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Sunday, 22 April 2007

MIND CONTROL - The Ultimate Imperialism

In 1946, President Truman approved Project Paperclip, bringing Hitler's top scientists into the United States.

* * *

Mind control was a psychological warfare weapon which Adolf Hitler regarded as the answer to taking over the entire planet. The name for mind control research in the United States was MK-ULTRA.

* * *

BRAINWASH - to indoctrinate so intensively and thoroughly as to effect a radical transformation of beliefs and mental attitudes.

--Webster's New World Dictionary

* * *

The first subjects of MK-ULTRA were military personnel, who were given doses of LSD and PCP without their consent.

* * *

Ewen Cameron was probably the foremost psychiatrist of his time in the 1950's. He was using high tech sound techniques. He was using multiple kinds of loop recorders to force people to listen to recorded messages 24 hours a day, for weeks on end, to basically destroy people's thinking patterns.

* * *

This is not just breaking into people's home. It's not just invasion of privacy by illegal wiretapping. This is an invasion of a person's mind and that is about as profound an injury except for loss of life that the government can impose.

--Terry Lenzner
Washington D.C. attorney

* * *

This was a post-Nazi program - an Americanization.

* * *

The Nazis didn't lose the war - they just had to move.

* * *

Wars are not won on the battlefield - they're won in the minds of the people.

President Clinton admits to mind control experiments Human Radiation Experiments:

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