"The Jewish people as a whole will be its own Messiah. It will attain world domination by the dissolution of other races...and by the establishment of a world republic in which everywhere the Jews will exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this New World Order the Children of Israel...will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition..." (Karl Marx in a letter to Baruch Levy, quoted in Review de Paris, June 1, 1928, p. 574)

Friday, 7 November 2008

The Brainwashing of America

The “master plan” has been to disguise the true nature of Zionism and the deep roots of Jewish supremacism, from which it sprang.

The Zionist’s singular goal, “the...negation of exile,” (ie returning to the Holy Land) was a fraud, according to the neocon prophet Leo Strauss, who confessed that they had harbored an equally important secondary objective of proving that “the power of religion has been broken.” (from Leo Strauss review of Freud’s Future Of An Illusion)

Their real intention was to force a reversal of world history, all the way back to pre-exile Eretz Yisrael. The plan was to force the fulfillment of “The Birthright,” without God’s help, creating a kingdom of Jews without God, enthroning themselves at the center of the world. Zionism is an atheistic movement masquerading as the fulfillment of religious prophecy. Zionism is a plan for an end run around God’s. It is Satanism.

The Zionist “neocons” had inherited the corporate/government machinery that had been taken over by previous Zionist agents, incorporating the brainwashing techniques developed from the psychiatric methods created by mostly Jewish psychologists. [7] They had developed their theories of psychotherapy and social engineering through their study of deviant human nature and anti-Semitism in Nazi psychological indoctrination in the heart of fascist Europe. The Zionist social scientists studied the world which had been distorted by fascist nationalism, seeking to create a science to manipulate personalities, hoping to change the fascist mindset, so that it might truly happen “never again.”

The corporate government propagandists who had studied their work on the aberrant psychology of the worst of all human beings developed highly coercive manipulative group psychotherapy techniques. The therapeutic conditioning which had been created by Sigmund Freud and his associates became the foundation for brainwashing techniques and a reverse conditioning process, intended to produce a new generation of fascists here in America and wherever else it was to be used. Now variants of these psy-ops techniques are being used in every strata of society, to control and to manipulate large groups of people, most notably through advertising, government disinformation and the “entertainment” industry.

Intellectual Jewish refugees, who had fled to America and England from Nazi Germany and Austria, brought different elements of the new Nazism with them, which they later formulated into their specialized sciences by interpreting their own personal experiences and research. The neoconservative students of those scholars fashioned their research into a science of political indoctrination, based on their combined knowledge of fascist tactics of deception and intimidation. The Zionist neoconservatives didn’t build the government machinery; they merely inserted themselves into the driving seats and forced the American people to line-up quietly behind them. Through fear and terrorist intimidation, they forced the people to accept a fascist/racist ideology that they would never willingly accept otherwise.

They had inherited a government of self-seeking “public servants” who had stopped serving the public long ago, most of which had been indoctrinated with the new ideology at foundations (mostly associated with the Tavistock Institute). Their mentors, the Jewish psychologists and social scientists who were key players in the history of Tavistock, had done their preparatory work very well, from their seats on the thousands of think tanks and foundations. The Tavistock Institute is a $6 Billion a year network of Foundations in the U.S., consisting of ten major institutions, 400 subsidiaries, and 3000 other study groups and think tanks. It is funded by a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation. From these positions of power, they applied the manipulative psychological techniques that had been developed by Sigmund Freud and his students.

Sigmund Freud (avowed atheist with admitted Oedipal impulses toward his own mother) considered mankind to be the vilest of all of God’s creation. Freud’s work reflected his own repugnant beliefs:

“The individual is essentially an enemy of society and has instinctual urges that must be restrained to help society function. ‘Among these instinctual wishes are those of incest, cannibalism, and lust for killing.’ His view of human nature is that it is anti-social, rebellious, and has high sexual and destructive tendencies. The destructive nature of humans sets a pre-inclination for disaster when humans must interact with others in society. ‘For masses are lazy and unintelligent; they have no love for instinctual renunciation, and they are not to be convinced by argument of its inevitability; and the individuals composing them support one another in giving free rein to their indiscipline.’ So destructive is human nature, he claims, that ‘it is only through the influence of individuals who can set an example and whom masses recognize as their leaders that they can be induced to perform the work and undergo the renunciations on which the existence of civilization depends.’ All this sets a terribly hostile society that could implode if it were not for civilizing forces and developing government...” - From The Future Of An Illusion, by Sigmund Freud.

Freud equates religion with an instinctual drive, the product of a childlike mind:

“Religion is an outshoot of the father-complex, and represents man's helplessness in the world, having to face the ultimate fate of death, the struggle of civilization, and the forces of nature. He views [belief in] God as a child-like ‘longing for [a] father.’ In his words ‘...gods...must exorcize the terrors of nature, they must reconcile men to the cruelty of Fate, particularly as it is shown in death, and they must compensate them for the sufferings and privations which a civilized life in common has imposed on them’." - Future Of An Illusion

The psychologists and social scientists associated with Tavistock have woven the degenerate ideas of Freud into the neoconservative ideology. There they have implemented their mass-conditioning techniques as part of the plan to create a fascist Zionist America and a fascist world. The plans for us are almost completed.

