"The Jewish people as a whole will be its own Messiah. It will attain world domination by the dissolution of other races...and by the establishment of a world republic in which everywhere the Jews will exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this New World Order the Children of Israel...will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition..." (Karl Marx in a letter to Baruch Levy, quoted in Review de Paris, June 1, 1928, p. 574)

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Sarko is ZioNazi

According to Le Monde, the video below has been circulating since November 2006 on the French blogosphere. French bloggers have even edited the video because they were not able to verify the highly incriminating passages concerning Sarkozy's past. The fact that his parents were Nazi collaborators.

Sarkozy comes from an aristocratic Hungarian family who fled Hungary for France, probably to escape persecutions for collaborating with the nazi regime. Among other corpses unburied from sarkozy's past is his direct responsibility in hiding the radioactive pollution in France during the Tchernobyl catastrophe. I remember very well this episode. At the time we were living in France and my daughter was 18 months old. There was some worry for children's food like cow milk and cheese. The French government issued a statement denying any pollution. My husband and I visited his cousin in Italy during the same period and in Italy there was a ban on fresh milk. We wondered why in France it was all O.K. when over the border there was a ban ? We were really worried for our baby daughter. My husband joked at the time by telling me that the radioactive cloud stopped at the French border.

Sarkozy was responsible at the time for chemical and radioactive pollution and threat, and it was he who decided that the truth must be hidden from the French people. Of course later, it was officially aknowledged that there was pollution in the vegetation and consequently the cattle in eastern and southern France.

As for Sarkozy's parents collaboration with nazis, I find it ironic that Politicians whose parents collaborated with the Nazis are the most submissive to the israel lobby. Bush's grandfather is known to have breached an official US ban on commercial dealings with nazi Germany and he could have been tried for treason. There is actually a law suit from holocaust survivors, at least two families, against the Bush family. It is also known that the Bush family fortune was made this way. In the 'Inside Man', director Spike Lee shows us the picture of the Bush family in the bakground of the final scene when the New York financier is forced to reveal his dealings with the nazis, and illegal possession of diamonds having belonged to deported Jewish families, to the policeman. Sarkozy, despite being catholique, says that his mother was a jew converted to catholicism. I am surprised by the number of people who compete for the high office and who reveal during their campaign that one of their parents was actually Jew. Remember John Kerry ?

What is more ironic is that this kind of people, along with fundamentalist Christians who prefigure the end of the Jewsih people in the Apocalypse, provide now the strongest support for the state of Israel. And the state of Israel, since its foundation, has never refused a fruitful collaboration with nazis and ex-nazis. Now, I don't really know if Sarkozy de Nagy Bosca's (his real name) family were really Nazi collaborators but given the kind of servile support of sarko for Israel, I will not be surprised that this kind of support is actually the only choice left for sarkozy if he wants to have a high profile political carreer. This means that the US before, and now as France probably will, have presidents who can easily be blackmailed by zionists. This is not to excuse Bush and Sarkozy for their families past dealings with nazis but to highlight that citizens must not choose for the high office someone who is already doomed and whose only choice is servility toward a foreign power. We are ruled by Mandchurian candidates.

Bilan de 5 ans de Sarkozy

Sarkozy has Israel's stamp of approval

Sarkozy is shown here on an israeli post stamp. The gift box shown on the stamp is a ballot box and the letters coming from the box form a word which means 'congratulations' and 'good luck'.

Isn't ironic (and dramatic) that Sarkozy is on a Stamp in Israel, promoted by his local committee and issued by Israel, before France ?
Isn't ironic (and dramatic) that western democracies are being taken hostages by the Israel lobby through Jewish with double citizenship and often a stronger allegiance for Israel than for their 'country of residence' ?
Isn't ironic (and dramatic) that a foreign country expresses so openly its support for a presidential candidate before the elections?
Isn't ironic (and dramatic) when zionist intellectuals express their support for a candidate they do it with conditions, like Bernard-Henri Lévy's support for Ségolène Royal with the condition she names Dominique Strauss Kahn ( a great Bush and Israel friend) for prime minister even before she is elected ?

National democracies are dead. Long live the Israel lobby....


Olmert gives Sarkozy his Seal of Approval

Nicolas Sarkozy - 100% Zionist Certified.

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is confident that Israel's relations with France will strengthen during Nicolas Sarkozy's presidency, an overnight statement from the premier's office said.

"I am convinced that cooperation between us will be fruitful and that together we will be able to advance diplomatic activity and peace in our region," Olmert said, describing France as "one of the most important and influential countries in both Europe and the world."