"The Jewish people as a whole will be its own Messiah. It will attain world domination by the dissolution of other races...and by the establishment of a world republic in which everywhere the Jews will exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this New World Order the Children of Israel...will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition..." (Karl Marx in a letter to Baruch Levy, quoted in Review de Paris, June 1, 1928, p. 574)

Friday, 16 May 2008

The Future History of Planet Earth

The Future History of Planet Earth:

Since at least the time of the biblical prophets and the Oracle of Delphi, the attempt to foretell the future has captivated the imagination of our species. Hal Lindsey's "Late Great Planet Earth" and his many other books represent a modern attempt at fortune-telling, in a Christian Zionist mold. More reputable commentators hesitate to make many predictions, because they know how notoriously fickle and inscrutable The Future truly is, and how much is dependent on the random chaos of events, the unpredictability of human free will, the creative fountain of technological innovation, and the importance of Great Men. Today, sooth-saying has something of a bad reputation, and only the very brave, the foolhardy and the deluded seem to have the courage to make predictions.

As proprietors of our little-known website (www.911-strike.com), otherwise employed in relatively mundane tasks in the low-rent districts of the American empire, the authors have nonetheless decided to grasp for the brass ring of success in the art of divining the future. Perhaps the (posthumous) fame of Nostradamus shall await us if we succeed. Although we certainly would prefer that like the humiliated Cassandra and the proverbial Chicken Little, our dire prophecies will not come to pass.

In the words of the great old warrior and Ku Klux Klan member, Senator Robert Byrd -- "We are truly sleepwalking through history." To be more precise, we are sleepwalking into the beginning of a vast world war whose purpose is to achieve a larger hidden global agenda. Or rather, there is nothing new about this World War -- it is a continuation of the Thousand Year War which has been known as the Crusades. Beyond any doubt, George W. Bush used that language with full knowledge and intent as he commenced the battle for Afghanistan last year. It was designed to inflame the anger of the entire Islamic world.

The goal of the current phase of the war is the conquest and subjugation of the Arab oil nations of the Middle East, to bring them entirely under the neocolonial control of an Anglo-Aryan dominated West and their American and Zionist proxies. Powerful elites believe that this is necessary because the Western nations need to have control of the profits, the "economic rent", that comes from ownership of oil. Up until now, the West has abetted the seemingly contradictory, but purposeful, antics of Saudi Arabian and Kuwaiti royalty, and the profitably schismatic Shiite Islamic populism of Iran, but the diversion of revenue -- and the potential that Islam will develop real, independent political and military power -- can no longer be tolerated.

In this great manipulated war against the Arabs, both Americans and Europeans have their role. Americans will do the on-the-ground fighting and dying. To accomplish this, America must be truly and deeply motivated to fight. This is being accomplished, and will be accomplished, through a cynical manipulation of the history of World War II, and the religion of Christian Zionism. We can see some of this in the President Bush's invocation of the "Saddam = Hitler" paradigm, which is illustrated most clearly with the "he gassed his own people" motif. As almost everyone knows, the horrific gas chambers of Auschwitz were the most essential embodiment, the primal horror, of Hitlerism. With the prayer of "never again", Americans are now bravely going forward, once again, to rid the world of this new "Hitlerian" scourge, the man who would gas his own people.

As the Americans play the role of the "bad cop", threatening the Arab world with nuclear destruction, the Europeans, Russia and the United Nations are playing the role of the "good cop". Exquisitely diplomatic, they beg the Arabs not to use their stocks of chemical and biological weapons, and to avoid even thinking about the nuclear option. By means of such diplomacy, Iraq has been presented to the US like a lamb for slaughter. In order to prevent the game from becoming too obvious, and to prolong the Iraqi agony, Russia and others are now (in all probability) supplying Iraq with a clandestine flow of weapons. But we expect this will not be anywhere near enough to turn the tide, and America will eventually emerge victorious.

Beyond Iraq, we do not pretend to know how quickly this war will progress, nor by what fits and starts. Already there are signs that George Bush may have botched the opening moves of the game, and the establishment is bringing forth contingency plans for a quick change of leadership. Also, it is quite likely at some point that the American economy might go into a hyperinflationary shock, especially if oil shortages cause fuel prices to skyrocket upwards. Such an inflationary episode would be highly damaging to the world economy (which relies on the health of the Dollar as a reserve currency) but it would be even more damaging to the US, which would be cut-off from its supplies of all sorts of internationally manufactured goods. No matter, the US economy will be re-built by international banking interests as a sort of Satanic mill, like Stalin's industrial base in the Ural Mountains and Siberia during World War II.

