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Thursday, 10 March 2011

The Israeli Mossad & 9-11


by Myron Goldfarb (for henrymakow.com)

The crime of the century 9/11 was committed by the Israeli Mossad and the FBI and CIA and George Bush and his cabinet are all involved.

Larry Silverstein leases the trade towers seven weeks prior to 9/11 even though someone had bid $50 million more. Prior to this the Mossad were going around pretending to be Arabs.

They took flight lessons saying they didn't need to learn how to land. Then they left the Koran in cars and were in strip clubs the night before 9/11. The Israelis making sure to tell everyone they were Arabs.

We know the CIA and FBI were involved, because many agents shorted stocks on the airlines and sold options on the airlines and made millions. This should be a horrendous red flag with many agents making millions and could only have done it with prior knowledge. Then you have the FBI agents that confiscated cameras from area businesses that would have shown the missile hitting the Pentagon.

There are so many red flags that prove 9/11 is one huge lie.

Number one,they don't have any photos of all these Arab men who flew the planes in those airports.

Number two, a 757 never ever flies from Boston to California with only forty passengers. It's never been done even once before. That's why they have hubs if they need more passengers. But those planes should have left those airports with no less than 200 passengers and then they might have picked up more in Chicago or Atlanta.

This one piece of evidence proves the planes were staged to not have many passengers. Why didn't the pilots question the lack of passengers? Did they ask the airport why the lack of passengers? So if something was never done before why was it done four times on 9/11?

Then we have the fact that nobody could have used their cell phones to call, because they were traveling too fast. So this means the cell phone calls were bogus and they were staged by the Mossad or our government. Then you have the fact that the planes didn't have windows and had a pod underneath and no markings. This means they weren't 757s belonging to those airlines. Then the jets hit the side of the buildings and they hit steel girders but not one piece of the wings or fuselage fell off.

One huge piece of evidence is the fact that when the planes hit they were loaded with kerosene and there should have been hundreds of gallons of kerosene on fire streaming to the ground. But if you look at the videos there isn't any fuel falling. It's just a fireball and nothing more.

In several videos you can clearly see the thermite as it is burning and throwing off showers of sparks prior to the explosions. Then you can clearly see flash explosives going off as the buildings fall and you can see explosives blowing out 200' from the buildings.

The truth be known, none of the planes that left the airport were involved in the crashes. Did the people even board planes or were they simply loaded on buses and taken out of the airports?

The fact that CIA and FBI agents profited from 9/11 is clearly evident by paper trails. The videos show all the evidence we need that there was explosives in the building. Arabs could not have placed the explosives. This leaves Larry Silverstein and the Mossad.

Once again the Arabs are blamed for a crime committed by the Mossad. But if the Arabs had committed 9/11, what were they wanting to accomplish?

The fact is the buildings needed to have the asbestos removed. This would cost many millions of dollars and taken years. So the buildings had become obsolete and what better way for Larry Silverstein to make a few billion? To make us hate the Arabs and have the Patriot Act written weeks in advance and all ready to sign by lawmakers who weren't allowed to even read it.

Now we have one million more federal agents. We have FEMA camps in place. All we need is another attack.

I hope the Arabs are ready, because there is going to be another attack and they will be blamed for it. The Mossad probably is putting everything in place at the moment. People are wondering what will they destroy this time?

Because there was a CIA agent who was tailing Israelis who had a small nuke bomb like the one the Mossad used in Bali.

He was chasing them down and was killed by the local police. Strange how a CIA agent with more power over the local police was gunned down like that.

So apparently we already have a bomb in the USA. So it would seem they are going to bomb something in the southern parts.

Maybe an oil refinery outdated and slated for destruction? Who knows? But we have everything in place and ready to show the gullible Americans what this NEW World Order is all about. Maybe it is another name for Communism?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Allegedly, there are two suitcase nukes strategically placed in two cities to be detonated at the appropriate time by these psychopaths.

29 March 2011 at 08:20  

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