"The Jewish people as a whole will be its own Messiah. It will attain world domination by the dissolution of other races...and by the establishment of a world republic in which everywhere the Jews will exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this New World Order the Children of Israel...will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition..." (Karl Marx in a letter to Baruch Levy, quoted in Review de Paris, June 1, 1928, p. 574)

Wednesday, 13 December 2006

A Tale of TWO Terrorists

Brooklyn is teeming with terrorists - but you'll never hear about it in the mainstream media.


Because they're 'good' terrorists.

"[They're] not your problem - Palestinians are your problem."

"I have a business," Goldberg said, somewhat embarrassed . . . "I rent out inflatables that kids jump on -- moon bouncers.

Fortunately it's seasonal work. I'm busy in the spring and summer and then in the winter I'm free to be a Jewish terrorist."

Goldberg was being sarcastic . . . Kahane's followers [believe] that they are wrongly persecuted as "terrorists" for their simple devotion to Torah and Israel, while the true "terrorists" -- the indigenous Palestinians -- are allowed to cling to what they say is God-willed Jewish land.

Is that clear, boys and girls?

Arrogant and obssessed with a promised land - Good terrorist.

Humble and born on the wrong land - Bad terrorist.

Very simple.

Ben Yossef [the group's lawyer] put an Aramaic death curse on then Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon last year because of his plans to uproot Jewish settlements in the Gaza Strip.

Apparently, it worked like a charm. :)

Other followers of Kahane and the splinter movements that sprang up after [Kahane's] death have a record of violent acts far more sinister than voodoo curses.

They have claimed responsibility for dozens of shootings of Palestinians in the West Bank, including the notorious 1994 massacre of 29 worshippers at a Hebron mosque.

In April 2002, Israeli police arrested a Kahane follower in connection with a plot to leave a trailer laden with two barrels of gasoline and two gas balloons outside a Palestinian girls' school in east Jerusalem.

The actions have earned them a place on the list of terror organizations of the US and Israel.

That's funny - I don't see them on this map of US hate groups in New York.

I guess they hate the wrong people.

"We strive to protect the Jews if the government isn't able to,""There's the pen and the sword. We distribute books and leaflets. That's the pen." "Then, there's the sword - other activities," he adds elusively. explains Goldberg, 48.

Those other activities have included training attack dogs and a shadowy West Bank settler militia known as the Jewish Legion.

Those gathered for the commemoration represent a fundamentalist religious militancy in the garb of American counter culture.

Like Kahane himself, most of those in attendance seem to be from BROOKLYN.

The younger devotees blend New York hip-hop fashions such as baggy chinos, Nike trainers, and hooded sweatshirts with untamed beards, wool skull caps, and messianic [read: crazy] eyes. Some wear T-shirts that read "I only buy from Jews."

Try walking down the street in Midwood wearing a shirt that says "I don't buy from Jews."

I guarantee you won't get far before you're greeted with the customary brass knuckles.

Nofia Altman, who writes a blog called Orange Prisoners of Zion, linked up with a radical batch of Kahane followers in Hebron after she grew weary of mainstream Jewry, who she says "were embarrassed about being Jewish."

"It was this 'you - can't - say - we're - better - than - everybody - else - kind - of - crap'," she recalls of the American Jewish community she grew up in.

"It was too wishy-washy for me."

In other words, she's upset because they won't come out and "SAY" what they BELIEVE.

Inside the conference room, musician and talk radio pundit Dov Shurin performs songs from his recent albums "Masters of the Land" and "Biblical Revenge."

* * *

"This is a memorial for one of the greatest Jews of our time," says Shurin. "[Kahane] said we have to take the land, aggressively settle it, and settle out the enemies."

He steps up to the mike to introduce his next song. "This is a revenge song," Shurin says before strumming into an upbeat, feel good, clap along ditty about Biblical Samson's revenge against the Philistines.

Their offense?

Existing on the land where they were born.

Shurin is a chain-smoking 57-year-old Brooklyn native in a black fiddler's cap with a pot belly and ragged graying beard. With his tobacco stained whiskers and a shifty half-closed left eyelid, he's more hobo than Hasidic.

"There are [TWO] kinds of racism,

there's the bad Hitleristic racism

and then there's the fine, chosen, Godly racism," Shurin explained before his performance.

"God chose, he chose the Jews and that's his right.

That's healthy racism.

The unhealthy racism is all the attacks against the Jews just for being the chosen people."

Get it, boys and girls?

If you hate Jews for hating you, you're antisemitic and a 'bad' racist.

If you hate everyone else, you're a good Jew.

Makes perfect sense.

Now, aren't you glad we have Zionists to explain everything to us?