Regardless of any setbacks or delays, there is no sign that the elites have changed their agenda, and no sign that the populace of the US will rise up to demand a change in the war policy. Thus, over the years (or months) to come, we can expect that the war will proceed from Iraq into Iran or Syria. Once that happens, the Arabs may fully live up to their reputation as new Hitlers. Unlike Saddam's Iraq, Iran and Syria may actually have vast stores of chemical and biological weapons, and (in spite of all "good-cop" diplomatic efforts by the Europeans at the UN) they probably will not hesitate to use them against invading American troops, as they see the die being cast. Iran most likely has nuclear weapons (if not now, they soon will) and whatever of these can be mustered, will most likely be used as well. Also, we believe that ultimately, the Arabs will lash out not only at the newly hated Americans, but also against their ancient dialectic enemies the Israelis.

One possible scenario is that the ancient Holy Land of Jesus and Abraham will be left as a wasteland, a poisoned, radioactive cinder, with no one left alive. The Christian Zionists who are cheering this scenario forward, will be disappointed in the outcome. The Temple of Jerusalem will never be rebuilt, and Jesus Christ will not return in glory to complete the Rapture script (which will be utterly unmasked as false prophecy). However, in view of the horror that actually unfolds, and depending upon circumstances and alternative contingency plans, the peoples of Europe and Russia may unite behind the Americans in the goal of the ultimate conquest of the lands of Islam -- unless (against all odds) they manifest their growing revulsion at the incongruent and hypocritical behavior of America, by joining the Arabs.

In any case, because the corporate media and government duped Americans will be the most outraged and the most hurt, they will continue to bear the brunt of the fighting.

While the Muslims are being cast (to the American audience) in the global role of Hitler, the American President Bush (and his successors and global agenda associates) are the ones who are truly reincarnating his every move, like a script from a bad spaghetti western (for mostly global consumption). The highly productive activist Carol Brouillet remarked that Bush should be sued for plagiarism, as he is following the Hitler script so carefully. To the extent that Hitler's evil has been mythologized and rendered bigger-than-life, Bush is following the script rather than the reality. For example, the true story of the Reichstag Fire might be that a drunk Dutch communist, Marinus van der Lubbe, really was responsible for burning the German legislature. (Or not -- the controversy rages on.) At any rate, Hitler took the blame in the eyes of history. But the destruction of the World Trade Center was a true instance of fake terror, so cold-blooded that almost NO ONE can bring themselves to conceive of it.

Whatever the Hitler reality was, if Bush continues to follow the Hitler archetype, we can expect to confront the gas chamber script as well. Perhaps not exactly Death Chambers (which would tip off even the most oblivious American as to the reality of the situation) but some other high-tech means will be implemented to destroy American Muslims, Blacks who might be construed as Muslims, anti-war protestors, non-conformists, and other convenient political and economic target victims by the millions, while making headlines around the world.

Finally, after the Arab world is conquered, then Europe and Asia will unite to defeat the Americans as well, with yet another massive ground invasion. Few Americans will have the heart to fight, after the atrocities of the US government are fully understood. American casualties in the final battles will be light (although starvation and cold will kill many), and the American industrial base will be preserved.

Perhaps famine and disease will sweep the Third World, and Indo- Europeans of Aryan heritage will finally inherit the whole world as their homeland. If the powerful and wealthy elites have their way, they will rule over this great unified kingdom as feudal Lords, like Gods incarnate, such as the ancient Pharaohs of Egypt. But we do not believe that their plan of Great World Empire will ever come to pass; it never has and never will. When this current World War is over, conflict will be brewing once again, perhaps between the Asiatic powers of Russia and China.

How dare we predict such a future? Unlike the ancient oracle at Delphi, we have no secrets to hide. And unlike Hal Lindsey and his ilk, we have no use for hocus-pocus. Read on, and all will be revealed....

Psychopaths and the science of personality:

For many years, psychologists have studied the frightening reality of psychopathic or sociopathic personalities -- the serial killers, the child abusers, the pathologically consistent liars and incorrigible thieves. The scientific study of these individuals was systemically organized by Hervey Cleckley and his 1941 classic "The Mask of Sanity", and today the specialist Robert Hare is one of the foremost authorities in the field. According to Hare, the key emotional and interpersonal traits defining the psychopathic personality syndrome are: a smooth, glib capability to lie, manipulate and dissemble; a completely callous lack of empathy or concern for others; shallow emotional affect and lack of remorse; and egocentric grandiosity.

While most psychological studies of psychopathy have been based on prison populations, there's an emerging (and controversial) recognition that many individuals with this cluster of personality characteristics, are not in prison. The traits of these individuals are so distinctive that they may even represent a distinct taxon, a true sub-species of mankind -- consisting of otherwise normal human beings who are completely lacking in normal human responses to social interactions with others.

In his book, "Without Conscience", Hare writes:

"To give you some idea of the enormity of the problem that faces us, consider that there are at least 2 million psychopaths in North America; the citizens of New York City have as many as 100,000 psychopaths among them. And these are conservative estimates. Far from being an esoteric, isolated problem that affects only a few people, psychopathy touches virtually every one of us.

