"The Jewish people as a whole will be its own Messiah. It will attain world domination by the dissolution of other races...and by the establishment of a world republic in which everywhere the Jews will exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this New World Order the Children of Israel...will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition..." (Karl Marx in a letter to Baruch Levy, quoted in Review de Paris, June 1, 1928, p. 574)

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Architects of Deception Part II

Part II

Myths as a Base of Power

For centuries the whole of Europe believed in witches. Huge books written by learned men, such as the infamous "Malleus maleficarum " ("The Witch Hammer") by Heinrich Institoris and Jakob Sprenger, published in 1486 and printed in a further 30 editions until 1669, stigmatised the nefarious practices of witches. This was reason enough for the Church to consider itself justified in executing thou- sands of innocent women.

Would not all of us still believe in witches today, if we had been brought up with horror stories about witches from their earliest childhood and if the mass media reported their heinous crimes day after day?

More and more myths have begun to erode recently. They do not stand up to close scrutiny.

The children of Israel were never slaves in Egypt. Neither did they roam through the desert of Sinai for forty years nor conquer the land of Canaan by force. This was revealed by Zeev Herzog, professor of archaeology at the University of Tel Aviv.
"The biblical epoch has never occurred. After 70 years of exca- vations, the archaeologists have reached a frightening conclusion: it is simply not true," Herzog wrote in the Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz.

Most Israeli archaeologists agree on the fact that the biblical Exo- dus from Egypt does not correspond to historical facts. Experts have also accepted that Joshua did not conquer the town of Jericho in a single battle and that the town walls did not fall at the blast of trumpets. The archaeologist Adam Zertel at the University of Haifa also knows that the wandering in the desert is a myth.

According to Herzog, David and Solomon never ruled over a mighty empire, it was just a little tribal kingdom without any power. Jerusa- lem, which was captured by King David, was just a feudal estate.

It is generally believed that the Vandals were uncivilised bar- barians who destroyed everything in their path. This is a deliberate lie. The blond and blue-eyed Vandals were a Nordic people and were no less civilised than any other people. They originated in North Jutland, in southern Scandinavia.

The Catholic Church opposed the religious beliefs of the Vandals, called Aryanism, which denied the divine nature of Jesus Christ and interpreted all events in the light of the theory of reincarnation. Because of this, the Vandals were a threat to the generally accepted myths.

In 534, Byzantium managed to destroy the kingdom of the Vandals with its rich culture and capture their capital city, Carthage. The conquerors killed the aged and children; the men were forced to become soldiers and the women were married to men from other races. After just one generation, the Vandals and their religion had been erased from the face of the Earth. And history is written by the victors!

Not long ago, the Swiss believed that the storming of the Habsburg castles occurred after the taking of oaths in Riitli in 1291. Excavations have shown that the castles were abandoned without a struggle long before, respectively long after 1291. The storming of the castles never happened (Werner Meyer, "1291 - Die Geschichte ").

The British astrophysicist Sir Fred Hoyle reached the conclusion that the universe is governed by a greater intelligence. In 1978, Hoyle described the conspirator Charles Darwin's theory of evolution as wrong and claimed that the belief that the first living cell was created in the "sea of life" was just as erroneous. In his book "Evo- lution from Space" (1982), he distanced himself completely from Darwinism. He stated that "natural selection" could not explain evolution.

Hoyle asked in his book "The Intelligent Universe" (1983): "Life as we know it is, among other things, dependent on at least 2000 different enzymes. How could the blind forces of the primal sea manage to put together the correct chemical elements to build enzymes?"

According to his calculations, the likelihood of this happening is only one in 10 to the 40 000 power (1 followed by 40 000 zeros). That is about the same chance as throwing 50 000 sixes in a row with a die. Or as Hoyle describes it: "The chance that higher life forms might have emerged in this way is comparable with the chance that a tornado sweeping through a junk-yard might assemble a Boeing 747 from the materials therein... I am at a loss to understand biologists' widespread compulsion to deny what seems to me to be obvious." ("Hoyle on Evolution", Nature, Vol. 294, 12 November 1981, p. 105)

The odds are only for enzymes if all other relevant molecules for life are also taken account of in our calculation, the situation for conventional biology becomes intrinsically insuperable. The unique qualities of man (conscience, morals and religion) do not correspond at all to the evolutionary thesis of "the survival of the fittest". A martyr chooses death rather than forsaking his beliefs.

