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Monday, 10 June 2013

Keep the Spotlight on Bilderberg

Traficant proposes new strategy to expose “stealthy operation”

By Jim Traficant

The Bilderberg group is a highly secretive body comprised of participants from Europe and North America. The group, an elitist set of corporate heads, major politicians, media moguls and financial kingpins, meets each year in guarded, closed-door luxury hotels, to determine how the world should go, to increase their already outrageous incomes.

You would probably not be apprised of the Bilderberg group were it not for a great American patriot named “Big Jim” Tucker. Jim was a writer for AMERICAN FREE PRESS and before that for The Spotlight newspaper. As a reader of AFP, you have had more information about this mysterious Bilderberg entity than all other Americans.

Jim Tucker was an American hero. He brought both The Spotlight and, literally, the spotlight, to shine on this clandestine body. Tucker carried the torch of investigative reporting to educate American people about a very suspect group of internationalists who affect the lives of many people.

Actually, Jim picked up the torch from Willis Carto, who identified this “secret cartel” and began to pursue its makeup and purpose. Carto recognized that any group consisting of top movers and shakers on the planet must have something to hide, to go through such lengths as vacating entire fivestar hotels just to hold their conferences.

That’s right, all other guests were removed. Nobody was to be in that building except those “Bilderbergers.”
Willis knew that this was an international scandal. He was right. The participants ranged from the biggest bankers in the world to government leaders. These bankers controlled the money structure impacting the entire world, including the United States.

Jim recently died, but he certainly launched a whole contingent of inquirers, ranging from radio and TV personalities to media now wanting some transparency to this hidden sort of one-world type group operating in the absolute dark with no one allowed to ask any questions or dare to unravel its agenda. Until a few years ago, its very existence was denied.

This June, the “Bilderberg boys” will be gathering again, this time in the London area. AFP has asked me to cover this stealthy operation in conjunction with Pete Papaherakles and Mark Anderson, two highly intelligent media personalities who are unafraid to tackle the tough issues. I have accepted and look forward to this endeavor.

I believe that much can be done to further shine the light on this shady outfit. I am encouraging the leaders of AFP to spearhead a new strategy in getting to the bottom of this exclusive structure.

It’s time to investigate the money trail. Who authorizes our American participants? How are they selected? Who pays the costs of their travel and housing? What part of our budget in Washington is used for these expenses? Whose budget does it come out of? Are they violating the law? Are there reports and minutes of meetings made available to our government? How does their agenda affect our future as regular citizens?
I’ve recommended a surgical-type Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) inquiry. Will our government refuse to respond? If so, why? The law requires them to respond. I maintain that U.S. dollars are being expended on this Bilderberg group, and a full accounting of it must be made to the citizens of our republic.

If Bilderberg is just a harmless social group attempting to gather consensus-type of information then there should be nothing to hide. Our government should comply with our FOIA request.

Willis and “Big Jim” Tucker turned the bright lights on for the gang of AFP. Now it’s our turn to keep that light shining.
Stay tuned, and get back at me!



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