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Saturday, 8 September 2007

'Bring Me The Head Of George Walker Bush'

Now, I'm a screenwriter so I'm claiming artistic license. It's possible I just got ripped off by Tommy Lee Jones on a script I wrote for him last year but will have to see the new movie in question. Anyone who'd like to read it only needs to drop me a line and I'll email it to you. Jones and his merry men at William Morris asked for the screenplay and after three weeks said it was too hot. But they held on to it, I noticed. And invited me to keep sending scripts ­ with no agent involved. That was very unusual and I thought flattering, but maybe not. I'm just revealing this to show that I am a screenwriter. Steve McQueen intended to play me in a 1975 screenplay about my adventures in Rhodesia but the ubiquitous Jewish termites, led by my lawyer/agent (Sherwin Goldstein) wrecked the project by making my character very unpleasant. They also called the terrorists "freedom fighters," which caused me to flee to the oil field to make my living. Thus began my Jewish awareness program. You'd think I'd have learned by now, especially after Joel Silver Pictures/Warner Bros. ripped off a 1994 script they asked me to write and made a TV mini-series out of it ("FREEDOM"). My excuse is: Tommy Lee Jones is a Gentile and a polo player ­ like me!

I'm also a Terrorist now, or the new word: insurgent. So, this essay will walk the line between art and sedition, as they all do.

I'm thinking now that art trumps sedition, as we shall see below.

My kids, in their mid-teens, think I'm stuck in the '50s. That's because I like to watch old movies and things such as "Rawhide," "The Rifleman" and "The Range Rider." They know that I spent my formative years in the '50s, they know I'm a cowboy who can't hardly believe how great the Hollywood stunt riders were, even if they were pretty tough on horses. And I forbid the watching of R-rated movies. So, maybe I am, in a way. In another way, I'm cutting edge.

Have you seen the film DEATH OF A PRESIDENT?

(This major motion picture is largely suppressed in the U.S. See:
1071263?ie=UTF8&s=dvd&qid=1189227960&sr=8-1 -ed)

Talk about cutting edge. They kill George Walker Bush on film. A Black American veteran whose son was killed in G.W. Bush's invasion of Iraq shoots him with a rifle from a high building. The feds know who killed him but they frame a Moslem for the crime, in the best Zionist tradition. Can't be giving other veterans ideas. They even have Cheney giving Bush's eulogy, using his actual eulogy for Reagan. Extremely clever and well done. And breathtaking in its audacity and concept.

I wrote another one in the early '80s, called CONSPIRACY. In it, an oilfield troubleshooter is hired by an independent oil company to try to stop apparent acts of sabotage, committed to prevent the discovery of a major oil deposit in New Mexico. The owner's daughter persuades him to help her assassinate members of the private group that actually makes the government's energy policy. I got offered a tremendous amount of money for that one by an independent movie company. They'd already, in Detroit, started filming their first project, starring Lee Marvin, Angie Dickenson and Jonathan Winters. Mine would start filming in Houston next. Then they showed the script to the movie department at Bank of America. He read it and he freaked. He shut down the Detroit project and told them they'd never make movies with BofA money. I pretty much lost interest after that, but I kept writing just because I like to write screenplays. Hollywood is a Jewish racket and they know what they're doing.

So, I'm going to sketch out my next screenplay, which I might call, BRING ME THE HEAD OF GEORGE WALKER BUSH.

Now that I know you can actually assassinate Bush in a movie and get away with it, I'm going to do it, too. That is, I'm going to have my characters do it.

First, I should explore the reasons why my characters might want to assassinate George Walker Bush. The easiest and most logical reason to kill Bush would be revenge, say that of a father for his dead soldier child. But that was just done last year in the aforementioned DEATH OF A PRESIDENT. There really must be thousands of fathers now whose sons (or daughters!) were killed or maimed or lobotomized by Bush's invasion of the Moslem lands. Untold thousands of foolish American victims, both military and their survivors. If my son ­ or daughter ­ had been tricked by 9-11 or some lying recruiter and got killed or destroyed in Bush's unprovoked aggression against Islam, I'd likely go after Bush. Or, If they even got some mystery illness from the eleven mystery vaccines they are forced to take by the Army, I'd also go after him. And Cheney. And everyone else I could kill that day or that week or that month. I don't get why the fathers of the victims aren't holding Bush and Cheney and the entire high command of the "Defense" Department accountable for wasting their kids' lives and the lives of too many others to count.

