"The Jewish people as a whole will be its own Messiah. It will attain world domination by the dissolution of other races...and by the establishment of a world republic in which everywhere the Jews will exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this New World Order the Children of Israel...will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition..." (Karl Marx in a letter to Baruch Levy, quoted in Review de Paris, June 1, 1928, p. 574)

Thursday, 5 April 2007

Jews: New Testament is Anti-Semitic

Jews Target Christian Bible

"Jews must destroy the books of the Christians, especially the New Testament."

The Jewish Talmud,
(Shabbath 116a)

Throughout the centuries men have written and published thousands of hideous and monstrous books. In 18th century revolutionary France, the Illuminist philosopher, the Marquis de Sade, penned books that staggered peoples' imagination, volumes filled with sordid accounts of sexual debauchery, cruel sadistic tortures, and masochistic atrocities. In the years since the Marquis produced his soul-destroying stories, many other warped minds have come forth so that today, the shelves of adult and XXX-rated bookstores no doubt are stocked with countless, new accounts of savagery. Fiendish movies, such as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Saw, Scream, and others are often based on these horrific books.

These many books and films are dangerous because they pervert and twist peoples' minds, obsessing criminals and inciting them to duplicate in real life the horrors which they see pictured in cinema.

The Most Dangerous Book

Considering the mountain of diabolical books available today, what would you estimate would be the most dangerous book of all? Which of hundreds of thousands of books now in print would you, if you could, censor or ban altogether?

Well, one powerful group of elitists in society has already chosen the book it insists is the most horrible and dangerous book on the planet. This influential group is now mounting an all-out campaign to totally remove every copy of this book off the face of the planet. Moreover, many in the group are demanding that governments everywhere ban this book and imprison anyone caught with it in their possession.

The book they most want banned and criminalized is none other than the Christian New Testament. The elitist group seeking its destruction and removal from society? I refer, of course, to the Jews and to their Judaizer-Gentile/Atheist/New Age fellow travelers. Yes, the Jews are enraged that the New Testament even exists.

The clamor from powerful Jewish lobby groups, rabbis, and Judaizers is at a peak now. From every quarter, the haters of Jesus' New Testament can be heard, slamming, defaming, and slandering the New Testament. To them, the New Testament is a vulgar literary production, responsible for mass murder and hatred on an unparalleled scale. It is, they allege, "bigoted, hateful, anti-Semitic, and dangerous." The New Testament must be done away with...and soon.

Did Jesus' Words Inspire the Nazi Holocaust?

According to the Zionists and many Judaizers, the words of the New Testament were the inspiration for Hitler's

Abe Foxman, head of the ADL, says the New Testament is responsible for six million Jews being slaughtered in World War II.
Nazi holocaust and for persecution of the Jews throughout the centuries. Eliminate this hateful Christian book and, Presto!, anti-Semitism will vanish forever. Of course, if the New Testament goes off the world stage, Jesus' coming as Christ and Lord will also be gone forever, many Jews reason. "Even better," say the chief rabbis: "Be gone Jesus!"

The Jews who despise the New Testament hold as their own authority The Jewish Talmud. The Jewish Talmud is virulent in its despising of any and all Christian books. We read: "Jews must destroy the books of the Christians, especially the New Testament." (Shabbath 116a). This directive in the Talmud is over a millenium old, so the Jewish disdain for the New Testament is not new. But the shrill attacks of the Jews are escalating now that Judaizers like San Antonio's "Christian-Zionist" Pastor John Hagee and his ilk are around.

The ADL, a premier Jewish lobby now in bed with the FBI, the Israeli Mossad, and other Big Brother groups, is only one of the many Jewish lobby organizations targeting the New Testament. Abraham Foxman, the director of the sinister ADL, suggests in his book, Never Again? The Threat of the New Anti-Semitism, that the New Testament, because it accuses the Jews of guilt in the crucifixion of Jesus, is responsible for six million Jews dying in the holocaust during World War II.

Revealed: Why Do They Hate the New Testament?

