"The Jewish people as a whole will be its own Messiah. It will attain world domination by the dissolution of other races...and by the establishment of a world republic in which everywhere the Jews will exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this New World Order the Children of Israel...will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition..." (Karl Marx in a letter to Baruch Levy, quoted in Review de Paris, June 1, 1928, p. 574)

Sunday, 28 December 2008

Beware the Power of the Jew

All of history attests in one fulminating and tumultuous voice “Beware the power of the Jew!” Men strewn throughout the annals of time, men of every political persuasion, social standing, occupation, men unconnected by country or origin or class or creed or religion attest to one blaring and incontrovertible fact. They warn us, each in their own individualistic way, of the dangers of Jewish primacy, Jewish purse, Jewish power and Jewish prowess. They cannot afford to be ignored, for we discard their words at our own peril and at the risk of our own endangerment, indeed our own potential extinction. These great men, great for so many different and antithetic reasons, all knew one thing, and if they concurred or agreed on nothing else, they agreed on this. They boomed in their writings, in their speeches, in their orations, their words dripping with ominous and ill-boding truth “Beware the power of the Jew!”

What are the chances, the odds that so many disconnected men, scattered across an expansive globe, never having met each other, living centuries, sometimes millennia apart, could all attest to the same thing, and describe it often in terms, in phrases, in patterns that seem so similar, so eerily familiar. Some commentators, fools though they are, will try to describe this as simple “anti-Semitism” and this might be believed if these observations about the Jews had been noted in one, two or even merely three places. An anomaly, perhaps, if it were so isolated. But no, the statistical odds of these warnings occurring over and over and over, scattered like stones across the history of mankind, throughout his rise and evolution upon the globe, are billions to one. For all the warnings given were first-hand observances of the treachery of the Jews, their scheming, their unmitigated hatred for all of the Gentile world, their mighty strength of their united front, allied against the “Other” fiscally and often religiously, the vitriolic power of their Talmud or their Torah egging them on.

No, my friends, we must not shut out the lessons our forebears tried to teach. Before we take up our chains and call them jewelry, we must comprehend the height, length and breadth of Jewish historical crimes.

But before we scan all the registers of history, we must glance about us, somewhere closer to home at just a fraction of the deadly and endless drop-down menu of their criminal iniquities.

We cannot silence the blood that cries from the ground, spilled by Jewish commissars executing their brand of Talmudic Jewish Bolshevism against 60 million Russian people, whose country they imprisoned with gulag “justice.” Soon, when their masterdom of the Gentile cattle is unabridged, they will do the same to us, slaughtering Americans for the crime of “anti-Semitism.” Do you doubt it? Even now they are passing ‘hate’ laws, allowing Jews to jail anyone who criticizes them or challenges their superior reign over us.

We must not ignore the killing of US soldiers by the Israeli surprise attack on the USS Liberty, orchestrated and ordered by the Israeli government to instigate an American war with Egypt.

Our citizens, 3000 of them, were blown to bits by the callous and calculated Israeli false flag of 9/11, blamed subsequently on Arabs only to justify more carnage for the filthy Zionist state, the sex slave capital of the world, where beautiful blonde-haired, blue-eyed white women are sexually violated, raped and sodomized by sick Jews stoked to hatred of the Goyim by their “holy books.”

We must never forget that we fight and kill, and our precious American soldiers are maimed and mutilated and murdered in the proxy war in Iraq for the most nefarious and criminal nation on the face of God’s earth, that being the Jewish state of Israel.

And we must never forget that they have managed to cover up these crimes, concealing them from most of the American people because of their almost omniscient dominion over our government and media.

Cicero, Martin Luther, Ulysses Grant, Henry Ford, William Shakespeare, Winston Churchill, Richard Wagner, Charles Lindbergh, Voltaire, Thomas Aquinas, H.L. Mencken, Ezra Pound, Francis Bacon, Napoleon Bonaparte, Henry Adams and so many more men of renown all tried to forewarn humanity. They sounded the cry, they arose to divulge what they knew. But alas, we would not listen.

This is a lesson that history has tried to tattoo, stamp upon our minds, indelibly if we will so receive it. But we haven’t. Even now our minds have been dulled, our thoughts distracted and muddled, our warning signals stymied and crossed by propaganda. Our taboo-meters need to be shattered. The lesson just won’t take. It doesn’t register as the cautionary monitorial scream it still sounds like as it shrieks, begging us, for the sake of our countries, our children and our future to heed its exhortations. It admonishes, it entreats us to acknowledge the verisimilitude of its simplistic words, to guard ourselves, to inculcate its reality and inseminate its truth like a seed that will grow into a horror we must act upon. “Listen to me! I have but one lone axiom for you!” all of accumulated human history and human wisdom pleads. “Beware the power of the Jew!”

By Patrick Grimm

Expulsion of the Jews

'They warn us, each in their own individualistic way, of the dangers of Jewish primacy, Jewish purse, Jewish power and Jewish prowess. They cannot afford to be ignored, for we discard their words at our own peril and at the risk of our own endangerment, indeed our own potential extinction...'



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