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Tuesday, 27 November 2007

America the Target of Israeli Terrorism


9-11 and Israel's Use of Terrorism to Coerce the West

My latest research article, entitled "America the Target," examines the history of Israel's use of terrorism to coerce the West. This nasty business did not begin in 2001.

The 1946 Zionist terror bombing of the King David Hotel, by members of the Haganah and Irgun gang, and the 1954 bombings of U.S. and British government buildings in the "Lavon Affair" are important precedents which I examine in detail.

The key people involved in these earlier Israeli terror attacks against Western targets, and their connections to 9-11, are the focus of this chapter.

Shimon Peres, President of Israel and Senior Terrorist

Israel's president, Shimon Peres, and the founding director of Israeli intelligence, a man named Isser Harel, are among the high-level Israelis who carried out terror attacks on U.S. targets in the past and who are connected to 9-11 in ways that have not been discussed before.

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I chose the title, "America the Target," for this chapter after reading an editorial by Michael D. Evans with this title in The Jerusalem Post of September 30, 2001.

In this very peculiar editorial, Evans, who "has been received by the highest echelons of Israeli statesmen over a period of many years," relates how he was told by Isser Harel, the former head of Israeli intelligence -- in 1980 -- that terrorists would strike the tallest buildings in New York.

Evans, a Zionist Jew with connections to the highest-level of the Israeli government, has tried to portray this evidence of prior knowledge of a pre-planned terror attack as some sort of prophecy.

Harel's prediction is not prophecy – it is the prior knowledge of a senior level planner.

Evans is no Christian and Isser Harel was certainly no prophet. Harel, who died in 2003, was a terrorist with a long history of bombing Western targets in order to force the West to support Zionist goals in the Middle East.

Isser Harel, Israeli intelligence chief in 1961

With thousands of Americans and Europeans fighting the "War on Terror," it looks like the Zionist plan worked.

Michael D. Evans, "a confidante to world leaders in the Middle East," is a Jew who is dedicated to the militant Zionist agenda of the right-wing Likud party of Benjamin Netanyahu. Evans, who describes himself as "an evangelist," runs a fake Christian organization called Mike Evans Ministries and the Jerusalem Prayer Team.

Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and Michael D. Evans

The mission of the Jerusalem Prayer Team, according to its Texas-based website, is -- "To guard, defend and protect the Jewish people, and the Eretz Yisrael until Israel is secure, and until the redeemer comes to Zion." (Eretz Yisrael is used here in the Hebrew and means "land of Yisrael." Ha'aretz means "the land.")

Among Evans' supporters are fellow "evangelists" Pat Robertson and Tim LaHaye.

Evans is endorsed by the most radical right-wing Zionists, including Benjamin Netanyahu, one of the terrorist architects of the "War on Terror."

Benjamin Netanyahu, "War on Terror" Architect

About Evans, Netanyahu said:

Mike Evans is a fighter for freedom in a world of darkening and narrowing horizons. In his devotion to Israel, Mike has consistently demonstrated the moral clarity that is necessary to defend Israel against the lies and distortions of its enemies, and championed the Jewish people's claim to the Land of Israel...I look forward to strengthening our friendship on his many future visits to Israel.

Ehud Olmert, the current prime minister, said about Evans:

I have known Mike Evans for more than two decades, and I consider him to be a great friend of Jerusalem and the State of Israel. He has always been there for us in our time of need speaking out with courage and compassion. Mike Evans is a true ambassador of Jerusalem, representing millions of Christians in America.

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert (then Mayor of Jerusalem) with Michael D. Evans

Michael D. Evans certainly does not represent Christians or Christianity. He is a Zionist wolf in disguise. Evans' only mission is to deceive Christians into supporting the most extreme and militant Zionist agenda.

In a 2004 interview, Evans claims that his "mother's grandfather was burned to death in his synagogue in Minsk, Russia." He also says that he was subjected to anti-Semitic abuse by Catholics growing up in Massachusetts.

Evans was asked: Do you think your mission now has to do with the fact that you are Jewish?

"One-hundred percent," was Evans' response.

In 2004, Evans published a book entitled The American Prophecies, Terrorism and Mid-East Conflict Reveal a Nation’s Destiny. The subsequent interview with Evans, entitled "Is America in Bible Prophecy?" was done by Deborah Caldwell in August 2004.

The interview is on-line on Beliefnet, another Zionist propaganda network disguised as a religious website. Steven Waldman is CEO, Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Beliefnet. Previously, he was National Editor of US News & World Report, National Correspondent for Newsweek in the Washington bureau and editor of the Washington Monthly. One of Beliefnet's directors is Michael S. Perlis, the former President of the Playboy Publishing Group.

Here are a couple interesting excerpts from the Evans' interview:

Caldwell: So extrapolating from the scenarios of the Bible, what do you believe is our nation's future, based on prophecy?

