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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Mossad Killed Vittorio Arrigoni


By Filippo Fortunato Pilato
Coogle Translation from Italian Via geostrategie,com

The death sentence issued by Mossad against Vittorio Arrigoni since Cast Lead was eventually executed.

Vittorio, unlike other activists British, French, or other, was the only witness to Cast Lead: he had seen too many things and he was trying to show too much, in Itay.
His articles were reported in newspapers and magazines,
Internet and other print media. Bear in mind that a death sentence was issued against him by the Zionist militias, which had aired the communication line from the beginning of 2009, accompanied by various Zionist threats and crazy proclamations.

Nobody does indeed remove the conviction, even if we do not currently have evidence, but they come out, that death is the work of Vittorio services infiltrated the Israeli non-existent "ghost network" of Al Qaeda: because, let us know it when Al Qaeda is written, read and pronounce Cia Mossad.

His lifeless body was found at dawn Friday, April 15, in an abandoned house in the Gaza Strip.

Three men armed Salafist Jihadist group self called "The Brigade of The Gallant Companion of the Prophet Mohammad Bin Muslima, abducted in central Gaza, the peace activist with the Free Gaza Movement, also a member of the International Solidarity Movement: the kidnappers demanded a ransom for Hamas, which is in charge of government in Gaza, the release of some inmates in prisons Salafi Hamas (the elected government of prison administration, NDT), also including Sheikh Al Saidani (better known as Abu Walid al Maqdisi), a leading Tawid and Jihad group, affiliated with al Qaeda.

Hamas in the Gaza Strip has a heavy hand with the terrorists, the real, full nose smelling the "Israeli intelligence," and whose actions are inhumane exploited as an excuse for retaliation Zionists at the expense of the people of Gaza.

In case of non acceptance of requests from kidnappers, Vittorio was killed before 17 pm. (Local time) in Gaza.

The groups led by Al Maqdisi / Al Saidani have left dozens of casualties in attacks against civilian targets Maqdisi and Al / Al Saidani was arrested by Egyptian forces (see correction at end of text, translator's note) there is not much a month with the allocation of various terrorist attacks, including one against a hotel in the Sinai where twenty people were killed in 2006.

Here for the column. Now a thought.

When we say "the Salafist Al Qaeda / CIA / Mossad assassinated Vittorio Arrigoni," we mean exactly and literally what we said. That Al Qaeda is a creature of Organic war games with U.S. and Israeli occupation, even a child, now knows and understands. Those who speak of the group of bin Laden or Al Qaeda as an entity that would continue the revolutionary interests of Islam or are in bad faith, or uninformed, or are not sufficiently attentive to what happens on the geopolitical map in conjunction with international operations "qaedistes al. Because since the beginning of operations in Afghanistan against the Russians, never a single operation al-qaediste has occurred without bringing with it a military occupation, war escalated, intensified locational operations to reposition forces in the field, political pressure to condition national choices mostly repressive and intrusive against freedoms. In simpler terms, if Al Qaeda did not exist, the Israeli secret service-Americans should have to invent it: and indeed Al Qaeda was a creature of services, called "the base" or better "the data base."

Regardless of the fact that in Gaza, nobody knows what the Salafist Group called "The Brigade of The Gallant Companion of the Prophet Mohammad Bin Muslima" independently also because governmental sources in Gaza reported absent any such group operating in the within the band (see http://www.infopal.it/leggi.php?id=18080), except as micro-realities operated by the Israeli secret service to create and generate internal conflict and provocation, relying on labor caught in the Islamic fanaticism, it is imperative to ask a question: Why, why, of ghostly Islamist groups in conflict with Hamas would they have had to remove an Italian to lobby for obtain the release of detainees held in prisons in Gaza?

It makes no sense. To pressures of this kind would have had to remove government officials or representatives in Gaza-Hamas Islamic. Or it would have taken away an Italian to lobby for the release of Islamist prisoners-Salafists in Italian prisons. This entire operation of kidnapping as much sense that removing a German request for the release of a Chinese detained in Chinese prisons.

And why, with all these international activists in Gaza, just remove Vittorio Arrigoni? Should we do a reload, and return two years back? Vittorio, unlike other activists British, French, or other, was the only witness to Italian Cast Lead: he had seen too many things he was trying to show too much, in Italian. His articles were reported in newspapers and magazines, Internet and other print media.

But especially a death sentence was issued against him by the Zionist militias, which had aired the communication line from the beginning of 2009, with threats and proclamations Zionists crazy. That is the truth.

Sentence issued, executed sentence.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Arab media is reporting that the group of "Salafists" were actually Jordanian secret service, and when they were corralled yesterday by Hamas, they killed themselves rather than being captured.

20 April 2011 at 04:24  
Anonymous Mouser said...

Yes indeed, israel killed Vittorio Arrogoni. Just like Rachel Corrie.

21 April 2011 at 00:52  
Anonymous Mouser said...


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21 April 2011 at 00:53  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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4 January 2012 at 08:35  
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