Foxman's complaints about the New Testament's truthful account of Jewish complicity in Jesus' crucifixion gives us insight into the real reason why the Jews so despise the Word of God. The New Testament records that when the Roman Governor Pilate offered to free Jesus, finding him an innocent man, the Jewish throng would have none of it. "Then answered all the people and said, His blood be on us and on our children." (Matthew 27:25)

Jews everywhere seethe with anger when they read these words of truth found in God's Word. Rather than responding with repentance and sorrow, they arrogantly seek to rip from peoples' hands the one book that indicts the Jews for their hardness of heart: The Christian New Testament.

This book, distributed widely by the Jewish Book Club and endorsed by many so-called "Christian" theologians, demands that Christians apologize for their anti-Semitism and rewrite the New Testament to remove hundreds of passages that malign the Jews.
The Jewish Book Club recently offered to its audience a book entitled, Antisemitism in the New Testament. The author of this book, Lillian Freudmann, viciously attacks the New Testament, alleging that it is an ugly, hateful book of non-truth, saturated with anti-Semitism, written and compiled by Jew-haters. If Christians, however, will atone and de-antisemitize the New Testament—in other words, revise and eliminate scores of passages—the author sees a bright future for relationships between Jews and Christians.

Simple, right? Just apologize for and erase a good part of God's Word, and all is forgiven by the Jews! Of course, the sordid and monstrous Jewish holy book, The Talmud, will keep intact its hundreds of poisonous pages in which Jesus our Lord and his teachings are so terribly maligned and blasphemed. Then and only then will the Jews let the Christians off the hook.

Freudmann also writes that in addition to removing all passages from the New Testament that offend the Jews, Judaism, the religion of the Talmud, must be accepted by the Christian Church as a "legitimate religion."

Foxman's ADL and other critics also protest the clear teachings in the New Testament that homosexuality is a sin and an affront to God. Again, they accuse the New Testament of being a bigoted, hateful document.

Christian Judaizers Attack the Bible

Even so-called "Christian" Jews, often identifying themselves as "Messianic Jews," have been known to slander the Holy Bible. Arnold Fruchtenbaum, a leading Messianic Jew, declares that the KJV Bible's teachings in the book of Daniel (Old Testament) indicating that the antichrist will be a Jew mean that the King James Version is "mistranslated." No way, he says, the glorious Jewish race could produce the antichrist. The New Testament has these same teachings. Must it also be changed to please the Jews?

Monte Judah, yet another "Christian" Jewish leader, doubts much of the New Testament is valid because it elevates the New Covenant and diminishes the importance of the Jewish Temple and what he believes is the superiority of Judaic practices. Surely, Judah suggests, the Apostle Paul's writings are off-base and just plain unholy. The Jews' Old Covenant and the primacy of the Temple must be maintained, Judah insists.

Arno Froese, head of yet another Zionist-oriented group, a Gentile who is a rabid

Zionist promoter Arno Froese says New Testament is a "Pagan Translation."
Judaizer, teaches that Jews should not be evangelized. He also attacks the King James Bible and all modern New Testaments because, he says, they are based on "pagan language," that is, they are translated from ancient Greek manuscripts. Only the Hebrew language is pure, he asserts. Therefore, the New Testament cannot be inerrant.

New Versions to Replace God's True Word

To accommodate the homosexuals, the ADL and other powerful Zionist groups, as well as Judaizer critics of the New Testament, modern Bible publishers are now putting out a slew of "New Versions." Eventually, other than the KJV, which they steadily attack and remove from book shelves, there will not be a Bible found anywhere on earth that has not been edited and changed to suit and fit the tastes of the Jews and homosexuals. Entire chapters and passages are being ripped out, modified, corrected, as newer versions are produced.

It is shocking to discover how many parts of the traditional Bible are fast being discarded in the furious assault of the Zionists and Judaizers. Take for example, Jesus words in "The Lord's Prayer." In the Gospel of Luke (Chapter 11:2-4) in the traditional King James Version, the first line reads, "Our Father which art in heaven..."

Now, here is the wording in the newer NIV Version: "Father" That's it—"Father!" The four words "which art in heaven" are missing in the NIV. Why? Because the Jews and Judaism emphasize the here and now; an earthly kingdom is their fanatical goal. They could care less about any Father in a place called heaven. The Jews want riches and rewards now, so the newer Bible versions must be modified to please the Masters of Judaism. Thus, the new versions omit the "undesirable" verses and words.

