"The Jewish people as a whole will be its own Messiah. It will attain world domination by the dissolution of other races...and by the establishment of a world republic in which everywhere the Jews will exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this New World Order the Children of Israel...will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition..." (Karl Marx in a letter to Baruch Levy, quoted in Review de Paris, June 1, 1928, p. 574)

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Adolf Hitler's New World Order

by Adolf Hitler

Edited by R. Joseph, Ph.D.

If you wish to prevent a revolution by anticipation, the first thing you must do, as soon as the situation becomes critical, is to kill off the whole anti-social rabble; and you can do this only if you have already gathered them safely together in a concentration camp.

As far as we are concerned, we, too, must avoid over-enthusiasm in our Eastern territories; we must not try too ardently to impose our own German ideas of personal cleanliness on the local inhabitants and attack them daily with curry-comb and polish. It really does not matter to us whether they wash and sweep their houses daily; we are not their overseers, all we are there for is to promote our own interests.

The life of the German colonists must, therefore, be kept as far separate from that of the local inhabitants as is possible. In the pubs in which the natives spit all over the shop, no German must be allowed to enter. The Germans must have their own pubs, from which the natives will be excluded. Then, the locals can spit away to their heart's content.

By leaving the local inhabitants to their own devices and by not interfering with their local customs, we create the most favourable atmosphere for the creation of purely and exclusively German settlements; and the easiest way of preventing any fusion between the German and the native population is to encourage the latter to adhere to their own ways and discourage them from apeing ours.

The only difference between then and now is that in those days, I was convinced one must blow up the whole show with dynamite.

Not long ago, at a time when there were still a few acres of land to be shared out in the Far East, everybody went rushing there. Nowadays, we have the Russian spaces. They're less attractive and rougher, but they're worth more to us. We'll get our hands on the finest land, and we'll guarantee for ourselves the control fo the vital points. We'll know how to keep the population in order. There won't be any question of our arriving there with kid gloves and dancing-masters.

I've always rebelled against the idea that Europe had reached the end of its mission, and that the hour of Russia or the United States had come.

I understand that it may be hard for a young Dutchman or a young Norwegian to find himself called upon to form a common unit, within the framework of the Reich, together with men of other Germanic connections. But what is asked of them is no harder than what was asked of the Germanic tribes at the time of great migrations.

If Germany hadn't had the good fortune to let me take power in 1933, Europe to-day would no longer exist. The fact is that since I've been in power, I've had only a single idea: to re-arm. That's how I was able, last summer, to decide to attack Russia.

Confronted with the innumerable populations of the East, we cannot exist except on condition that all Germanics are united.

To put an end to the housing crisis, we shall build, as soon as the war is over, a million dwellings a year, and that for five consecutive years.

In this field, the achievements of modern technology must be used in their entirety. The mistress of the house must be set free from all the minor chores that make her waste her time. Not only must the children's play-gardens be near the houses, but the mother must not even be compelled to take her children there herself. In the morning, the works of the alarm-clock must even switch on the mechanism that boils the water. All these little inventions that lighten the burden of life must be set to work.

Every dwelling should carry the right to a garage, and there's no question of this garage costing forty or fifty marks a month.

To subjugate an independent country, with the idea of later giving it back its freedom, that's not logical. The blood that has been shed confers a right of ownership.

The ideal solution would be to teach this people an elementary kind of mimicry. One asks less of them than one does of the deaf and dumb. No special books for them! The radio will be enough to give them the essential information. Of music, they can have as much as they want. They can practise listening to the tap running. I'm against entrusting them with any work that calls for the least mental effort.

You still have not begun to understand that we live at a turning point of history, which, granted, has yet to reach its apogee. The individualism, which, apparent already in classical Greece, marked the Middle Ages and once more put its stamp on the modern period, has begun to falter. Not because of any changes in mankind or nations or on the basis of a new political or cultural orientation, but primarily through a complete transformation of economic life, through the development from trades to industrialization, from the journeyman and independent master craftsman to the factory hand, from small individually owned businesses to large corporations, from the personal relationship between the employer and his employee to the impersonal condition of dependence of labor on capital.

Even the bees get ride of the drones when they can no longer be of service to the hive.

I see our goal and our mission so clearly that I would feel like a traitor to Divine Providence, to our Volk, to such as Dincklage, were I to stumble. And besides: the hands of time's clock cannot be turned back, world history and destiny march on. And all that is left to us is to beseech Providence to be merciful in the sacrifices it demands.

