"The Jewish people as a whole will be its own Messiah. It will attain world domination by the dissolution of other races...and by the establishment of a world republic in which everywhere the Jews will exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this New World Order the Children of Israel...will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition..." (Karl Marx in a letter to Baruch Levy, quoted in Review de Paris, June 1, 1928, p. 574)

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Architects of Deception Part I

Based on the archives of the powerful French Grand Orient Lodge, captured in June 1940 and later made public by the Russians, Lina details how Freemasonry has conspired for world domination and orchestrated all major revolutions and wars in the modern era.


1. Consensus Trance 13

2. The Dark History of the Knights Templar 33

3. The Rise of Freemasonry 55

4. The Powerful Financial Sphere 139

5. The Global Power of Freemasonry 163

6. The Red and Bloody Nature of Freemasonry 280

7. How the Freemasons Helped Hitler to Power 356

8. The Crimes of the Masonic Elite 472

9. Hidden Knowledge 523

Introductory Explanations 9

Myths as a Base of Power 18

Gagarin Was Never in Space 26

The Origin of the Knights Templar 38

The Vast Influence of the Knights Templar 39

Philip IV Strikes Back 41

The Curse of the Grand Master 49

The Discovery at Rennes-le-Chateau 51

The Infiltration Begins 63

Secret Societies Take Over the Craftsmen's Guilds 68

Development of the Masonic System 78

The Highest Degrees 88

Other Masonic Rites 91

The Symbols 99

Masonic Magic 118

Masonic Ideology 134

Interest as a Weapon 142

Economic Slavery 157

Freemasonry and Politics 164

The Illuminati 169

We Are Ruled by the Freemasons 180

The United States - the Masonic Executive Base 188

Harry Shippe Truman 202

The Case of Kissinger 211

Sinister Plans 215

The Expansion of Freemasonry 220

P2 - the Most Infamous Masonic Sect 224

Club 45 or "the Red Lodge of Vienna" 242

Masonic Influence in Sweden 245

The Carbonari 249

Resistance against Freemasonry 253

The Masonic World 269

The Historical Background of the Grand Orient 281

The Justice of the Freemasons 289

Masonic Corruption 297

The Destruction of Russia 300

Blood-Red Support of the Communists 314

The Masonic Contribution to Soviet Russia 327

Stalin's Struggle against Freemasonry 330

The Secret Masonic Archives 331

The Hidden Influence 337

Hitler's Meetings with His Financial Backers 366

Advertising for Hitler 368

Attempts to Investigate Hitler's Secret Income 371

Hitler's Goal 372

Secret Manipulations 378

The American Contribution 394

Close Collaboration between Nazis and Zionists 398

Who was Hitler? 409

The Magic of the National Socialists 415

Nazism and Freemasonry 434

Nazi Plans for a European Confederacy 438

Sinister Plans behind the Scenes 443

Aid Continued during the War 448

Holocaust Hysteria 453

Unlimited Evil 472

The Double-Dealing of the United States 477

Conflicts in the Balkans 503

Resistance against the New World Order 515

Undesired Inventions 524

Vaccination Injuries 528

Dangerous Substances 533

Damaging Phenomena 542

The Importance of Energies 544

More Effective Weaponry 546

Essential Conclusions 550

Index 565


When the book "Under the Sign of the Scorpion" was published, I did not expect it to be a great success, because I knew that most people, due to the enormous influence of the freemasons over the schools, the mass media and other key institutions, had lost their ability to think independently. It became clear, however, that there were some who had managed to stay clear of the influence of all these lies and understood that something was wrong in contemporary society. These people found answers to their questions in "Under the Sign of the Scorpion". They had already surmised that a malicious power was behind the process of destruction, which affects us all, but they needed more facts.

People in different countries have read "Under the Sign of the Scorpion" and have become curious about the background of international freemasonry. But they knew too little about the frightening history and essence of this secret society. This showed the need for comprehensive book about the dark history, ideology and activitieof freemasonry, which would act as a complement to "Under the Sign of the Scorpion". Thus there was a demand, which led to that this new book about freemasonry was written.

During many years, I have gathered large amounts of important facts, documents and rare source material, which have never been published in ordinary (that is, officially sanctioned) history books. With the help of these facts, a completely different picture of major world events emerges. Without details about the true history of freemasonry, it is very difficult to orientate oneself in today's world. For this reason, I chose to collect all the "forgotten" and concealed information and thereby re-create the true history that our Masonic leaders have stolen from us.

