"The Jewish people as a whole will be its own Messiah. It will attain world domination by the dissolution of other races...and by the establishment of a world republic in which everywhere the Jews will exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this New World Order the Children of Israel...will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition..." (Karl Marx in a letter to Baruch Levy, quoted in Review de Paris, June 1, 1928, p. 574)

Thursday, 27 September 2007

The Zionists Just Stole Hungary

Hungarian Nationalists Plan Resistance Against Zionist Officials

Prime Minister Admits He Stole The Election That Put Him in Office

A Revolution Brewing In Hungary

The unstable world of Hungarian domestic politics was able to produce a new surprise: Suddenly a rapidly growing patriotic group reported to the local media that they will swear in 56 new officers for the Hungarian Guard in the old town section of Budapest.

The reaction of the mostly ex-communist Hungarian government and the left in general was as if someone detonated a ten-ton nuclear bomb in the parliament’s cafeteria during lunch.

The 2006 Confrontation

You may recall the events that started last September: Violent confrontations were taking place for months after the Jewish prime minister, Ferenc Gyurcsany, admitted in a taped speech to his insiders that his party won the last elections by lying to the voters and that he was manipulating the economic data of the country.

The same day when the recording was published (9-17-06), this reporter was at the front of the Hungarian parliament building with thousands of others demanding the resignation of Gyurcsany. The government moved all available police forces into Budapest and six weeks of violent confrontations were started.

Police Were Zionist Controlled Goons

The police used hard rubber balls fired from shotguns to disperse crowds, maiming and blinding dozens of people. Unidentified chemical agents used by the police sent many to the hospital with severe respiratory problems.

Gyurcsany And Israeli Advisors

Gyurcsany was micromanaging the action from a secret location after a few hundred demonstrators took over the state controlled central TV building in the center of the city for a night.

Crowds Treated Like Arabs In Israel

On Oct. 23, 2006, the 50th anniversary of the Hungarian uprising against the Red Army—a national holiday—300,000 Hungarians were marching in dozens of different groups up and down the streets of this ancient city while tens of thousands of policemen were indiscriminately beating young and old, tourists and locals, firing thousands of chemical canisters into the crowd, arresting and beating people by the thousand, and running them down with horses and trucks.

It was a day to remember. The local activists have ever since been thinking hard to find a way to protect the population from this kind of uncontrolled, police-state thuggery.

A New Leader Named Gabor Vona

A few weeks ago, Gabor Vona, a Hungarian nationalist leader, reported to the press the formation of the Hungarian Guard. The local constitution says the organization cannot offer training with firearms. This is a world where only government thugs and Israeli military/Mossad agents (used by the prime minister as bodyguards) can carry arms.

His Men Are Training

However, Vona strongly encouraged his followers to train at the local shooting clubs or anywhere they can. The Guard said its goal is to alter the political structure—a structure that has not changed since the Red Army left in 1991.

Hungarian nationalists have chosen to swear in 56 officers right away. Hungarians clearly remember the 1956 uprising in which the USSR brutally repressed a nationalist revolution that aimed to rid the country of communist occupational forces and Soviet influence.

They Hope For Peaceful Demonstrations

At the same time as the Hungarian Guard was sworn in, Vona stated in his speech: “Blood will flow as the first act of the newly formed Hungarian Guard. . . . [T]he Guard is planning to donate blood to the Hungarian Red Cross.”


The Zionists Just Stole Hungary

The Zionist control over the media, and vote counting, is what really gives them the election. But, if you think about it, that's about where we are in America. The only difference is the Hungarian government has special police to handle dissidents, but then again, Bush used Blackwater mercenaries in New Orleans after Katrina.

Hungary Gripped In A Series Of Riots

Hungarian Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany

Nothings Changed In Fifty Years

The Communist/Bolshevik/Jewish are still in control

Police Fired Into Crowds

Look At Hungary's History

In 1942 Hungary allies with Germany, and send off 300,000 to die. Meanwhile, 725,000 Jews sat in their city Ghettos and shetels, and played merchants. Budapest was the center of their black market trade.

After the war the Soviet Communists put Mátyás Rákosi, a Jew, in charge.