As Darwin correctly proved: the choice is not made by some agency, nature chooses. That is election. But the animals and other forms of life have a further process of self-selection. Weaklings, runts, sick individuals are cast out of their communities by the healthy ones; some of them are even killed, disposed of.

That is the will of nature. What is healthy abhors that which is sick, the productive abhors the life of the drone, purposeful striving abhors indifferent depravity.

By now we humans, whether we want to or not, have long since degenerated to the point where we can no longer rouse ourselves to self-selection. Just look at the institutions for the wayward, for the insane, for incurable epileptics, kept in handsomely furnished buildings resembling hotels and palaces, with central heating and hot and cold running water, surrounded by the most splendid gardens. That's where these people are cared for and cherished. Dozens of saintly nurses look after them, to make sure that their sick lives are preserved, to make sure that they will be a burden to others for the longest possible time. Once, it was even suggested in the Reichstag that musical performances, lectures, and movies be brought to the prisons, to entertain the convicts.

That is precisely the most profound secret of the entire revolution we are living through and whose leadership it is our mission to seize: that there has to be overthrow, demolition, destruction by force! The destruction must be meaningful, not senseless, as under Bolshevism.

They will not understand our logic; they will condemn our thinking; they will convict our new ethics; and they will shower and persecute us with all the hatred of which an ideology doomed to destruction is capable in order to fight off, to suppress, to strangle an awakening ideology that will overthrow everything that existed previously. The execution of this great transformation must be left to youth. And if the old should succeed in restraining us and hindering our work, then there is no help for them, then Bolshevism will descend on them,the Bolshevism which it is our scared goal to save the world from. With brutal ruthlessness it will crush underfoot and stamp out everything their incompetent egotism attempts to defend. A Sodem and Gomorrah will rise, such as we have already seen in Russia! Only after decades of suffering will the new come into being and rise from the ruins of that collapsed ideology and world, the new of which we have a presentiment and which it is our hope to see more clearly.

This Central European concept engages me deeply. And I am firmly convinced of England's support. What could England welcome more warmly than a loyal partner on the Continent, one who will also represent England's interests? We cede the ocean to England. In exchange, England cedes Central Europe to us and leaves it to us to establish order in the East.

The possibilities are awesome. The ideas and plans lie in wait in my imagination. An everlasting monument must arise here. Several great epochs have had their Homer. But the songs of only a few have been preserved. But what is built from squared stones that cannot be moved by man's hand that can bear witness after thousand of years to the greatness of a time and its significance. And even if, at some later time, the archaeologists' spades dig here and encounter granite blocks, then let them stand, heads bared, before the massive sight of an idea that shook and unsettled a world.

Public need before private greed.

Communism results in a welfare state where the standards are averaged downward. We want a state that allows for free development of the personality, but in the last analysis, this must also be for the needs of the people, that is, in the service of the community, where the standard is to be raised as high as possible, and then higher yet.

It is all the more important that we work at coalition. And on that point, I will tell you over and over again: without England, it is not possible! England has the necessary power. We bring along only the idea and the will. I cannot imagine that England will not decide to climb down from its pedestal of arrogance and imperialism, which has been made outmoded by history, and to extend its hand to a community of nations. England cannot ignore present-day events to such an extent! It cannot discard the world mission of the Aryan race in the world to such an extent! It must surely recognize the danger of international Communism, even if its island realm might be the last to fall into its hands. And it must notice that for the world, and therefore also for it, a new great adversary has arisen across the Atlantic, America. As a result of excessive industrialization, which received its latest impetus precisely during the Great War, America has no choice but to wage an imperial policy all over the world. For the moment, Roosevelt hopes only to achieve prosperity. But if he cannot make it come into being by peaceful means and in this he will fail then it can be coerced only by a war a war intended to permanently eliminate economic competition from Europe and possibly also from Japan, securing for America the international markets of the future: South America and China, perhaps Russia as well.

That is in England's interest as well as in ours, it is in the interest of a United States of Europe! England and Germany are equally threatened. But they are also the backbone of the West, the old world, the cultural source of mankind. And a Europe that stretches from Gibraltar to the Caucasus includes all the spheres of interest of the countries that belong to it in other parts of the world especially all of Africa, India, the Malayan archipelago, Australia, and New Zealand. Canada will also remain loyal to such a concentration of power, which would otherwise fall to America; and the Arabic family of nations will complete the circle of these United States of the old world.

This is the prize we offer England! World peace would be assured for all eternity. No earthly power could sow discord into such a community, and no army or navy in the world could shake such power.