Consider that the prevalence of psychopathy in our society is about the same as that of schizophrenia, a devastating mental disorder that brings heart-wrenching distress to patient and family alike. However, the scope of the personal pain and distress associated with schizophrenia is small compared to the extensive personal, social and economic carnage wrought by psychopaths. They cast a wide net, and nearly everyone is caught in it one way or another.

The most obvious expressions of psychopathy -- but by no means the only ones -- involve fragrant criminal violations of society's rules. Not surprisingly, many psychopaths are criminals, but many others remain out of prison, using their charm and chameleonlike abilities to cut a wide swath through society and leaving a wake of ruined lives behind them.

Together, these pieces of the puzzle form an image of a self-centered, callous and remorseless person profoundly lacking in empathy and the ability to form warm emotional relationships with others, a person who functions without the restraints of conscience. If you think about it, you will realize that what is missing in this picture are the very qualities that allow human beings to live in social harmony.

It is not a pretty picture, and some express doubt that such people exist. To dispel this doubt you need only consider the more dramatic examples of psychopathy that have been increasing in our society in recent years. Dozens of books, movies, and television programs, and hundreds of newspaper articles and headlines, tell the story: Psychopaths make up a significant portion of the people the media describe -- serial killers, rapists, thieves, con men, wife beaters, white-collar criminals, hype-prone stock promoters and "boiler-room" operators, child abusers, gang members, disbarred lawyers, drug barons, professional gamblers, members of organized crime, doctors who've lost their licenses, terrorists, cult leaders, mercenaries, and unscrupulous businesspeople.

What about politicians? Well, here we have to be careful, because in any individual case it can be very difficult to get the data that's needed for a complete scientific diagnosis. However, in some cases there is enough information available to make a persuasive case. For example, Chris Barr in his essay Towards a unified theory of Clinton notes the psychopathic aspects of Clinton's obsessive-compulsive work habits and decision-making processes, his multiple sexual escapades and denials, and his slimy yet inescapable "Sun King" charisma. Unfortunately, Barr's article is less attentive to Clinton's murderous attack on Yugoslavia, his coverup of the Vince Foster scandal, and his cynical manipulation of the financial markets to produce a massive and artificial boom-bust cycle, all of which would prove much more devastatingly that Clinton was a cold-blooded killer and pokerfaced liar.

Regarding our current President, George W. Bush, how much clearer could it be that we are dealing with a psychopathic, insane individual? Elsewhere on this website, we argue that the events of 9/11 were a cynical hoax, intended to provoke America into fighting aggressive wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands if not millions of innocents, in a quest for Imperial power. If this is agreed, then it really should not be necessary to offer any further evidence of the psychopathy of George W. Bush. But there is much more: in this essay by Bev Conover of Online Journal, Bush isn't a moron, he's a cunning sociopath, we learn that in his youth, George W. "enjoyed putting firecrackers into frogs, throwing them in the air, and then watching them blow up." Reporter Richard Gooding of the tabloid STAR stated, in a well-referenced article, that Bush was the president of Yale's Delta Epsilon Kappa fraternity -- which "barbarically branded its new members on their backsides with a red-hot metal rod as part of a sadistic hazing practice." Reportedly, "the branding resulted in a second-degree burn that left a half-inch scab in the shape of the Greek letter Delta."

While he was not busy slumming at Delta Epsilon Kappa, Bush also joined the highly elite Skull and Bones fraternity at Yale. Some boys just can't get enough of that "Greek" party lifestyle.

There's a lot of controversy over whether psychopathy should be viewed as a disease caused by some sort of organic birth defect or brain damage. Injuries to the frontal lobes can cause a syndrome that's similar in some respects, but Hare has done a series of studies showing that they're not identical, and that "true" psychopaths basically have highly intact cognitive skills, unlike victims of brain injuries.

Whether it's a "defect" or not, our speculation is that the psychopathic personality is an inherited trait (although this would certainly be controversial among psychologists, many of whom would argue that it can be a result of traumatic childhood experiences or brain injuries.) From our perspective on the literature, it seems reasonable to speculate that it may be only a matter of time before scientists isolate the particular genes that are involved in creating a pre-disposition towards the psychopathic syndrome.

A paper by Harris, Rice & Quinsey (1994) argues that psychopathy is a "taxon" -- that is, a discrete subclass, more or less as distinctive as male vs. female, or cat vs. dog. This is based on a statistical analysis of a population of subjects with their scores for psychopathy. The distribution of scores is strongly bimodal, indicating a lack of "shades of gray" for the psychopathic personality syndrome. This is a strikingly unusual result in personality research, which usually finds a continuous range of variability in personality traits. While a five-factor personality model (introversion/extroversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, emotional stability and openness) is often considered sufficient to describe the normal range of personality, the psychopathic personality is very difficult to represent within this space (see Miller et al., 2001), exhibiting highly differentiated sub-traits within the major personality dimensions (where we would normally expect to find correlated sub-traits.) The unusual pattern of sub-traits is, in our view, another basis for believing that psychopathy represents a distinct genetic syndrome.