Hoyle stressed that science must once again accept that there is a greater intelligence in the universe. Sir Fred Hoyle believes that Darwin's evolutionary theory is a damaging myth. He stated: "We must adjust ourselves to this in our scientific research programs."

The theory of evolution was worked out by the Lunar Society, founded on the initiative of the high-ranking Freemason Benjamin Franklin in Birmingham, England in 1765. He later emigrated to America. The members gathered once a month at the full moon. The society was a revolutionary masonic organization that supported the overthrow of monarchies and undermining the belief in God (Ian T. Taylor, "In the Minds of Men: Darwin and the New World Order", Minneapolis, 1984, p. 55).

An important member of the Lunar Society was Erasmus Darwin (1731-1802). He became the grandfather of Charles Robert Darwin and between 1794-96 wrote the book "Zoo-nomia, or the Laws of Organic Life", the conclusion of which was the same as that of "On the Origin of Species", which his grandson wrote in 1859.

In this way, the Freemasons managed to spread misinformation about how we only live one life on Earth and that we are alone in the universe, which created itself out of nothing. According to humanists, all human development ends with physical death. Darwin's "The Origin of the Species" is a fraud. The word "evolution" first appeared in the sixth edition, printed in 1872, the same year the author died. In his book "In the Minds of Men: Darwin and the New World Order", the scientist Ian T. Taylor revealed how the Lunar Society and other masonic organizations have led many intellectuals astray with their manipulations and with the aid of "modern" science.
Both Erasmus Darwin and his friend James Watt in the Lunar Society were Freemasons. The older Darwin was initiated into St.

David's Lodge No. 36 in Edinburgh in 1754. He later also became a member of Canongate Kilwinning Lodge No. 2 (Freemasonry Today, autumn 1999).

Scientists now admit that the Neanderthals were not our forebears, since the DNA analysis of the mitochondria shows that they belonged to another species altogether. Svante Paabo, professor of biology at Munich University, proved that they were not our ancestors (Natur & Vetenskap, No. 9, 1997, p. 11).

Charles Darwin later developed an ideology, called humanism, which international freemasonry began to utilise as a weapon against people with spiritual beliefs. Charles Darwin was just an errand boy for the masonic elite. With the help of "humanistic" organizations, the freemasons have spread atheism and other false doctrines.

The British quantum physicist Paul Davies, however, postulates in his interesting book "God and the New Physics" (1983) that "a ruling universal consciousness utilises the laws of nature for a determined purpose". In his opinion, quantum physics is the surest way to find God today. Paul Davies writes in an article: "The very fact that the universe is in the process of creation and that its laws have allowed complex structures to come into existence and develop into conscious life, is for me a strong testimony that something is happening behind the scenes. I find it impossible to deny the impression that everything is planned..." (Svenska Dagbladet, 3 March 1989, p. 14)

Sigmund Freud's theory of psychoanalysis was just a huge bluff. This was revealed by, among others, Daniel Stern, an American pro- fessor of psychiatry in Geneva. Freud's so-called regressive model is not true, Stern claims. If it were true, it would be possible to use it to predict people's problems or to show a connection between early disturbances and problems later in life. But this has not been successful (Svenska Dagbladet, 1 June 1990).

Freud belonged to the Jewish masonic organization B'nai B'rith (Peter Gay, "Freud", Stockholm, 1990, p. 158). During the period when Freud was working on his theory of psychoanalysis (1880- 1890), he used cocaine daily. Cocaine is a powerful sexual stimulant.

He praised the drug and handed it out to friends and acquaintances. He even wrote "songs of praise" in its honour. Freud introduced cocaine to the Western world.
Information about effective political alternatives is concealed from us. The official history is that life was more difficult in the past. But well-functioning political systems have existed, which have not been advertised.