According to Dr. John Coleman, in his revelatory work, CONSPIRATORS' HIERARCHY: THE STORY OF THE COMMITTEE OF 300

“The ideology of American foundations was created by the Tavistock Institute...study the effect of shellshock on British soldiers who survived World War I... to establish the breaking point of men under stress, under the direction of the British Army Bureau of Psychological Warfare...its prophet, Sigmond Freud,...Tavistock's pioneer work in behavioral science along Freudian lines of controlling humans...Tavistock Institute developed the mass brain-washing techniques which were first used experimentally on American prisoners of war in Korea...All Tavistock and American foundation techniques have a single goal---to break down the psychological strength of the individual and render him helpless to oppose the dictators of the World Order.”

At Tavistock, German refugee, Kurt Lewin originated the anti-Germany propaganda campaign to “turn the American public against Germany and involve us in World War II...James Paul Warburg, son of Paul Warburg who wrote the Federal Reserve Act, and nephew of Max Warburg who had financed Hitler, set up the Institute fir Policy Studies to promote [LSD]... and the New Left counter-culture.”

“[The] National Training Laboratories... operation revolves around the particular form of Tavistock degenerate psychology known as ‘group dynamics,’ developed by German Tavistock operative Kurt Lewin...In a Lewinite brainwashing group, a number of individuals from varying backgrounds and personalities, are manipulated by a ‘group leader’ to form a ‘consensus’ of opinion, achieving a new ‘group identity.’ The key to the process is the creation of a controlled environment, in which stress is introduced (sometimes called dissonance) to crack an individual's belief structure. Using the peer pressure of other group members, the individual is cracked, and a new personality emerges with new values. The degrading experience causes the person to deny that any change has taken place...

At the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Finance & Commerce, the indoctrinated are taught how to produce cooked statistics known as econometrics from the Wharton Econometric Forecasting Associates.

At the Institute For The Future they work to manipulate government to control large groups of people, writing position papers advocating destabilizing actions intended to be negative catalysts for change in America, such as

“liberalizing abortion laws, drug usage and that cars entering an urban area pay tolls, teaching birth control in public schools, requiring registration of firearms, making use of drugs a non-criminal offense, legalizing homosexuality.”
The Stanford Research Institute “emphasis on mind control research and future sciences... Stanford Research is plugged into at least 200 smaller think tanks doing research into every facet of life in America...At present Stanford's computers are linked with 2500 sister research consoles.”
At the Rand Research and Development Corporation, “there are literally thousands of highly important companies, government institutions and organizations that make use of RANDS's services...brainwashing remains the primary function of RAND.”
At Tavistock, Alexandre Kojève’s studies of Hegelian dialectics provided the final pieces of the puzzle for the Zionist plotters seeking to force the new fascist ideology on to the unsuspecting American people. It was Kojève’s interpretations of “Hegel through the lens of Marx,” in his "End of History" thesis that produced the “clash of civilization” theory of Francis ***uyama.
Using the dialectic method, they constructed a credible “bogeyman,” in the form of Islamic terrorism, with which to herd the frightened American sheeple right into Israel’s open arms, since the Zionist state would logically appear to be the antithesis of the Islamists.
Since the 9/11 attacks the Islamists have been inflated into an almost supernatural menace. A dark whisper campaign has nearly succeeded in equating all Islam with terrorism. The echo chamber of the corporate media has amplified their reputations as terrorists by focusing on their former exploits against the Soviets in Afghanistan.
The coining of the deceptive term “Islamofascists” linked Islamic ideology to the Nazis, providing the propagandistic ammunition needed for the brainwashing campaign. In the indoctrinated neo-fascist ideology, modeled after National Socialism, liberals are traitors, the enemies of the growing police state, while anti-liberals (conservatives) are the new anti-Semitic super-patriot agitators.
Their mind-numbing campaign of fear and intimidation created a state of dissonance within the minds of the targeted American populace, making the people susceptible to suggestion. Utilizing the brainwashing methods of group dynamics, they made this new paradigm the new national “consensus.”
Hyper-patriotism became a guilt weapon, used to bludgeon the new fascist group identity into the scrambled conscious of post 9/11 America. The historical lessons taught by Jewish refugee George Mosse (mentor of neoconservative agitator Michael Ledeen) on the psychological and political indoctrination skills used by the Nazi propagandists, showed the way to the fascist transformation of American political parties, using the new mythology of Islamofascism.
The object of that government/media campaign was to make the people easily suggestible through the psychology of “learned helplessness.” The mixture of hyped patriotism, guilt, fear and helplessness made us true sheeple, who could only trust the new fascistic government to shepherd us to safety past all those scary Muslims.
According to another Jewish psychologist, Martin Seligman, the author of “Learned Optimism” (the alleged psychological antidote to learned helplessness), human minds can be trained to passively accept unpleasant situations,
“...nullifying the natural reactions, which normally cause attempts to escape or to control the situation. It is a state of deep depression, brought on by prolonged immersion in a reality of learned helplessness...A person with learned helplessness easily gives in her/his goals if s/he failed few times in achieving them. Such persons show apathy, no motivation, depression and pessimism.”
The American military is now developing virtual reality computer simulations, based on the theory of learned helplessness, to help it plan psy-ops operations to help it manipulate the populations of entire nations.
The intent is to “...test multiple courses of action to anticipate and shape behaviors of adversaries, neutrals, and partners. By applying theories of economics and human psychology, its developers believe they can predict how individuals and mobs will respond to various stressors...
They try to anticipate how stressed-out populations can be manipulated by increasing the fear and anxiety-induced helplessness, through the introduction of panic-causing events.”
The A. I. thinking of the massive computer simulations used in the program is based upon the theories of Israeli-American cognitive psychologist Daniel Kahneman.



A 1960 CIA report on brainwashing offers some great insight into the fact that the
U.S. Government has been and still is very interested in the topic of brainwashing America.



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