A review article "the sociobiology of sociopathy an integrated evolutionary model"(Mealey, 1995) treats "primary sociopathy" more or less as a synonym for Cleckley/Hare psychopathy, and argues that it's an evolutionary adaptation -- that enables a percentage of the population to fill the ecological niche for cheaters and scam artists.

Along these lines, Kent Bailey(1995) argues that psychopaths should be called "warrior hawks", and that a healthy contingent of them would be necessary for the survival of any primitive band, faced with the need to survive in violent competition with neighboring tribes. "Warrior Hawks" is perhaps a kinder, less judgmental euphemism for the phenomenon. But on the other hand, it might be unfair to those who might favor warfare in some specific set of external circumstances. "All warrior hawks are psychopaths"? Dramatic, but probably not strictly accurate. (Some warrior hawks might only appear to be psychopaths.)

A related issue is the extent to which "normal" individuals can adopt the behavior patterns of psychopaths. The ideals of empathy, social cooperation and altruism have been supported by a wide variety of philosophical, ethical and spiritual arguments over the years. More importantly, they may also be backed by millions of years of evolution, as many species have adopted cooperative modes of behavior for survival. A revulsion for excessive wanton cruelty may be literally instinctive for most human beings. Nevertheless, any evolutionary tendency towards kindness, empathy and cooperation can apparently be overcome in certain circumstances -- for example, when the government issues a call to war, and tells the people that the enemy must be killed as a matter of the society's own survival.

The psychopaths have developed an extraordinarily powerful camouflage mechanism. When it fits their purposes, they are glib, friendly and easy-going, devoid of the petty anxieties that trouble most of us and cast a pall over day-to-day interactions. They are the very embodiment of charisma and chutzpah. In this way, they stay hidden and undetected by their victims until a trap is sprung. Precisely because most human beings have an instinctive internalized sense of fair play and altruism, they are incapable of seeing when another human being does not share these attributes. We simply do not believe that such evil could exist -- and when we do undeniably encounter it, we may be tempted to ascribe it to supernatural causes, invoking the Devil himself. It is particularly stunning and incredible to contemplate that a powerful and reputable person, a company president or a Senator, or the Ruler of our Country, could possibly be a true psychopath, a man devoid of conscience.

Yet we maintain that this is quite frequently the case, from the beginning of history down to the present day.


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2. Government, Religion, Psychopathy: A theory of how the world works.

Sometimes (and seldom more than today) it seems impossible to escape the conclusion that the whole world is going insane with war and preparation for war. However, the situation is merely a manifestation of a psychopathic tendency in politics, a sinister undercurrent which is always present and sometimes erupts into ugly prominence.

In order to explain how this has happened, we will take the liberty of expressing a theory in terms of primitive, pre-historical culture. (Ever since Rousseau invented the concepts of the "noble savage" living in the "state of nature", philosophers have appealed to pre-history in support of their frameworks, and scientists have criticized those models as little better than fables. Keeping this criticism in mind, we offer this historical just-so story as a model, but not as a proof.)

A pre-history of psychopathy.

Primitive man lived in small tribes of perhaps a hundred people or so. Within these tribes, all the basic functions of government and religion had to be filled--educating the young, taking care of the old, making plans for hunting and gathering, providing an ethical system and a knowledge base for dealing with the world, and interacting with other tribes. To fill these functions, we might imagine that hierarchies would naturally emerge, based on strength, skill and intellect.

In this intimate environment, an unintelligent psychopath who actualized a criminal desire to kill or steal from his fellow tribesmen, would obviously be maladaptive as well as easily detected. However, a more clever individual with the psychopathic personality syndrome could find himself in an advantaged position in a tribal society.

With respect to a neighboring tribe -- a well-timed lie about their intentions, or false allegations of evil actions on their part, could inflame the passions of the psychopath's own tribe. This would have tremendous advantages in terms of the outcome of prehistoric warfare -- the ability to carry out an attack with surprise at a time of one's own choosing. A psychopath could satisfy his blood-lust, and emerge as a hero of his tribe as well -- while a non-psychopathic leader would spend time pondering the pain and suffering of the neighboring tribe, as well as the risks to his own people.

With respect to one's own tribesmen -- clever, well-spun and glib lies about Nature or "The Gods" could help fellow tribesmen achieve a (quite likely false) sense of assurance and confidence about the world and their place in it, while more honest individuals would simply scratch their heads at the mystery of it all. As long as the lies are not caught (and religious ideas are often framed in terms which are not subject to verification) the psychopath can earn the respect of his tribe, and probably extra benefits in terms of a greater share of the wealth of the tribe, and better access to women.

As society became more complex, the psychopath's psychological edge may have become more significant. To the extent that psychopathy and intelligence are both hereditary, those advantages would have compounded the sociological advantages of better education and greater wealth that would naturally have accrued to the children of the leading lights of the tribe.

Psychopathy at the dawn of history.

