"The Jewish people as a whole will be its own Messiah. It will attain world domination by the dissolution of other races...and by the establishment of a world republic in which everywhere the Jews will exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this New World Order the Children of Israel...will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition..." (Karl Marx in a letter to Baruch Levy, quoted in Review de Paris, June 1, 1928, p. 574)

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

International Relations, 2010


by Scott Lazarowitz

International relations have been rotten for many, many decades, at least for the past century, especially since President Woodrow Wilson’s very stupid decision to take the U.S. into World War I.

The statists and internationalists have thrown America into war many times now, and unnecessarily. The U.S. government’s intrusions into foreign territories have all backfired. We have false flag operations and increased government intrusions into Americans’ persons, property and privacy, in the name of fighting terrorism, rather than acknowledging (at least publicly) that much of the terrorism committed or attempted by people against the U.S. is motivated by the U.S. government’s intrusions into those territories, particularly in the Middle East and Asia, inhabited by people who don’t like their territories intruded, invaded, occupied and their fellow inhabitants murdered and their internal matters interfered with by the U.S. government.

As I wrote yesterday, when the FBI encounters a young, impressionable teen whose rage could lead him into trouble, the moral and honest thing to do would be to encourage the kid to deal with his rage by more peaceful means, and discourage him from engaging in acts of violence. But because the FBI are bureaucrats whose only incentive is to enlarge the bureaucracy and expand their power and control because they have no competitive pressures on them, the agents went the other way and not only encouraged the kid in Oregon to go bad and commit acts of violence against others, but provided him with materials. The bureaucrats did this just so they could put another notch on their “terrorist” quota list. And use the whole situation as further excuse for the government to further expand its “national security” apparatus, the real purpose of which is to further enslave Americans and further empower the State.

Glenn Greenwald writes regarding the FBI’s way to protect themselves from accusations of “entrapment,”

…in order not to be found to have entrapped someone into committing a crime, law enforcement agents want to be able to prove that, in the 1992 words of the Supreme Court, the accused was “was independently predisposed to commit the crime for which he was arrested.” To prove that, undercover agents are often careful to stress that the accused has multiple choices, and they then induce him into choosing with his own volition to commit the crime. In this case, that was achieved by the undercover FBI agent’s allegedly advising Mohamud that there were at least five ways he could serve the cause of Islam (including by praying, studying engineering, raising funds to send overseas, or becoming “operational”), and Mohamud replied he wanted to “be operational” by using exploding a bomb (para. 35-37).But strangely, while all other conversations with Mohamud which the FBI summarizes were (according to the affidavit) recorded by numerous recording devices, this conversation — the crucial one for negating Mohamud’s entrapment defense — was not. That’s because, according to the FBI, the undercover agent ”was equipped with audio equipment to record the meeting. However, due to technical problems, the meeting was not recorded“ (para. 37).

Thus, we have only the FBI’s word, and only its version, for what was said during this crucial — potentially dispositive — conversation.

Michael Rozeff writes on the Lew Rockwell blog on the moral aspects of this latest FBI entrapment case:

Two persons informed me of some traditional Catholic moral code, namely

Nine ways of being an accessory to another’s sin.
1.By Counsel
2.By Command
3.By Consent
4.By Concealment
5.By Defense of Evil Done
6.By Partaking
7.By Provocation
8.By Praise
9.By Silence

Catholics who subscribe to this should be strongly condemning the FBI’s actions in the Oregon case and other similar instances. One person writes: ” I knew many FBI and Treasury (IRS) agents over the years. Most have retired. From the late ’70?s these decent, (mostly) Catholic men became more and more disenchanted with their agencies – especially the FBI agents. The remaining few still living, hate to talk about their feelings of betrayal; a few tried and couldn’t continue – it really choked them up – tears and all.”

And now we have warmongers and chickenhawk cowards who want to declare WikiLeaks a “terrorist organization,” following the latest in their series of document releases that embarrass government officials. Of course, the largest and worst and most murderous of terrorist organizations has been for many years the U.S. government.

