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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Saudi Arabia coercing convicts and death row inmates to fight in Syria

By: Robert Tilford

Secret documents “leaked to the media” disclosed on Sunday that Saudi Arabia has been sending death convicts to Syria to join the armed campaign against President Bashar a-Assad's government, according to a FARS news agency report.

“According to the document, the Saudi Interior Ministry has conceded to pardon these people who have been sentenced to death on charges of drug trafficking, murder and rape after they accepted to go under military trainings and be sent to Syria to help terrorist groups and the FSA in the war on President Assad. Families of the convicts do not have the right to leave Saudi Arabia, but they receive monthly salaries from the Al Saud regime. The regime has taken the families hostage to make sure that the criminals remain loyal to their missions and plots in Syria.

Pardoning inmates in return for terrorist operations in Syria is not confined to Saudi Arabia, and Qatar and some other Persian Gulf states have followed suit” (source: Saudi Arabia Sending Death Convicts to Syria to Help Rebels http://english.farsnews.com/newstext.php?nn=9107125672 ) .

The report indicated that so far thousands of criminals have been loosed on Syria to help wage a foreign sponsored terrorist war against the regime.

We contacted the U.S. State Department which, not surprisingly refused comment on this story.