Or maybe I do get it. Maybe that's why my militia idea didn't work out. Maybe because this is a Christian country. Which is why I hate Christianity worse than I hate Judaism. If it weren't for Christianity there wouldn't be any Judaism because all the Jews would be dead. Judaism is protected and exalted by Christianity. Bush, if he isn't actually a Jew, is a half-assed Christian drunk who lives to transfer American wealth to Israel, the way Harry Hopkins lived to transfer American wealth to Stalin.

But the nagging question is why fathers, since at least the time of Vietnam, never took revenge on Lyndon Johnson or Richard Nixon. I can see why Roosevelt and Truman and Eisenhower weren't gunned down by grief-stricken fathers, because of the excellent brainwashing by the Hollywood zionist mafia in the Bogart Years, those exciting and glamorous 1940s.

The Bogart Years were a wonderful escape from the degradation and humiliation of the Steinbeck Years, which produced impoverished mass-murderers such as Audie Murphy. This reminds me of an unusual movie I saw last month. NIGHT PASSAGE, from 1957, starred Jimmy Stewart and Audie Murphy. The actor and the killer, who became an actor because he'd killed so many Germans. But who actually killed more Germans, Audie Murphy or Jimmy Stewart? Murphy was credited with I think 241 dead Germans. Stewart, however, was a bomber pilot during the war. He flew a B-24 Liberator and dropped many tons of high explosives on German civilians in 20 missions, doubtless slaughtering thousands. Stewart and his flying colleagues were the top war criminals of World War II.

Anyone who attacks civilians with weapons of mass destruction is a criminal and bomber pilots are at the top of the tree.

Truman and Ike got away with the Korean bloodbath because Hollywood had made killing cool for ten intense years. But Vietnam was different. Killing had been revealed as very un-cool by the 1960s. The legend of the lone Lee Oswald had taken the fun out of killing a president, as well. But if there were ever a couple of lying assholes who should have been shot by vengeful fathers, they were Johnson and Nixon.

Today, rather late in life, I'm a father of two kids who are looking at the probability of the new draft. Neither one will register for the draft at eighteen, on my orders, and I will terminate anyone who tries to force them to do so. We won't be going to Ireland or Argentina, although Argentina sounds great.

Back to my film plot outline. I hate to give up the father's revenge angle, but it's been done. What about a Moslem victim's revenge? Pretty obvious and so predictable. Yet, why do you suppose no Moslem victim has killed Bush and Cheney? Where are the suicide bombers when you need them? Why haven't they followed us home from Iraq, considering we've already slaughtered over a million of them? One awkward fact will make the Moslem revenge angle a hard-sell: No Moslem has done a damn thing here in the six years since 9-11 and we're pretty sure that no Moslem was involved in that one, either, except maybe as unwitting agents of the US and Israeli governments. Why do you suppose that is? Is it because Islam is almost as passive and suicidal as Christianity? If not, then why does Israel still exist?

Now, in my last screenplay, called PICK-UP MAN, the suicide bomber in Iraq is actually a guy whom the contractors order to drive to the police station to get his papers. But they secretly put an IED in the trunk of his car and explode it remotely when he gets there. Right out of the news, of course. Several Iraqi motorists have complained that they were set up just this way and luckily pulled over to inspect their trunks, and then ran screaming away from their lethal loads. After Tommy Lee Jones decided to pass on PICK-UP MAN, it was sent to Tom Selleck. The reason for these two guys getting the script is because they're pretty good horsemen, which is required by the script and its rodeo backdrop. Selleck's agent actually liked it but she said that Tom would never go for it because he's a Republican who supports the government. She said that PICK-UP MAN is a drastic attack on the government, and he wouldn't like that. I blame Selleck's sickness on Bill Clinton, the degenerate sex-maniac who drove millions of normal Americans to the Jewish GOP in sort of a knee-jerk reflex action, sort of a symbolic mass-vomiting.

I mean, can you possibly imagine George Walker Bush being elected president if A) he weren't the son of his CIA father and B) Bill and Hillary Clinton hadn't just been occupying the White House? Now we learn that our president amuses himself by passing noxious gas just before visitors enter his Oval Office and then watching the discomfort and embarrassment of his victims. I don't know of any cowboys who are capable of such psychopathic behavior. You find this sort of behavior in mental hospitals and prisons.