Pharaoh Amenophis IV, who ruled between 1353 and 1335 B.C., was a wise and kind-hearted ruler who seriously tried to reform Egyptian society. He abolished blood sacrifices and converted to the cult of the Sun by only worshipping one god - Aton. He took the name Akhenaton (He who is useful to Aton). He enjoyed philosophy and detested war. He passed a law in which he declared that religion stood for goodness and love. He stressed: "The name of our god is Aton, who is the Sun, the great giver of life. Let all people be equal in life as in death."

He moved the capital from Thebes to Tell-Amarna, 300 km to the north, and renamed it Akhet-Aton, confiscated the property of the priesthood, which had led them to detest the people and to create a state within the state. He divided up the land of the priests among farmers and slaves. He made it illegal to become rich without wor- king. He took all the gold from the temples and gave it to the poor. He regarded poverty as a sign of inefficiency.

He released all slaves and personally lived in a modest and frugal way. He made it illegal to slaughter animals by means that led to unnecessary suffering. The pharaoh stopped all wars and released a large part of the army. Syria, which had become infamous for bringing prostitution and other sins into Egypt, was the first colony to receive independence.

Akhenaton was the victim of a conspiracy. His own doctor poi- soned him.
His last words were: "The eternal kingdom has no place on Earth. Everything returns to its original form. Fear, hatred and injustice rule the world again and the people will slave and suffer again as they did in past times. It would have been better if I had never been born than that I should live to see evil triumph over good."
Tutankhamun, who took over the throne, returned everything to the old ways (Otto Neubert, "Tutankhamun and the Valley of the Kings", Manchester, 1954, p. 151-174). Akhenaton's name was erased from all inscriptions and his royal city was levelled to the ground.

A system based on spirituality can be very successful. This was proved by the Greek mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras (580 - 500 B. C), who was from the island of Samos. After his explorative expeditions, he founded the society of Kroton (now Crotone), and the esoteric hylozoist Brotherhood (the association of Pythagoreans) and school in Syracuse on Sicily. He implemented a just law. The Pythagoreans were the spiritual aristocracy. Besides philosophy and geometry, they seek a numerical basis for the universe. Pythagoras developed an esoteric school of thought, which still exists today.

Pythagoras astonished everyone with his great knowledge of magic. His influence on the development of southern Italy during more than 30 years was extensive. The Pythagoreans reformed society by ethical means. Their government was called the 'aristo- cracy' (the rule of the best or the most knowledgeable). A city-state polis was founded at Kroton, which was ruled by 300 aristocrats who were celibate to avoid nepotism. The economy flourished and the cultural life was rich. There was freedom of speech. The central principle was honesty. The women in this system were equal to the men and were permitted to reach high positions in society, as Diogenes Laertios has related.

In Russia, criminal masonic groups seized power in 1917 and founded the opposite of aristocracy - a cacistocracy, the rule of the worst and most ignorant.

Pythagoras' most famous disciple, Plato, developed his theory of the ideal republic from experiences in Crotona. It has been claimed that this theory was the prototype for communism. This is a typical case of misinformation. It was quite the opposite! Plato called for the rule of the philosophers (the wise), not a tyranny of the ignorant.

A rich, jealous and amoral potentate called Kylon organized a plot against the freethinking aristocrats in Crotona, which led to the execution of many leading philosophers. Pythagoras was forced to flee. Despite this, the influence of the Pythagoreans became even greater after these events.

Later, a more extensive revolt was brought about when many political leaders were killed and many of the schools of the Brother- hood were destroyed (including those in Crotona and Syracuse). The Brotherhood moved from southern Italy to Athens. Information about this golden period of enlightenment has been ignored in modern history.

It was Pythagoras, who began to use the term 'philosophy', and called himself a philosopher, or friend of wisdom. Pythagoras also developed an esoteric system called hylozoism. He claimed that all matter possesses consciousness or a soul. All the worlds are spiritual entities. Even the planets are living beings. The universe is also conscious. Hylozoism in Greek means 'the doctrine of living matter' ('hyle' means matter and 'zoe' life).

