"The Jewish people as a whole will be its own Messiah. It will attain world domination by the dissolution of other races...and by the establishment of a world republic in which everywhere the Jews will exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this New World Order the Children of Israel...will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition..." (Karl Marx in a letter to Baruch Levy, quoted in Review de Paris, June 1, 1928, p. 574)

Saturday, 27 December 2008

The Arrivals

This Series Explores the Revelations in World Religions Regarding the Arrivals of the Antichrist Dajjal, Imam Al-Mahdi, and The Second Coming of The Christ.

Get some Popcorn, sit
and watch.

pt.1 (intro)

pt.2 (mind control feat. George Carlin)

pt.3 (children's mind control)

pt. 4 (Proof of the Antichrist's arrival) google remove it but we have it elsewhere

The Arrivals pt. 5 (architecture & energy)

This episodes explores occult architecture. Again i remind all viewers that its not the shape that determines whther the harnessed energy is good or evil, but rather the rituals that take place within these structures. However, Pyramids, octagons, and domes are the most significant shpaes used in architecture based on sacred geometry.
If you don't get it, go and research the architecture of the occult. If you still don't get it, then move on, you're bound to understand other parts of this series.
This Series Explores the Revelations in World Religions Regarding the Arrivals of the Antichrist Dajjal, Imam Al-Mahdi, and The Second Coming of The Christ.

pt. 6 (The Battle of Human Energy)

pt. 7 (Pharaohs of Today)

pt. 8 (Shocking Evidence of the Pharaohs)

pt. 9

pt. 10 (The New Worldly Order)

11(Musical Sorcery)

pt.12 ("Light up the darkness")

pt. 13 (Lady in Red)
It's not the color red that we should look out for, but the concept of what the lady in red represents.

pt.14 (Hollywood)

pt. 15 (Hollywood & The Promised Land)

pt.16 (The Media and Islam)

pt.17 (War on Terror)

pt. 18 (The Hypocrisy of Democracy)

pt.19 (The UFO Phenomena)

pt.20 (The Ufo Phenomena)

pt.21 (What Is Yet To Come)
This is the ending of section 2 of "The Arrivals", this series will return end of August. Catch up if you haven't because each episode plays a significant role in what is yet to come

pt.22 (Our Satanic Pop Culture)

pt.23 (Materialism & The Battle Within)

pt.24 (Freedom Unplugged)
The voice of the system is the media and it is through this that inject their ideology

pt.25 (The Antichrist/Dajjal Is Here)

pt.26 (The Antichrist/ Dajjal is Here)

pt.27 (Why Satanism is Practiced by Our Leaders)
The accurate defintion for the word seclorum, in ANY LATIN DICTIONARY, is the following:
seclorum: seculi N N [EEXCM] Later
world/universe; secular/temporal/earthly/worldly affairs/cares/temptation

pt28 (Why Satanism is Practiced By Our Leaders)

pt.29 (The Truth About The Gods)

pt. 30 (The Checkered Floor and The "Gods")

pt.31 (The Great Deception)

pt.32 (The Most Valuable Truth)

pt.33 (The Choice is Yours)

pt.34 (The Infiltration of Religion)

pt.35 (The Temple of Solomon)

pt. 36 (The Story of Jesus)

pt.37 (The Sun God)
The relationship between the story of Horus and Jesus Christ in the Christian tradition and how Satan has managed to alter the true teachings

pt.38 (The Story of Islam)
Almighty God revealed His last message to His final Prophet to confirm the truth that came before and to put right what had been currupted.

It confirms the teachings of Abraham, Moses and Jesus and all the Prophets

pt.39 (The Prophet's Lineage)

pt 40 (The Common Ground)

pt.41 (The Bloodlines)

pt.42 (The Gatekeepers)
This is an episode that deals with deep knowledge of the elite, both ancient and modern. For any confusion or questions please research what was presented.

This Series Explores the Revelations in World Religions Regarding the Arrivals of the Antichrist Dajjal, Imam Al-Mahdi, and The Second Coming of The Christ.

pt.43 (The Symbolism of 9-11)
I dedicate the ending to my friend "truthjusticefreedom".
This Series Explores the Revelations in World Religions Regarding the Arrivals of the Antichrist Dajjal, Imam Al-Mahdi, and The Second Coming of The Christ.

pt.44 (The Significance of The Kaaba)
This is yet another deep episode covering information rarely exposed to the public. Plz note, its not the counter clockwise circling that is significant to breaking away spiritually from this dimension, but circling in correlation with the energy of the Kabba. The information presented in this episode can be researched and viewed by all who seek it, however the final idea dealing with the 7 circles around the Kaaba is a personal analysis i've drawn in relation to breaking away from time and space across 7 planes (samawat) to reach the highest level of spirituality.

pt.45 (The Kaaba & the 9-11 Ritual)

pt.46 (The Complete Human)

pt.47 (The Free Human)

pt.48 (The Arrival of the Mahdi)
Jesus did not have to have kids for the bloodline of Isaac to continue. Go research who Isaac also birthed, and how that bloodline continued so you can understand the big picture.

The speaker who discusses the coming wars with Israel is the accomplished American-Jewish writer Norman Finkelstein. The other speaker confirming that we will be the generation who witnesses the victory is the legendary revolutionary leader of the Lebanese Resistance "Sayid Hassan Nasrallah".

Dear bros, even though jesus (as) didn't have decendents, it doesn't mean the bloodline stopped with him. The bloodline of Isaac continued, go and research as much as you can as to who will be the mother of Imam al mahdi.

This Series Explores the Revelations in World Religions Regarding the Arrivals of the Antichrist Dajjal, Imam Al-Mahdi, and The Second Coming of The Christ.

pt.49 (The Arrival of the Dajjal)
Put an end to the dividing lies, and let the truth be known!

pt.50 (The Arrival of Jesus The Messiah)

Be sure to catch the Outro episode which concludes the whole series.
We applaud those who stand up against zionism and the illuminati system, and disrespect those who stand against such revolutionaries, because of thier own sectarian bias, or personal views and beliefs.

As of Nov. 7th 2008, Imam Al Mahdi is not publically with us yet. He will be made public in Mecca, at the Kaaba, and during Hajj, "when?" is knowledge that belongs to only Allah swt. The Dajjal has several clear characteristics, which we have covered, and will be the one who claims to be Jesus the messiah. That is his mission and reason for creation, rather the idiotic mahdi = dajjal accusations floating around the internet today, created by zionists and endorsed by sectarian muslims. The Dajjal gets accepted by the world, as he will be given the world's throne in Israel. Jesus doesn't come untill afterwards to finally kill the Dajjal. However all the confusion and battles before hand will be very tough and severe, as the majority of people will follow the Dajjal as the messiah.

We hope that the viewers of the arrivals continue to research the signs, with a clear, aware, educated, and bias free mind, so you can be amongst the rightous.
The mahdi's army will not be made of 1 sect, or one nation, but from people from all over the world, who understood the signs and followed his truth. Today however the only ones genuinly preparing for his arrival, and fighting the enemies of God, happen to be the leaders from his bloodline.

And the yamani is a totally different character that appears before the mahdi, he holds over 10 characteristics, that are very difficult to be held by more than one person in history. Stay tuned

Stay tuned for further productions which will clarify these issues furthermore.
This Series Explores the Revelations in World Religions Regarding the Arrivals of the Antichrist Dajjal, Imam Al-Mahdi, and The Second Coming of The Christ.

pt.51 (Outro)



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