"The Jewish people as a whole will be its own Messiah. It will attain world domination by the dissolution of other races...and by the establishment of a world republic in which everywhere the Jews will exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this New World Order the Children of Israel...will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition..." (Karl Marx in a letter to Baruch Levy, quoted in Review de Paris, June 1, 1928, p. 574)

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Where Has America Taken The World?

In Pakistan, several prominent Pakistani commentators have been warning Pakistani leaders about the perils of an open-ended Pakistani backing for the American occupation of Afghanistan. No one listened to them then. Eight years later, their warnings are finally forcing Pakistan to sit up and take stock.

The world has witnessed ascendancy of British power from the early 19th century onwards which continued till the end of the Second World War. With the rise of the United States to the status of a super power an alliance was forged between these two powers. Therefore, for the last two hundred years we are living in a world designed by the US and British strategists. There were three challenges to British interests during this period. The first challenge came from Napoleon of France during the early 19th century. The British met this challenge successfully by defeating Napoleon in 1815. The second challenge came from Germany and was in two episodes. The first was in the form of the First World War during 1914-18, while the second episode was the Second World War during 1939-45. Although the British met this challenge successfully and emerged successful from the war, it lost its super power status to the US and the Soviet Union. As an aftermath of the war the conflict of empires was replaced by the conflict of ideologies and colonialism was replaced by neo-colonialism. Many empires broke up and independent countries were born. The third challenge came from the Soviet Union and lasted from 1945 to 1990. This challenge was rather long stretched and ended with the demise of the Soviet Union in 1990.

The US-British alliance has established its global hegemony through the use of four kinds of weapons. The first most important weapon at their disposal is brute force, the second weapon is fraud, the third is the media, while the fourth weapon that this axis uses to divide and rule the world is religion. Using these weapons the US-British axis want to impose a New World Order (NWO), which is based on a three-pronged strategy. One, political/military is being met through the establishment of puppet governments in Less Developed Countries (LDCs). While the military objective is being met through the NATO. The second strategy is economic and aims at the establishment of the New International Economic Order (NIEO) and is being promoted through globalization. Third, cultural imperialism is being unleashed through the use of English language, dress, etiquettes etc.

Having met the three major challenges successfully in the past, the US-British axis is now using the weapons and the strategies discussed earlier to nip in the bud any new threat that might pose a challenge in the future. And the present scenario is an attempt to impose the NWO at the global level. Episode I of the New World Order was staged in the Gulf in the year 1991 under the direction of George W. Bush Sr. Scene II of the same drama had to wait for ten years till George W. Bush Jr. was at the helm of affairs. It began with a jet slamming into the North Tower of the World Trade Center on 11 September 2001 at 8:48 am. While a second plane hit the South Tower 18 minutes later. Almost an hour after hitting the North Tower a third plane hit the Pentagon at 9:40 am. The world watched in total bewilderment as the South Tower collapsed at 9:50 am followed by the collapse of the North Tower half an hour later. The US establishment has not been able to provide any explanation of how the interval of almost one hour between the hitting of the North Tower and the Pentagon could not get the fleet of US warplanes to pounce on the third plane before it hit the Pentagon. Is the US really as vulnerable as the incident reflects?

As an aftermath of the 11 September tragedy the US has suffered economically but it has gained politically. It is stated that the September 11 incident changed the psyche of the American people overnight. If previously they were not prepared for body bags, after September 11 they had prepared themselves for this scenario. At the international level also the American have gained. For example, the Japanese had expressed serious reservations of the Gulf war in 1991, there was reticence on the part of European countries as well. At present the relationship between the USA and Europe was getting quite cold as a result of the refusal of the former to sign the Kyoto Pact. The incident has changed all this and the U.S.A has managed to get everybody on board in the ‘crusade’ against terrorism. It has provided an area of cooperation and compatibility between the US and the rest of the World. While China, which has reasons to be unnerved to have American troops so close to its border, has decided to lie low. While Russia is openly encouraging. One reason could be that the use of the ‘terrorism’ trump card has striked a common cord with these countries. It is quite intriguing that the Russians too do not seem to mind the presence of American troops and armaments on the Central Asian soil? Could it be that riding the terrorism bandwagon has put all the countries on the defensive? Or are the Russians encouraging the Americans towards their own fate? The Indians, the Russians and the Chinese stand to gain from the scenario that will emerge as a result as they all have Muslim separatist movements that they are trying to crush. Now the West will do it for them. If those targeted can also hit back, it would amount to killing two snakes without breaking the stick.

Having gained politically the US is now in a position to embark on its political adventure. The son can pick up the threads from where the father left them ten years ago. The concept of the New World Order was actually conceived by President George Bush Sr. and his national security Adviser Brent Scowcroft while fishing in the Atlantic in August 1990. The latter stated: “ The cold war’s end has not, unfortunately delivered us into an era of perpetual peace. As old threats recede, new threads emerge.”