The spiritual principle seeks to attain more knowledge and less faith. For this reason the Buddhists believe that the greatest sin is ignorance, because it leads to crime.

No great leaps occur during normal evolution. Revolutions are damaging, especially those brought about to arrest development. This is a serious crime against nature.
The greatest damage has been caused by all sorts of myths about communism and its executioners. The former Swedish Prime Minister Hjalmar Branting wrote in Folkets Dagblad: "Lenin's great deed will always remain as one of the most meaningful in these troubled times, meaningful in its straightforwardness and its reckless love for the social revolution." (Hjalmar Branting, "Tal och skrifter", Stockholm, 1930, XI, p. 231)

For many years, we were fed with the Soviet myth about Katyn. The Germans supposedly murdered several thousand Polish officers in the Katyn forest. This lie has now been exposed.

Many treacherous myths are spread in many areas - about the safety of vaccination, that we are biologically identical, that the arti- ficial sweetener aspartame is not dangerous, that vitamin C is dama- ging.

Gagarin Was Never in Space

A Soviet propaganda hoax has been revealed in the former com- munist countries (for example Hungary, Estonia and Poland). It was a myth that everyone had really believed in, that the Soviet Air Force officer Yuri Gagarin had made a space-flight. Many Western govern- ments were aware of this Soviet bluff but did not want to reveal the truth. It was not intended for the people to know that the Soviet Union was a backward state.

One interesting books about this is "Gagarin: A Cosmic Lie" ("Gagarin - kozmikus hazugsag", Budapest, 1990) by the Hungarian journalist Istvan Nemere. Not one word about the contradictions sur- rounding Gagarin's "journey into space" have been published in Sweden, where the Soviet Union is still regarded with a great deal of respect. Such a revelation would be far too embarrassing.

Until 1961, the United States had managed to send up 42 satellites, the Soviet Union only 12. The United States also informed the world that Alan Shepard would make a space journey in the space- craft Freedom 7 on 5 May 1961.

The Soviet Union was forced to do something to save face. For this reason a Soviet cosmonaut, Vladimir Ilyushin, was sent up into space on 7 April 1961. The Americans intercepted several radio communi- cations between him and the space centre in the Soviet Union. Ilyu- shin's landing failed and he was seriously injured. He could not be shown to the public. It was claimed that he had been injured in a car accident. He was sent to China to receive better medical treatment.

The Russian TV documentary "Cosmonaut Cover-Up" (2001) also claims that on 7 April 1961, Vladimir Ilyushin left for space, got into trouble during the first orbit, and crash-landed in China during the third orbit. Ilyushin was badly injured. He was returned to the Soviet Union a year later. Ilyushin was killed in an engineered car accident in 1961.

The Soviet Union did not have a spare capsule at that time and in Moscow it was decided to orchestrate a huge bluff, a cosmic lie.

Radio Moscow claimed that a Soviet cosmonaut, Yuri Gagarin, had been sent up into space on the morning of 12 April 1961 with the space-rocket Vostok. According to the official announcement, he had already landed and was in fine health. The whole world believed this except for the Western intelligence services. They had not managed to register any radio communication between Gagarin and the space centre.

This hoax was sloppily orchestrated. Polish newspapers announced already on the morning of 12 April that a Soviet cosmonaut had been in space. Newspapers in other countries did not report Gagarin's flight until 13 April.

In a book written for the West, Soviet propagandists claimed that simple peasants recognized Yuri Gagarin soon after he landed in a field and enthusiastically shouted: "Gagarin, Gagarin!" But nothing about his "space journey" had been reported at that time, no pictures of him had been published and his name had not been mentioned. The message from radio and TV was sent out 35 minutes after the alleged journey. Were the peasants psychic?

The newspaper Sovetskaya Rossiya claimed that Gagarin was wea- ring a blue flightsuit when he landed. In his memoirs, Gagarin him- self claimed he was dressed in an orange flightsuit.

At his press conference, Gagarin read from notes when he "related" his journey. During the press conference, he made several crucial mistakes. Gagarin stated that weightlessness was no problem. Every- thing seemed just normal. We now know that this is not the case. The cosmonaut German Titov, for example, had difficulties with his balance and had heart problems. American astronauts experienced similar symptoms.

