"The Jewish people as a whole will be its own Messiah. It will attain world domination by the dissolution of other races...and by the establishment of a world republic in which everywhere the Jews will exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this New World Order the Children of Israel...will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition..." (Karl Marx in a letter to Baruch Levy, quoted in Review de Paris, June 1, 1928, p. 574)

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Part 1

Part 2:


Such was the warning of the immortal Abraham Lincoln, recently repeated by Secretary C. E. Hughes.

The Hidden Hand can in due time start a tumult between the Protestants and the Catholics (tenfold increasing the Herrin fightings) when the general strike would be fomented, and at the same moment it will order its agents to create a financial panic, as R. P. Pettigrew foretold. which would cause confusion and a chaos herb. The Hidden Hand is "Ang1o-Sassoonizing" this country instead of "Americanizing" it and this may disrupt the United States, as foreseen by "The Brooklyn Eagle," in May, 1921 .

The Hidden Hand, according to the declaration of Paul Warburg, to the Senate, covertly financed simultaneously the elections 0f Mr. Roosevelt, Mr. Taft and Mr. Wilson. The Hidden Hand can help to envenom the Democratic-Republican duel in 1928, support a Third Party and finance the "Blue Laws in order to increase the discontent and to breed revolution to the utmost .

"America is a land of bondage . The people soon will revolt against the efforts of moralists." -(Rabbi A. Spitzer of New York, on July 18, 1921) . He knows his Jews well . And there are at least five million Judeo-Mongols in America and three or four million more of "seeret" or "crypto" Jews, as Disraeli called them.

"The Jew never was a real true American. In this war the Central Po were financed by the Jews with money from America, and this money was vusa to fight against our own homeland ."-(The Rev. D. J. Brouse, Pastor of the Grace Episcopal Church, The Jewish World, July 13, 1921) .

"If 10.000 American Jews would go to Palestine, she would be revolutionized" (ex-Minister, Sir Alfred Mond a Jew, Jewish Chron ., Nov .9, 1924.

The Jews are so successfully making America ' "red," that hardly any of them are willing to go to "bolshevize" Palestine .

As the 12,000,000 Negroes here are incited by the agents of the Hidden Hand, they will be ready to help the 8,000,000 Asiatics here (the Judeo-Mongols) to start any revolt . The newspaper of tk colored people, "The Messenger," wrote (September, 1921)

"This country has 300 billions in wealth, with human beings existing on corn meal, while 2% of the people own 60% of the wealth."

"The blacks in the U. S. are to look to Bolshevism for delivranocr" (the Editor of the Defender of Chicago in March, 1924) .

Say only 2,000,000 men are unemployed ; but 5,000,000 souls are suffering and urging a "change."

The German-Americans are also dissatisfied . Any pretext, created by the Hidden Hand, which is intoxicating the masses with a poisonous "moonshine," can provoke a riot, which the agents of the Hidden Hand will transform into plunder and murder .

All the 120,000 men in jails will be released, as was dome in Russia and in France at every revolt.


The beginning of all may be any strike which will be fanned by the Hidden Hand into a general strike, followed by all the abovementioned conflicts, and a circular foreign attack .

Many persons are fooled by the famous "ratio" 5 to 3, as the American fleet is supposed to be superior to that of Japan . But nobody takes into consideration that an unexpected night attack by the Japanese could easily reverse this "ratio ."

The Women's Peace Conference at Washington in January, 1925, enumerated twenty-four reasons which are provoking wars . They "forgot" they main: "the devil's lust of murder" of the Jews!

Of course, they work in great secrecy . However, we perceive them from time to time . Thus we read in the New York American : "Geneva Protocol-a Direct Menace to America. Threatens War if We Don't Obey Super-State ."-(Prof. Philip Marshall Brown, October 19, 1924) . The realization of this Protocol was postponed . But the "good intention" remains. But let us return to the eventual assault .

