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Saturday, 1 May 2010

"The Strange Death of Adolph Hitler"

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

This is the title of a curious book published in 1939 that claims Hitler was poisoned and died shortly before the Munich Conference in March 1938. The book is written by the "double" who replaced him, a lookalike translator named Max Bauer.

The premise is absurd! Hitler's double writes a book: "Help! I'm being held hostage playing a dead dictator." They would have killed him at once.

I don't believe that an impersonator could have played Hitler. I can't imagine an actor facing down Hitler's generals or captivating a nation with his speeches. Or spending endless hours regurgitating his philosophies and experiences to his inner circle. I can't imagine the secret being kept.

Nonetheless, we should be aware of this curiosity of a book. It has been reprinted recently. In spite of its realistic portrayal of the Nazi era and some major players, it has received virtually no attention.

I think of history as theater, so I admit I found this book intriguing. I am always on the lookout for the hand of Illuminati. Didn't find much evidence of that here, but there were other rewards.


Max Bauer claims he was mistaken for Hitler and arrested in 1933, just before Hitler became Chancellor. The Nazis soon recognized his value as a doppelganger and gave him full access to the Fuhrer, better to substitute for him.

The book provides an excellent description of the events leading up to the purge of SA Chief Ernst Roehm, and the "Night of the Long Knives" itself. The SA consisted of almost two million men. They had helped Hitler attain power and they demanded a role in Hitler's Germany. They also demanded a "second revolution," the social reforms Hitler had promised them.

However, by this time, Hitler was in the pockets of the Junkers and industrialists., the "reacktion." The army saw the SA as a threat and didn't want anything to do with Roehm. Bauer recounts many arguments between Roehm and Hitler, who evidently had been lovers. He describes how Goebbels pretended to support Roehm in order to make him act more rashly.

Finally the "reaktion" resolved to eliminate Roehm and his allies. Bauer accompanied Hitler to the summer resort where Roehm and his lieutenants were apprehended in homosexual embrace. Bauer claims he shot Roehm himself, on Hitler's orders, through the door bars of his cell. Roehm was incredulous that Hitler would betray him.

Bauer says more than 900 people were killed in this purge, not the 77 reported. Former Chancellor Von Schleicher and his wife were gunned down by the SS in their home for conspiring against the regime.

Bauer claims there were many attempts on Hitler's life, and that he once took a bullet for him. The supposedly successful attempt involved poisoning Hitler's omelet with an "organic poison" which had no antidote. It was provided by a Jewish chemist who had returned from exile in Peru. Hitler died with words "Gelli" and "Mutte" (niece and mother) on his lips.

Curiously, the poisoners melded in with the core group of Nazis running the "double." They were not really opposed to Nazi aims. Perhaps they just needed a more amenable actor.


A fascinating subplot involves Bauer's love affair with Ulrica, the beautiful young wife of an important Nazi diplomat named Erik Von Arnheim. She bore Bauer two sons. Bauer is quite candid about how he betrayed her love and used her.

She had been named "Miss Germania" the symbol of German woman and motherhood. This is an example of Joseph Goebbel's propaganda and the cynical reality behind it.

As Minister of Propaganda, Goebbels controlled all artistic expression in Nazi Germany. As such, the little clubfoot sexually exploited every actress and singer. When he demanded sex from Ulrica's sister, Herta Fuchs, also a singer, her husband threatened to expose him.

Goebbels had the young man put in a concentration camp. He made a bargain with Herta. Sex or your husband will be tortured. She acceded. He didn't keep his word.

When Von Arnheim expressed disgust, Bauer decided to report him secretly, so he could have Ulrica to himself. Von Arnheim was incarcerated. But Goebbels turned the tables on Bauer. Goebbels would reveal Bauer's love affair to Hitler unless Bauer convinced "Miss Germania" to service him.

She did it out of misguided love for Bauer; then she committed suicide.
Bauer, a pig, only lamented the loss of the sex.

Hitler needed Von Arnheim for diplomatic missions. He was rehabilitated but later was instrumental in poisoning Hitler.


Bauer claimed he was abused by the Nazi inner circle that managed him often contemplated suicide.

He claimed he wrote the book so that his true identity would not be lost to posterity. The publisher, the now defunct "Macaulay Company," claimed they checked his facts and were satisfied.

I don't accept the main claim made by this book. But its portrayals of Hitler and Nazi Germany are captivating and it deserves to be better known.

'I Cremated Adolph Hitler' Sun.co.uk


AN ex-KGB officer claimed last night that he had cremated the bones of Adolf Hitler.

But Russian Vladimir Gumenyuk, 73, refused to say where the tyrant's ashes were scattered.

He fears it could become a place for neo-Nazi pilgrimages. The secret agent is said to be the last man alive from a team of three sent in 1970 to dig up the bones of Hitler, his mistress Eva Braun and the remains of Joseph Goebbels and his family.

He said: "We were ordered to burn the remains of Hitler and all his entourage, and blow them to the wind."

He said that having dug them up near Magdeburg, in former East Germany, they burnt the bones and drove to the top of a cliff on a small unnamed stream - where they scattered the ashes.

It was at a location decided by Moscow authorities. Gumenyuk, who said the team posed as fishermen, said: "No one was there - 20 seconds and the job was done. It was just the last flight of the Fuhrer."

He said he had turned down large sums to identify the exact spot he disposed of Hitler.

Gumenyuk told a Russian newspaper: "There are still too many neo-Nazis. There would be pilgrimages. They'd even put up a monument."



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