Our civilization has failed in many crucial areas. These failures have been aggravated by the fact that those who have understood the reason for our troubles refuse to speak out. Others have failed to realize the obvious - that hidden economic forces have acted behind the carefully painted scenes and, virtually unopposed, manipulated us towards our present desperate situation. We have been frightened and weakened, and for this reason the enemies of humanity have succeeded with their treacherous conspiracy.

The hidden forces were unable to act freely without first removing important facts from our history. By referring to this concealed information, it has been possible to clearly identify the masonic forces, which have done everything in their power to transform our world into Hell on Earth.

We have been damaged mentally, physically and genetically. We have begun to prefer darkness to light. Most of us have chosen to believe in the illusory myths of the freemasons and assisted in the fight against those who have attempted to reveal the true facts. Far too many of us choose to defend these dark forces. The evil forces are close to victory. Those who defend these forces must also share the responsibility for their crimes against humanity. Many of us have become victims of the freemasons and our personal greed.

This book attempts to give an overall picture of the circumstances that have led to the distressing setbacks, which have afflicted us, especially during the last 300 years.

In order to orientate ourselves, we must finally dare to call those events and these persons by their real names, despite the fact that those responsible have become stronger than ever and officially deny their involvement in all these serious and unforgivable crimes against humanity. The freemasons' internal sources, however, do not deny these crimes.

I will present such concealed facts to make it possible to draw some amazing conclusions and to reveal to every seeker of truth who

our tormentors really are. Not being aware of these facts is in itself an evil, because ignorance serves evil. It is for this reason that our rulers want us to believe that a lack of historical knowledge and ignorance about the secrets of nature constitutes true knowledge.

Those who do not examine the different aspects of the conspiracy will remain incapable of understanding the world. To them every- thing appears dim and mysterious. Even the ancient Romans said: "Magna est veritas et praevalebit." ("The truth is great and it will triumph.")

The freemasons have always been enamoured with large social structures and superstates. They have called the violent social upheavals, which were actually brought about by their grand lodges under the leadership of masonic grand masters, "great popular revolutions". The Swiss psychologist Carl G. Jung stated: "The larger the organizations, the more inevitable are their immorality and blind stupidity." (Carl G. Jung, "Die Beziehungen zwischen dem Ich und dem Unbewussten", Darmstadt, 1928) We also have clues about what will happen within the European Union - the freemasons' latest creation. Jung stated in the same book: "The larger a society or confederacy, the greater the amalgamation of collective factors - which is typical of every large organization - will rest upon conservative prejudices to the detriment of the individual, the more aggravated the moral and spiritual degeneration of the individual."

Apparently different ideologies have been forced upon us. In actual fact, we have all the time been dealing with different aspects of one and the same ideology - illuminism, propagated by inter- national freemasonry. Only insecure individuals and weak ideologies and religions need to resort to violence in order to assert themselves - Judaism, Islam, communism, national socialism, and others.

The hylozoists, who follow the teachings of Pythagoras, have never resorted to violence, nor have the Buddhists. This fact alone shows the value of their philosophical teachings, which can help those souls who seek the truth. For this reason, the freemasons despise the teachings that represent goodness and spiritual development.

The socialists (the freemasons' most effective servants) are particularly prone to using violence in their attempts to murder the soul. They consider it more effective and beneficial to murder the soul rather than the body. The communists got nowhere by destroying people's bodies. Under the symbol of the Illuminati and freemasonry - the red rose - the socialists are after our souls. The French author Romain Rolland stated: "The murderers of the soul are the worst."

The socialists are well aware that their falsification of history leads to a society without history. The Russian-Jewish socialist Alexander Herzen stated in the 1 850s: "There is nothing more repugnant than a falsification of history on the orders of those in power." Marx put his finger on the most important method of the Illuminati: "If you can cut people off from their history, they can be easily persuaded."

While we may ascertain that our leaders conceal facts with the assistance of corrupt "historians", we must realize that this falsifi- cation of history is part of the conspiracy, since those who control our history also control our future, according to the British author George Orwell. And those who control our present also control our past.

All these "isms" are just useful tools for the dark masonic forces that often use various shady ideologies to fill the gaps in their attempted construction of "a better world for us all". This is why the freemasons wish to destroy everything connected with "the old", that is traditions and common sense.

I have visited many powerful lodges all over the world in order to become acquainted with the freemasons' own material and works. Original sources are the most reliable.

