"The Jewish people as a whole will be its own Messiah. It will attain world domination by the dissolution of other races...and by the establishment of a world republic in which everywhere the Jews will exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this New World Order the Children of Israel...will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition..." (Karl Marx in a letter to Baruch Levy, quoted in Review de Paris, June 1, 1928, p. 574)

Saturday, 18 February 2006

Now That’s What I Call Chutzpah

Well come on now, it’s not as if they don’t already have a reputation for being nervy…

After all, ‘nervy’ is their calling card and as much a part of their ‘national identity’ as fingerprints are to a criminal…They are as well-known for this as Italians are for their fine women and Germans for their fine cars…

And just in case some in the reading audience react with Pavlovian indignation over what appear to be bigoted statements on my part, keep the following factoid in mind–it is something that they themselves celebrate. They consider it a compliment and not as much a character flaw as an asset. Neither is it a Gentile invention nor an urban legend that originated with ‘The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion’


chutz·pah [htspə, khtspə]

or hutz·pah [htspə, khtspə] or chutz·pa [htspə, khtspə]

n (informal)

1. self-confidence: boldness coupled with supreme self-confidence

2. rudeness: impudent rudeness or lack of respect

[Late 19th century. Via Yiddish]

…so spare me the typical ‘Oh, here we go again, another anti-Semitic rant’

After all, how many times have the rest of us heard it, and heard it in a celebratory manner? How many times has it been used to describe someone in the most laudatory terms?

‘Oh, the chutzpah of the guy, you gotta love ‘im!’

Yes, that’s right, an asset…While others–Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus and the rest of humanity–aspire to attain (and hopefully perfect) the qualities of humility, righteousness and compassion, there is a group of folks out there who aspire to attain (and hopefully perfect) the ‘qualities’ of bold, rude and disrespectful…

…and they wonder why they have been the most unpopular kids on the playground lo these last 2,000 years…

Is it me, or is there something wrong with this picture here? Who does business this way? With as complicated as the machinery of human interaction can be, who replaces all of the much-needed lubricants that cut down on the inevitable friction between individuals with something like the Draino of this thing called ‘chutzpah’?…

If anyone out there figures it out, please let me know…

The latest flavor of the day? Good Lord, it’s almost impossible to keep up with it, and especially these days, given the fact that they are minute-by-minute becoming more in-your-face and out-in-the-open with it.

Hold on now, let me make sure I get it correct…

‘Incitement to genocide’

Yes, that’s it. ‘Incitement to genocide’…the latest symphony of shrieking and shouting being played out by the Judaic Philharmonic Orchestra, as both conductors and musicians scurry around like neurotic little cockroaches who no longer fear the light of day…

…and the spark that started this latest inferno? Well, the holocaust conference in Iran, of course. What else could it be? As soon as ‘they’ got wind that it was going to be taking place they began laying the groundwork for all the grandstanding that is taking place now.

Interestingly though, in this particular case the ‘chutzpah’ of the persons in question is not being celebrated in typical fashion as it usually is. You see, that is something we must always keep in mind as we travel down this windy road with our fine, feathered friends from the Judaic community–‘chutzpah’ is only a good thing when THEY are doing it to US, not vice-versa. When it is their ox getting gored…when someone else is putting the same qualities of bold, rude and disrespectful into practice that they themselves hold in such high esteem, the whole thing is magically transformed from the laudable to the loathsome, and the overall sentiment becomes one of ‘Of all the noive…’

Yes, how DARE these people go to a Muslim country (that the Jews are feverishly trying to paint as oppressive and backwards) and then–in an enlightened environment of free speech, free inquiry, and freedom of association–openly discuss in a deeply intellectual way ‘their baby’ (the Holocaust) and do so outside the tightly proscribed rules of debate…Discuss the holiest of holies–meaning the number to their winning lottery ticket (you know, the one with a 6 followed by a bunch of zeros) along with all the other associated tawdry items such as soap, lampshades, gas chambers, buckets of jumping flesh and talking blood, the diary of a young girl written in ball-point pen almost a decade before its was invented as well as all the rest…’

‘Talk about chutzpah…’

Forget about the fact that the meeting was attended top to bottom for the most part by rational, intelligent people who base their revisionist views on this apparently-worthless commodity known as reason…Forget about the fact that by contrast the Jewish fanatics who worship the goose that lays the golden egg known as Holocaustianity can only maintain their devotion to this false god through their slavish subservience to the principles of superstition, illogic, and racial-supremacist garbage.

Forget as well about the fact that for the most part–TOP TO BOTTOM–the Jews today live in a state of Holocaust denial themselves and maintain this denial not just with polite discourse but with the hissy-fits of spoiled, criminally-inclined adolescents, and anyone who doubts this should try having a rational discussion sometime with one of them about what has been done to those in the Middle East and in those areas of Eastern Europe that suffered under the heel of Jewish Communism.

