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Saturday, 13 September 2008




Hello all,

I have been seeing a lot of articles recently, and a documentary, about what is termed the Law of Attraction. Put simply, this ‘law’ says that whatever you focus on you will attract and we can all see examples of this in ourselves and others.

How often do we say or hear: ‘I knew this was going to happen’? But is this because we were psychic or that we were focused on an outcome and so it manifested? Well, it could be either, depending on the circumstances, but for sure it is often that focus = attraction of whatever we are focused on.

This is seriously good news because it gives us control of our experience, but many people don’t want to hear this, I have found. They would rather play the blame-game and curse their misfortune than take responsibility for what happens in their lives - even if this knowledge is the gift that can transform their ‘bad luck’.

But unless we take responsibility for our experience we will go on letting someone, or something, else manifest our daily reality for us. How? By implanting a sense of reality which, though the effect on our thoughts and focus, leads to our experienced reality.

The choice is: Do we decide what we create with our thoughts or do we let another force do it for us?

Here’s an example of what I mean. You are born into a poor background and everyone around you, family, neighbours and friends, are always struggling for money. Naturally, this implants the belief - the focus - that this is the lot for you and those brought up in the same circumstances. In turn, this draws to you what you believe is your destiny. It doesn’t have to be, we make the choice by how we perceive reality.

I was brought up in the circumstances I have just described. My family, neighbours, friends, and other kids at school, came largely from backgrounds in which paying the bills was a weekly challenge and, overwhelmingly, the next generation followed the same pattern of experience. I can see how easy it is to fall into the trap of ‘what I see is what I will be’.

Fortunately, my childhood focus was to be a professional soccer player and when I look back from my new perspective I can see how important ambition can be in breaking the spell - the cycle of repeating focus, belief and outcome. I never wavered from the belief that I was going to be a soccer player. The thought of failure never entered my head for whatever reason.

I did indeed become a soccer professional, although arthritis was to curtail my career, and the experience made the connection in my mind between belief (what I took to be focused ambition) and achievement.

What we call ‘achievement’ is actually desire - thought, focus - made manifest. This is the process through which people achieve ‘against all odds’. If their focus will not waver, no matter what the challenges, the outcome cannot waver either.

Experience is the mind made manifest

As I said last week, I call the process ‘vibrational magnetism’ in that we draw to us experiences that mirror our thought patterns. The whole mind is involved, but the subconscious is by far the most powerful in synching with an outcome. It is for this reason that ‘positive thinking’ on the conscious level alone has limited effect.

The 3-D ‘world’ of streets and landscapes, people and experience, only exists in our brain/mind as a holographic illusion as thought fields are decoded into pictures, much like a television set decodes frequencies into the pictures we call ‘programmes’. Which potential frequency or thought fields we choose to decode is fundamentally connected to our belief and we must all know people who get so far in achieving what they want, but then sabotage it. We say they have a ’self-destruct button’.

What happens is that their belief in a negative outcome - often subconscious - kicks in to decode from the pool of possibility just such a result.

These are some clear examples of how thought affects the world around us from the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto in Japan. Water was exposed to specific thoughts and labels (the written word carries the energy of the thought behind it) and this is the affect they had on the water crystals.

Picture (1) on the left is pure water and the thoughts that created the other three crystals were: 2.) After a prayer; 3.) After ‘thank-you’; 4.) After adding a ‘Hitler label’. (Click here for other examples: http://www.masaru-emoto.net/english/entop.html).

We send out the thought fields and connect with those that mirror them. In this way, we create our daily experience. Change those patterns and we change the experience.

Believe that ‘good things only happen to others’ and good things will only happen to others.

I can see that my childhood experience amid financial struggle did leave a residue of belief in terms of my relationship with money. I have never desired great wealth, it has not been important to me, and when I look at my life the correlation between this thought and my experience of money is clear to see.

Whenever I have threatened to accumulate finances beyond the level I have subconsciously perceived to be ‘enough’, something has kicked in to stop me attracting any more. In fact, that something has always been a someone - me. I see this all the time in the ’spiritual’ movement where people struggle for income when they are trying to do ‘good things’. It is frustrating, as I know myself, but the problem is often the relationship that such people have to money.

They see the obsession with money, the way it is used to control, and how the accumulation of more and more is considered to be ’success’ and an end in itself. Many quote the saying that ‘money is the root of all evil’ and this, by itself, can lock in the mind matrix to push money away.

Money … just an energy that can be used for good or ill

What the saying actually says is: ‘The love of money is the root of all evil’. There is a fundamental difference, especially in the way it affects our relationship to financial wealth. To see money as an evil is to create a vibrational shield that stops it coming your way on any scale. Why would you want to manifest money in your life if you believe that it was in some way ‘evil’.?

To switch that focus from ‘money is bad’ to ‘money can be used to do great things’ shatters the shield and allows money to manifest. After all, what is money except, like everything else, an energy flow and exchange?

