"The Jewish people as a whole will be its own Messiah. It will attain world domination by the dissolution of other races...and by the establishment of a world republic in which everywhere the Jews will exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this New World Order the Children of Israel...will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition..." (Karl Marx in a letter to Baruch Levy, quoted in Review de Paris, June 1, 1928, p. 574)

Thursday, 5 July 2007

Israel - The 'Functioning Democracy'

For those of us who have been wondering what, exactly, "Israel" is, and why the US has been funneling billions of our tax dollars into Israel in support of this increasingly belligerent, unaccountable, terrorist state, president Bush recently clarified matters in a speech given at the Naval War College, in Newport, R.I.. There, he held Israel up as a shining example of a "functioning democracy" that other countries in the Middle East should emulate.

It is not clear what Bush's definition of a "democracy" is, but if it describes a sort of racially biased, elitist state in which only certain, select, members of the state have all rights, and the rest of the inhabitants are considered subhuman with no rights whatsoever, then the word, "democracy," is currently undergoing a change in meaning. The above is a fairly good description of Nazi, Germany, and strangely enough, it now also describes Israel. It appears that the "democracy" word these days is popularly used to suggest any cause that one wants to portray as "noble" and "just" rather than actually describing the carnage that is reality. The word, "democracy" is now a sales tool. Anyone with a progressive agenda will want to use this word these days, but unfortunately, the word now more correctly describes Communism, which is a word that is no longer popular.

In Palestine, the Palestinians are not recognized as citizens by Israel and they have no individual rights at all. They have no right even to their own personal property, and the loss of such rights is the telling marker of a communist takeover. Israel has been taking Palestinian rights and lands since 1948, when Zionists announced its new state within Palestine. In order to better understand the horrifying situation that the Palestinians have been enduring for over sixty years, one must first understand the meanings of various other sales tool words such as "settlements," and "occupation." Like "democracy," they mean something other than what they imply.

Picture, if you will, a map of Israel. For those of us who are unsure of what the "State of Israel" actually looks like, find instead a 1948 map of Palestine. Then, back up twenty paces and fire a shotgun loaded with buckshot at the map. The result will be a big hole in the heart of Palestine, surrounded by hundreds of tiny, scattered buckshot holes throughout the rest of the map. All of these large and small holes punched throughout the map of Palestine make up the map of the "State of Israel." The hundreds of small holes scattered throughout the map are Israeli "settlements." In order for Israeli "settlements" to be built, the Palestinians are first violently driven off their ancestral lands by the Israeli army. Then, the Palestinian homes are bulldozed, mortared by tanks, bombed and leveled. When the land is cleared, the "Israeli settlements" are then constructed for the new, incoming immigrants who have just received Israeli citizenship in the "promised land" as well as other cash incentives. The Palestinians are, of course, left homeless after each of these "settlements" is created on their land, but this is of no concern to the "functioning democracy" in the Middle East known as Israel.

According to the documentary film, Peace, Propaganda and the Promised Land, "Amnesty International has regularly documented serious human rights violations by Israeli military forces in the 'occupied' territories, including unlawful killings, torture and ill-treatment of prisoners, wanton destruction of homes with residents still inside, the blocking of ambulances, denial of humanitarian assistance, and the use of Palestinian civilians as human shields." (1)

It should be kept in mind that while the Israeli army and its soldiers are among the best equipped in the world thanks largely to US funding, the Palestinians they are targeting are, for the most part, unarmed and unequipped civilians, including the women and children who are being terrorized. These civilians have been running from Israeli military tanks, from "settlers," and from full blown terrorism for at least sixty years. The Palestinian youths are armed primarily with stones and slingshots. The unarmed civilians have been used as human shields in order to protect military vehicles making illegal excursions through Palestinian neighborhoods. Yet, in November of 2006, former US Ambassador to the U.N., John Bolton, referred to the Israeli military attacks against civilians as "legal defense operations." He wanted to know why the U.N. was not investigating and focusing on the "terrorists." (2)

It is now time for Americans to investigate and focus upon the "terrorists." The terrorists who have claimed the most victims, and who have been videotaped in action in the Middle East, are Zionist Israel, and her partner, the Zionist United States. The Zionists are Marxist atheists, and Zionism is not Judaism. The Zionists began the takeover of the United States, Palestine, briefly Russia, and other nations in the early 1900s. Their goal is a communist-run global "World Order" that is governed by a few empowered and unaccountable elite.

