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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Anti-Muslim Ideologues Spurred Killer to Attack


By Michael Collins Piper

The mass media is having a field day talking about the fact that a Christian—and so-called “right-wing extremist”—was responsible for the mass murder in Norway. But what the media has carefully played down is the fact that the confessed terrorist, Anders Behring Breivik, was a hard-line supporter of Israel, a violent pro-Israeli lunatic (like fanatic John Hagee) lashing out at a government—that of Norway’s Labor Party—he perceived to be hostile to Israel.

This fact casts a new perspective on the event and is one the media would prefer to keep under wraps, particularly those pro-Israeli voices that have helped shape Breivik’s thinking. References to Breivik as blond haired and blue-eyed permeated the media, even including The Washington Post, that, as a matter of political correctness, will not report the race of suspected criminals sought by the police in the nation’s capital. The implicit intent was to focus on white racism rather than pro-Israeli fanaticism.

Apparently, Breivik’s problem with the Labor Party—whose youth camp he targeted—was that he viewed the party as being an enemy of Israel.

In Israel, bloggers hailed Breivik, suggesting the result of his crime was the welcome and God-sanctioned destruction of Israel’s enemies. Breivik urged Europeans to enter into a “pro-Israel, anti-Jihad alliance,” according to the pro-Israel Washington Times, which admitted on July 25 that one of its sources had been in correspondence with the terrorist as far back as July 2009.

But Breivik does not stand alone urging Europeans to align themselves with Israel. In fact, his pro-Israel rhetoric was preceded with similar talk from a number of European nationalists—often referred to as being “right wing”—who find Israel to be a viable ally.

They include—but are not limited to: Nick Griffin, leader of the British National Party; Marine Le Pen, leader of the French National Front, who says her movement is now “Zionistic”; Geert Wilders, leader of the Dutch Freedom Party, who makes regular pilgrimages to Israel; and Filip Dewinter, chairman of the Vlaamas Belang Party in Belgium, who has claimed “Israel is a sort of outpost for our Western society, an outpost of democracy, of freedom of speech, of protecting common values within a hostile environment.”

While—as AFP’s readers know— all of Dewinter’s points are questionable, Dewinter (and Breiviks) ignore that, since its establishment, Israel has energetically razed Christian holy sites, destroyed ancient Christian relics and instituted laws imprisoning Christians for proselytizing their faith.

These Europeans ignore the fact that the Muslims they proclaim to be enemies of Christianity actually revere Jesus Christ as a beloved prophet, as did Mohammad himself. At the same time, they ignore the ugly hostility toward Christianity that is an article of faith in Israel and that has been acknowledged by modern-day Jewish scholars in such recent works as Jesus in the Talmud* by Dr. Peter Schafer and Reckless Rites: Purim and the Legacy of Jewish Violence** by Dr. Elliot Horowitz.

While no nationalist anywhere questions the European desire to maintain sovereignty and traditional cultural integrity, many do question whether nationalists in Europe should merge their concerns with those of Israel’s geopolitical ambitions. This is akin to the claim by pro-Israel propagandists who claim that the interests of Israel and those of the United States are the same.

In the wake of 9-11, those propagandists stoked up fears about the so-called rise of Islam and of a purported Muslim population explosion about to overtake the United States and Europe. This is precisely the kind of rhetoric that stimulated Breivik and many others.

However, as far back as Jan. 27, The New York Times let its elite readership in on the big secret: The Muslim population is not accelerating exponentially either in the United States or in Europe or even around the world. The Times was commenting on a study, The Future of the Global Muslim Population, the subject of a joint inquiry by two think tanks, the Pew Research Center and the John Templeton Foundation.

Cryptically entitled “Report offers surprises on Muslims’ growth,” the Times article advised that “predictions that Europe will become a majority Muslim ‘Eurabia’ are unfounded.”

The Times pointed out during the next 20 years the world’s Muslim population is projected to increase from 23.4 percent to 26.4 percent, hardly an “explosion.”

The Times added that “such growth is not enough to create a drastic shift in the world’s religious balance.”

And while many have been convinced by pro-Israeli voices that the Muslim population in Europe is growing by leaps and bounds, the Times revealed that the study found that Muslims in Europe, now making up 6 percent of the population, will only grow to 8 percent by 2030.

The Times noted: “In France and Belgium, Muslims will be about 10 percent of the population in 20 years, and in Britain, 8 percent.”

As far as the United States is concerned, within 20 years Muslims will only constitute 1.7 percent of the American population, described by the Times as “about the equivalent of Jews in the United States today.”

Essentially, the Times was telling its readers: “You really don’t need to worry about Muslim hordes taking over America and instituting Sharia law.”