The 1956 Revolt

Finally in 1956 the Hungarians had their fill of being bleed dry and they riot. Hungarians hung Pro-Soviet communists and ÁVH members (Jewish), and the soviets sent tanks in. 2500 patriots were killed, 13,000 imprisoned.

1956 -2004

After the revolt a János Kádár, a crypto, is put in charge. There are a series of Prime Ministers leading up to the current one.

Prime Minister Gyurcsany Is Current PM

Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany lied about the economy in order to get reelected, but he will not resign.

Mr Gyurcsany was involved in the H & K money laundering scandal.

What Is It Really All About?

You got a country of 10,000,000, and the Jewish population of 5% controls all the wealth. They control the professions, academia, and the government. They have all the important jobs, and lord over the population like little kings.

Because there is an economic slowdown the people are restless. Eventually what happens is the Bolsheviks infiltrate the opposition, eliminate the leaders, and led the movement in circles.

Hungarian Government Sells State Airline To Russian Oligarch

Boris Abramovich

Boris Is A Russian Oligarch

Young Boris Abramovich Berezovsky

Abramovich is a Russian Jewish Oligarch/Gangster. He had business dealings with Neil Bush.

Hungary's Malev Airlines

The Hungarian state property agency ÁPV Rt. owns 99.5% of the Malév share. It was sold to Boris Abramovich for $950,000, who owns KrasAir and AiRUnion. Malév flies to 59 cities in 35 countries, with 50 to 60 flights daily.

Malev's fleet consists of

4....Boeing 767-300ER 5........Fokker 70

4....Canadair CRJ-200ER 18......Boeing 737-700

Now What Happens?

Malev's debts of 36.2 billion forints (US$180.3 million), is currently guaranteed by the State. Next the state holds the paper on the jet fleet, and will lease them to the Zionist on a cost basis. Abramovich will cut the Malev staff by 10%, cancel the union contracts, the employee's pension go up in smoke, and he will receive enormous concessions from the state. The state will build a new terminal, and operations center for him.

Hungary's Taxpayers

It becomes a discount airline, it issues a massive bond float through Goldman Sachs. This gives it a low-cost foothold in the European market, and it devastates the Air France, and Lufthansa's types, and Hungary's taxpayers are footing the bill.

The Zionists Izzie Lorenzo, Abe Mickelsons and Carl Icahn did the same thing in America.

Other Higher Bids

HNA, Air France-KLM and Austrian Airlines are also interested in the bid, but Hungarian officials wanted a 'Special fit'.

How Do You Buy An Airline For $900,000?

It is fairly simple, you 'Cook the books' to the downside, accelerate the fleet depreciation, deflate any assets, and divert the income. In the long run the costs are absorbed by the Hungarian taxpayer.

This is the identical procedure they used in Russia, where they bankrupted the country, and sold the state assets to 13 Jewish Oligarchs. As far as the 'Revolution' going on today, you can rest assured the Zionists have infiltrated that, and will led them in circles.

Expect Bloodshed In Budapest

On March 15th They Celebrate The 1858 Revolution

Hungary Is Sick Of Judeo Bolshevik Control

Two Hundred Israelis Soldiers Arrive In Budapest

Worries Over The March 15th Celebration

Staged Hoax

Shots were fired at Hungary's police headquarters in Budapest February 13, 2007, most suspect Judeo Communists used this as an excuse.

Jewish Soldiers Arrive In Budapest

The Bolshevik controlled government of Hungary is so worried about fiscal unrest they have brought in Israelis to protect the Jewish elite.

Meet By Parliament Minister

The Israelis were met by Hungarian Parliament by Mr. Laszlo Mandur, before they drove to the synagogue.

Billeted In Downtown

The 200 Israeli thugs, posing as a “military delegation”, arrived in four buses - windows covered – to the center of Budapest to a huge city block sized synagogue.

They entered through a garage for fear of violence.

Placed In View of Demonstrations

Obviously the intention is to house them there in the center of the city, within a few hundred yards from the spots where all the action will be played out on the 15th of March.

Hungarians won't stand for these animals using their children as human shields. Locals partisans have made it plain that if any children are shot by snipers. or used as shields, there will be deadly consequences.