Evans: The story of prophecy that has to do with the Jews goes all the way through to the end of the Book of Revelation. Jesus prophesied in Matthew 24. The disciples said, "What shall be the signs of the coming of the ends of the age?" And he said, "The first sign would be deception." Now, there's never been greater deception then what happened on September 11, 2001.

Caldwell: Why do you say that America's story is contained within biblical prophecies?

Evans: America stepped into the eye of a prophetic storm when it took covenant with both Ishmael and Isaac, the sons of Abraham, the Arab and the Jew…

Most of the Bible talks about this battle between these two brothers, and we're right in the middle of that.

On Sept. 23, 1979, the founder of Israeli intelligence over dinner told me that America was developing a tolerance for terror. The gentleman's name was Isser Harel, the founder of Mossad Israeli intelligence -- he ran it from 1947 to 1963.

Isser Harel, Senior Israeli spymaster and terrorist,
knew of Israeli plans to bomb the WTC -- in 1980.

He told me that America had developed an alliance between two countries, Israel and Saudi Arabia, and that the alliance with Saudi Arabia was dangerous and would develop a tolerance for terror among Americans. He said if the tolerance continued that Islamic fundamentalists would ultimately strike America.

I said "Where?" He said, "In Islamic theology, the phallic symbol is very important. Your biggest phallic symbol is New York City and your tallest building will be the phallic symbol they will hit." Isser Harel prophesied that the tallest building in New York would be the first building hit by Islamic fundamentalists 21 years ago.

The following excerpt is from the second chapter of my book, Solving-911 (a work in progress), which describes Harel's prediction of 9-11 – in 1980 – to Michael Evans, a Zionist propaganda agent who disguises himself as a Christian evangelist:


There are key people involved in the 1954 Israeli terror bombings of the U.S. Information Agency libraries in Alexandria and Cairo who held high-level positions in the Israeli government of 2001. There are other Israelis, with long histories of terrorism and strategic planning, who revealed having very specific prior knowledge of 9-11 long before 2001.

The highest Israeli intelligence official at the time of the Lavon Affair, Isser Harel, was evidently aware of the long-term planning of 9-11 -- more than twenty years before it happened.

In 1980, twenty-one years before September 11, 2001, Isser Harel, the former director of Haganah intelligence, the Shin Bet (internal) and the Mossad (foreign) intelligence services, predicted with uncanny accuracy the events of 9-11 to Michael D. Evans, an American supporter of Zionist extremists of the Jabotinsky sort.

On September 23, 1980, Evans visited Harel at his home in Israel and had dinner with him and Dr. Reuven Hecht, a senior adviser to then prime minister Menachem Begin.


In an editorial entitled "America the Target," published in The Jerusalem Post of September 30, 2001, Evans related what Harel had told him:

I sat with former Mossad chief Isser Harel for a conversation about Arab terrorism. As he handed me a cup of hot tea and a plate of cookies, I asked him, "Do you think terrorism will come to America, and if so, where and why?"

Harel looked at his American visitor and replied, "I fear it will come to you in America. America has the power, but not the will, to fight terrorism. The terrorists have the will, but not the power, to fight America - but all that could change with time. Arab oil money buys more than tents."

As to the where, Harel continued, "New York City is the symbol of freedom and capitalism. It's likely they will strike the Empire State Building, your tallest building [he mistakenly thought] and a symbol of your power."

In another article, entitled "Jimmy Carter: Radical Islam's Ally," Evans related the same story about Harel:

My last question was would terrorism ever come to America. "You have the power to fight it," he said, "but not the will. They have the will, but not the power. All of that will change in time. Yes, I fear it will come to New York and your tallest building, which is a symbol of your fertility."

Think about this for a minute. The founder and cornerstone of Israeli intelligence tells an American supporter in 1980 that Arab terrorism will come to America and that the terrorists will strike the tallest building in New York City. His bizarre prediction, which doesn't make much sense, comes to pass 13 years later with a hapless and thoroughly fake attack in 1993, evidently arranged by the FBI.

The FBI-coordinated false-flag terror event is followed, 8 years later, by a spectacular, well-planned, and extremely lethal attack which kills thousands. How did Isser Harel know what the Arab terrorists had planned more than two decades before 9-11?

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"Why should they, the Americans, have trusted us? We were a bunch of Russians, socialist Russians."

-- Isser Harel, former head of Mossad, speaking of the unlikely union between America and the state of Israel

Sources: Evans, Michael D., "Is America in Bible Prophecy?" Deborah Caldwell interview with Michael D. Evans, August 2004

Evans, Mike, "America the target," Jerusalem Post, September 30, 2001

Christopher Bollyn

The complete article, "AMERICA THE TARGET: 9-11 and Israel's Use of Terrorism to Coerce the West," can be obtained by sending a donation by PayPal to one of the following email addresses:

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