When the squadrons of foes are facing American ports, and their airships hovering above New York, Chicago, Washington and other towns, then an ultimatum will be issued:
"Consent to pay 100 billions in cash, bonds or shares and surrender the remaining ships and airships. Otherwise your harbors and plants will be blown up, towns poisoned and the Capitol and White House destroyed ."
Gen. W. Mitchell, the Assistant Chief of American Air Forces, rightly stated that one bomb can annihilate a whole town . "War between U. S. and Japan is quite inevitable," (Gen . Bernhardi) . "Japan's foreign minister K . Mutsui speaks with an irritation which this country cannot afford to ignore ." (Chicago Tribune. Feb . 9, 1924) . "War between the United States and England is imminent before 1926," confessed Trotzky, the Jew ex-Dictator of Russia, who received directions from the Jew-Dictator of Germany, the late W . Rathenau, as the latter confessed .-(Plain English, June 11, 1921) .

"In 1925 in Japan seventeen divisions in naval aviation will be ready," telegraphed Mr. Parry from Tokyo .

"Defenseless is America," such is the title of Mr . Hudson Maxim's book. Yes l She is defenseless and facing certain disaster, unless she will regard the Jews, as described by CHRIST . If the American fleets only were sunk or seized, and plants blown up, all the expense of an attack would be covered tenfold, and the United States weakened for many years, and even opened to a Judeo-Japano-Mexican Mongol overt mass-invasion!

"Mexico gives Russia a good base to develop further contact with America" (Chicherin, the Soviet Foreign Minister, N . Y. Times, March 6, 1925) .

As a consequence of finding a good base in Mexico : "A Revolution in Mexico Impending" (N . Y. Herald, June 13, 1925) . And also : "A cloud has appeared on the ; horizon of Mexican-American relations" (N. Y. Times, June 15, 1925) .


Every Jew or his hireling, who disdains CHRIST (as the "Rationalists" founded by a Jew Spinoza, are doing) is helped by the Hidden Hand here, but truth about it is strictly forbidden . Churchmen, professors, writers and politicians hide the truth or ignore it and thus foster "Incurable Imbeciles ."*

The thousands of authors, who have written the history of the last 150 years, seemed to be blind and to be nothing but reporters "en grand" . They never go to the roots, but just glance at the surface and then offer their dead pictures, without conscience .

Why are they doing it? Because they have been bribed or "for fear of the Jews," as St . John (VII.13) and also Cicero mentioned or because of their ignorance! In either case the result is the same .

The readers obtain quite a false view of history and politics, and become mere politicians, even "real incurable imbeciles ."*

By saying "bribed," I do not mean that thousands of authors received money, positions, or publicity for their harmful writings.

Contemplating the mountains of gold on which the Rothschilds are seated, these authors, politicians, preachers, professors involuntarily felt their mouths water . Most of them practically "sold themselves" to Satan, and to the Jews, inspired by him and led by the Rothschilds, but were never compensated .

The notorious Otto Kahn, partner in every sense of the "Anglo- German-American" bankers, who according to Mr . S. Gompers, wish to drown his country in an ocean of blood, also partner of the Warburgs mentioned by The British Guardian in the article "Warburgs : International Crooks" proves how right CHRIST is .

Otto Kahn gave a tip of $25,000 to one clergyman . Then some 100,000 other clergymen began to think : "If reverend so and so received $25,000, why could I not have the same reward, if I would never denounce the Jewish crimes ."

And the 100,000 clergymen became "pro-Jewish" . . . .

The sympathy of each of them cost but 25 cents . Cheap! . . . .

"The Jew has persistently shown himself ungrateful" (N . Webster) . The negative opinion of the famous Thomas Edison about the defects of the American instruction, which is here constantly confused with education, is well known . Instruction is not education.

To make mental cripples of youth is a crime . . .

Did not CHRIST warn us (St. Matthew XVIII, 6) :
"But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believes in ME (Who is Truth Itself) it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea."
* "The Incurable Imbeciles," according to Urbain Gohier, are those, who pretend not to know what is this World Government, which according to Hon. Marshall, is making abortive all efforts of peace-lovers .


Nobody speaks about the leaders of the Hidden Hand, the Rothschilds- the real "World Assassins of the Peoples" (as the "Foreign Affairs" of Oxford called them) and the Autocrats of the World . And how they misrule the World.

Books written about them were bought up at once and disappeared like "The Rothschilds" by Mr. John Reeves, published by McClurg in Chicago, "Les Rothschilds" by Demachy, etc .

These books constitute a rarity, though they do not describe the political phase in the life of this sinister and fatal family, to which could be attributed at least one half of all the bloodshed and calamities that have befallen the White Race since 1770.