Israeli Commander Won't Talk

Exactly what is their function?

At Least Fifty Are Snipers

Officials worry the Jewish soldiers will try and provoke a situation by bombing a police station, or killing street police like they did to Yvonne Fletcher.

A similar event

Last year a U.S. military transporter with a few hundred soldiers was brought in to rescue Prime Minister, Mr. Gyurcsany and his family and transport to Israel.

Local Jews Worried

The local Jewish organizations are openly promoting to their members to spend the very long weekend starting on March 15th in a foreign country.

People Are Sick Of Bolsheviks

The local Judeo-Bolshevik government increasingly depends on 30,000 policemen to survive from week to week. It just might turn out to be a very long and hot summer this year.

Cesspool Of Jewish Agents

Over the centuries the Bolsheviks have infested the government, schools, banks, arts, universities.

David Irving To Speak

David Irving will be delivering public speeches and signing his books in Budapest, starting on the 12th of March. He is scheduled to speak at Heroes Plaza on the 15th.

Celebrating The 1848 Revolution

March 15 is Hungary's national holiday, marking the beginning of the 1848 Independence revolution against Habsburg domination

Expect Riots On The 15th

National holiday of independence, Hungarians sick of Jewish control, Irving to speak, and Israeli snipers on rooftops. Looks like Hungarians will be made an example of.

Israeli Ambassador

David Admon says that anti-Semitism is growing in Hungary, Jews were frightened by Budapest's crowds last year. The 200 uniformed soldiers are there in uniform just to show support.


It's Odd For Israelis To Expose Themselves

For ninety years the Judeo/Bolsheviks have used their Communist state of Russia as the bad guy. The world accepted the mysterious Evil Empire without looking at who really were the conmen behind it all.

In Hungary the people are so sick of the Judeo control, the recent economic measures (wealth transfers), they are actually going after the Jewish ruling class. Israel has decided to step in before this spreads to Germany, which is really ripe. Then you have Australia and Canada, who are really becoming sick of the 'Gilded Class'.

You take an event like the Port Arthur Massacre, expose it through the internet, suddenly a pattern is visualized. When Australia's economics start to deteriorate, like Hungary, the torches and pitchforks will come out.

Riots In Hungary

Citizens Want Communists Removed

Hungarian Citizens Protest in Budapest

Protesters gathered in Budapest yesterday in an attempt to take the helm of the country’s revolt against the Government.

“We just want an honest Government, not one driven by foreign money,” said Henrik Windberg, a 27-year-old cab driver whose black sweatshirt read: “I’m a Gentile.”

At Hungarian nationalists closed sessions anti-Semitism is starting to surface. “I’m proud to be a Christian, and to be a Hungarian,” was as far as Mr Windberg would go.

Distaste Of Budapest's Mayor Demszky

The crowd carried banners saying - “Thieving Jew Demszky,” referring to Budapest Jewish mayor, Gábor Demszky.

The rally yesterday was organized by the Hungarian Justice and Life party, and Jobbik (Movement for a Better Hungary).

Gábor Demszky

István Csurka - Opposition Leader

Hungarian Jewish leaders say: - 'István Csurka, the leader of MIEP, is one of the most sinister figures in the nationalist undergrowth of Central Europe. His anti-Semitic rhetoric, denouncing Jews for their collaboration with communists and their role in global finance, is familiar territory.

Jews Stand Accused Of Profiting From Weak Economy

Leaders say they won't discuss Mr Csuka's revelation that 178 Hungarian real estate agencies are in Jewish hands, and are secretly buying Hungary's real estate.

Ferenc Gyurcsany

Prime Minister Threatens Crackdown

Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany turned riot police loose on the 10,000 protesters. Gyurcsany admitted he lied about the economy in order to get reelected, but he will not resign.

Mr Gyurcsany was involved in the H & K money laundering scandal.

Communists Stole Our Pensions

Retirees see a dismal life as the government wants higher health and pension contributions.

One woman said: -- "Our new landlords raise the rent, food prices skyrocket, and the government takes more for retirement. I wish Hitler would have killed Stalin, and all his bandits!"




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