It is my opinion that the freemasons, with their unnatural organi- zation, stand on the brink of a vast catastrophe. This book shows how and above all why.

Juri Lina

Stockholm, October 2004


Malta yok is Turkish, a well-known expression among historians, and means "Malta does not exist". In 1565, the Turkish armada disco- vered enemy ships near Malta. The admirals became so shocked by this that they sent the following message to the Sultan in Istanbul: "Malta yok."

Today independent-minded historians use this expression when they come across previously inaccessible facts or sensitive historical data, which those in power deny or conceal. There are so many lies mixed with the truth that people get confused. But there is an alternative to the official truth, since things are often not what they seem to be.

In our world, which is controlled by freemasonry, one rule surely applies: if something has happened but is not reported by the mass media, then it has simply not occurred. But if something has not even taken place and yet is reported in the media, then it has nonetheless happened. We must learn to question the official truth!

Professor Daniel Boorstin, Librarian of Congress from 1975 to 1987, once stated: "Americans live in a world of pseudofacts, which is created for them by their own media."

People want to see what does not exist and wish to ignore reality. Life is therefore a matter of deception and self-deception. It is difficult to make any progress in this maze of myths. And we certainly live in a labyrinth of lies. It is difficult for many people to orientate themselves since they have not developed their powers of discrimi- nation, that is the ability to distinguish good from evil. This is the reason why the freemasons have been so effective in deluding us with their so-called social ideologies. These lies are dutifully amplified by the megaphones of the mass media, which also attempt

to silence, with-hold, or as a last resort mock all information and ideas that do not comply with their propaganda - whether it concerns the murder of Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme, the sub- marine incursions into Swedish territorial waters by the Soviet Union, the "Estonia" disaster (we now know by means of metallurgic ana- lysis that this ferry was sunk through explosion), the writing of modern history or the freemasons' activities.

Charles T. Tart, professor of psychology at University of California, called this ideological blunting of our intellect 'consensus trance' ("Waking Up: Overcoming the Obstacles to Human Potential", Boston, 1987). Consensus means general agreement or understanding. Con- sensus trance thus implies the fact that we have accepted false conception of reality, not through logical processing of facts but through intensive manipulation (brainwashing) by the global elite.

Too many of us have been affected by consensus trance, which thus is a common belief in these myths. The methods of suggestion that the freemasons and others manipulators have used in order to make us believe in their lies without second thought, have success- fully turned most of us into victims of this audacious manipulation. For this reason, we instinctively shy away from uncomfortable facts, which threaten to demolish the false view of the world the free- masons have created and thereby awaken us from the trance. Many of us have been affected by mental paralysis.

But belief is a desire not to know, as the freemason and philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche stated. This is why it is important to expose the most dangerous propaganda myths. The mental anaesthetization of the Western World has been a great success. Most people have become victims of the type of blind faith called "political correctness" and prefer to live in their illusory world.

The authorities have invented or exploited certain myths, which serve their purposes and work against us. These fantasies apply to history, health, culture, politics and other important subjects. One must have both faith and trust in oneself to find the strength to face the reality that is presented in this book.

The Patagonians (a tribal people in South Argentina) could not see Darwin's ship, "The Beagle", conceptually or even optically, since no large ships had hitherto been a part of their experience. Only the shaman of the tribe could see the ship. When the shaman began to describe the ship with the aid of objects known to the Patagonians, the ship became visible to all. They had a consensus reality, which applied to small boats, but lacked a similar conception of large ships. Many journalists lack the critical judgment to crush the consensus reality applying to the real course of events during the M/V "Estonia" disaster - they have not even managed to understand that the Joint Accident Investigation Commission is obviously lying about key issues.

Many of us lack critical judgement concerning our social, political and practical environment, since we blindly trust the myths that masonic sources feed us with through the mass media every day.

Most of us who prefer blindly to trust different political, social and scientific fabrications and deny any suggestion about hidden control behind the scenes, do not want to see that the most important political, economic and social events in the world are not haphazard, but planned by non-democratic groups who hide behind the name "freemasons". The inferior and degrading conditions, which we see everywhere in different countries, did not just happen to turn out that way. If we accept this explanation, we immediately begin to understand everything that is happening and all the pieces of the jigsaw fall into place. Otherwise we will grope in darkness and understand nothing.