The excellent "The International Jew"* is the clever and undeniable exposure of the Jewish Power, but only as exercised here . Perhaps, because the Rothschilds and their "Invisible Government" are in Europe (except a score of members, who are here) these four books, so masterfully written, do not explain their satanic work of the last 150 years ; a role absolutely unequalled by contemporary rulers, but hidden with the utmost care .

"The French Revolution," "World Revolution, The Plot Against Civilization," and "The Secret Societies," by the most talented Mrs. Nesta Webster of London, the best historian of today, are so important, that I will refer to them later. No student of history, no politician or preacher, especially no woman should miss reading them. Among the thousands of historians Mrs . Webster stands as a colossus endowed with a rare erudition and courage .

"The Cause 'of World Unrest," by the "Morning Post" in London, is tremendously useful. But it does not mention the Rothschilds .

"The Secrets of the Rothschilds," by Mrs . Mary Hobart . has also disappeared, though there is nothing about them in it . But the Press, controlled by them, prevents the real facts from being known, as Mr. W. J. Bryan rightly said.

The professors, clergymen, politicians and writers would die of fear rather than speak the truth .

Furthermore, 99% of Americans do not know the A, B, C of foreign politics, and much less do they understand its so-called "mysteries, which puzzled even the greatest statesmen since, according even to Mr . Lothrop Stoddard, "something happened," (which he does not explain)which endangered our 1900 old Christian civilization. What is the result of such "mass lying"?

"96% of the people of the U. S . are below the accepted, standard of intelligence and only 4.000.000 are above the standard" (Pros : of the Southern California University . Dr. Kleinmichel, Chicago D . News, July 30, 1923) . *By "The Dearborn Independent," 4 volumes, 25 cents each .


What is the result of constantly hiding the Truth?

"Never has Congress been at lower ebb than it is today," confessed Secretary of War Mr . Weeks (The Chicago Tribune of June 16, 1922) . And Sen. Borah has no better opinion, saying, "It is just plain man failure on the part of the politicians to run their jobs" (Collier's Magazine, Nov., 1922) .

"American foreign policy has come to its lowest ebb since the founding of the Republic . We come to complete stagnation due to incapacity for individual action and to terror of concerted action. No such low estate of American courage has ever been recorded in American History" (The Editor of The Daily News of Chicago, on Dec. 6, 1922) .

"To step blithely into the deep torrent, equipped only with moral truisms and easy formulae without a clear knowledge of the deep seated Forces, which control policy, is to invite costly commitments and unexpected sacrifices" (The Editor of the Chicago Tribune, Sept . 9, 1922) .

"Our statesmen are children compared with theirs (European) . A foremost place in world affairs is offered us time and again . It is thrown into our lap, and through our plain stupidity we reject it" (Chicago Herald July 22, 1923) .

Roy K. Moulton wrote (The New York American, May 24,1924) :
"So far as diplomacy of our country just now is concerned, there is nothing the matter with it for the reason that we don't seem to have any . We do not grow diplomats, We raise politicians. The lack of sharp diplomats is one phase of our national life which makes us shudder at the mere thought of any diplomatic passage or entanglement with Europe . We should be at a tremendous disadvantage in any conference or in any World Court . We are a nation in its infancy ."

Mr. Wilson confessed his blindness in World Affairs thus "Diplomacy works always in the dense thicket of ancient feuds, rooted, entangled, and entwined. It is difficult to see the path . It is not possible to see the light of day . I did not realize it until the Peace Conference .'' "Wilson was not quite enough of a statesman to win out against allied diplomacy at Paris" (Ambassador Bernstorff, Chicago Tribune, Feb . 5, 1924) . "America has no foreign politics" ("The World Work") . "

Americans know nothing about what is going on overseas" (Mr . Shaw Desmond, The Chicago Daily News, March 1, 1924) .

"The United States is just about 40 years behind the times in political thinking, compared with the rest of the world" (Oswald Garrison Villard, Editor of The Nation, Chicago Tribune . March 8, 1924) . "Your (Europeans') superior knowedge will take the initiative" (General Dawes) .

"A blunder in politics is worse than a crime" (Talleyrand) .

"If we blunder, there may be no America tomorrow" (Copeland) .

