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Monday, 14 June 2010

What Next If Israel Attacks the Iranian Flotilla?

by digital82711

After an extensive history of slaughtering American peace activists, a history that is hidden by the U.S. media, Israel now is playing poker, more specifically Blind-man’s Bluff, with a country that invented chess and is using logic.

If Israel attacks a flotilla due to the enforcement of an illegal blockade against the Palestinians, and the U.N. has no authority, will, or ability to stop it, it would seem the U.N. would have little credibility or authority to stop an Iranian nuclear program that has never violated any IAEA protocols.

The problem Israel faces with Iran’s nuclear program and its sending the Iranian navy into international waters towards Palestinian coastal waters is just one part of the equation. The situation becomes exponentially more complicated with the killing of Turkish peace activists. Since Turkey is a member of NATO and has the right to seek protection from the alliance, an alliance of which Israel is not a member, this begins to create a credibility problem for NATO and again proves that Israeli interests and U.S. interests have begun a sharp divergence as Israel becomes a strategic liability.

If NATO cannot control Israel, and the U.S. can not control Israel's behavior towards alliance members, what good is the alliance? What Israel is not considering is that the Jewish lobby does not have a stranglehold on European politicians and the AIPAC does not carry much weight in Paris or Berlin. There are too many European capitals for all of them to be the “Israeli Occupied Territory” that Washington D.C. has become. Furthermore, Europeans countries and NATO members like Turkey will not allow their citizens to be slaughtered the way American politicians allowed its sailors on the U.S.S Liberty to be slaughtered by the Israelis.

Many wonder if the slaughter of Turks was payback for the three-way nuclear swap deal for low-enriched uranium (LEU) between Turkey, Brazil, and Iran. This deal was floated by the U.S. until the Iranians took it. When the plan was accepted by Iran, Turkey, and Brazil, the U.S. went berserk. Now the U.S. is intent of savaging Turkey and Brazil while sabotaging the agreement. It also seems Israel is telling Turkey, in no uncertain terms, that there are costs for meddling in international affairs that affect Israeli interests. But Turkey will soon be sending a message to Israel that Ankara is not Washington D.C. and its politicians are not beholden to Jewish interests, or "The Lobby" and its AIPAC affiliates.

Imagine the irony if Israel is able to do single-handedly what the entire Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact could not do – destroy NATO. The alliance had to travel all the way to Afghanistan to find a meaning for its existence. Europe has military/industrial complex issues, although not to the extent that they dominate all aspects of political, economic, and political life as the U.S. spends more than the rest of the world combined. So, there is no Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Cheney axis of evil to hold a bizarro world together in Europe as Europeans are too politically savvy to fall for fear mongering after the history they lived through.

Obama is now at the crux of a problem with legitimacy and international law on one side, and on the other an illegitimate Zionist regime that seeks U.S. sponsored U.N. Security Council Veto protection while carrying out genocide and piracy.

Israel’s act of international lawlessness through mass starvation is a crime against humanity. It is also a war crime punishable under the Geneva Convention. Many of its politicians are already wary of, or simply refuse, trips to countries that are part of the World Court or signatories of the Geneva and Hague Conventions. Kissenger was known to have skipped out of European countries who were ready to detain him due to his support of Pinochet in Chile where he supported a criminal regime that was guilty of crimes against humanity.

Israel is playing with fire. The perception of Jewish realpolitik and rationality is being exploded and its insanity is becoming an embarrassment and liability to its biggest benefactor, the U.S. The “special relationship” between Israel and the U.S. has been of very little benefit to the U.S., unless you consider it an asset when Israel fans the flames of hatred in Muslim nations the U.S. is attempting to pacify.

American and Israeli hypocrisy makes nations mad. The actions of Israel are not created by Turkey as a method to drive Israel into international isolationism. And, Turkey is not turning its back on NATO. It is that Israel is driving a wedge in between Turkey ands the U.S. and making the U.S. less influential as deals between nations who are not Security Council members begin to branch and sequence as the U.S. is no longer considered an honest or even credible broker. Maybe Hugo Chavez was right when he told Obama, “The age of empires is over.”

The Jewish media has become so propaganda-oriented that Israelis quit listening to Jewish state radio and actually started to listen to Al Jazeera to get the truth with respect to the Israeli-Hezbollah war and its operational status and body counts. It seems the only people stupid enough to believe Jewish propaganda these days are Washington politicians.

So, now we will see if the terrorists are the Jews or the Palestinians. International opinion will back international law. Israel was founded on terrorism when the Jews bombed the King David Hotel killing dozens of international peacekeepers and driving the Brits out of Palestine. The creation of Israel through the terrorism of Menachen Begin, the godfather of modern terror who helped found Israel through the Stern Gang, the Irgun, and the Haganah, has his terrorist acts forgotten in the ADHD American populace. Meanwhile, Israel complains about Palestinian rockets that have only killed about three people per year.

The kill ratio with the Palestinian conflict is completely disproportionate. The Jews enjoy a 100-1 kill ratio in their extermination of the Palestinians. My guess is this will continue until the U.S. runs out of money to prop up the Zionist regime and realizes it is being suckered into Muslim wars for the benefit of Israeli expansionism that uses genocide and mass starvation as negotiating tools by creating desolation and calling it peace. But, this realization will only take place after enough Americans have lost their houses to Jewish bankers and the economy crumbles as we continue to fund intractable problems for the benefit o Israel.

We all know American politicians will pander to Jewish interests, but there will come a time when the difference between Israeli and Americans interests will become irreconcilable and there will be a reckoning between Israel and international law.



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