Israel has proven to be so completely unaccountable, that Amnesty International has labeled the US-funded acts of Zionist Israel as "war crimes." In addition, because of the hundreds of resolutions filed in the U.N. condemning Israel for its human rights violations, in June of 2006, the new Human Rights Council voted to "make a review of alleged human rights abuses by Israel a permanent feature of every council session." The human rights abuses will never stop until the US stops funding them. We will never stop funding them until we get the Zionists out of our government. (3)

Despite the atrocities, despite the thousands of innocent civilians including children who have been gunned down by the Israeli military while sent out to buy bread, who have been gunned down while playing, or who have been gunned down while sitting at their desks in school or walking home from school, the US government continues to pour US taxpayers' money into Israel, and it is doing this despite major, growing protests by American citizens. This amounts to taxation without representation, because Congress and the White House are now primarily representing Zionism instead of the American people. In supporting Israel, they are supporting terrorism, which is in direct violation of US law.

According to The Washington Report, the total cost to US taxpayers for aid to Zionist Israel from 1949 through 1997 was "$134,791,507,200." The total cost to US taxpayers per Israeli citizen is $23,240, but these figures are ten years old and would be substantially higher in 2007. (4)

According to the Palestinian group, MIFTAH, "Three quarters of the military aid to Israel goes for importing US-made military equipment such as F-16 and Apache attack helicopters.
This creates a job market for US citizens and transforms Palestine into a test ground for US made weaponry, used daily against Palestinians." Medical sources have also stated that depleted uranium is being used against Palestinians. (5) (6)

While all of these billions of dollars in milk and honey aid to the elite Zionists continue pouring out of the US, the US has yet to even adequately clean up after the two-year-old devastation caused by Katrina. American citizens are still suffering and are still neglected and their neighborhoods remain in tattered ruins resembling Palestinian neighborhoods after Zionist "occupation." Many Americans remain living in FEMA trailers described by volunteers as "tin cans." And yet, our money flows outward to another land in order to aid and abet further human suffering.

The public education system in the US remains abysmal and classrooms overcrowded. Teachers remain underpaid. The healthcare in the US is among the most inadequate and unaffordable found anywhere. The US nutrition is among the poorest in the world. Our own government was either complicit with the events of 9/11, or at best was criminally negligent in failing to guard the US from what it tells us was a handful of slow-moving men armed with box-cutters. Despite all of our obvious needs to clean up things here at home, the US government curiously and arrogantly pours our money into a foreign country that refuses to abide by international law, that refuses to acknowledge human rights, and that has never for a moment acted as a "functioning democracy," unless a functioning democracy is a heartless, godless, communist regime.

The world has now been wrongly and deliberately convinced by the Zionist media that criticism of Zionism is equivalent to "anti-Semitism." This is a lie. As I pointed out in my last paper, it is the Palestinians who are the Semites we should be protecting from Israel. The Washington Report states that as many as 50 percent of recent immigrants to Israel's "promised land" are not even Jewish. We need to wake up and realize that this is not about religion, it is not about race, and it is not about Judaism. Our Jewish neighbors and Jewish friends are safe among us, and have been so for many years. What is happening right in front of us under the guise of "democracy" and "Judaism" is the fulfillment of a Marxist atheist dream to rule the world. It is a dream that began one hundred years ago.

It is about to be fulfilled unless we come together and care enough about true freedom, true civil liberties, true human rights, and one another to put an end to it. Listen to the Torah rabbis who have been silenced by Zionism: Please note that these rabbis are now carrying upon themselves as they demonstrate in the streets, the flags of Lebanon and Palestine. They are demonstrating on behalf of the rights of the people in those countries. Listen to the rabbis who are marching for peace. "authentic Jews have been against the State of Israel since day one. It has no right to exist, and it is against the Jewish faith." Give Palestine back to the Palestinians, and get the Zionists out of the Middle East.

Get the Zionists out of American government. Listen to the rabbis. (7) (8) (9)

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Mary Sparrowdancer is the author of The Love Song, which is a true story about the return of the Messiah. www.sparrowdancer.com

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