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Sunday, 26 August 2007

US Success in Diyala

As usual the Mainstream media reports things like:

U.S. troops launch new Iraq offensive

U.S. forces launched a big offensive in Iraq's Diyala province on Tuesday as part of a major new countrywide push against Sunni and Shi'ite militants announced this week.

A suicide truck bomb killed 10 people and badly damaged a bridge linking Baghdad to northern Iraq, while U.S. forces said they had killed four people in a raid on the Shi'ite slum of Sadr City. Relatives said a 5-year-old girl was among the dead.

The military said 16,000 U.S. and Iraqi troops were involved in Operation Lightning Hammer against Sunni Arab al Qaeda militants in Diyala province, the fertile crescent of the Diyala River which flows from the north into the Tigris near Baghdad. US military campaign in Diyala province.

but fails miserably to show the world how the US, like Israel are committing war crimes on a daily basis:

Iraqirabita published these images and many more, which shows the "successful" operation

U.S. and Iraqi soldiers started the operation with a late-night air assault, they said. The operation’s focus is to target militants who fled an earlier crackdown in the provincial capital Baquba into the river valley north of the city.

This is the result of late-night air assault:




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