Individualism, which is in the process of being replaced by socialism and we're determined to lend a helping hand to abolish and replace it is actually already being buried by industrialization. Yes, it's already in its grave. For, thanks to growing industrialism, with all its consequences associations, corporations, trusts, and monopolies actually only a very few people are left who might imagine themselves to be living their individual lives. But even they are under a misapprehension. For they, too, are slaves of those who wield power. All the others, anyway, have become merely working links in the universal enterprise. From early to late, men toil on perpetual treadmills. And when all is said and done, when they fall, exhausted, into bed at night, they have worked for no more than preserving their primitive slaves lives, perhaps at one time or another a little bit enhanced. But even then, their life has no other meaning.

So all that is left of individualism is legislation, civil law, as well as the piles of paragraphs in the democratic constitution, with their mentions of guarantees of universal human rights and fundamental rights that, economically speaking, have long ago ceased to exist.

Once, in deep sorrow, Goethe wrote: The German Volk will fulfill its universal mission only when it is compelled to do so by God's sword! I hope that the World War was God's sword! Should Providence have another reminder by God's sword in store for us, that would be a terrible ordeal.

I cannot believe that the civilized nations of the world are so blind that they will lacerate each other to smooth the way for Bolshevism. The contrary is essential: coalition, by groups, into confederacies of states, into families of nations, perhaps even here and there into federal states.

I am absolutely determined to link up the whole of the Eastern territories behind the East Wall by means of a network of autobahnen radiating from Berlin. The normal 7.5-metre road, will, however, be inadequate for the purpose. Instead, I shall at once construct an 11-metre road, capable of taking three lanes of continuous traffic, slow-moving lorries on the right, normal traffic in the centre and swift-moving traffic on the left.

All strategic roads were built by tyrants for the Romans, the Prussians or the French. They go straight across country. The other roads wind like processions and waste everybody's time.

I'm in favour of our building roads everywhere, but it's not essential always to proceed in a uniform manner. The landscape of Flanders doesn't call for roads like ours. These regions should each keep its own character. Let's not kill the picturesque in the world.

If men were given complete liberty of action, they would immediately behave like apes. No one of them could bear his neighbour to earn more than he did himself, and the more they lived as a community, the sharper their animosities would become. Slacken the reins of authority, give more liberty to the individual, and you are driving the people along the road to decadence.

The peasant class has remained healthy in so far as this form of law has been applied to the countryside. One child inherited the estate, the others received nothing, or almost nothing. That's exactly the practise amongst the English nobility. The title passes to a single one of the descendants, to the exclusion of all the others.

I've given instructions that, from now on, estates given to our colonists in the Eastern territories may not be parcelled out. Only the most capable son will be entitled to inherit his family's farm, the other children will have to break a road through life themselves.

Moreover, it's becoming urgently necessary to re-afforest the Ukraine, in order to struggle effectively against the rains which are a real scourge in that region. They really did a good job, those hunters who, in order to satisfy their passion for the chase, took care to re-afforest 37 per cent of German soil. In the meantime, along the whole periphery of the Mediterranean, people were de-foresting without thinking of the importance of the forest and, consequently, without adopting the policy their action entailed.

Yet at the decisive moment, it became obvious that precisely these men were the standard-bearers of rebellion. That's why it's no longer appropriate to build the Germanic Reich under the standard of the old Germany. It's not possible to unite the Germanic peoples under the folds of the black-white-and-red flag of the old German empire for the same reason as prevented the Bavarians from entering the German Reich, in 1871, under the flag of Prussia. It's the reason why I began by giving the National Socialist Party, as a symbol of the union of all Germanics, a new rallying-sign which was valid also inside our own national community the swastika flag.

It's very important for the future that the Germans don't mingle with the Poles, so that the new Germanic blood may not be transmitted to the Polish ruling class. Himmler is right when he says that the Polish generals who genuinely put up a serious resistance in 1939 were, so to speak, exclusively of German descent. It's an accepted fact that it's precisely the best elements of our race who, as they lose awareness of their origin, add themselves to the ruling class of the country that has welcomed them.

My own conscience is clean. If I am told that somewhere there exists a young man who has talent, I myself will do what I can for him. Nothing could be more agreeable to me than to be told, when somebody is introduced to me: Here's a man with rare talent. Perhaps one day he'll be the Fuehrer of the nation.