Gagarin then made his most serious mistake, despite the fact that he was constantly assisted by experts, who often spoke about disco- veries in space. He said: "Then I saw South America."

This is impossible. At that time it was night in South America, which meant that it could not be seen at all. According to the official reports, Gagarin began his "space journey" at 9:07 Moscow time. He was supposed to have flown over South America at 9:22 Moscow time. In Chile, the time would have been 2:22, in Brazil 3:22. He could never have reached South America in 15 minutes. For other cosmonauts it took 45 minutes.

Foreign journalists wondered: "When will the photographs that Gagarin took in space be published?" Gagarin was silent, thought for a moment and answered: "I didn't have a camera with me!"

Even unmanned Soviet space probes had photographic equipment onboard. It would have been an important propaganda triumph to publish Gagarin's pictures from space. The Soviet Union would never have missed an opportunity like that. Shepard's pictures were cabled out immediately. Parts of his flight were also shown on TV.
At the press conference, it was never explained whether Gagarin landed in his capsule or was ejected. If he had used the catapult seat, he would have become several centimetres shorter. This could easily have been ascertained. All pilots who have catapulted have become somewhat shorter as a result of spinal deformation.

When Gagarin wanted to travel in space for real in 1968, he was disposed of, according to Istvin Nemere. His plane exploded on 27 March the same year. The official report concerning this event con- tained many contradictions. The report was classified during the communist period. It claimed that there was not much left of Gagarin's body after the crash. In that case, how did his flightsuit come to land in the top of a tree?

There are far too many questions surrounding Gagarin's space- flight in April 1961. A British team of researchers who questions the propaganda surrounding manned journeys to the moon also confirms this information. When will the truth be admitted officially?

On 12 April 2001, the Russian senior engineer Mikhail Rudenko, at the Experimental Design Office 456, in Khimki in the Moscow region, admitted in Pravda that three cosmonauts had died in space before Gagarin was sent up, namely Alexei Ledovskikh (1957), Serenti Zhaborin (February 1958), and Andrei Mitkov (flight attempt January 1959).

The Russian journalist and cosmonaut candidate (June 1965) Yaroslav Golovanov (1932-2003) wrote in his book "Cosmonaut One" that on 10 November 1960, another cosmonaut, Byelokonyev, also died onboard a space-ship in orbit. Several sources reveal that 7-11 cosmonauts have died in orbit before Gagarin.

The CIA knew about the Gagarin bluff but said nothing. Instead they have come up with more and more ridiculous lies themselves.

It is claimed that those astronauts who were freemasons performed magic rituals in space. In the Grand Lodge of Dallas, there is a painting of American astronauts on the moon performing certain secret masonic rituals. According to official information, the Ameri- can astronaut and freemason Edwin Aldrin left the banner of the Knights Templar on the surface of the moon. It was also claimed that two gold rings were left on the moon, the purpose of which has not been clarified. Information was later "leaked" that the freemasons attempted to contact the demons on the moon with the aid of these gold rings. Kenneth Kleinknecht, a department head at NASA, as well as a high-ranking freemason and a member of the secretariat within the Scottish Rite supposedly issued the orders for these rituals (Michael A. Hoffman II, "Secrets of Masonic Mind Control", Dresden, NY, 1989, p. 40). The masonic leaders have a very strange perception of reality.

The documentary by the famous photographer David S. Percy, "What Happened on the Moon?" shows that we have every reason to doubt the authenticity of the manned Apollo flights. The film shows in detail how the pictures "from the moon" in conjunction with the first flight on 20 July 1969 (Apollo 11) were falsified. Shadows fall in different directions, which suggests artificial lighting (which has been officially denied).

