"The Jewish people as a whole will be its own Messiah. It will attain world domination by the dissolution of other races...and by the establishment of a world republic in which everywhere the Jews will exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this New World Order the Children of Israel...will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition..." (Karl Marx in a letter to Baruch Levy, quoted in Review de Paris, June 1, 1928, p. 574)

Wednesday, 2 August 2006

Invest in peace NOT in “Israel”

Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss, a spokesman for Neturei Karta International, Jews United Against Zionism, stated at a recent meeting:

"Philanthropists and University representatives should be apprised of the reality that supporting Zionism and the State of ‘Israel’ does not help Jews or Judaism, but on the contrary, only helps to perpetuate the tragic impasse and constant bloodshed in the Middle East."

He further explained:

“History clearly attests to the fact that the Jewish existence in all Muslim countries was mostly harmonious and only since the inception of Zionism has this relationship been destroyed”.

“Remove the intimidation and hyperbole of Zionist public relations groups and their ilk, and any logical person will conclude that the difference of religion is not the cause of the deep seated rift between Jews and Arabs. The new ideology, the political movement of Zionism, which culminated in the form of the State of ‘Israel’, is the real culprit. In fact, Zionism is the direct cause for the exacerbation of anti-Semitism universally.”

“Not supporting the State of ‘Israel’ does not make one, in any way, less of a friend of the Jewish people and most certainly does not label one an anti-Semite.”

The Rabbi further stated:

“The Jewish principles of exile may be a shock and a complete surprise to the well-meaning friends and supporters of the Jewish people, but facts cannot be disputed. The Torah explicitly forbids us, the Jewish nation, from having our own State in this Heavenly decreed exile.”

“The creation of the State of ‘Israel’ has brought about a litany of evils, includes the deportation, subjugation, and oppression of the Palestinian people, destroying their homes, fields, olive orchards etc., the oppression of the Jewish Orthodox communities and the total disregard for all Jewish law.”

“Rabbis, Orthodox Jewish leaders and laymen, have been fighting Zionism continuously since its inception up until the present day. True Torah Jews will never accept Zionism and the State of ‘Israel’.”

May we merit to see, soon in our days, the peaceful and speedy dismantlement of the State of ‘Israel’, and the fulfillment of Isaiah’s prophesies:

"And they will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. No nation will lift its sword against any other, nor will they learn warfare anymore."

Let the sun rise to a day, when all humanity will serve the Almighty in peace and harmony. AMEN

A Racist Fascist State Must Not Exist




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