"League will never prevent wars" (Major A . Hamilton Gibbs in 1925) .

"America is in that diplomatic position where war may come to it through slogans such as 'The War to End All wars' and 'Making the World Safe for Democracy" (Gov . John J. Blaine on Oct . 20, 1923) .

Yes ! The "sons of the devil" will invent any such slogan. "The U. S . is passing through a critical period in its History" (Gen. H. C. Hale, Commanding the 6-th Area Corps, Chicago) .

"The Soviet Ambassador to China, Kara-Kahn is a dangerous and mischievous adviser." (Ambassador Schurman, N. Y. Times, March 6, 1925) .

All this is most dangerous . Why not create a "School of Foreign Affairs" and teach my "Science of Polit . Foresight?"

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!"


Nine national women's organizations with a membership of about 5,000,000 women held a Conference on the Cause and Cure of War, in Washington in January, 1925 .

The meeting was rendered abortive before it beganb, because of the failure of the president to state the real causes of war . None of the members had the courage to proclaim, that, first of all, in order to prevent wars we ought to point out who is staging them. This was foretold by CHRIST Himself
"Ye, Jews, will do the devil's lust of murder ."
As war is but a "legalized mass murder," He clearly said : "Ye, Jews, will organize wars and revolts ."

Those who took part in the above Conference thought that they "knew better" than CHRIST, and even insulted HIM by inviting an arch-enemy of the PRINCE OF PEACE, Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, to explain how to avert wars . To avert wars is just the reverse of what his Talmud is dictating to him . He proved to be more honest and clever than his audience, and openly confessed that "being a Jew he was in trouble" to solve the problem! . . . What could a rabbi answer to the imbeciles or hypocrites, who invited him to devitalize his own Talmud?

"Corral the 50 wealthiest Jews and ; there will be no wars" (H. Ford) .

"Wars are the Jews' harvests" (Werner Zombart, a Jewish Professor) .

How right is the brilliant Field Marshall Lord Haig, in saying "The Gospel of CHRIST is the world's only social hope and the sole promise of world peace . It is a crusade to which I urge you-a crusade not having for its object the redemption of a single city, however holy, but a freeing of the whole world from the devastating scourge of war" (New York Times, Febr. 22, 1925) .

The above Conference proved once more, how true are the following opinions about women.

"American women delude themselves when they think they are advanced politically. They are behind the women of many other countries" (Miss Alice Paul, Vice-President of the National Women's Party, Chicago Tribune, Nov. 10, 1922) .

"The trouble with you women is, you are too ignorant . Unless you get out of this ignorance, you are a positive menace" (The British Ambassador, Sir A . Geddes, Chicago Tribune, May 1, 1922) .

"The almost total eclipse of the United States Delegates (women) under the shadow of the oratory of the foreign women was astonishing" (Mrs . O . D. Oliphant, Nat . Pres . of the American Legion Auxiliary, May 13, 1925) .

The want of faith in OUR SAVIOUR among the women is one of the potent causes of the wavering morals of today and recalls the following. A newspaper, commenting the data of a statistician that there are 536,000,000 Christians exclaimed "We are depressed when we wonder where they live ." "Many are ashamed to acknowledge CHRIST. England and the U. S. in spite of their self-confidence and their ability : to produce wealth, are in the greatest moral danger of all" (Miss Christabel Pankhurst) . The scorning of CHRIST is conducive to catastrophe.


A famous Russian, A. Kryloff, has told the story of a countryman who travelled to the Capital to see the Zoological Museum . Returning home he narrated how he had been roaming in the Museum'and had seen all there--even to the insects .

"And. how does the elephant look?", asked a child.

"I did not notice the elephant," answered the peasant . This fable reminds me of all historians and authors who have written about the French Revolution and Napoleon I, and on other periods of History . Thus there appeared a book, "The French Revolution," by Mr . G. P. Gooch ("Helps for Students of History .")

Mr. Gooch and the 100 authors on the French Revolution, whom he quotes, have studied all the "insects" which brought it about, except the chief one, the Hidden Hand . This "Elephant" of the Political Zoo, or more aptly, this "Tiger," is responsible for the French and for all the other revolutions, warsk, and for all the "World Unrest" and bloodshed.