It doesn’t matter, it still is what it is, meaning contraband. When the rabbis–whether they are religious or secular–have spoken on a particular topic THEY HAVE SPOKEN and the discussion is closed. If they say the world is flat, then the world is flat–PERIOD. If they say that the best way to predict the weather is to read the guts of slaughtered chickens or that the way to cure disease is to bleed people with leeches, than that’s the way it’s done damn it, and anyone who keeps running his or her mouth is liable to end up crucified in some manner, as they have been known to do.

‘Incitement to genocide’…this is the charge that ‘they’ (figures no less in stature and importance than former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and loudmouth-lawyer Alan Dershowitz) want pressed against the well-educated, soft-spoken, conscientious president of Iran and for no other reason than that he dared to allow a Free Speech Conference to be held in his country…For his willingness to give aid and comfort to those who yearn for an environment where they can discuss ideas of great historical importance without fear of censure or censorship he is charged with ‘incitement to genocide’ as well as the obligatory ‘Reincarnation of Adolph Hitler’ award.

My God, how many Hitlers are there running around these days, anyway? Is anyone keeping count? By now it’s got to be a number as high as an elephant’s ear. They are popping up everywhere, for the love of man…Hitler here, Hitler there, Hitler, Hitler everywhere. Men, women, and children of just about every race, color and creed having their bodies possessed by the ghost of Adolph Hitler…It’s like he’s one of those ‘shape-shifter’ cyborgs from The Terminator movies who can assume the form of anything or anyone and who can reproduce himself at an exponential rate…If we are to give any credence to what the Jews running our media tell us, the whole planet is slowly but surely being taken over by them and sightings of them are now more frequent than the typical those of UFO’s, Elvis, Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster.

I understand the temptation to laugh at it all, I really do. It is something way beyond being simply surreal. Seeing them up there grandstanding in front of the cameras in their typically whiney, effeminate voices (and even more effeminate demeanor) and their arms flailing about erratically as if they were a bunch of neurotic Woody Allen wannabes certainly has an entertainment value all its own to say the least.

But I think that treating this whole thing with anything less than a completely serious mindset is a big mistake. As much as we may be tempted to laugh, I think that we would be better off seeing this latest development as the serious threat that it is, if for no other reason than that we have history as a good teacher.

Remember, these are not just a bunch of nutcase religious fanatics with a racial supremacist bent way out there in the hinterlands of some cold mountainous region with no political power in their camp carrying around a few shotguns and waiting for the end of the world to take place…

Rather, they are a bunch of nutcase religious fanatics with a racial supremacist bent whose dream for the last 2,000 years has been to rule the world and if they can’t do that, to BRING ABOUT the very same apocalypse that so many are predicting is imminent these days by launching nuclear weapons against everyone. They are the most dangerous crime lords the world has ever seen and who can make the most powerful man on earth dance around like a marionette with just the snap of their fingers. What they want they get, and whether it is putting one man in prison because he looked at them funny or whether it is showering an entire world in the blood and guts of war does not matter. If they want it, be rest assured that they can get it.

Therefore, when these people start talking about bringing the President of Iran–the leader of a sovereign nation–up on charges of ‘inciting genocide’ because of his having had the guts to do what no other Western leader is willing to do (namely call a spade a spade and spit back in the face of those who can now confidently boast of being mankind’s greatest mass murderers) we should not take such chatter lightly. It’s not as if they can’t do it nor that they possess some sort of moral impediment that would prevent them from doing such. The history of the last century is replete with examples of leaders and nations who were crushed under the vindictive boot of Jewish thuggery for not playing kosher. Call to mind names from the distant past such as Jesus of Nazareth, the entire Romanov family, Adolph Hitler, both of the Kennedy brothers, as well as those from the not-so-distant past such as Saddam Hussein.

Keep the following in mind–at present the most powerful nation in the world is fighting a war against a billion Muslims and all because these same Jewish fanatics ordered that it be done. In other areas of the formerly Christian West people go to jail for daring to think independent thoughts that do not conform to their official party line, something that is obviously a hold-over from their days in Russia when they ruled it with an iron fist.

And so when individuals such as Netanyahu and Dershowitz (along with all the organized groups who support them) get their mugs in front of the cameras of the Western world and start moaning and whining about how there is another holocaust right around the corner and that all the resources of the most powerful nation in the world need to be put forth in preventing it, NOTA BENE. When crooks and liars such as these start talking about bringing up charges of ‘inciting genocide’ against a leader who won’t bow down and kiss the collective Jewish ass, you can bet the ranch that they are not just talking. They have big plans in the works and that this is not just another one of their typical fundraising drives for the ‘poor Jewish people’.

Still, it is an amazing spectacle to behold, is it not? THEM lecturing SOMEONE ELSE on the evils of genocide, and doing so with a straight face and with no quiver in the voice for that matter. Talk about ‘noives of steel’–it’s no wonder that it was 2 Jewish writers who came up with the idea of the cartoon character Superman

…Talk about chutzpah.