In pictures taken from different places the astronauts were not in darkness even when they were in the shade, the same background was used and the same hill appeared twice during two different landings. Despite the clear view, no stars were visible in the sky, no crater formed under the lunar landing module where the rocket thrusters had braked, no dust had settled on the landing module and its struts, the flag waved despite the fact that there is no atmosphere on the moon, the sound of engines (150 decibels) was missing in the NASA film, in which it was possible to hear the astronauts' voices. A "moon rock" with a 'G marked on it could be seen (as if it was a marked prop). A Coca-Cola bottle was visible on the TV screen (perhaps they sell them on the moon?), the TV signal did not come from the moon, but from Australia, and the Earth was visible from the windows on both sides of the space capsule.

It was technically impossible at that time to perform a lunar lan- ding. (Bill Kaysing, a technician at the company who built the Apollo rockets, claimed that the chance of reaching the moon and returning safely was around 0.017 per cent.) Upon leaving the moon, no flames were seen coming from the rocket's engine, as if wires had pulled up the rocket.

A few months before the alleged trip to the moon, a prototype of the landing module was tested. Neil Armstrong lost control of the module at a height of 90 metres, but managed to eject himself. How is it that the lunar landing went perfectly?
Astronauts cannot travel to the moon because of the radiation in the Van Allen belts, innerbelt is approximately 2400-5 600 km distant from the Earth and 3200 kilometres wide, outer belt is 12 000 -19 000 km distant from the Earth. This radiation was discovered with the aid of satellite sensors in 1958. Charged particles, protons and electrons, which have been caught in the Earth's magnetic field, move about rapidly in these belts. These particles have been created within the Earth's atmosphere by cosmic radiation and sun-winds (corpuscular radiation). They move simultaneously in three different patterns: in spirals around the magnetic line, back and forth along the magnetic line and in orbit around the Earth; electrons move from west to east, protons from east to west.

The most dangerous particles, which contain most energy, have collected in the inner parts of the belts, an area which astronauts absolutely must avoid. If an astronaut passed through these belts, he would become seriously ill or die from the radiation shortly after exposure. The photographs that were taken would likewise have been destroyed.

During magnetic sun storms, the radiation increases. On such occasions it can be a thousand times stronger than usual. The Apollo 16 mission coincided with the most intensive sun storm ever. A two- metre layer of lead would have been necessary to protect the astronauts, according to the physicist Ralph Rene. (We are protected by lead when x-rays of our teeth are taken.) The space capsule had a thin shell of aluminium. Due to the radiation, the Russians never attempted to send anyone to the moon.

Bill Kaysing believed that the astronauts circled the Earth for eight days and that NASA showed fake pictures of the moon in the meantime. The pictures were taken in the Nevada desert at a secret military base called Area 51, where there is crater-covered ground, which look similar to the moon. If NASA's moon film is shown at double normal speed, the astronauts appear to be running in the Earth's gravitational field.

The statistics from the unmanned flights allowed too small a margin for successful flights, whereas the manned flights were nearly exclusively successful. Despite the fact that the electrical system of Apollo 12 was critically damaged by lightning, it successfully managed to "land on the moon" using just the reserve system. Only a child could believe in such a fairy tale. When a real attempt was made in 1970 with Apollo 13, everything went wrong. The question is, what is true and what is bluff? At least 25 % of Americans believe man has never landed on the moon. The Apollo hoax cost the American tax-payers 40 billion dollars. We will never know what the cost would have been if the US government had really tried to put a man on the moon.
One thing is certain - it is no longer possible to trust our authorities. They are notorious liars and also quite careless.

The freemasons expose us to a palimpsest or codex rescriptus by destroying and concealing the ancient spiritual culture and replacing it with a worthless mass-culture, the goal of which is to strengthen the effect of consensus trance. During the Middle Ages, expensive vellum was processed for re-use by erasing a part or all of the original text with a pumice stone. Priceless texts from the ancient world were destroyed and replaced by theological drivel. As early as the 18th century, it became possible to expose the original texts with the aid of chemicals. In this way Cicero's great work "De re publica" was re-created.

Unfortunately, the Swedish people are particularly susceptible to the practice of the palimpsest syndrome - the poisonous and false ideas of the freemasons. In Sweden as in the Soviet Union, all opponents of the socialist injustices and brainwashing as well as other ideological dissidents are called racists and Nazis. Politically correct agitators are indoctrinated individuals and should be regarded as political illiterates, since they are totally ignorant of the hidden reality that controls our lives.