With the development of writing, the elite class would multiply their advantage over the commoners, because these highly specialized skills could be used to create an aura of mystery as well as a body of tremendously useful proto-scientific knowledge. Of course, not all members of the elite would be likely to be psychopathic by any means -- on the contrary, we would expect that accidents of birth, the distribution of skills within the broader society, and the advantages of conscientiousness and honesty, would be a constant balancing force. However, the activities of the psychopathic element would put a continuously insane "edge" on the acceptable range of elite conversation, and more often than not, non-psychopaths would find it much to their advantage to play along with the lies of the psychopaths (even when they were able to understand the fraudulent nature of those lies.)

By the time of earliest written history, we would argue that the psychopaths must have been pretty firmly in control of the emerging civilizations. We find that hordes of slaves were enlisted to build gigantic stone temples for the benefit of rulers who were seen as Gods Incarnate, while fear of the Gods (and rulers) was sometimes maintained through human sacrifice at the altar of those same gigantic temples. And this was in the stable, civilized part of the world -- which was wracked from time to time by invading hordes of roving barbarians who sometimes left none alive of the vanquished. The hatred of human sacrifice was a major part of the dialectic by which Rome conquered the ancient world.

The strategy and tactics of class struggle:

As Karl Marx wrote in the Communist Manifesto --

The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles. Freeman and slave, patrician and plebian, lord and serf, guildmaster and journeyman, in a word, oppressor and oppressed, stood in constant opposition to one another, carried on an uninterrupted, now hidden now open fight, a fight that each time ended, either in the revolutionary reconstitution of society at large, or in the common ruin of the contending classes.

Yet Marx was quite incorrect in viewing Capital as the fundamental underlying nature of this struggle. Many other factors are just as important, if not more so. Capitalism had not even been invented when the process of Class Struggle was firmly entrenched in human society. We argue that history should more precisely be viewed as a struggle of Truth and Common Sense to emerge against the ongoing efforts of psychopathic elements within the elite classes, who promote chaos and insanity for their own benefit.

A list of the ever-evolving tactics of the psychopathic elite classes would certainly include the following --

(1) Capitalist economics. Wealth obtained by the elite through conquest or theft, or inheritance, or monopolistic practices, or government-granted privilege, is treated equivalently to wealth generated by hard work or trade or innovation. In this way, the elite co-opts the support of the productive middle class.

(2) Socialist economics. The elite captures a large percentage of the total income of society through taxation (as in most modern nations). This is done ostensibly for the benefit of the common people at large, but most of the resources are appropriated for elite purposes, while only a relatively small trickle is used for "bread and circuses" to maintain support from the lower and middle classes.

(3) Feudal, fascist or communist economics. The common people are more or less owned by the elites as slaves, who are alternatively terrorized and cajoled into compliance. This system occurs when the elite is able to cause the breakdown of capitalist or socialist economic system.

(4) Democratic political systems. All politicians come from the elite classes or serve the interests of elite classes, while the people have the illusion of determining outcomes for their benefit.

(5) Authoritarian political systems. Royal or dictatorial power is used to direct as much as possible of all social resources towards elite goals. The system may be justified on patriotic, ideological or religious grounds. Typically associated with feudal or fascist economic systems.

(6) Popular religions. Often created and always manipulated by psychopathic lies from the priesthood, popular religions exploit natural human spirituality to promote the goals of the elite. Typically, individuals are encouraged to behave honestly and altruistically on behalf of elite goals (in contrast to the elites themselves, who routinely rely on deceit and treachery.) Religion may also be used to promote war and ethnic hatred, when this is required by elite strategies.

(7) Conspiracy. Elite individuals may choose to cooperate secretly with other elite individuals in other institutions or nations, to achieve mutual goals. Since elites do not necessarily share the religious and ethnic prejudices of their citizens or subjects, these conspiratorial alignments may often seem paradoxical or impossible when viewed in terms of conventional (national or institutional) paradigms. They make sense only in terms of the universal class struggle transcending national or institutional boundaries.

(8) War and conquest. Elites in aggressor societies use their power and deceitfulness to incite the population to make war. War creates anxiety, and allows the upper classes to appropriate more resources to defeat the enemy. For the losing side in war, the population at large may suffer complete defeat (and death or slavery) but the losing elite typically emerges in quisling status -- reduced but far from impotent. Sometimes a militarily strong but culturally inept nation or tribe invades and conquers another, only to find themselves ruled in short order by the elite classes of the conquered.

A particularly astounding example of the creation of war by elite banking interests is the extraordinary level of funding of both Hitler and Stalin in the build-up to World War II, as documented in Antony Sutton's books "Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler" (1976) and "National Suicide, Military Aid to the Soviet Union" (1973). These interests were obviously more important that Hitler in creating World War II, yet they went unpunished and indeed invisible at the Nuremberg War Crimes tribunals, and they are leading the charge to war today as well.

(9) Revolution and submergence. If the lower classes make troublesome demands, the elite may stage or permit a revolution which promises a major overhaul in the social structure. Following the revolution, the same old elite class emerges in control of the new institutional framework.