These authors and professors describe the birds, sheep and goats of the political zoo and say to their pupils "Nov you know all the animals. You can go into the jungles and hunt, but beware of the goats and monkeys ; they are dangerous ; and may even upset you." Such is the political preparation in the schools . It can produce but "incurable imbeciles" .

As Mr. Gooch's book is published by the "Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge," one assumes that the author is a Christian. Satan offered CHRIST "all the kingdoms of the world" . And having failed to thus destroy CHRIST, Satan inspired the Jews to kill HIM, while all the people shouted "His blood be on us and on our children!"

And 300 of the worst Jews, satanists, compose the Hidden Hand. The Invis.ble Judeo-Mongol World Government is headed since 1770 by the -dynasty of Rothschild .

I shall throw complete light on their demoniacally sinister activity. Such revelations for "unknown and independent" reasons have always been interrupted, though in order to foresee ("to govern means to foresee," otherwise without foreseeing one could not successfully govern : ") everybody ought to watch these Jews . Why is it kept secret? "I have glimpsed into hell (Russia) .

The Jews are in control. Lenin spent his last days crawling on all-fours round the room and shouting repeatedly : 'GOD save Russia and kill the Jews .' 90% of the important posts in the Soviet Government are held by Jews" (Sir Percival Phiitps, Daily Mail, London) . "The Jews are the wise of nearly all the ills of the World" (the "The . benefits brought to the Russian people by Bolshevism exist only on paper painted in gowing colours by bolshevist propaganda" (Emma Goldman, a Communist Jewess) .


The Jews bequeath to their posterity the same hatred and destruction of the heritage of CHRIST

The Jew is the Anti-Christ ; was in St . John's day ; is to-day and will iin " (Rev. Meryon Smith, a Jew) .'

"The strongest supporters of Judaism cannot deny that Judaism is antighristian" (The Jewish World, March 15, 1924) .

"The Jews detest the spirit of the nations in the midst of which they are" (a Jew, Bernard Lazare "Antisemitism") .

WELL, how does it happen that students of history are invited to study the work and influence of the Church and yet are told nothing about the work of CHRIST'S foes-the Jews, the heirs of Satan? Why this constant conspiracy of silence?

They have kept their government and their Executives-the Hidden Hand-secret, with the object of ruling "all the kingdoms" offered by Satan to CHRIST, and which the former would g.-ant to the Jews, should they accomplish the destruction of everything flown by CHRIST . Their program is exposed in the "Protocols ."

Everybody must take into consideration what is being done, not only by the Church and the State, but also by the Anti-Church or the executors of Satan's will-the Jews .

Note also the fact that they have always brought as their sacrifice not one scapegoat, but two : one for Jehovah and one for Satan . Whosoever forgets or omits the Jewish question, be it through ignorance, or fear, is unfit to be a preacher, teacher or official .

Books in which, because of ignorance, cowardice or bribery or "mouth-watering," the chief satanists-the Rothschilds, are not mentioned, are worse than useless . They are even harmful, by reason of the light which they fail to kindle.

Numberless authors like Mr . Fr. Neilson in his "Even Diplomats Make War" (which is not true) ; Dr. P. S. Reiisch in his "Secret Diplomacy" (the diplomacy which he describes is not "secret" but he does not speak about that which is really secret) ; and Prof. J. Holland Rose of Cambridge University, have written about the "Origin of the War" .

They exposed 99 causes of the war, except the main one : the "lust of murder" of the Jews . A war is a "legalized" murder . Who is the Chief Murderer? CHRIST said : "The devil (Satan) is a murderer and the Jews will do his lusts of murder and lying" . Simple, but how infinitely true.

And History proves this with appalling accuracy! My readers will pardon repetitions ; they occur because the above words seem to be entirely unknown to the nation . It looks as if I was the only man, who proved in my Gentiles Review that a pagan could not be a statesman! "No man, unless he is drunk with optimism, an deny that the world is very sick, and it may be the sickness unto death 1 ' (Sir Ph. Gibbs) .