The outline. We can't use Dad's revenge or Moslem revenge. How about labor revenge? How many millions of Americans have lost everything after their jobs were exported by the Bush administration? Clinton's, too. And Big Bush before that. How come none of these victims, whose families went on welfare, has gone after Bush? Mainly because none of them could afford it. It's hard to come up with a good rifle and bus fare to DC when you're on food stamps.

It gets hard to concentrate on revenge when you're trying to score your next meal.

This goes a way to explain why there has been no political terrorism in America. First, there's no inclination. Whether it's the Christianity or saltpeter or sodium fluoride in our toothpaste, there's no murderous anger here. There is real terrorism, of course, which we're not supposed to notice. Illegal Mexicans are murdering Black Americans and White Americans as a matter of policy. The Mexican government is reportedly offering rewards to Mexicans who kill US Border Patrol officers. The Bush gang supports this murdering with its deliberate green-lighting of Mexican invaders across the border. I think there's an outline emerging here.

How about a young guy ­ no, a young gal ­ whose family was murdered by Mexican invaders in her little Iowa town? She can't go after twenty million Mexicans but she can go after the guy who let them all in. This gal can go after George Walker Bush. How could she do this? Well, obviously, she's really good looking. She might go down to her local GOP office and volunteer as a campaign worker for Bush. But how about this for a hook: All we know in the first act of the screenplay is she is a hard worker in the Davenport GOP office. We think she actually likes him. We don't know 'til the second act that she's planning to kill him first chance she gets. She's so damn good-looking that the GOP guys all want her and figure as a compromise that she'd look mighty fine on stage with Bush when he comes to Davenport. Let's say he comes there and she's up on the stage with him but she loses her nerve or her plans just don't come off right. She's so damn good-looking on television that the national GOP notices her and offers her a job in DC. We figure, because of the writer's tricks, that she's going to get nailed in the Starbuck's near the White House, or on her exercise walk through Ft. Marcy Park, or at least bitch-slapped by Jeff Gannon and Karl Rove during a secret visit to Lover Boy upstairs. But she avoids these traps and just keeps getting closer and closer to her prey. Maybe she was a local Fox television personality in Davenport, so Dana Perino has her liaise with Bush himself in the smelly Oval Office, because she's so easy on the eyes.

Even though Bush is queer, he likes to schmooze with the beautiful people. Maybe he can embarrass her with his specialty. He tries it. Next time she enters the Oval Office, she's wearing a gas mask and Bush falls on the floor and nearly faints from uncontrollable laughter. Our gal finally sees her way for revenge: Bush has on his desk a razor-sharp fighting knife presented to him by the Randall Knife Company. She sees it and asks why it's there? Bush says he likes to open envelopes with it because it reminds him of his time in Vietnam. Looks dangerous, she ventures. Shucks, not in the right hands, he drawls as he passes it to her. She takes it and sticks it right in his throat. Then she gets behind him and quickly saws his head off and, taking it by the hair, places it on his desk, arranging the rest of the corpse in the chair.

I'll have to work on the ending, some outrageous twist that you'd never expect, the way the Hollywood guys do it. DEATH OF A PRESIDENT, while daring and provocative, had no sex appeal and no one you could root for. This one does. The gun goons couldn't use it because she uses Bush's own knife.

Then there's Cheney. I think a hunting accident is the best device the screenplay could employ because it's not a real stretch. Or one of our guys secretly in the Secret Service could have Cheney approach a Free Speech Zone "by mistake." The guy tells Cheney it's a bunch of supporters but when a shocked protester sees Cheney coming at them, he jumps up and down, forcing the agent to attack him with his TASER. The agent misses the protester and hits Cheney, blowing the circuit in his Pacemaker. The hunting accident is probably better and more satisfying. His lawyer's .30-'06 into that snarling mouth would give us a fine last view of the Decider and send a hell of a message to the war lords of Washington. That could help the gun goons but who cares. They need help these days. I kind of miss their whining.