The masonic mythomaniacs are enemies of the spiritual freedom of mankind. Several powerful and ruthless masonic lodges consisting of self-appointed elites during the last two centuries have been steering our society towards certain ruin. If we refuse to see this reality, it

means that we accept living in a world without sense, an absurd world, which without any sensible reason has been transformed into a surreal, Kafkaesque lunatic asylum.

These powerful lodges are, among other things, working towards creating a superstate in Europe - the European Union - and a world government under their power by means of psychological warfare against us, the non-masons. These groups undermine the most important dimension in our lives - the spiritual dimension. They have caused the greatest spiritual crisis through the ages. The society the freemasons have formed has lost sight of the true purpose of life. Many people can no longer understand spiritual values. They do not even know what the word 'spiritual' means.

The freemasons are ever more intensive in their propagation of unnatural ideas such as globalism (new internationalism) or mondialism, ostensibly for the reason of promoting the spiritual development of humanity and to build a New World Order. This is an unparalleled deception. In fact, the freemasons intend to build a New Temple of Solomon for us. Why should we live in a world, which allegorically could be regarded as an Israelite temple, where certain people are chosen to rule and others are their slaves who will be sacrificed like animals?

The temple that Solomon had built was a slaughterhouse, where many animals were sacrificed daily to appease the hunger of Yahweh. The priests were actually butchers who became rich through their gruesome work. According to the Russian professor Lev Gumilev, Yahweh is a terrible fire-demon (Lev Gumilev, "The Ethnosphere", Moscow, 1993, p. 480).

In the Soviet Union, masonic terms typical of the communist movement were used constantly. They wanted to "build a new society" and a "better and brighter future" or they wanted to rebuild the old (perestroika).

Professor of Literature Jiro Imai at the University of Tokyo in the 1920s wrote in his book "On the World-Wide Secret Society" that "freemasonry is the most dangerous and subversive secret society".

The Swedish Association Save the Individual (FRI), which combats sects and "saves" people from authoritarian organizations, has listed the criteria that define a destructive movement:

· False declaration of intention and misleading description when recruiting members.

· Manipulation by psychological methods (mind control) is used during recruitment and indoctrination.

· An all-powerful leader who demands total subjection and claims to have special knowledge and powers.

· The ideology must not be questioned, doubt is something evil, which must be fought.

· The image of reality is black and white: the members are the chosen (good), everything outside of the movement is evil and must be opposed.

· There is a lot of money involved, which sometimes emanates from crime.

International freemasonry complies with all these criteria of a destructive sect, but FRI refuses to criticise freemasonry and instead slanders those who expose political freemasonry. On 15 April 2000, the association in Stockholm invited Hakan Blomqvist from Norr- koping to give a public lecture. Blomqvist, who is a professional liar, "humanist" and "Nazi-hunter", refused several times during his lecture to answer the question whether freemasonry was a destruc- tive sect or not. The reader might be able to guess whose interests this man serves.

The most dangerous sect of them all - freemasonry - has not detached itself from society, but intervenes in its development in a very negative way.

Presumably the freemasons have succeeded in their indoctrination of society, since they are no longer regarded as a serious threat. The masons are in control of the mass media.

"If one controls radio, press, school, church, art, science, film - one can transform each truth into a lie, each unreason into reason." (Alf Ahlberg, "Idealen and deras skuggbilder" / 'The Ideals and Their Shadows", Stockholm, 1936, p. 135) The masses have always believed in those gods that propagate themselves most dramatically

"The power to control the news flow is the same thing as the power to control how people think. We boast about free press in the United States. But how free is it really when we receive the same news from all the big media conglomerates and when alternative opinions never reach the majority of Americans? The power to report and describe reality is now in the hands of a few. And the interest of these few powerful people is in opposition to the interest of the people, the general interest. It makes no difference that these media conglomerates have different names and appearances, since they all share the same values, which is a guarantee that we receive cloned information." (The American newspaper The Nation, reported by Aftonbladet, 31 October 1997)

The few who control the flow of information belong to inter- national freemasonry. These forces do not care about the interests of the people.

Noam Chomsky wrote: "Propaganda works more effectively if one manages to maintain the illusion that the mass media are non-partial observers. Tough debates within invisible boundaries will actually have the effect of strengthening the system."

It is not possible to control masonic lodges or other elite structures. We know that a group, which cannot be controlled, immediately begins to manipulate the press and believes that it stands above the law. The freemasons use myths as the base of their power in their war against mankind.


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