In the New World Order the US would be the dominant super power, enforcing collective security with total support from its allies and the UN. In this New World Order the interests of the US world dominate and determine the rules of the game. And it would be US perceptions that would constitute threat to peace. At a time when Europe was becoming independent and Japan was involved in its own economic problems, we find both coming under the undisputed leadership of the USA. It would reinforce the imperial domination of the West not only over Muslim countries, but the entire Third World.

Although the prevailing world order was very repressive particularly in the present uni-polar world scenario, there was room for struggle against injustices and repression. In the New World Order all legitimate struggles would be dubbed as terrorism. – to be dealt with an iron hand. What are the hindrances in the way of the establishment of the New World Order? One, independent governments starting with Talibaan, to be followed by Iran, Sudan, Syria, Libya, etc. Second, countries with some capability that can hinder the establishment of the New World Order. This entails targeting Pakistan’s nuclear programme, the alleged bio-chemical weapons programme in Iraq, etc. The less developed non-Muslim countries like North Korea, Cuba, Zimbabwe will be dealt with in the next phase of the ‘war against terror’.

Through the establishment of the New World Order the U.S. and allies are acquiring God like attributes. This is reflected not only through semantics such as Infinite Justice, but more substantially in the objectives that are being pursued. For example, imposing the decisions of the Super power and expecting complete submission to these by all. This level of submission is only to the will of God. Such a scenario will mean that the only powers capable of inflicting terror will be the USA, Allies and their surrogate states.

In the emerging scenario the balance of power will be far more unbalanced and skewed than what we are witnessing today in the uni-polar world. The presence of the U.S.A. and U.K. in the South Asian region will ensure not only the containment of China and Russia, but access to the Caspian Sea oil as well. Moreover, the tremendous power vested on the Western industrialized countries will be used to exploit the natural resources of the under developed countries – both Muslim and non-Muslim with impunity, reviving memories of the colonial era of the past few centuries.

The economic exploitation of the underdeveloped countries will be greatly facilitated if these countries were cut to size. And this is the hidden agenda being pursued in the fight against terrorism. A study of history reveals that every political upheaval was followed by a change in the geographic map of the world. For example, the end of the First World War led to the break up of the Ottoman, the Austro-Hungarian and the Russian empires, as a result of which the states in the Middle East and the Balkans became independent. Similarly, the end of the Second World War gave birth to a whole lot of independent countries that were colonies. In 1947 Pakistan and India gained independence from the British, in 1949 Indonesia gained independence from the Nether land. This was followed by the independence of Ghana, Rhodesia, Algeria and other African countries from their colonial masters. In the Far East Viet Nam, Malaysia, Philippines joined the comity of nations.

Mr. Bush Jr. says the ‘new war’ will be a long and protracted war. Whether it remains the ‘new war’ or acquires the stature of a Third World War, the question is, how will it change global geography? Mr. Bush himself revealed this hidden agenda of the ‘war against terrorism’ in the aftermath of the 11 September tragedy when he said that states like Afghanistan would be wiped out. The same is discernible from the CIA Report 2000. Infact, the catastrophe in New York and the staging of episode II in this part of the World is the practical implementation of the Report. The Report had stated that the writ of the Government of Pakistan would be limited to Punjab and Sindh only, religious fundamentalism was stated as the major factor that will tear the country apart. As far as the ground realities unfolding from the 11 September episode, we find Pakistan being placed in the difficult position of having to choose between siding with the Americans against the brotherly people of Afghanistan and alienating the Pushton and religious elements in the country, or siding with Afghanistan and calling the wrath of the Americans upon our selves? Did the authors of the Report foresee this scenario when they were writing the CIA Report? We are also aware that the US and India have an agreement on strategic cooperation. Is what we are witnessing today the fruition of that agreement?

A very dangerous scenario seems to be building up. It appears that we might be on the verge of witnessing the beginning of the end of civilization. While every body stands to loose from this standoff, it is the West that has the most to loose. And it is also the West that is most vulnerable. This is because Western societies are affluent and with only 20% of the world population have acquired control over 80% of the world’s resources. While peoples in the less developed countries have been at the giving end. Globalization has brought great poverty to some of them. The power play of the industrialized countries has killed several millions, maiming even more. Kidron’s 1960s study quantifies the contribution of the industrial military complexes to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the industrialized countries. The killing and maiming of people during wars and social strife thus brings prosperity to the West. If the coffin clad photographs of innocent little Afghan children are the fodder that brings prosperity to the West, it is not difficult to assess who the terrorists are.

The United States must bear in mind two important facts. One, its own rise to the status of a super power. And two, the loss of the super power status of the former Soviet Union. The US rose to the status of a super power, as its infrastructure was unharmed from the ravages of the Second World War. And that the Soviet Union lost its super power status as well as its Central Asian empire due to its Afghan adventure. It appears that the end of the ‘new war’ will also give rise to a ‘new super power (s)’

Dr. Wizarat is a renowned Pakistani political economist based in Karachi.
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