Unfortunately, some people are just so fixated in their love for the State and view any questioning of the State and its actions and exposing of the incompetence, buffoonery and outright crimes of the U.S. government as “treasonous,” when in fact it has been the actions of the U.S. government and its agents that have been the most treasonous against us Americans. Contrary to Rep. Peter King and his blind allegiance to the government no matter what it does, we must shine a light on the cockroaches and that is what WikiLeaks is doing. Watch the little bugs panic and scamper and attempt to control the damage to their already fragile image (of incompetence, buffoonery and outright crimes).

On “The Big Dump,” Justin Raimondo writes,

The US Secretary of State’s intelligence-gathering diktat to our embassies worldwide, uncovered by WikiLeaks, has shocked the international community with its weird insistence on collecting biometric data – including DNA samples, iris scans and fingerprints – on foreign officials. In a missive sent to US embassies worldwide, Hillary ordered staff to obtain credit card information, computer passwords, personal encryption keys, and details of network upgrades. A part of this was a massive spying operation aimed at UN diplomats, including those of our Western allies, but there was also an order to gather similar dossiers on British MPs
That Hillary would risk embarrassment to the US of this magnitude – after all, the chances of being caught (as we were) are pretty high – in order to collect this degree of information, is little short of appalling. Yet it is hardly surprising – after all, we’re talking about Hillary Clinton here, the control freak par excellence.

“What goes around, comes around,” as they say. However, these bureaucrats (or, as David Kramer on the LRC blog often notes, correctly, “BureaucRATs”) want to do all that kind of invasive, totalitarian spying on us Americans! That’s because paranoia is inherent in the nature of the bureaucrat. We’re not allowed to expose the totalitarian bureaucrats’ spying on us and intruding into our private lives, yet they want to punish any exposing of what they’re doing! How do they live with themselves? And what the hell is going on in the noggins of those who defend them?

I think that totalitarians know deep down that what they do which is invasive of the lives of others, is wrong morally, and they know deep down that God is watching what they do, their crimes against humanity, their crimes against innocent human beings, and they are always looking behind them, always in fear that they will be caught. And they should be caught. Unfortunately, government officials like King and Sen. Joe Lieberschmutz, and private citizens and journalists such as Jonah Goldberg actually want to prosecute (and murder as well) those people who expose the criminal State for what it is.

The worst amongst the bureaucrats are the warmongers, because they are the ones responsible for the actual murders of innocent human beings, let alone everyday human rights and civil liberties violations committed by governments every day. Ironically, these days many of the warmongers on the right are also “pro-life” or anti-abortion. They are concerned about people killing innocent unborn human beings, as they should be, but they promote the killing of innocent Afghanis, innocent Iraqis, innocent Pakistanis, innocent Iranians, innocent North Koreans, etc. Go figure. Maybe they have multiple personality disorder, I don’t know.

Speaking of North Korea, Arthur Silber writes about the warmongers and specifically mentions Instapundit’s Glenn Reynolds, quoting Reynolds on North Korea: “If they start anything, I say nuke ‘em. And not with just a few bombs. They’ve caused enough trouble — and it would be a useful lesson for Iran, too. We can’t afford another Korean war, but hey, we’re already dismantling warheads…”

It seems that there continue to be calls for bombing of North Korea and Iran, and more killing of innocents. And for no good reason. I think these people who want so much war are just sick. Arthur Silber continues regarding the warmongering:

Leaving aside the huge numbers of innocent people who would be murdered by the dropping of nuclear weapons on North Korea — individuals whose primary and often sole concern is avoiding starvation, and who cannot reasonably be found guilty of any wrong against the United States under any analysis (and if you do leave this factor aside, may you be damned) — it hardly requires world-shattering brilliance to acknowledge that widespread death and horrifying illness from radiation and nuclear fallout might be a concern to, say, China and Japan (among others). And then there are the tens of thousands of U.S. soldiers very nearby, in South Korea. What of them? And how difficult is it to imagine that a U.S. attack on North Korea could very quickly lead to escalation involving other countries? One lesson that history teaches repeatedly is the immense, incalculable danger of unforeseen consequences. Yet as I observed in the earlier essay: “We refuse to learn any lessons at all.”