(10) Economic and social chaos. Elites may intentionally create or exacerbate economic boom-bust cycles, instigate ethnic conflict, or intentionally sabotage the productive capacities of a society, in order to increase the relative power and status of government and corporate institutions.

3. The Historical Continuity of Empire.

While elite antisocial behavior is part of all human history across all societies and cultures, we also believe that there is a single elite clique that has been uniquely successful in the art of empire-building. Their omnipresent power bridges across the millennia, from at least the days of the first recorded empire (the Acheamenid Persians), if not further back in time, to the present.

Orthodox historians present the story of our species as a patchwork of nations, peoples, rulers and religions, parading across the stage of time and leaving only archaeological remnants and books behind. We think we have a much more interesting way of looking at history, as a repeating yet ever-changing story of the class struggle, and the development of diverse mechanisms by which the elite maintain their power.

Our work has also revealed an astounding continuity in history. We find that the power of the Persian empire re-materialized in Greece and Rome. The mantle of Roman power was then passed from the medieval Catholic Church to the British Empire (and, to a lesser extent, the other colonial ventures of the European powers) and finally across the pond to America. The Empire created the great world religions of Judaism, Christianity and (we speculate) possibly Islam as well, solely to meet its own political objectives under varying circumstances. This singular and great Empire is the only one which has ever been on the verge of conquering the entire world (although Russia and China may have retained some stubborn independence) and it is now attempting to finally conquer the world one more time, in an attempt to escape from its own civilization-wide crisis.

To present the pageant of history in this perspective, will basically require a complete re-write of all the textbooks. The authors are woefully ill-equipped to undertake this massive venture. However, we are not entirely amused that so-called "professional historians" have so completely dropped the ball on this outlook. Since history is too important to leave to these "professionals" (just as journalism today is far too important to leave to the corporate-controlled "free press"), we are planning to bravely attempt to lay a new framework for our view of "what really happened". In most cases we expect to rely on secondary sources, and we do not pretend to achieve scholarly standards of thoroughness or objectivity. Hopefully we will inspire others to help fill in the gaps. Because we cannot be scholarly, we will at least try to be light-hearted and entertaining.

While we often expect to encounter gaping holes in our ability to document the historical continuity of Imperial rule of this planet, we submit that our position is completely consistent with common sense. How is it possible for a great power to disappear? How can great wealth be totally dissipated or stolen, cultural inheritances squandered and injustices totally squashed? We submit that Rome was not "built in a day", nor was it founded by the legendary Romulus and Remus (or their tribal proxies) on the banks of the Tiber. Rome was built over thousands of years, beginning with the civilizations of the Fertile Crescent. And we claim that Rome never really fell, but only bent over like a reed in the wind. The Roman Empire is still very much with us today, and not just in a metaphorical sense. This Empire is often referred to today as the "New World Order" but in reality there is nothing new about it.

Along with the underlying continuity of Empire, we also acknowledge a continuing saga of its own self-destruction. It is a complex empire, held together by bailing wire and duct tape. Fragments break off and need to be re-conquered, or stand on their own and eventually re-engulf the whole. At any given moment, the boundaries of the New World Order are quite fluid, even debatable to some extent.

At the present time, we believe that the core of the New World Order consists of America, the United Kingdom and Israel. Europe and Japan are also clearly near the center of the Empire, although they may appear to be shattering away from it in a great and historic divide as of this writing. Africa and South America are the unloved and exploited periphery of the Empire, and Russia and China (as far as we know) are untamed and unconquered, competitive and potential Great Powers themselves, in spite of repeated efforts by the New World Order to extend their influence in those countries. The world of Islam is heavily infiltrated at present by the New World Order, but it is becoming rebellious and will clearly become contested territory in the new World War which is now developing.

The dialectic of sacred cows:

In carrying out our re-evaluation of history, we will unavoidably need to trample on some sacred cows held close to the vest by various sundry interest groups, each with great stake in maintaining their time worn and well spun propaganda. In trampling these sacred cows it is our intent to help free the reader from the pitfalls of continuously falling into layer upon layer of false dichotomies otherwise known as Hegelian Dialectics, which may basically defined as the process of combining a poorly framed "thesis" with an oppositely bankrupt "antithesis" in order to produce a fraudulent "synthesis" (all too often, the "synthesis" is that the believers in the "thesis" must kill and destroy the advocates of the "antithesis"). These false analytic constructs are continuously fed to the populaces of all societies, in order to divert their focus and manipulate their thinking and behavior. The fraudulent synthesis always operates to the benefit of the ruling elites, even if it is at the expense of the people.

Escaping from dialectic dead ends:

By altering the focus of analysis to the divergent desires of all ruling elites with those of their ruled, we can finally escape the endless cycle of racial, religious, and nationalistic distrust and scape-goating, which are continuously fomented via the various channels of corporate controlled propaganda, otherwise (and incorrectly) referred to as our "mass media".

