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Sunday, 21 April 2013

“False-flag meme goes mainstream on Boston bombings”


Kevin Barrett

Part 2: Glenn Beck goes off the reservation

My Press TV article “False-flag meme goes mainstream on Boston bombings” went viral last week, racking up over 30,000 shares – a new record. Today’s follow-up, Global awakening to false-flag terrorism, is also starting to go viral.

And now there’s a major new development on the mainstreaming of the false-flag meme: Fox TV host Glenn Beck, who normally sheds more heat than light on events, has gone way off the reservation. Beck admitted yesterday that he has until now kept his mouth shut about 9/11 – which he referred to as “the World Trade Center bombing,” an implicit admission that the buildings were brought down by explosives, not airplanes. But in the wake of the Boston bombings, Beck says, he isn’t going to keep his mouth shut any longer. Beck is giving Obama till Monday to admit that Boston was a false-flag operation. Then, Beck says, he will reveal explosive evidence about the case.

Do I completely trust Glenn Beck? Hell, no.  I appeared as a guest on his radio show in 2006, hammering him with evidence that 9/11 was an inside job, and being hammered in return as a “conspiracy nut.” Even then, I got the strong impression that Beck knew full well that 9/11 was a false-flag. Unlike Hannity, who seemed to actually believe his own BS, and O’Reilly, who seemed to half-believe it, Beck just didn’t seem to have his heart in covering up the crime of the century. Maybe that’s why the show never got archived.
As a major media figure who has made a pile of money by covering up 9/11, Beck is arguably fit for the scaffold. Treason doesn’t get much uglier than that.

Yes, there is such a thing as sincere repentance. We Muslims call it “tawba.” The word literally means “turning” – turning away from the wrong path, and toward the right one; or turning away from lies, and toward truth. Even a dubious character like Beck, when he suddenly starts talking like he has finally gotten fed up with false flags, deserves a fair hearing.

But Beck’s “coming out” as a truther could also be explained in less innocent ways.

Fox News, with only a few exceptions, has served the American public a steady dose of 9/11 cover-up propaganda during the past eleven-and-one-half years. Whether knowingly or unknowingly, Beck could be setting us up for what is known in the spy trade as a “limited hang-out.” He seems to be threatening to reveal evidence that a Saudi national wounded in the bombings is a “bad, bad, bad man.” While that could be true, the fact remains that the Saudis are utterly disposable junior partners of the Zionists, who orchestrate the false-flags, serve as senior godfathers to global organized crime, and run Fox News.

The Zionists would love to trick the US into invading Saudi Arabia. They would also love to trick us into attacking Pakistan in hopes of destroying that nation’s nuclear capability.

The “blame the Saudis” (and sometimes “blame the Pakistanis”) line is getting old. All of the sayanim infiltrators of the 9/11 truth  movement have been chanting these mantras since the movement’s inception. While I personally have no love for the Saudi government, I have no illusions about their power to orchestrate global events.  The Saudi ruling family is a bunch of wildly-overpaid, notoriously incompetent mid-level managers in the global Federal Reserve bankster cartel.

Beck claims that there is a link between the Benghazi and Boston false-flags. While this may be true, Beck seems to be singing from the same hymnal as the pro-Romney neocons, whose Israeli allies presumably had a role in the Benghazi attack, and who tried to spin it in such a way as to take down Obama and his “realists,” and replace them with a rabidly-neocon Romney Administration under the total control of the Netanyahu neocon faction…the faction that runs Fox News.

Are the neocons panicking due to the rapid spread of the false-flag meme after the botched Boston op? Are they moving to Plan B, a limited hangout designed to “blame Obama and the Saudis” ?

Such a limited hang-out might serve the neocons’ interest even if it “fails.” Here’s the scenario: Beck floats the “Saudis and Obama did it” line. Many Tea Party conservatives buy it, but liberals, centrists, and mainstream conservatives don’t. Those who don’t buy it dismiss Beck as a “right-wing conspiracy nut.” The perception that “a conspiracy nut (Beck) is calling the Boston bombings a false flag” actually serves to undermine the credibility of people pushing the false-flag meme among those who are not Beck fans (the majority of Americans).

And stopping the “great awakening” to the reality of false-flags is a key Zionist objective. The Zionists, after all, do most of the false-flagging.

Another benefit to the neocons of this kind of limited-hang-out: It confuses the issue. By spreading half-truths, sending people after red herrings, and/or throwing low-level guys to the wolves, the real perps cover their tracks.

How can we know whether Beck is sincere, or just pushing a limited hang-out on behalf of his Zionist paymasters?

Easy. If Beck comes out clearly and forcefully for the 9/11 truth movement (and is presumably fired by Fox) he is sincere. Admitting the key role of the Zionists – not only in 9/11, but in trying to set up a New World Order global government – would be icing on the cake.

On the other hand: If Beck keeps his job at Fox, and keeps yapping obscurely about very bad Saudis, bad Obama, and everything else EXCEPT 9/11 truth and Zionist power, he’s almost certainly purveying a limited hangout on behalf of his employers.

The choice is yours, Glenn.

I’m giving you till Monday.



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