"The Jewish people as a whole will be its own Messiah. It will attain world domination by the dissolution of other races...and by the establishment of a world republic in which everywhere the Jews will exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this New World Order the Children of Israel...will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition..." (Karl Marx in a letter to Baruch Levy, quoted in Review de Paris, June 1, 1928, p. 574)

Saturday, 14 April 2007

Nine Eleven: Media Panic

The job of right wing Communist media, mostly talk radio, is to keep the lid on until it is too late to stop the dictatorship the conspiracy for world government is trying to impose. Right wing Communist media do that in two ways: first, by acting as the safety valve through which Americans can safely vent their frustrations as they see this country oozing into dictatorship.

The charade begins when you hear about the latest outrage committed by the District of Criminals. It could be the latest gun confiscation. It could be the latest news from Iraq, or the latest story about forced medical treatment. It could be a story about the Treason Highway that will confiscate hundreds of thousands of the best farmland in Texas. It could be the expanding invasion across the Mexican border.

Whatever the issue, you call your favorite right wing Communist talk show host. Maybe it’s Humbag, talent on loan from the Republicrud National Committee. Maybe it’s shtupid Sean Hannity, the dumbest shpinmeister in network talk radio, who never saw a White House press release he didn’t think was gospel. Or it could be spinster feminoid Laura Ingraham. Or one of the others.

It feels good to call and to vent. You feel as if you have done something about the problem. You feel as if you are not alone; you are part of a great, national movement. The host is charming, or he wouldn’t be there; to maintain his credibility he even agrees with you, to some extent. He dissipates your vexation. His job is to do what he can to protect Jorge W. Boosh.

It’s a lucrative job, right, Rush? Each host has his own way of earning his money. For instance, Laura will actually say she has never heard of what you are talking about; then she hits the button. I’ve heard her say that about the Treason Highway. She will express confusion. She constantly says she “doesn’t understand.” Laura doesn’t even understand stuff about our government a lawyer should understand.

Remember, she’s not only a lawyer; she clerked for a Supreme Court justice. Because she is a putative female, she often takes refuge in female devices. She did so when a lady listener made the point that the presence of a female among those English sissies recently kidnapped by the Iranians could have affected her captured shipmates for the worse. “I can’t take this,” said Laura, as she hit the button.

Shtupid Sean and others do discuss the invasion from Mexico – again, they must to maintain their credibility – but they do so without implicating Boosh, as if Jorge’s policy simply fell from the sky and is implementing itself. They never discuss whose policy it is. They never nail down the fact that it would stop instantly were Bush to pick up the phone and say, “Stop it.” It is as if the invaders are invading one country, but Jorge W. Boosh is presiding over another, different country.

The second major purpose of right wing Communist talk radio is to explain away revelations about Conspiracy operations and to discredit people who expose them. Secrecy is of course part of the dictionary definition of “conspiracy.” When a conspiracy is exposed, the conspirators flee like cockroaches when you turn over a flat rock. So the first goal of a conspiracy is to keep itself secret.

The conspiracy for world government has been immensely successful in that regard. It kept the truth about our entry into World War II via Pearl Harbor and the assassination of JFK – to name just two of many egregious examples – secret for so long that when some of the truth about them finally did start to ooze out, it had become academic, merely something for historians to argue about.

The same thing no doubt would have happened to Nine Eleven had it not been for one of the conspiracy’s gargantuan mistakes: the internet. Remember that the internet originally was meant to be a tool the conspiracy’s instrumentalities would use to communicate with each other: the government, the military and the universities.

But the internet got away from them; it got out of control, and now they cannot put the electronic genie back into the flask. It is the only international means of communication the conspiracy does not control, but not for want of trying. Before the internet, Americans would have grumbled about Nine Eleven, but they would have had only the explanation offered by the Communist Broadcasting System, the Communist News Network, and so on. Without the facts, they could have done nothing but grumble.