Think for a moment of the kind of nerve it takes for individuals such as this with the kind of history that they possess to engage in such moralizing to others…Members of the Jewish community, the same community whose religion teaches that ‘even the best of the Gentiles should be killed’ coming forward and kvetching to the rest of the world about the big, bad man-from-Iran. There are almost 6 billion Gentiles in the world who–according to the strictest interpretation of the Jewish Talmud–should be killed and yet such talk does not fall within the boundaries of genocide. All the remarks that have been made (and some of them from Alan Dershowitz himself) concerning the manner by which all those lesser Muslim beings in the Middle East who refuse to lay down and allow themselves to be erased from history should suffer exactly that being done to them–erased from history.

And besides talking the talk, they have certainly shown their willingness to walk the walk as well. Keep in mind the history of the last 100 years, the ‘Jewish Century’ as writer Yuri Slezkine put it–The genocide of Christian Europe in both World Wars that were engineered by world Jewry–hundreds of millions killed…The Bolshevik (Jewish) Revolution that–when all was said and done–resulted in the deaths of as many as 66 million…The continued attempt at exterminating the peoples of the Western world through Jewish-instigated abortion that has already resulted in the deaths of hundreds of millions. Added to this is the gradual extermination of the Western Civilization and its people through the destruction of the family unit, the sexualization of their youth, lowered birth rates and broken marriages as a result of a sex-saturated Western culture that is under the spell of the witch known as a Jewish-owned media.

But wait, we are not done yet…The genocide of the Palestinians. The various wars in Lebanon. Now almost 2 million Iraqis dead when all that has taken place since George Bush the Elder went to war against the enemies of world Jewry, not to mention the millions who are sure to die in the generations to come as a result of the use of depleted uranium…The fact that the God’s Best People have developed what they themselves refer to as the ‘ethnic bomb’–a form of biological warfare that is genetically tailored to target only those of Arabic (Semitic) descent, which is just more proof of the fact that the Ashkenazi Jews of today do not have an ounce of Semitic blood in them…

…and of course, lest we forget, the fact that America is presently being used as the angel of death in the ongoing extermination of over 1 billion Muslims…

1 BILLION, and yet they have the nerve to accuse someone else of ‘inciting genocide’. For the last 5 years every damned one of their media outlets have been hissing and spitting relentlessly and have not missed an opportunity at portraying the enemies of Zionism in the worst possible light and have made no distinction between combatants and innocent civilians. All of them–men, women and children…all lumped in together for eradication as if they were the very same ‘cockroaches’ and ‘beasts walking on two legs’ as they have been described by some of the most well-known leaders in modern day Jewry. Not just on a daily basis, but on a minute-by-minute basis, as their shock jocks and talking heads have talked glibly about waging a war of extermination against the peoples of the Middle East.

The amount of suffering past, present and future for which they and their associates can claim credit is simply–in human terms–so high as to be incalculable, and yet nothing from them…not a whisper of the word ‘genocide’ from such fine examples of humanity as Netanyahu and Dershowitz who clamor for the spotlight to that they may act as our moral compasses…how curious.

Hypocrisy at work here? Well, it does after all go hand in hand with that famous Jewish word we hear so often–chutzpah. I suppose that the lesson the rest of us are supposed to derive from all of this is that genocide applies only when we are discussing the Jews, a point that is blatantly obvious when we look at all the business they shove in our faces involving the holocaust. Perhaps the spelling of the word should be revamped then. Perhaps it should be spelled ‘Jenocide’ instead of ‘genocide’ so that the root of the word is more Judeo-centric rather than being generalized or even–as its correct spelling indicates–gentile-oriented.

Still, you have to admire them in a sick sort of way. I mean, think about it–would any of us have the guts to go out there and do what they do? Would any of us be willing to swallow our pride and take a dump on our own sense of self-dignity and go out there and lie as these people do on a regular basis?

My God, they have no shame. They have no boundaries. There is no limit to their willingness to deceive, cheat and steal. No matter how debasing it is to themselves, to humanity or to the truth in general, they will go out there and do it. Lie as bold-facedly as anyone with the wildest of imaginations could imagine. There really is nothing that they would not do, no gutter into which they would not crawl, no sewer or septic tank into which they would not bathe in order to see that their agenda succeeds. No lie too big, no business too dirty, no distance too far.

Dishonest…nervy…bold…rude…disrespectful and a thousand other not-so-complimentary things–these are the ‘qualities’ that a small group of people who wish to rule the world wear on their lapels in their now in-your-face and haughty fashion,

And as much as it may be a shock to the rest of the non-Jewish world to see the lengths to which these people are willing to go in their insatiable hunger for power and domination, for me, it is this last part that bewilders and amazes me the most–the fact that they still see themselves as better than everyone else while simultaneously boasting of their slave-mindset to these dark agendas and dark means of attaining them…The willingness on their part to commit the most evil acts ever recorded in human history and to STILL see themselves as ‘a light among nations’ and a people ‘set apart’ by God…

Call it what you want–insanity, madness, delirium, hypocrisy or whatever, but for me it really is much more simple and can be boiled down to one all-encompassing statement, which is–

‘Now that’s what I call chutzpah’.

2006 by Mark Glenn


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