Precisely because I favour a maximum of equity in the established social order, for that very reason I feel myself entitled to rage with pitiless severity against whoever might try to undermine that order. The order I'm building must be solid enough to withstand all trials, and that's why we shall drown in blood any attempt to subvert that order.

But in this National Socialist society, nothing will be left undone to find their proper place for competence and talent. We really want every man to have his chance. Let those who have an aptitude for commanding, command, and let the others be the agents who carry these commands out.

It's important to appreciate, without prejudice, everyone's aptitudes and faults so that everyone can occupy the place that suits him, for the greatest good of the community.

No sooner do we land in a colony than we install children's cr�ches, hospitals for the natives. All that fills me with rage.

In this matter, we must resolutely push aside our lawyers and hygienic experts. No vaccination for the Russians, and no soap to get the dirt off them.

The eternal mouthings about the communal spirit which brings men together of their own free will, make me smile. In my own little homeland, when the lads of the village met in the local tavern, their social instincts rapidly degenerated, under the influence of alcohol, into brawling, and not infrequently finished up in a real fight with knives. It was only the arrival of the local policeman which recalled them to the realisation that they were all fellow-members of a human community.

The idea of human solidarity was imposed on men by force, and can be maintained only by the same means. For this reason, it is unjust to condemn Charlemagne because, in what he considered to be the best interests of the German people, he built up the whole organisation of the State on a basis of constraint.

In order to retain our domination over the people in the territories we have conquered to the east of the Reich, we must therefore meet, to the best of our ability, any and every desire for individual liberty which they may express, and by so doing, deprive them of any form of State organisation and consequently, keep them on as low a cultural level as possible.

To teach the Russians, the Ukrainians and the Kirghiz to read and write will eventually be to our own disadvantage; education will give the more intelligent among them an opportunity to study history, to acquire an historical sense and, hence, to develop political ideas which cannot but be harmful to our interests. A loud-speaker should be installed in each village, to provide them with odd items of new and, above all, to afford distraction. What possible use to them would a knowledge of politics or economics be? There is also no point in broadcasting any stories of their past history, all the villagers require is music, music and plenty of it. Cheerful music is a great incentive to hard work; give them plenty of opportunities to dance, and the villagers will be grateful to us. The soundness of these views is proved by our experience at home during the time of the Weimar Republic.

In the field of public health, there is no need whatsoever to extend to the subject races the benefits of our own knowledge.

This would result only in an enormous increase in local populations, and I absolutely forbid the organisation of any sort of hygiene or cleanliness crusades in these territories.

Compulsory vaccination will be confined to Germans alone, and the doctors in the German colonies will be there solely for the purpose of looking after the German colonists.

Dentistry, too, should remain a closed book for them.

The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subject races to possess arms. History shows that all conquerors who have allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by doing so.

Of primary importance were the measures we took to ensure a living wage for working women, such as secretaries, shop-girls, artistes and the like. By insisting that they receive a regular wage in accordance with their qualifications instead of the sort of pocket-money they formerly received, we have delivered them from the doleful necessity of being dependent on an ami for their existence.

Gauleiter Forster said that the cafes in Danzig were literally packed in the afternoons. As they had observed that there were a large number of women, heavily made-up and apparently with nothing to do, the police had asked Forster's permission to take these cafes under control. He himself was disinclined to give his permission.

Quite right! With very few exceptions indeed, everybody in the Reich to-day has been integrated into the general plan of work including the women. If the police dog every step of the citizens, we shall turn Germany into a hard-labour prison.

The duty of the police is to keep the really anti-social elements under surveillance and to render them harmless. But this does not necessitate the surveillance of places of public entertainment.

For the rest, if you keep all the somewhat flighty women out of the cafes, the first people to suffer in consequence will be the lads on leave from the front.

The same principle applies to food control. The professional black marketeer must be pursued and punished with the utmost rigour, but there is no need to stop trains, hold up motor-cars and badger people because they have bought a couple of eggs off the record. And the peasant who, after having fulfilled the obligations put on him, helps a friend out with a bit from his surplus, need not have the police put on his tracks. The only effect of that would be to make him eat up all his surplus himself.

In this case we must act warily, not forgetting that a peasant who has fulfilled the obligations put upon him has the right to dispose of his surplus as he pleases.

The foundation of St. Petersburg by Peter the Great was a fatal event in the history of Europe; and St. Petersburg must therefore disappear utterly from the earth's surface. Moscow, too. Then, the Russians will retire into Siberia.