If I do something for you I can get money in exchange for the energy that I have given in another form. You do something for me and I can exchange your energy for mine in the same way. What we do for each other can be controlling and manipulating with money as the conduit, or it can bring freedom, joy and spiritual expansion. Neither is caused by money itself, but the attitude, the focus, behind its use.

This is a barrier I have had to break through because of my upbringing in an atmosphere of financial scarcity and the often weekly fear of not having enough. For some, this can trigger a lifetime obsession with money because they are so frightened of scarcity that they want mountains of it to assuage their fear. With me, it has been expressed by the idea - in the subconscious - that enough is okay.

But enough for what? Enough to get by or enough to create the circumstances in which information can be communicated on a scale that brings amazing transformation to the lives of billions?

Our attitudes to money allow the banksters and crooks to corner the market

I am taking down my shield to money, another program goes the way of all the rest, and, in doing so, I will manifest it in many different ways to ensure that I can communicate my information to an audience, and in a form, that can breach the wall of suppression created and sustained by another use of money.

There is no scarcity of money any more than there is a scarcity of energy. What we have is scarcity of those who manifest it. This is the key reason why the Illuminati elite have hijacked money creation in the ‘physical’ realm - they have hijacked for so long the knowledge of the Law of Attraction. This is a prime understanding that has been passed on through their secret society network over the centuries while systematically sucking it out of the public arena.

Well, now this knowledge is coming back and its time to use it to transform our lives and, collectively, the world.

The Illuminati want us to think poor, scarcity, and survival. They want you to think that money does not come your way and, anyway, it is the root of all evil. They know that those thoughts are a self-fulfilling prophecy. This leaves the field clear for the few to manifest all the wealth they want by using the Law of Attraction and they have created the money system as an energy flow that leads to them.

Of course, wealth is not only money. Real wealth is happiness, joy, bliss and the love of life itself. But why should the two be exclusive? And how often is what we desire blocked by a lack of money because that is what the system has been set up to do?

Well, another kind of ‘enough’ - enough of all that shit.

This ‘world’ is a holographic illusion that only exists as thought forms - imagination. How we interact with this thought matrix depends on how and what we perceive and believe it to be.

Money or no money is all in our heads

One thing I would stress with the Law of Attraction is that free will can happen on many levels. If we have a specific path to follow we may well be programmed in the sub-conscious to follow that direction. I have said many times that I have felt that I am living my life on symbolic railway tracks with some force changing the points.

If something like that was not the case I could never had compiled and communicated all the material I have in the relatively few years it has taken. There has been some hidden force putting me in the right place at the right time to see or experience what I need for greater understanding. You must have experienced the same, especially when you begin to wake up and the synchronicity of life kicks in ever more obviously.

The Law of Attraction still applies in such cases, but it is coming from the pre-programming of the path within the subconscious - a path we used our free will to choose before we arrived.

In short, we chose to be here for some reason and the power to change what we don’t like has been within us all along. It’s just that society has been structured to keep us ignorant of this fundamental understanding that can set us free of we believe to be our ‘lot in life’.

Well, we have the power to change our lives and manifest our dreams and desires and it is time to use it.

Take it with you. Download it here.

David Icke Newsletter August 13 2006 - YOUR LIFE IS … ALL IN YOUR HEAD?



Anonymous Joshua said...

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31 August 2011 at 22:19  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please think very hard about this purported truth of the so called 'secret'. The truth is that believing something will happen may help in you having the confidence to pursue it but it doesn't actually 'make' anything happen, especially if the circumstances that surround you won't allow it. It doesn't take much logic at all to complete destroy this supposed Law of Attraction. I have known many, many, people in my life that are 100% convinced that certain plans of theirs are going to work out for them. Despite all of the setbacks that they have had they truly still believe that it will happen. Some of them believe in theories such as the law of attraction. The truth is that their belief really didn't attract anything at all. There efforts have certainly helped move them in that direction but we have to take into account that this world is built on interdependence. Getting wealthy or having almost anything that you want happen to you that directly involves other people means that these other people have to make a conscious decision to go along with your plans. If freewill is real then they aren't going to unless they want to. To a certain extent the law of attraction works but it won't allow you to break free from iron shackles. Being positive might give a person the confidence to override their fears about pursuing certain goals whereas pessimism might make someone fearful about taking them. But consider this - a pessimist may actually completely succeed at goals that are completely positive because they plan for the worst and an optimist may completely fail at achieving their goals because they believed so much that their goal would be achieved that they didn't adequately prepare. Therefore this is much more complicated then this simple law of attraction would make us believe. There can be good in things that are 'negative' and there can bad in things that are 'positive' but really the label of pessimism or optimism as negative or positive is to oversimplify the truth of things. I'm not saying there are no morals or that there is no good and evil. To the contrary, there certainly is, and all of life centers around this, I just think that the incredible complexity of good versus evil is often understated and people try to categorically say 'this is always bad' or this is always good which is really only the case with some very core universal truths. But, with most things it has to do more with very complex relationships of the consequences of an action, intentions, and the actual overall suffering that it causes or relieves.

23 September 2014 at 16:44  

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