Now, because of the internet, Nine Eleven has broken wide open. There has been a spreading avalanche of excellent videos available on YouTube; there have been internet talk show hosts, physicists, professors, multimillionaires and military people with enormous credibility. More and more such people are coming aboard. The polls tell us all this information is having a correspondingly enormous effect. Most Americans know the official
Nine Eleven story is a lie.

And now comes Rosie O’Donnell on a show called “The View.” Rosie is of course not just a bull dyke; she is a belligerent ignoramus. She opposes your right to defend yourself from rapists. She says you need to be unarmed. She is. Of course, were a rapist to try something, one of her bodyguards would pull out his Glock. But why anyone other than King Kong or Godzilla would want to rape Rosie O’Donnell I can’t imagine.

The more she talks, the more Rosie discredits herself. She says we shouldn’t fear the Muslim terrorists who are presently killing our men in
Iraq because they are “mothers and fathers.” Critics have glommed on to her preposterous comment that fire won’t melt steel, which did not go over in the home town of Tony Zale.

Those critics should be pleased; many people who are grinding no ax have left the debate in disgust. If we knew nothing else about Nine Eleven, Rosie could be the best thing that ever happened to the official story. Could that be at least part of the reason the American Bureau of Communism (ABC) has let her keep talking?

But however ignorant she is, “The View” apparently has 30 million viewers, and the mere fact that she is talking about Nine Eleven – however stupidly – is causing right wing Communist media to unravel. However “conservative” they have pretended to be, Nine Eleven is the issue that separates the men from the boys and the women from the girls. Why? Because Nine Eleven is the conspiracy’s Achilles heel.

So devastating was what happened on that day – so many people around the world know about it (many conspiracy assaults never see the light of day) – that the two things are inextricably linked in a ghastly embrace. If the official
Nine Eleven explanation falls, the conspiracy for world government falls along with it.

Look at what is happening. In his rants about Rosie, shpinmeister Bill O’Really? resembled a crazy man, actually demanding that ABC bounce the bull dyke off the air. Needless to say, Shtupid Sean lives up, or should I say down, to his name. As far as I know, Mike Weiner is handling it by being noticeably unSavage. He doesn’t mention it. You are not even allowed to hint that things happen because people do them on his show. Others are demanding that Rosie be shot. (I’m not kidding.)

O’Really? also dove into the shallow end when Mark Cuban announced that he and Charlie Sheen would distribute a particularly effective DVD about
Nine Eleven entitled “Loose Change” to movie theaters. The shpinmeister has threatened them both. O’Really?’s problem is that Cuban is a billionaire, owns the Dallas Mavericks and has enough money to do pretty much whatever he wants.

One of the charges leveled against Rosie is that she is raving about “crazy conspiracy theories.” So, let’s remember that the official government explanation of Nine Eleven is itself a “conspiracy theory,” isn’t it? It’s the crazy story of how 19 Arabs who couldn’t fly a kite did aerobatics with jumbo jets that astound master pilots. It’s the story of 19 Arabs more Islamic than Mohammed, who loved booze and half-naked lap dancing, some of whom turned up alive after they were killed.

It’s the story of a monster 757 – with engines the size of Rosie O’Donnell – that made an itty bitty hole in the Pentagon facade. It’s the improbable story of someone who made a killing in airline puts, whose name we have never been told. Have you ever tried to buy a share of stock without telling who you are? And these are only a few strands of the official conspiracy theory.

So, the question is not whether we should give credence to a conspiracy theory. The real question is which conspiracy theory we should buy. The scientific method tells us we should buy the one that is most plausible, the one that best satisfies the facts we have. Consider also that our job is much easier than what the conspiracy must do. Right wing Communist media pimps are stuck with their preposterous conspiracy theory.

They accuse of not being able to say what really happened. That is true. We can’t. We don’t know. But – but – but, we don’t have to prove what really happened. All we have to do is prove that they are lying – that their conspiracy theory is in the toilet – which is much easier to do. If they are lying, they are accessories; they are participants, guilty of misprision of felony. Their whole house of (stacked) cards comes down.



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