But that message isn’t reaching the mass audience and it didn’t reach Christian-Zionist soldiers like Breivik, who are marching off to war against Islam.

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A journalist specializing in media critique, Michael Collins Piper is the author of The High Priests of War, The New Jerusalem, Dirty Secrets, The Judas Goats, The Golem, Target Traficant and My First Days in the White House All are available from AFP.

The Piper Report Aug 1, 2011

MCP delves into the latest news coming out of the NYT involving Jewish lawyer David Yerushalmi and the Zionist role in fomenting the anti-Islamic hysteria in the US and Europe that has gripped much of the patriot/white nationalist movement.

Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer fundraise on Norway attack
By Alex Pareene, Salon

America's most virulent anti-Islam bloggers continue attacking all Muslims, accuse terror victims of anti-Semitism

As a writer, it sure sucks when someone murders a bunch of people based on your ideas. (I mean, I assume that sucks. Weirdly, it's never happened to me.) So you can understand why right-wing anti-Islam bloggers are all being kind of defensive, these days.

Anders Breivik, the anti-Islam terrorist who killed 77 people in Norway on July 22, read a lot of American anti-Islam bloggers, many of whom he cited in his lengthy manifesto. Breivik's favorites included Robert Spencer, a self-proclaimed expert on Islam whose "Jihad Watch" blog was quoted and cited in Breivik's manifesto, and Spencer's ally and collaborator Pam Geller, whose "Atlas Shrugs" was similarly recommended by the killer.

So some people have been like, "hey, wow guys, a crazy person took everything you write so seriously that he murdered a bunch of people, in the name of protecting his nation from the creeping 'Islamization' of Europe that you guys constantly crow about, maybe you guys should stop and think for a minute about the horrible, hateful things you all write, all the time." And Spencer and Geller have basically screeched back, "CENSORSHIP!!!!!"

They are now actually fundraising on the fact that they helped inspire a massacre. Or more accurately, they're begging for money to protect them from the imaginary witch hunt that they claim the liberals will mount. (Is this part of the witch hunt? I am always confused about whether I'm witch-hunting or not, when I call people horrid hateful bigots.) Spencer also signed Geller's fundraising blog, and if you donate more than $500 to Atlas Shrugs, ThinkProgress reports, they will send you a signed copy of Geller's book, "Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance." (I assume a coordinated terror attack against radical Islam's liberal enablers is written off in the pamphlet as impractical.)

People are not responsible for what crazy people do after reading their blog posts for years, obviously (though inciting fear of and hatred for ethnic and religious minority groups tends to be the sort of speech with the bloodiest track record), and Pamela Geller never called on anyone to go out and murder some liberals, to save us from the Islamists. But she has now stopped just short of justifying the attacks, after the fact!

Adam Serwer notes the strong 'they had it coming' vibe in Geller's latest on Norway. From Geller's post:

But the more that is revealed about that youth indoctrination center, the more grotesque the whole story becomes. Of course, the genocidal leftists will twist what I write here; I am not condoning the slaughter in Norway or anywhere. I abhor violence (except in regard to self defense). But the jihad-loving media never told us what antisemitic war games they were playing on that island. Utoya Island is a Communist/Socialist campground, and they clearly had a pro-Islamic agenda.

Only the malevolent media could use the euphemism summer camp and get away with it.

The slaughter was horrific. What these kids were being taught and instructed to do was a different kind of grotesque. There is no justification for Breivik's actions whatsoever. There is also no justification for Norway's antisemitism and demonization of Israel.

Those are pretty perfunctory disclaimers against violence. Those dead people clearly had a pro-Islamic agenda! "Antisemitic war games" makes the victims sound like ... soldiers preparing to attack Israel, making violence against them conceivably an act of "defense of Israel," which is, of course, a justification for violence that in Geller's world is indistinguishable from "self-defense."

It may surprise you to learn that Geller feels any shame, ever, but she did delete the blatantly racist photo caption that originally accompanied the post. The faces of the camp attendees look, to Geller, "more Middle Eastern or mixed than pure Norwegian." (!) In other words: I abhor violence, but these pro-Islamofascist soldiers were being trained by the Commie-Nazis to destroy Israel, also they look sorta Arab, right?

So! Please remember how horribly these guys are reacting to what should be a moment of shameful self-reflection for them, the next time you see them cited in some newspaper editorial or interviews on Fox or something.

  • Alex Pareene writes about politics for Salon. Email him at apareene@salon.com and follow him on Twitter @pareene More: Alex Pareene


The Zionist Terror Network in Norway and elsewhere


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