Goethe wrote: "Nothing is more terrifying than extreme ignorance."
In today's world information is regarded as "credible" if it coincides with the opinions of the government. Unofficial information from other sources is completely ignored. As far as history goes, what you think is truth, may just be propaganda.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your bit on the Gagarin hoax seems to be quoted directly from another source. Here is a copy of a letter I wrote to them. They never wrote back.

I was very interested reading your site's article regarding the flight of Yuri Gagarin into space. I am very saddened by the article's complete disregard of facts. First off, it is claimed that somehow people in Estonia, Poland, and Hungary were privileged enough to be informed of the supposed hoax? Why? What would the incentive be, of informing these countries, if the truth should ideally be minimized to the utmost degree? If there were some conspiracy of this caliber, wouldn’t it be best that as few people as possible know the truth? So why would anyone from countries like Hungary or Poland, who were not even member states of the USSR, be informed? And isn't it strange that these countries, happen to ones that have hated Russia and the USSR for half a century, are where the origins of the hoax story are? Furthermore, I have looked into the so-called journalist Istvin Nemere, on whose work the entire article is based. There is no one by that specific name in any search, the only similar name that came up was Istvan Nemere, who is a self-declared UFO-ologist, and a believer in the paranormal, as well as cryptozoology, and he apparently believes humanity is at war with extra-terrestrials. Not exactly a trustworthy source when it comes to documenting events in human history. He is also a Z-grade science fiction novelist.
The article goes on to say by 1961, the USA managed to launch 42 satellites, and the USSR only 12, implying, by that time of Gagarin’s flight, America was actually ahead in the space race. However, according to a complete timeline of all space flights up to that point, including failed ones, only 20-something flights took place at all between the USSR and the USA combined through the very end of 1961. Only 3 American flights up to that point didn't end in failure at launch, a far cry from the alleged 42. The majority of successful space flights were carried out by the USSR. In fact, even in the modern day Russia and the USSR have put into orbit more satellites than the USA, the USA successfully launched under 1100 satellites, Russia and the USSR have successfully launched over 1300. The Ilyushin story is completely unsubstantiated as well, as there is no proof he was ever involved in the space program. He is also still alive today, but has never once mentioned being part of some cover-up. If he were truly the first man in space, one would assume that there is considerable incentive to reveal that notion.
There is also no substance behind the story of peasants referring to Gagarin by name upon first seeing him, nor any written account from the time that claimed that's how it happened. In fact, the witnesses to his landing who are alive and available for interview have always maintained that upon first seeing him, they thought he was a downed pilot from an ordinary plane. In fact, Gagarin even had to reassure them that he was Russian as opposed to be a foreigner. I could not find any article in Sovietskaya Rossiya claiming Gagarin wore a blue suit as is claimed in your article, and witness accounts and other Soviet papers seem to corroborate that the suit was orange. This is also what is shown in all of the many video recordings of Gagarin. Why would one paper contradict the overall consensus? Although, it is perhaps important to note that according to video recordings of the preparation for flight, the suit is shown to be composed to multiple layers, including a blue jump suit, that went underneath the orange space suit. One could infer, even if there were contradicting accounts, that some witnesses may have seen Gagarin after he had removed the outer layer of his space suit, because space suits are not known for comfort. Then, the article says Gagarin didn't suffer from the effects of zero gravity, unlike Cosmonaut #2 German Titov who complained of heart and balance issues after his flight. Gagarin's flight lasted a mere 108 minutes, and Titov's lasted for well over an entire 25 hours, this could certainly explain the differing degrees to which the two cosmonauts were affected by the environment of space. The recording of Gagarin's flight fully acknowledged that it was night over the appropriate side of the Earth, and Gagarin never claimed to have seen South America, just having flown by it. I am not 100% sure as to what the motive was behind smearing Yuri Gagarin, but I suspect it is something similar to those who'd want to vandalize famous works of art. Maybe there are better uses of time.

6 June 2008 at 23:01  
Anonymous Samson said...

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