The famous Al . Lamartine, Dictator of France in 1848, in his "Essay on the Manner of Writing History for the People," said (If you desire to mold the opinion of the masses, to rescue them from the immoral doctrine of success, do what has never been done before-GIVE A CONSCIENCE TO HISTORY . By treating your theme in this spirit, you will win less popularity ;* you will not fire the passions** or the imaginations of the people, but you will render a thousand times better service to their cause, their interests and their reason . Teach them by facts, by events, by the hidden meaning of those great historic dramas (of which we perceive only the scenery and the actors, while their plots are contrived by a HIDDEN HAND) to know, to judge, and to moderate themselves . Make them capable of distinguishing those, who serve them from those, who mislead them, those who dazzle from those who enlighten them . Point to every great man and great event, and say ; Weigh them for yourselves, not with the false weights of your transient passions, your prejudices, your anger, your national vanity, your narrow patriotism, but by the Universal Conscience of the human race, and by the utility of each act for the cause of civilization ."

Even before I had read the above lines, I had already tried to give a Conscience to History and to rescue the readers from the "immoral doctrine of success," by proving to them, that the "marvelous successes" of the so-called "great men" (in reality great mischief-makers), were due to the support of Satan's delegates . I explained the "hidden" meaning of those great historic dramas, like the dethronement of the three well meaning ancient dynasties recently upset, because hundred years ago (in 1815) they had the courage to sign the "Holy Alliance", i .e. a League of Nations with CHRIST as the Supreme LEADER.

"Suppress a truth of which we have good evidence, and, like the stone of stumbling and rock of offence, it may fall upon us by and by and grind us to powder." (Henry W. Rankin) .

"The most unpleasant truth in the long run is the far safer 'traveling companion than the most agreeable falsehood" (Emerson) .

"The truth about demons, not ignorance, shall make us free from their subtle deceptions. As all truth makes free, we are, in a sense, free in proportion to the truth which we apprehend ." (Evangelist Arthur C . Zepp) .

The Truth in History and about the demons composing the Hidden Hand was suppressed . What are the results of such crime?

The famous defender of criminals, Clarence Darrow, stated "An intelligence test (in the army) of 2.000.000 men between 20 and 80 shows that of our intelligent men in America, 70% run below 14 years of age. That is better than the average, because there are left out of that all the real imbeciles that have been discovered ; all the insane ; all the criminals that have been captured-all of those have been left out-and 70% average 14 years of age or less. Only 4% up to an ordinary standard in the most self-satisfied country on earth . Only 1% go to College."

"Present day young people are as ignorant of the Bible as the heathen," (Rev . Herbert L. Willett, Professor of the University of Chicago) . *Because the Jew controlled press will try to kill a truthful History through silence, as it will this very volume.

**Lamartine is advising the reverse of what Lionel Rothschild (Sidonia in ' Coningsby ") taught Disraeli .


Think of the father of a girl 5 years old, who, during a fire in his house, would discuss the danger of her being married to a crook some day . Yet The New Age Magazine, The Protestant, etc., are thus distracting our attention from the world's fire, which is the Judeo-Mongol satanic Bolshevism.

Thus The Protestant of June, 1922, assures us
"A rapidly growing number of men are fully alert to the peril of Romanism and are helping to arouse the people to a realization of that peril in order that it may be resisted ."
If there exist a "danger of Romanism" it is like the famous poison" -coffee it takes a century to feel its "harmful" effects . If "Romanism" were permitted to do what it likes in America, which is not easy to conceive, in 100 years perhaps there might be some change . But to accomplish it would be necessary to put both this country and "Romanism" under a glass cover beyond the influences of all Satanic forces . But this country already is watched by the Judeo-Mongol Hidden Hand, which is working to blow up the Vatican and also to smash the United States .

"Romanism" is itself in terrific danger, menaced by the same fierce wholesale assault of Satan's agencies upon all Churches .

Only very ignorant people (or crooks, hired by the Hidden Hand in order to split the Christians still more) pay no attention to the universal attack of the devil's sons upon C.HRIST.

Thus, since 1917, when the Jews Kerensky (Kirbis Adler) and later on Leiba Bronstein (Trotzky) seized power in Russia, they did all in their power to disunite, split and degrade her Church .

A Jew, Rev. Hecker went to Russia and organized the so-called "Living Church". He belonged to the Y . M. C. A. of New York .

A Jew, Mustapha-Kemal, Dictator of . Turkey, cast out the Oecumenical Patriarch from Constantinople, where the Patriarchs of the Eastern Catholic Church have lived for a thousand years .