As for the ridiculous hundred million Slavs, we will mould the best of them to the shape that suits us, and we will isolate the rest of them in their own pig-styes; and anyone who talks about cherishing the local inhabitant and civilising him, goes straight off into a concentration camp!

If this war continues for ten years, aircraft will all be flying at a height of forty thousand feet, and ocean-going traffic will all be submarine, and the world at large will be free to lead a pleasant existence. Fights will take place, but they will not be visible; Britain will lie in ruins; in Germany, every man and every woman will belong to an anti-aircraft crew. With an annual production of six thousand anti-aircraft guns, every little village in Germany will soon have its own battery and its own searchlight section, and the whole Reich will be one single, integrated defence unit. Blinded by the reflection of mirrors, the enemy pilots will be able to see nothing; if a mirror is placed at each corner of a five-hundred-metre square, the desired effect will be obtained. I wonder what people would have thought if I had spoken of figures of this kind before the war!

We will adopt the British attitude of arrogance.

In a hundred years' time, the number of people wearing spectacles, and the size of the human brain, will both have increased considerably; but the people will be non the more intelligent. What they will look like, with their enormous, bulging heads, it is better not to try to imagine; they will probably be quite content with their own appearance, but if things continue in the manner predicted by the scientists, I think we can count ourselves lucky that we shall not live to see them!

I recently read an article from the pen of some Herr Doktor advocating the prohibition of the sale in the occupied territories of contraceptives. If any criminal lunatic should really try to introduce this measure, I'd soon have his head off! In view of the extraordinary fertility of the local inhabitants, we should be only too pleased to encourage the women and the girls to practise the arts of contraception at all times. Far from prohibiting the sale of contraceptives, therefore, we should do our utmost to encourage it. We should call on the Jews for help! With their unrivalled sense of commerce, they are the very people for the job!

In all seriousness, however, there is a very real danger that these local inhabitants will increase too rapidly under our care and domination.

Their conditions of life will inevitably improve under our jurisdiction, and we must take all measures necessary to ensure that the non-German population does not increase at an excessive rate. In these circumstances, it would be sheer folly to place a their disposal a health service such as we know it in Germany; and so no inoculations and other preventative measures for the natives! We must even try to stifle any desire for such things, by persuading them that vaccination and the like are really most dangerous!

It is, furthermore, essential to avoid doing anything which might give rise to a feeling of superiority or of racial pride among the natives.

For these reasons, the local population must be given no facilities for higher education.

Schools, of course, they must have and they must pay for their tuition. But there is no need to teach them much more than, say, the meaning of the various road-signs. Instruction in geography can be restricted to one single sentence: The Capital of the Reich is Berlin, a city which everyone should try to visit once in his lifetime.

In setting up the educational system, the same principles apply to both Eastern territories and any other colonies.

Jodl is quite right when he says that notices in the Ukrainian language Beware of the Trains are superfluous; what on earth does it matter if one or two more locals get run over by the trains?

It is not our mission to lead the local inhabitants to a higher standard of life; and our ultimate objet must be to build towns and villages exclusively for Germans and absolutely separate from Russian or Ukrainian towns.

It should be possible for us to control this region to the East with two hundred and fifty thousand men plus a cadre of good administrators. Let;s learn from the English, who, with two hundred and fifty thousand men in all, including fifty thousand soldiers, govern four hundred million Indians. This space in Russia must always be dominated by Germans.

Nothing would be a worse mistake on our part than to seek to educate the masses there. It is to our interest that the people should know just enough to recognise the signs on the roads.

We'll take the southern part of the Ukraine, especially the Crimea, and make it an exclusively German colony. There;ll be no harm in pushing out the population that;s there now. The German colonist will be the soldier-peasant.

We'll produce from it all a new type of man, a race of rulers, a breed of viceroys. Of course, there;ll be no question of using people like that in the West!

The German colonist ought to live on handsome, spacious farms. The German services will be lodged in marvelous buildings, the governors in palaces. Beneath the shelter of the administrative services, we shall gradually organize all that is indispensable to the maintenance of a certain standard of living. Around the city, to a depth of thirty to forty kilometers, we shall have a belt of handsome villages connected by the best roads. What exists beyond that will be another world, in which we mean to let the Russians live as they like. It is merely necessary that we should rule them. In the event of a revolution, we shall only have to drop a few bombs on their cities, and the affair will be liquidated.

What India was for England, the territories of Russia will be for us.

What's the point of having a hundred different models for wash-basins? Why these differences in the dimensions of windows and doors? You change your apartment, and your curtains are no longer any use to you! For my car, I can find spare parts everywhere, but not for my apartment. These practices exist only because they give shopkeepers a chance of making more money.