The U.S. especially hasn’t learned any lessons at all, from the first Iraq war and its consequences throughout the ’90s and why 9/11 happened. And any war against Iran would not only be against the interests of the United States, just as were the two wars against Iraq and the war in Afghanistan (as well as Barack Obomber’s wars in Pakistan and Yemen, etc.), but would only be a war on behalf of Israel. Israel is the one who has a huge stockpile of nuclear weapons but won’t openly admit it, but at the same time wants to prevent Iran from having nuclear weapons. Israel is the one with the Armageddon suicide scenarios and the Samson Option, who have been threatening Iran for years, and Iran is the dangerous one!

I know, I know, we’re not supposed to talk about Israel disparagingly. That would be politically incorrect. We can’t say anything negative about Israel or question that state’s integrity or motives because that might offend some people. After all, Jews were murdered by Hitler. However, as I’ve pointed out in the past, tens of millions of Chinese were murdered by Mao, and tens of millions of people were murdered by Stalin, but we don’t pussyfoot around Chinese people or Russians and other ex-Soviet bloc people for fear of offending them, do we? Why is that?

Perhaps as with the very reason for the “Jewish Homeland’s” location with its Biblical symbolism, we can’t say something that’s politically incorrect about Israel because Jews were meant by God to be the “chosen” people. Even my pointing that out is “politically incorrect,” but I don’t particularly care about being politically correct or incorrect, I care about the truth. The truth is very important, whether it’s to do with what the U.S. government’s intrusions and murders in the Middle East or the U.S. government’s intrusions into our liberty, or the Federal Reserve’s deliberate destruction of the dollar leading to economic collapse, or to do with Israel. “The truth shall set you free.” And the truth is, much of U.S. foreign policy is to do with Israel, and that’s the truth, as Edith Ann would say.

But as I’ve tried to point out in the past, the beginnings of the current state of Israel throughout the first half of the 20th Century were based on the deceitful actions of the British Empire and the British Mandate (like most of the actions of the British Empire), and based on the displacement of generations of indigenous Arabs from Palestine, as well as actual ethnic cleansing — and that’s what it is, now, ethnic cleansing, and that’s the truth, now. After the state of Israel was officially founded in 1948, the Israeli government’s actions over many decades now have been to expand its territory well beyond the 1947-48 partition (that Philip Weiss refers to in this post yesterday) and the government continues to take Arab-owned land to this day. What the Israeli government has been doing to the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip is criminal — if it were an Arab government doing the same thing to a Jewish population, the whole WORLD would be up in arms about it! But like the dehumanizing of the people of less-advanced societies that the Western warmongers have been waging war against for decades, and want more war and continue with their dehumanizing rhetoric, the Israeli government (with the help of the U.S. and other Western governments) have been engaging in their own campaign of dehumanization of Palestinians for decades as well. And that’s the truth, now — if you want to look the other way and be in denial of it, that’s up to you. I’ll deal with the truth.

But it is quite something how Americans, particularly the Israel First crowd, will defend everything Israel does, and will blindly believe every bit of propaganda the Israeli government feeds them. This despite all the spying Israel has done on America, the more recent American Mossad spying on American Muslims, and even the possibility that Israel may have had complicity in 9/11. But much of U.S. government foreign policy is to protect Israel’s “security” (really, its legitimacy), and with all the blind allegiance that one can find in the American sheeple. And don’t forget Netanyahu’s loyalty to the U.S., now. That’s important. He really gives a damn about us. (I heard the Brooklyn Bridge is for sale again.)

The Zionists insisted on Palestine and only Palestine to be the place for all Jews worldwide, and refused to consider any other territory in the world — even though Palestine was already inhabited, it was not virgin land — and based solely on Biblical symbolism.

Those Zionists were brilliant. Placing Jews in a tiny territory completely surrounded by millions of Arabs and Muslims to be a “safe haven” for Jews. That was wicked smart. Wasn’t it?

But don’t blame me, I’m just some poor old Jew, trying to tell the truth about what’s happened to us in the past century.

How are international relations now, throughout this modern, evolved world? Ah, they could be better.



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