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Saturday, 2 February 2013

The recolonization of Africa began with the death of Gaddafi

RT Spain

A few days ago Spain’s National Radio interviewed a renowned expert on Middle Eastern politics and North Africa which stated that “Libya is in a process of democratic transition with some problems” and that “the most important thing is that it has one hundred percent recovered crude supply. “ Hearing these manifestations of an expert on Spanish public radio, the average Spanish interprets the “humanitarian war” was a success and that the Libyan people got rid of their tyrant and has the control of their natural resources. Nothing is further from reality, because Libya, who enjoyed the Human Development Index highest in Africa and perhaps was one of the only countries in the developing world in ways that had full control of their natural resources, especially oil, gas and gold, today is a failed state where Islamist militias roam terrorizing the population. Meanwhile, oil and gas wells have been literally surrounded by two lines of heavily armed mercenaries say predatory corporations working at full capacity.

But the death of Muammar, who so cynically held by Hillary Clinton was off camera in  an interview , the worst was yet to come.  Part of jihadists and insurgents mercenaries were sent to Turkey, where they would be trained to join the  Free Syrian Army , while another large contingent of jihadists with sophisticated weaponry supplied by NATO and also looted the arsenals of Gaddafi, was sent south to join the Salafists of AQIM (Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb) and Tuareg nationalists, to instruct in the Holy War and initiate the destabilization of the entire region surrounding the Sahara Desert, so rich in natural resources.  Tuareg tribes who had been previously trained militarily by a U.S. command, and have integrated a strange way to nationalism and Salafism be led by international jihadist and AQIM guerrillas under the command of which have devastated the country’s north in a few days, imposing Sharia in all the cities under their control, as happened in Somalia militia Al Chabab years ago . 

It’s just another phase of  AFRICOM led by France and commanded and coordinated jointly by the U.S. intelligence services, English and French, in which the French nation has acted again as arsonist-fireman, as he did in Libya under Sarkozy’s right-wing mandate.  This time, however, paradoxically, has been the ‘socialist’ François Hollande in charge of fire and plunge the region into chaos and anarchy, using Islamist groups as a tactic before Western military intervention back towards the planned intensification of plundering West and Central Africa. One more example of the double standards prevailing in international politics. This new episode of ‘war on terror’ in favor of democracy and human rights to justify a new international interference hideth blatant profit that is usually sated in three phases if conflict is created artificially from the outside. A first selling weapons to both sides, a second settling and plundering the resources of the “liberated country”, and a third rebuilding infrastructure will most likely be destroyed again in a few years. AFRICOM The new phase has just begun, and the strategy has scored two great goals geoeconomic. The first is that the financial crisis plaguing Europe especially to be paid by the poorest of the global world. The second, and perhaps more important, is to counter the growing economic power, China’s financial and commercial on the African continent. And to get it, not hesitate to create new conflicts in countries like Algeria, Niger, Chad, Nigeria and others. While Salafi Islamists are considered terrorists and a great danger to the international community in Mali, the same in Syria are considered revolutionary for democracy. Nagham Salman is head of European research and policy analyst specializing in Middle Eastern affairs.

Source RT Spain