For example, Moabit and Charlottenburg have different currents. When we rebuild the Reich, we;ll make all that uniform.

The wish we have to give millions of Germans better living conditions forces us to standardization, and thus to make use of elements built to a norm, wherever there is no necessity for individual forms. If we make things uniform, the masses will be able to enjoy the material amenities of life.

One can't imagine the time wasted daily in deciphering everybody; scribbles. Why not give lessons in typewriting at primary school?

To exploit the Ukraine properly;that new Indian Empire;I need only peace in the West.

Nevertheless, the most gifted pupils will have the possibility of pursuing their studies somewhere else, at the State;s expense.

The secret, in any case, is to give each man a chance to get on in life, even outside his own trade.

In the Eastern territories I shall replace the Slav geographical titles by German names. The Crimea, for example, might be called Gothenland.

We shall give the natives all they need: plenty to eat, and rot-gut spirits. If they don;t work, they;ll go to a camp, and they;ll be deprived of alcohol.

On the other side, we have at our disposal those stupid masses in the East. It;s for these masses to perform our humbler tasks. Thus the native population of the East will be better fed than it has ever been hitherto;and it will also receive the household utensils it needs.

Joy exists for everybody. I dream of a state of affairs in which every man would know that he lives and dies for the preservation of the species. It;s our duty to encourage that idea: let the man who distinguishes himself in the service of the species be thought worthy of the highest honours.

Flanders, too, is only a plain;but of what beauty! This Russian desert, we shall populate it.

With this object, we have undertaken the construction of roads that will lead to the southernmost point of the Crimea and to the Caucasus.

They'll come from Germany, Scandinavia, the Western countries and America. I shall no longer be here to see all that, but in twenty years the Ukraine will already be a home for twenty million inhabitants besides the natives. In three hundred years, the country will be one of the loveliest gardens in the world. As for the natives, we;ll have to screen them carefully. The Jew, that destroyer, we shall drive out. As far as the population is concerned, I get a better impression in White Russia than in the Ukraine.

We shan't settle in the Russian towns, and we'll let them fall to pieces without intervening. And, above all, no remorse on this subject! We;re not going to play at children;s nurses; we;re absolutely without obligations as far as these people are concerned. To struggle against the hovels, chase away the fleas, provide German teachers, bring out newspapers;very little of that for us! We;ll confine ourselves, perhaps, to setting up a radio transmitter, under our control. For the rest, let them know just enough to understand our highway signs, so that they won;t get themselves run over by our vehicles!

For them the work ;liberty; means the right to wash on feast days. If we arrive bringing soft soap, we;ll obtain no sympathy. These are vies that will have to be completely readjusted. There;s only on duty: to Germanise this country by the immigration of Germans, and to look upon the natives as Redskins.

In this business I shall go straight ahead, cold-bloodedly. What they may think about me, at this juncture, is to me a matter of complete indifference. I don;t see why a German who eats a piece of bread should torment himself with the idea that the soil that produces this bread has been won by the sword. When we eat wheat from Canada, we don;t think about he despoiled Indians.

That we consider it a maximum of brutality to have liberated our country from six hundred thousand Jews.

We must no longer allow Germans to emigrate to America. On the contrary, we must attract the Norwegians, the Swedes, the Danes and the Dutch into our Eastern territories. They;ll become members of the German Reich. Our duty is methodically to pursue a racial policy. We;re compelled to do so, if only to combat the degeneration which is beginning to threaten us by reason of unions that in a way are consanguineous.

I shall no longer be there to see it, but I rejoice on behalf of the German people at the idea that one day we will see England and Germany marching together against America.

The Slavs are a mass of born slaves, who feel the need of a master.

The Russian space is our India. Like the English, we shall rule this empire with a handful of men. It would be a mistake to claim to educate the native.

Even to give them a locomotive to drive would be a mistake. And what stupidity it would be on our part to proceed to a distribution of land! In spite of that, we;ll see to it that the natives live better that they;ve lived hitherto. We;ll find amongst them the human material that;s indispensable for tilling the soil.

We'll supply the Ukranians with scarves, glass beads and everything that colonial peoples like.

1. That all gifted adolescents are educated at the State;s expense.

2. That no door is closed to them.

In future every worker will have his holidays;a few days in each year, which he can arrange as he likes. Any everybody will be able to go on a sea-cruise once or twice in his life.


Ripping the Veil Wide Open

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