But I've still got to tie in the title, BRING ME THE HEAD OF GEORGE WALKER BUSH. We've got the head actually cut off but now we've got to have it brought somewhere. Bush's sex and power club actually collects people's heads and puts them on display and uses other people's skulls in ceremonies. So maybe the top honcho of Skull & BonesJ demands the head be brought to The Tomb, for sentimental reasons, after our gal cuts it off. The new Warren Oates character swipes it from Walter Reed and fights off a number of Mexican hit-men and also gringo killers, just like the Peckinpah original, as he makes his way from DC to New Haven to deliver the head for a billion ameros.

I think this works.

This film screenplay essay should qualify as another count in my expanding indictment for Terrorism.

So, what is Terrorism? According to our lexicon, it is the forcing of political change by killing some civilians and creating power over the rest of them. It is the first form of mind control. This was first seen in the modern era in France, starting in 1789, but was something that all tyrants use. Guerillas, or insurgents, fight and kill soldiers. Terrorists kill civilians. This was how it was explained to us in Rhodesia as we came to grips with Terrorism. The rats we were fighting were supplied by Red China, Red Russia, Red America, Red Britain and Red Israel. Weapons and ammo were supplied by China, Russia and Israel. All other terrorist necessities, such as money, clothing, boots, medicine, food, booze came from the World Council of Churches. America and Britain supplied the political pressure to surrender. It really took a village.

But I think we should have a look at Terrorism, as it is being exploited to shut down dissent, travel and our lives in general, and figure out how to deal with the accusation by our government that we are all potential Terrorists who must be run by Total Information Awareness and the Department of Homeland Security.

Terrorism, as it is waved around by Homeland Security, doesn't exist except as a boogyman scam. I'd think even the dimmest bulb in America would realize by now that there are no Terrorists doing anything against the precious Homeland. There are certainly some Moslem freedom fighters resisting the US holy war against Islam in Iraq and Afghanistan, but that's it. They're doing what they're supposed to be doing ­ fighting our unprovoked invasion of their world. We should be killing anyone in our government who, in our name, kills or even harms anyone who has done nothing or threatened nothing. Murderers should be killed. Capital punishment can work. In this case it would also be Capitol punishment. But the word "Terrorism" is a code-word for the refusal to give in to Jewish Zionist aggression. If you don't do what the Jews want, you're a Terrorist. Homeland Security is run by a Jew who can't even pretend to be a true-blue American. Chertoff is, as is well-known, an Israeli. He hired a couple of Communist Jew refugees from the failed East Germany and Soviet Union to design the internal passport system and the PATRIOT Act.

"PATRIOT" stands for "Provide Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism."

But Terrorism isn't working for them now. For it to work, there has to be some actual Terror going on. The mighty Internet has no doubt wrecked Chertoff's plans to terrify us into submission, heaping scorn and derision on their Shock and Awe event of 9-11. If 9-11 collapses, their whole Homeland Security enchilada disintegrates, as it is doing. Yes, we hear that something awful may happen in a few days. All I can say is, it had better or they can kiss their Talmudic dreams goodbye. But even if they nuke San Francisco, most people realize that only the US government and Israel could pull it off.

I keep getting back to the punishment phase of this massive criminal case. Their crimes are enormous, almost beyond comprehension. Millions dead since 1991, more millions dispossessed and dying of DU dust and broken hearts. Our war criminals must be punished in ways that will impress the rest of the world that we are in charge of our own country and government. I'm not calling for trials in this rotten legal system of theirs. After all, Chertoff is now positioned to replace Gonzales as Attorney General! I am calling for civilian executions of our war criminals.

The only ones who can be called Terrorists are the ones who have initiated force against civilians (actually killed them) for political purposes. A person whose parents' house was bulldozed by an Israeli Army Caterpillar (made in Peoria, sent as a gift from America) who then blows himself up in an Israeli coffeehouse is not a Terrorist ­ he's just getting even. A pilot who flies over a city and drops a bomb on it is a Terrorist, along with the president who authorized him to do it and every single person involved in the war crime including the mechanics who serviced the bomber. There is no more heinous crime than war crime. Anyone who commits war crime should be erased from this earth because he is a psychopath (no conscience).

If we keep refusing to act against the psychopaths who have seized political power here, we're doomed. We're finished as men and our children are doomed because our victims are going to get even. There is no way to avoid this earned retribution other than the swift destruction of the monsters who run our government and a declared new foreign policy of non-aggression.

--J. Bruce Campbell



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