The psychopaths have always faced a massive struggle against their attempts to retain power, and the people have enjoyed some remarkable successes in their efforts to restrain the psychopathic tendency. There has arguably been a broad and accelerating trend to increased understanding of Nature and Science, a broadening of literacy, and an increasing distribution of prosperity and political power. At times, the progress has been remarkable -- such as with the Renaissance and the Protestant Reformation based on the printing press and the spread of literacy, the age of Democratic Reform and the end of royal rule in Europe, and the industrial revolution of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Meanwhile, the elite of the New World Order has been forced to create a thick fog bank of propaganda and lies about themselves, so that it is only possible by arduous and careful study to discover the true nature of their existence. Most of the world is fooled into thinking that the vast body of knowledge addressing this powerful elite, amounts to nothing but a mass of speculative "conspiracy theory".

The authors are encouraged that we have been able to emerge from this fog at least to some extent, and our fondest hope is that the rest of the world can do so as well. As we are nearing the end of the Age of Petroleum, facing a crisis caused by the inevitable end of the exponential growth of the entire human enterprise, we find that the psychopaths' finger is firmly planted on the nuclear trigger. It is difficult to feel confident about the future, which will be so much more hopeful if we can create a widespread understanding of the nature of our predicament.

4. Secret societies in government, business and religion:

From the earliest times of recorded history, we find that secret societies are a natural and integral part of human civilization. What we mean by a "secret society" is one whose meetings are not open to the general public, and whose written documents are kept confidential to some extent. Secret societies are often organized hierarchically, with ultimate decision-making power vested in a single individual. Outside of a secretive core group, a secret society may have a much larger hierarchical structure which operates very openly and which produces abundant documentation of its broader operations. Our hypothesis is that these secret societies can operate as a mechanism for filtering and selecting psychopathic individuals to carry out the conspiratorial goals of a society and its leadership.

Many modern governments have an intelligence service which operates as a "secret society" whose covert operations are hidden from the public, and which produces a great torrent of highly classified (and unclassified) documentation. Examples would include the American CIA, the Israeli Mossad, the KGB of the former Soviet Union, the British MI-6, and so forth.

Similarly, nearly all corporations are organized as secret societies, with operative decision-making vested in a hierarchical management group (CEO, vice-presidents, corporate secretaries etc.) and boards of directors, who design business strategies in confidential meetings whose results are zealously guarded as trade secrets. (However, since the 1929 fiasco the SEC and public investors have required some disclosure of financial results. These disclosure requirements have now been effectively voided for the most part, as shown by the Enron affair.)

Possibly the most prototypical examples of secret societies are known as the "mystery religions" or "occult societies". These are religions which attempt (with varying degrees of success) to make secrets out of their central doctrines as well as their procedures and meetings. Examples include the Freemasons (and derivative organizations such as the Illuminati, Skull and Bones, Thule Society, Rosicrucians and so forth), the medieval Knights Templar, the Roman Catholic Jesuits and Opus Dei, the Assassins and some other sects of Ismaili (Aga Khan) Muslims, the Essenes and other Hebrew mystery cults, and ancient Roman Mithraism. The names of the deities of any particular occult society may vary from time to time and place to place, the underlying motifs and archetypes are generally similar, and closely related to the pantheistic astral and tribal paganism of ancient Mesopotamia. This is the worship of Mithra (the Sun), Sin (the Moon) and Lucifer (Venus), along with Ahura Mazda or Yahweh (the Great Architect of the Universe?) and Moloch and Baal, the tribal consorts of the astral gods. Modern apologists for Freemasons and other occult secret societies argue that these ancient pagan gods are correctly interpreted today as benevolent and altruistic symbols. However, in ancient history these same gods were portrayed as jealous and angry gods, actually psychopathic gods, who would lie and kill without remorse in the pursuit of ultimate and eternal power, and who demanded the aroma of human sacrifice. In their choice to preserve and venerate the memory of the psychopathic gods of ancient Mesopotamia, are modern psychopathic elites also revealing something about themselves?

Most modern human beings are convinced that these pagan gods passed into the dustbin of history two millenia ago, but we suspect that this may not be the case. Repeatedly throughout history, the elites of the Great World Empire have been attracted to religious secret societies such as these, which maintain a high regard for the ancient pagans. We submit that this is no coincidence.

In modern times we are also seeing a proliferation of elite secret societies which operate at an international level, such as the World Bank and IMF and associated world economic meetings, and the Bilderberg society. Similar organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and Trilateral Commission seem to operate on an open level, although it is difficult to know whether they might have a secretive core level. These international (globalist) secret societies have an extraordinary and quite well-documented ability to attract wealthy and powerful individuals to form their core membership, just as the religious secret societies also attract these same individuals. Furthermore, their memberships are often interlocking, such as in corporate boards. As noted in Janis Irving's 1972 book "Victims of Groupthink", any committee or group (even one composed entirely of non-psychopathic individuals) can fall prey to various faulty decision making processes. However, it should be clear that if a substantial portion of any secret society is made up of psychopathic individuals, the decision-making processes will be further compromised to say the least. Also just as clearly, such an organization is a good place to organize a conspiracy -- that is, an illegal or wrongful scheme perpetrated by two or more persons acting in concert.