A Jew, Masaryk, President for life (though this is against the Law) is preparing to cast out from Prague the envoy of the Pope .

A Jew, H. Gluck, ejected the Russian Metropolitan of America .

The Jews in France, headed by E . Rothschild 5th, are urging their "French" free-masonry to bring about the severance of all diplomatic relations with the Holy Father, against the will of nearly the entire French nation .

The Hidden Hand is not touched by the dove talk of General Dawes and all the "pacifists". It wishes to "do the lust of murder" . A Protestant-Catholic clash is the Hidden Hand's chief aim l "Do the reverse of what your foe wishes." (Napoleon, a genius) .

Only the reconciliation and co-operation of all the Christians could prevent the, otherwise, imminent catastrophe .


Thus, the Anti Vatican move is doubly profitable to the Hidden Hand : it lowers the Church and it can also provoke a Civil War everywhere, as the brilliant General Castelnau warns us. And a fratricidal war would mean a new attack by Germany, which is again ready and again inflamed by her "sons of the devil ."

What are the relations between the great Christian Church, called Roman Catholic and the Jews?

"At the last Secret Consistory the Holy Father called upon all right thinking men to combine in fighting the threat of socialism and communism . His words are considered the severest condemnation of a foreign government" (The New York Times, Dec . 19, 1924) .

But what is Bolshevism? It is the Jewish mask of Communism .*

"Bolshevism is militant Judaism ; the extermination of the White races and the substitution of Asiatic parasites for the Aryans. It is the work of Jewish assassins for the purpose of causing a new domination of the World by a criminal sect" (Sir Patrick Hamilton) .

"The communists are Jews, and Russia is being entirely administered by them . They are in every government office, bureau and newspaper . They are driving out the Russians and are responsible for the anti-Semitic feeling which is increasing." (Mrs. Clare Sheridan, friend of Bronstein-Trotzky, in the The New York World, Dec . 15, 1923) .

"I am prepared to prove that Bolshevism (which is merely a modern word for Judaism), the vicious manipulations of foreign exchanges, and the general 'world unrest' prevailing today, may be summed up in two words, namely, 'Jew Finance'" (President of the best English patriotic society "The Britons," the famous patriot H . H. Beamish, author of the "Jews' Who's Who .")

Thundering at Bolshevism,, the Roman Pontif hits Judaism . "Rome is the greatest enemy of Bolshevism," pointed out a Jew, Sir Alfred Mond in his own "English Review" in an article-"The World Battle of the Jews", in which the Christians are shown between the Jewish anvil-Capitalism-and the Jewish hammer- Bolshevism. Thus Rome was designated to the Jews as the chief target at which they must strike . . . .

Mr. York Steiner, a known Zionist, quotes the words of the Cardinal Merry del Val, then Papal Secretary of State : "We meet the Jews in every camp, hostile to us, Christians. As soon as a dirty book appears, or a journal, which shocks us, we find behind them the Jew" ("Ritual Crime.

Jewish Treason," at La Renaissance Francaise) The Jews Apfelbaum ("Zinoviev"), Rosenfeld ("Kamenev") etc ., the "Czars" of Russia would throw all the Russian troops into Central Europe in order to stage the bloody World Revolution, as Frunse confessed (The New York World, Febr . 21, 1925) .

"Should some new catastrophe overtake Europe the U . S. would be irresistibly drawn into the maelstrom ere the conflict ended" (Sen . Oscar Underwood) .

*In his "Jews In Russia" (at "The Britons," London) Mr. Victor E. Marsden, correspondent of The Morning Post, published the names of all the 545 Soviet Commissars . Of them 447 are Jews, 34 Letts, 30 Russians, etc . But even many of these Letts and Russians are in reality Jews or married to Jewesses.


In his book "The Dawn of Day" Nietsche wrote "One of the spectacles which the next century (the XX-th) will invite us to witness is the decision regarding the fate of the Jews . It is quite obvious now that they have cast their die and crossed the Rubicon ; the only thing that remains for them is either to become masters of Europe or to lose Europe, as they once centuries ago lost Egypt, where they were confronted by similar alternatives . . .

