Greater Islamic World [as well the rest of the World]; as the dispersed-fighting resistance of all colours and causes, from those known in the west as ''Islamists terrorists'' or ''Jihadists'' to African anti-neo-colonial forces will be slowly and easily picked out one by one, and the entire enterprise of Islamic/Global resistance led by these dispersed forces, and in terms of Middle East/Islamic World by Iran, Palestinians and Hezbollah will no longer be possible.

In other words, lets face it, Syria is truly the last battleground for those who seek to be left alone in peace (Muslims, as well as the rest of the world, including the great powers of Russia and China) and those fascists parties who seek to maintain their uncontested control of the entire world (the west, led by three actual axis of evils states; United States, United Kingdom and France.

Now there are few critical questions that need answers to:

[1] Can Iran (and the other members of the axis of resistance) preserve the Islamic Resistance and hope for freedom and honour?

[2] Why don't these actors, including the great eastern powers like Russia and China whose interest are also threatened as a result of the events in Syria, raise the stake, in terms of [a] spreading the war in space to other neighbouring countries, in particular Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Bahrain, Qatar etc? And [b] Why are these actors not recruiting the equivalent of Spanish Civil War's International Brigade to fight against so-called ''rebels'' (who are really western provided hired-gun/mercenaries) and the so-called Jihadists; a point of importance here-- why not make a deal with the latter, the Jihadists: this strategy has greater promises than completely fighting these forces, since by turning them to supporting the existing status quo in return for a list of post-war 'to be agreed conditions' such as base, funds etc, then the war has more chance to change in projection and prediction. In short, these actors, the resistance bloc, should follow the teachings of Machiavelli who warns that one must either chose one side over another or one simply accepts the fact that in the end, if one has taken the decision of neutrality, it will lose as local dynamics would have change seismically not in their favour, and as we know, those specializing or following these events in Syria, when (not if, for now, unless changing strategy is produced) Syrian Alawites fall then Iran will be the next final frontier for the complete subjugation and re-mastering of the Middle East by the western fascists forces led by the three axis of evils states of US, UK and France.

[3] The final question is, how long can the great rising powers of the east, Russia and China, continue to 'play nice' while the western fascists states approach the problem pro-actively, very energetically pro-active?


There are few recommendations one might put forth, non-exhaustively:

[a] The Great Powers of Russia and China should never, together with local regional Islamic resistance parties (Iran, Hezbollah and Syrian legitimate government), allow Syria to Fall. This means these great powers together with the resistance bloc should ally together, as since the fall of Syria will be Critically Grave to all parties; small, medium and the great. There is a great need, and immediate one as such, for an immediate joint co-ordination in efforts to preserving the existing status quo.

[b] The preservation of existing status quo as such can be done through external recruitment, funding, training, arming, advising and diplomatic. These actors need to start playing by the same rule as the western fascists powers play by, actively getting down and dirty inside and outside the warzone. The resistance bloc should approach the ''Jihadists'' with fantastic mouthwatering deals, divide and rule strategy, while at the same time assuring them that these deal will not only be limited to inside Syria (that place and time) but 'could continue' outside over other theatres where they are fiercely engaging in their global war against the great Satan[s] of the west.

[c] There should be total efforts to remove the claims of a ''Sunni-Shia Civil War'' and try hard to unite these factions, side by side against western fascists powers, at the same time.

[d] The resistance bloc should attempt to expand the struggle against neo-colonization by western fascists to other states that are especially dear to these western fascists states, i.e. very rich in resources, both inside Middle East and Beyond especially Africa, for example supporting the ''Jihadists'' via covert means of arming, training, and other assistance.

In short, unless the resistance bloc, made up of small, medium and great powers of the East, accept that the ''wars'' in Arabian and North Africa, or those against Global Terrorists, are nothing but The Great 21st Century Proto-Fascists Wars for Re-Imperialisation and Re-Colonialisation of the Entire World, or the greater part of it, the rich parts, (i.e. the great geopolitical wars of desperation by few fascists states of the west who are trying to preserve their ''global leadership'', competitiveness and power in the contemporary and future world: this can be clearly observed when one engages with even the recent reports such as the Global Trends 2030 from NIC), failure to appreciate the true Character of a particular war, warned Clausewirz, means complete defeat for these powers, of all sizes, as slowly these will be picked off one by one again as before; starting with the middle powers of Syria, Iran (key patrons of resistance), followed next by the small (Hezbollah and the rest: foco of resistance) and finally the big-fishes who might think they are immune from outright destruction, but once their small vanguards or rare alert forces are taken down one by one, again as throughout history, these will be left nakedly exposed, concentrated and thus a promising easy target for western fascists states who by that time [comes] will be commanding, again, over two-third of the world states through the usual fascists mix of fear and corruption.

To sum up, this modern 21st century Spanish Civil War been waged in Syria will not only define the future of Islamic World but rather of that of the rest of the world (Africa is slowly been re-colonized with justifications for ''fighting local global-terrorists'', one intervention follows another; Somalia,Libya, Mali etc).

The Critical Questions are: will the axis of evil (western fascists of UK, US & France) again be allowed to easily and progressively put the entire world under their imperial control, or will the axis of resistance (China, Russia, Iran, Syria, Hezbollah etc) stand up and say this is where you have to halt now? The answers to these two critical questions will truly define our future of either Total Fascism with almost zero resistance outlook or tolerable one of a Confined Fascism encircled with great many Painful Resistance across the world?


S. S. Salim is Highfields Muslim Community Office senior project officer in Leicester, UK.