Criminalizing God's Holy Bible

If the ADL and the Zionists get their way, the entire New Testament will be banned: it will be criminalized as "hate" literature. Police SWAT teams will break down doors and search citizens' apartments and homes looking for the outlawed, contraband New Testaments. Copies found will be heaped together and publicly burned. Resisters will go off in chains to Gulags. Shades of the frightening scenes depicted in the classic movie, Fahrenheit 451.

"Bible burning?" skeptics may say, "Come on Texe Marrs, you're way over the top. Ha Ha Ha. That will never happen."

Oh, it won't? Well, dear friends, it already is happening, today, in the nation of Israel. The Washington Times reported on a bonfire at a public school in the Israeli town of Beit Shemesh, where a teacher led students in destroying a New Testament that had been given a student free by a Christian missionary he encountered on a sidewalk. Local rabbis aided the police in searching for the culprit who gave the banned book to the student. If caught, he faces a long stretch in prison. It's a criminal offense in Israel to proselytize by passing out free New Testaments.

Enough is Enough

Dear Friends, isn't it time we stood up to the Jewish lobby, their Judaizer friends, and their homosexuals, and say, "Enough is enough. Stop attacking God, the New Testament. Stop your unholy assault on Jesus Christ. No More!"

What Abraham Foxman Actually Said

In our most recent newsletter, Abe Foxman, head of the Jewish ADL, was quoted as saying, "The New Testament is a lying, hateful, hurtful book, ultimately responsible for the deaths of six million Jews in World War II."

While this same quote was printed by several other sources, including internet websites, as it turns out, Foxman did not say these exact words and, therefore, this statement should not have been in quotation marks. We apologize and are pleased to clarify what Foxman actually did say.

In his anti-Christian book, Never Again? The Threat of the New Anti-Semitism, Foxman does, indeed, indict the New Testament as leading to the mass murders and pogroms of Jews. He also suggests that the New Testament and its Christian teachings could lead to yet another wave of anti-Semitism and persecution of the Jews. Foxman asserts further, that scholars "have traced a direct line from ancient Christian teachings on Jews and Judaism to the death camps of Hitler."

From these statements, we can easily discern, then, that the ADL's Foxman does ascribe to the outrageous view that the New Testament and its Gospels are responsible for the alleged death camps of the holocaust. We are pleased to correct the misquote as originally printed, but Power of Prophecy continues to decry the clearly anti-Christian allegations of Foxman and associates.



Anonymous Rachel said...

No one has ever been attacked by a book. Texts are not threatening. Otherwise libraries would be considered high risk areas. If you want to know whether an ideology is dangerous or not, don't look at its texts, but rather look at the people reading the texts.

Holy texts are like joke books. Possessing a joke book doesn't make you a comedian. A joke that is funny on paper may fall flat when said out loud, and a joke that seems corny when you read it can get big laughs when said right. It's all in the way you tell it. Similarly, a holy text that speaks of war does not necessarily make its readers violent, and a religion of peace can also produce people of war.

Anyone who knows anything about religion knows that it's all in the interpretation. While the Torah does describe many wars, these have been understood as historical events rather than an eternal call to fight infidels. The modern application of these wars is a personal one - that we each must wage an internal war against our own inner enemy, we must battle the forces within that prevent us from living a moral and holy life. Selfishness, arrogance, cynicism, laziness, indifference - these are the only infidels that Jews seek to slaughter. This is why the violence in the Torah has not translated into violence by Jews - the interpretations don't allow it. We simply don't read our texts that way.

If you want to know what the book is about, look at the people that read it.

19 October 2008 at 18:13  
Blogger veritas6464 said...

Hey Rachel, are you a drug abuser or a sayanim agent for israhell? No matter - you are totally and completely WRONG and as usual typical of the blatant bullshitters that are ashkenazim Yids. The torah and the talmud and the encyclopedia judaica are some of the most bellicose, belligerent and disgusting swill ever penned - I guess the paragraphs in the talmud that describe jew males sexually molesting goy children aren't translated into physical acts - and I suppose 'Cast Lead' never happened - you and your demonic satanists are due for the biggest cummupance in history Sayonara sayanim! When Jesus returns as the Christ - you're evil magogs will be blotted out.

16 April 2010 at 01:52  

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