Any assessment of the power of the psychopathic tendency, in powerful individuals, dynasties, and secret societies, is basically a matter of historical judgment over a broad sweep of time and across many events. Conspiracists have often been accused of "mining" the historical record for odd factoids and tidbits that support some skewed and paranoid interpretation, and we do not wish to contribute to that syndrome. Our goal is to take a patient and systematic overview of the broad sweep of history, and show that it is overwhelmingly consistent with our view.

While we note that many mainstream observers are skeptical, we also observe that many who actually take the time and effort to evaluate the literature on secret societies tend to eventually fall overboard into the opposite conclusion. Time and time again we see concerns that one or another of the secret societies is becoming so powerful that it is nearly omnipotent and eminently capable of conquering the world. The John Birch Society fears a Communist conspiracy, Hitler's Germans feared a secret conspiracy of Jewish bankers, and so forth. For the most part, advocates of these theories are rightly seen as crack-pots. Most anyone can see that the Socialists are opposed by the Capitalists, the Jews are opposed by the Moslems, and nobody seems to have any imminent potential of winning the whole ball of wax. However, with the understanding that all of these facets are inter-related at some point by their relationship to the New World Order, we realize that we simply do not have the data to resolve the questions about exactly what power is held by each of the secret societies. In fact, the proliferation of secret societies is probably largely innocent, and has the effect of creating a sort of "shell game" as conspiracy theorists try to guess and argue over which of the secret societies is most important and responsible for the world's problems.

Factors preventing the psychopathic conquest of the world.

We presume that total world domination is the long-term goal of the Great World Empire, whether or not they have mapped out and designed their means to achieve such a goal. To understand this, consider the problems it would solve for them. All the taxes (tribute) from all over the world would go to a single center. A single world army would only need to be big enough to put down any challenges that somehow arose from below, and escaped the attentions of worldwide surveillance. A plutocratic class (and who knows how big or small it might be) could have as many slaves and servants as they needed, and any surplus population could simply be killed, leaving vast, beautiful, empty estates for the chosen few. Assuming the worst possible scenario -- that this is actually the articulated and self-comprehended plan of the elite classes within their secret societies -- we must consider all the problems they face in their attempts to reach this goal.

One class of problems is structural within the elite psychopathic class. At every new generation, some of the children of any wealthy family will grow up without any psychopathic tendencies, yet they inherit great wealth anyhow. Sometimes the scions of the wealthy might merely pretend to be psychopaths in order to rise to a high station, then hope to use their power to good ends later in life. Also, it must occur from time to time that a ruler of a nation (being truly psychopathic) might rebel against the Secret Order and seek to aggrandize themselves at other society members' expense. Remember, they're psychopaths, which means they only work together to the extent that it benefits themselves. The elites exist within a world that has always been fragmented into various races, and divided by languages and cultures. These divisions naturally induce suspicion, and can be exploited by rebellious psychopathic members of the secret societies -- in order to create an independent power base, and then extend their direct share of power. Meanwhile, all other psychopathic rulers (as well as uncorrupted ones, if they exist) must prepare to defend against incursions.

The elite also faces continual challenges from the people they rule over. It's impossible for the elite to monopolize all the wealth in a society. The first problem is that destitute slaves do not make effective or enthusiastic warriors -- a nation of angry or hopeless paupers is easily conquered. Also, in order to promote a work ethic, there need to be some rewards for effort -- otherwise all the subjects will do the minimum necessary to avoid being whipped. The Laffer curve illustrates that there is some optimum level of taxation which maximizes government revenue, while still leaving significant wealth for individuals. Furthermore -- any society requires a class of managers, supervisors and bureaucrats who have some training and resources. Those classes represent a constant source of challenges to the elite rulers -- and they may take nearly complete control of a society, especially if they are also landowners and are able to force a Republican or plutocratic governmental structure.

Rule by "quislings" is especially ineffective, because the subjects want to overthrow the ruler as soon as the traitorous relationship is exposed. There is a limit to the amount of tribute (taxation or war reparations) that can be extracted by this means. Also, from time to time, the machinations of the secret society are exposed and become generally known. Then the society must submerge politically, and may suffer significant losses of assets. If a society preserves Republican or Democratic formalisms, then there is a limit to the amount of lies that can be fed to the people -- eventually the formalisms break down and are replaced by overt dictatorship.

History has seen many attempts by the New World Order to consolidate its rule over the whole globe. Time and time again, these attempts have failed, for the structural reasons I've just listed -- and also because any such empire inspires resistance in the entire world outside itself. If the Bush war campaign, now gathering force around Iraq, represents an attempt to create such a world empire -- it seems quite certain that the attempt will fail yet again. The only question is how much chaos will be created in its failure.




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