Europe may some day fall into their hands like ripe fruit, if they do not clutch it too eagerly ." "The British Guardian" of London, rightly states
"Now this is exactly what the Jews have done, and so have saved Europe they have been too eager . The first clutch was the Boer War which put the World's chief gold supply into their hands. The Great War was their next eager clutch. The Bolshevizing of Russia followed . Then came the clutch at Hungary, under Bela Kun, which lasted 100 days, then the clutch at Bavaria, which lasted three weeks . By this time the world is beginning to awake and the fiat of the White Race has gone forth : `The Jews must lose Europe, as centuries ago they lost Egypt .' They are on trek to Zion once more. They are Zionists this time, as they were when they trekked out of Egypt."*
When one has read the predictions of Dostoiewsky, of Nietsche, of the Jew J. Lemann (who 30 years before this war and Bolshevism exposed the "Plan of Hell" and foretold "The Funereal Lines") ; and the recent confessions of the prominent Jews : Dr. Oscar Levy of London, and Rene Groos of Paris, how absurd, if not criminal, seem all those naive or hypocritcal persons, who despite all the above are willing to deceive their readers into the belief, that the above "funereal lines" happen just through the "inability of the diplomats," or "because of the corruption of the Czar's regime", as Lloyd George, Bernard Shaw, Guglielmo Ferrero and other "lickers" of the Jewish boots are falsely saying . No, all that has happened since 1914, and is still happening-is the logical consequence of a deliberate Judeo-Mongol satanic "Plan of Hell" traced out in the "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion ."

In his clever book :"The Truth About the Protocols Of Zion" a brilliant Slav author Gregory Bostunich pictured the symbolical satanic "Serpent", having surrounded all Europe, with his head in Odessa looking to the South on Constantinople . The Oecumenic Patriarch has been, "blown out" from Constantinople after a sojourn of 1,000 years . This move of the satanic "Serpent," succeeded, not because Turkey is ruled by Ottomans but because a Jew-Mongol, Mustapha-Kemal, is its virtual Dictator . "Alas, Satan is not done with Europe" (Mr. Lloyd George) .

"America's prosperity hinges on Europe" (Secretary Herbert Hoover) . *Note that these lines are from the pen of Dr . John H. Clarke, a great scientist, known as the most successful homeopath on earth. In The Bolshevists in Ancient History "by Apionus" (at The . Britons, London) is proved that the Jews staged Bolshevism in Egypt and, therefore, were expelled .


The First World War brought to Edw . Rothschild and to his 300 Jews, composing the "Hidden Hand", more than 100 billion dollars . Why not repeat it? They are the executors of Satan .

The First World War caused 40,000,000 casualties . And the Jewish Revolution in Russia cost her some 30,000,000 lives . This only increased the "lust of murder" of the satanists and now they are staging a revolt in the United States, if possible a new Civil War, (inflaming Protestants, who are the employers-against the Catholics, 95% of whom are hard workers) and then cause America to be attacked by a whole Foreign Circular Coalition .

My object is to explain what has really happened in history, all that will happen, if we still continue to be frightened by a band of criminals, who should be arrested, tried and made harmless, to rid the world of this unspeakably shameful fear, which paralyzes our defenses and which will cause our destruction .

I shall reveal all the "mysteries", show the way to become a statesman, expose the plan of our Satanic foes, and the way to save this wonderful country, Christendom and the White Race .

My "Theory of the Satanic Forces" gives the key to all the most complicated problems . As every second counts, if Christendom is to be saved, I did not waste time in trying to improve my foreign style of English. My readers will understand the gravity of today's situation and will magnanimously forgive this.

Many deficiencies of this book could have been remedied but for the lack of civic courage and patriotism of American publishers, and my own depleted resources, which compelled me to abridge the material, and arrange it, not in the best, but in the most economical manner, and to have it printed by foreigners, like myself ; hence its telegraphic, often stilted style, and lack of proper sequence .

My prime purpose has been to corral the facts and bring them before the public as speedily as possible .

I expect the Hidden Hand to seek my life for disclosing their diabolical deeds and sinister plans ; but "we cannot attempt to save the world and repose in a realm of safety" . Aside from the fact that nobility and rank impose grave obligations upon my conscience, Christian duty and racial concern impel me to publish this book, demand that you read it, and urge others to do likewise . "The world will never again seem the same to you." (H. Vikingson) .

Respectfully, New York City, September, 1925 .


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